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#174 - phonerstonerboner (01/12/2013) [-]
We Scots will fight the winners.
#219 to #174 - grimgrey (01/12/2013) [-]
Were the winners..........
#209 to #174 - reginleif has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #171 - bugsbob (01/12/2013) [-]
Kruziik Ahkrin Haalvut Lok
Oblaan Qostiid Rein Norok
User avatar #170 - drooms (01/12/2013) [-]
People know we exist?
User avatar #175 to #170 - sketchE (01/12/2013) [-]
yes everytime you are mentioned this site has a small orgasm because every one of you wont shut up about being mentioned
User avatar #176 to #175 - drooms (01/12/2013) [-]
Ah but you see.
Small countries are mostly ignored.

Everytime we get the slightest amount of attention people want to shoutout their country.
User avatar #194 to #176 - illegalartist (01/12/2013) [-]
thats how i feel when my region in america is mentioned
User avatar #178 to #176 - sketchE (01/12/2013) [-]
its almost a daily thing to see a post with a small thread of some nordic language
User avatar #179 to #178 - drooms (01/12/2013) [-]
#196 to #179 - Umad (01/12/2013) [-]
What?! What the fuck do all you people want?!
User avatar #180 to #179 - sketchE (01/12/2013) [-]
not really its just like
"oh my god we got attention"
"oh this again"
#183 to #180 - drooms (01/12/2013) [-]
This image has expired
#187 to #185 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
u most give alot of fuck if u use over 1 min in this small thread ... so u are like .. i give a little fuck because i have nothing better to do ...
User avatar #189 to #187 - sketchE (01/12/2013) [-]
if i actually gave a fuck wouldnt that imply i had something better to do then chose to do this instead?
#198 to #189 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
why u still here if u dont give a fuck? xD
if didt give a fuck u will just ignore me.... but u didt so u coming back ^^ silly boy
User avatar #199 to #198 - sketchE (01/12/2013) [-]
i have nothing better to do. this gives me something to do. is today fail troll day or something?
#202 to #199 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
no my good sir today is not fail troll day... so u can go to bed now.. and stop giving a fuck xD and next time u trying to troll somebody ... dont try 2 hard okay silly boy
User avatar #205 to #202 - sketchE (01/12/2013) [-]
i wasnt trying to troll im not the one who said umad
#211 to #205 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
good point my good sir... good point .. u not the troll here im with you ... and now we dont give a fuck anymore... lets just chat for the lulz .... i start: u still give a fuck? xD (tired.. cant come on with something new ... )
#359 to #216 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
indeed we do
#164 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
it is not the quantity but the quality...
#158 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
mitä vittua...
#156 - Slicernicer (01/12/2013) [-]
Without Finland (and maybe Estonia) its just Scandinavia.
#151 - theableacher (01/12/2013) [-]
I'm Danish
User avatar #165 to #151 - jalthelas (01/12/2013) [-]
I'm jalthelas. You look fucking tasty.
#157 to #151 - desacabose (01/12/2013) [-]
That's horrifying
User avatar #168 to #157 - raxel (01/12/2013) [-]
its a life style..
#172 to #168 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
So is cannibalism but I don't need to be okay with it.
#238 to #172 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
#147 - MitsukiOokami (01/12/2013) [-]
Finland is Nordic, no?
User avatar #382 to #147 - JoshBauer (01/12/2013) [-]
Holy shit they've still got some viking in them.
#220 to #147 - komradkthulu (01/12/2013) [-]
The Nazis helped them.
The Nazis helped them.
#149 to #147 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
not as much, but that doesn't mean they're bad warriors. quite the opposite.
#144 - trollmobile ONLINE (01/12/2013) [-]
the nords of skyrim do not approve of this mockery.
#143 - dreamthrow (01/12/2013) [-]
MFW I'm American and am ashamed of our debt and congratulate these midgets on having very little or none.
#173 to #143 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
we are doing better than spain at least
#139 - mrgreatnames **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#138 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
I hate people who just outright say they hate the Chinese. We're not all the same you know. I totally agree, many of us are very poorly mannered and exhibit some very offensive and dislikable behaviour. But there are good Chinese people out there. Give us a chance and don't assume we all behave identically. To be completely honest, it is all thanks to the previous leader, Mao Ze Dong, that our people behave so disgustingly. That man single-handedly destroyed our culture and turned the current generation into savages.

So for the time being, I apologize for my people's arrogant and nasty behaviour. I assure you we aren't all barbarians and ask you to keep an open mind when you meet us. It saddens me to admit that 8/10 Chinese people you meet will be the arrogant and nasty types, but we are out there, and we are just like you, and we deserve a fair chance to earn your respect.
User avatar #150 to #138 - thedemonic (01/12/2013) [-]
also china are planning on having the largest amount of thorium nuclear power plants in the world, which is pretty cool considering they are now taking action to try and lower their pollution
#210 to #150 - happyphoton (01/12/2013) [-]
Sweet sweet Thorium, oh how I love you so, you delicious bastard.....
Named for the Norse God, ABUNDANT ENERGY
You are the silicone in a semi-conductor to uranium's geranium
Deliver us of our ignorance and unjust fear of nuclear power
also that thorium concept car is pretty neat...
#148 to #138 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
I heard you can read minds!
#140 to #138 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
No problem dude. One of my good friends is a guy from China, he is very nice. I am sure he is not the only one. Cheers.
#136 - iseewhatididthere (01/12/2013) [-]
Im scandinavian (Denmark), and i find this pretty funny
Im scandinavian (Denmark), and i find this pretty funny
User avatar #212 to #136 - reginleif (01/12/2013) [-]
The Swedes told me you guys are gay. :/

User avatar #135 - Fjcf (01/12/2013) [-]
at least people in the nordic countries live much better than either people in China or the US
#206 to #135 - UnoSkullmanx (01/12/2013) [-]
That's not completely subjective or anything.
User avatar #142 to #135 - shadowsynergy (01/12/2013) [-]
America is a great country to live in if your not poor or unlucky...
User avatar #167 to #142 - andrz ONLINE (01/12/2013) [-]
Not really. You can be homeless in Norway and Sweden and have a lot better living conditions than a lot of people with jobs in U.S
#130 - anonymous (01/12/2013) [-]
I love how the artist added slanted eyes on China.
User avatar #126 - theguywithnopants (01/12/2013) [-]
China mioght be even bigger than the U.S because of their booming economy
User avatar #186 to #126 - chiefboss (01/12/2013) [-]
china's economy is based around unskilled labor ours is around highly skilled labor so as long as we remain the originator of all of the inventions and companies our economy will always be the leader.
#125 - Laddie (01/12/2013) [-]
I'm not even going to bother checking the comments.
#124 - saturous (01/12/2013) [-]
due to the shitstorm below, and the fact that I'm chinese-american, I'm out.. but seriously, why so much nation bashing?
due to the shitstorm below, and the fact that I'm chinese-american, I'm out.. but seriously, why so much nation bashing?
#122 - mizory (01/12/2013) [-]
Hello.... Japan.....
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