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Should be an N
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MFW the first time I ever played Mid I went against a smurf who played Talon.

I have a deep set hatred for that cunt.
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I tried to play LoL once.

The tutorial was fun.

My first match was alright.

I then quit after having no ******* clue what I was doing.
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Same for me but it was DOTA 2 instead
#37 to #10 - anon (01/30/2013) [-]
Quick explanation. 3 lanes, and the jungle.
Jungle irrelevant cause that's more advanced.
Theres different character types:
Mages/AP Carries- Squishy (easy to kill) that do high dps. They usually play mid lane. You want to build ability power and cooldown reduction for the most part as these increase damage of your spells and allow you to cat them more often
Attack Damage/AD carries- Basic attack damage based characters, you build items with attack speed, critical strike and life leech on these.
Tank- Absorbs alot of damage, use them to protect squishy carries. Plays top.
Build armor, life, magic resist.
Support- Builds items to assist carries to make them more effective. Plays bottom with AD carry.

There's other sub groups but that's not important. Play one of these rolls to learn the game.
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You pretty much have to use mobafire to learn about every char you think about trying, which there's no shame in; it shows you the builds, order in what ranks you put in the specials 'n' ults as you level, etc.
But if you don't know about that (which, I wouldn't if it wasn't for a friend of mine), you're gonna be more confused than me when I played Dota 2 ( **** man I still don't know what to do there and I have like 5 goddamn dota 2 invites)
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I'm in the same boat. I'd love to understand this fade, the game actually seems good, just I've no idea what I'm doing. Same thing happened when I got Starcraft 2
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that's me all the time. then if my team wins the team fight and I'm still alive, I found myself waaaay out of position
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Did you consider pressing space?
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No, no I have not. But now I will, thank you
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^^ Good for you :D
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i have experienced the same
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Thats also my story
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It's so simple, and so easy once your get going.

I just have a tough time figuring out what's what, and what a champion is and how to get coins and how to launch game and why it's League of Legends and not the Legend Leagues.
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Champions are the people you can play as
You get money by killing or destroying stuff(Also over time)
You get the icon on your desktop, click it, then log in
It's called that because the lore is about one giant arena of a bunch of legendary fighters
I can't even why legend leagues is even how that name explains itself
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how i was taught:
step 1: use master yi
step 2: farm minions
step 3:kill everything
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ap yi beats the **** out of ad yi. ad yi is for punks
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you obviously suck at ad yi
#18 to #14 - anon (01/30/2013) [-]
How I was taught by my asshole friend: use lux, go full ad, attack people under turrets with basic attacks... I was not a smart person.
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>use karthus
>press R
>Get pentakills
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bitches why cant i hold all these requiems
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You see, I have no idea what that even means.
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GIMME A **** to give
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Have another
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Just related - and awesome.
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really dude. You got this off the front page comment section and you are saying MOST LIKELY posted here.... you dont deserve the thumbs you have
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Also I got this from summonerscode.com, you know, where it originally came from.
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I didn't even know it was in the comment section, I do apologise for not going through every post and comment to see if it had been posted.
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