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You're the only one in this thread to say MFW.
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Very well. Then let's count the number off different people in this thread.
2. You and me.
Previously, when I was not a participant in this thread, there was but one, you. And as you were the only person in the thread, you clearly are the only oen to have said MFW at the time.
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Such a common yet silly misconception my friend.
The entire group of comments you are referring to is not the thread, it is the comment section or whatever you wish to call it.
The threads are showed by the pretty purple lines and are seperated by them.
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mattythebeaver is right, you know.
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We Scandinavians might not be the biggest or powerful countries. But we are big where it counts, thats right. We do posses some extremely powerful economies.
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Your picture.. It makes me want to go to Norway.. So very badly..
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No Iceland? :,(
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Well you had a rater bad economical turnabout some years back.
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But... but... our prime minister is a lesbian and our mayor is a clown! Also we have mad weed, northern lights and the occasional polar bear! :,(
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But do you got sloths?
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no ... :,(

only now do i realize how much my country sucks ...
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Don't worry, Norway sucks more. Then again, it is in a different sort.
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i lol'd :)
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Though that comes with really high taxes.
#445 to #435 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
totally worth it for the standard of living
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If you are the kind of guy that can't get stuff done and rely on the government to finance your pathetic life.

It sure is perfect.
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At least in Norway a hard working citizen doesn't get screwed over by the government, and denied health care because they can't afford necessary, life saving surgery.
Where you come from, the poor probably stay poor for all eternity, instead of helped up and out of that situation. It sure is perfect.
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What are you retarded or something?
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The amount of things you know about scandinavian standard of living is limited to your dicksize.
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You need to do more reasearch...
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i dont understand
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perkele is finnish for satan and we use it for all-around swearing, the same as **** in english
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It is not satan. It is great-grandfather of satan (or something like that).
#444 to #443 - umppis (01/12/2013) [-]
yes it is satan
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Perkele is originally the name of Finnish god of thunder (Perkunas in lithuania)
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why they died`?
#441 to #440 - umppis (01/12/2013) [-]
they stabbed each other because knifing folks is the national sport of finland
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Sweden is about to remove all millitary in the country, but insted they give malmö rosengård ect more sticks and street stones so well be safe =)
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MFW Finland not included in the "nordic strong"
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mutta silti torilla tavataan!
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You know that you can do that almost everywhere on the planet, right?
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You can do all that and more in Canada.
#417 to #414 - pukki (01/12/2013) [-]
Yeah, but can you do this?

Ps. I would love to move to Canada in some point of my life.
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Wikipedia actually says Finland had 337,000 346,500 men whereas soviet union had 425,640–760,578 men, 998,100 men (overall), Which is still a great difference but maybe not as much as that picture says
#464 to #417 - polpoldk (01/12/2013) [-]
while i do agree that the finish fought hard and brave in this war. the numbers aren't relay comparable.... the finish army was made of highly trained soldiers, while the soviet soldiers were conscripts who barley fired with a gun before they were sent in to battle.
ps. your later alliance with Hitler probably isn't something to be proud of either, just saying.
User avatar #561 to #464 - noonesperfect (01/12/2013) [-]
well, it was the only thing to be done to prevent soviet from invading, and besides en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapland_War
#596 to #561 - polpoldk (01/12/2013) [-]
no offense, but did you read about the Moscow Armistice that, in your article, is named as the main reason for the fight against Germany ? Finland had given up in 1944 when the USSR started advancing and Finland couldn't relay on Germany to occupy the USSR at Leningrad. Finland started fighting Germany because otherwise it would have lead to a USSR invasion of Finland.

and would you plz elaborate why the USSR would have invaded Finland after the Winter war showed that the red-army had huge difficulty fighting in Finland ?
User avatar #616 to #596 - noonesperfect (01/12/2013) [-]
umm.. no i just meant that our truce/alliance didnt last because we wanted to surrender but germany didnt want to, its quite a trick cuz our president promised that we wouldnt give in, then he left as president and we signed a truce with soviet. The lapland war was most just that finland drove germany out
#621 to #616 - polpoldk (01/12/2013) [-]
i guess we can conclude that politicians have been full of **** all through history :)
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Quite the contrary actully, most of the finnish soldiers had no military training what so ever and were badly equipped. The diffrence was that the finns knew the land in and out and had something to fight for!
#421 to #417 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
We probably could. look up "war of 1812" where canada defeated the USA Army and then proceeded to burn the US Capital Washington to the ground.

Ps. you should totally move to canada some point in your life, everyone's real friendly.
User avatar #430 to #421 - noonesperfect (01/12/2013) [-]
quite impressive, but there didnt seem to be a huge difference in numbers there. Im just pointing out that under the winter war Finland was outnumberer 250k to 1,5m :b
#602 to #430 - polpoldk (01/12/2013) [-]
actually as fucedbyapony pointed out the picture is ******* , the real numbers were 425,640–760,578 men, 998,100 men.
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Finland is stronger than all those ************* combined.
#387 - frill (01/12/2013) [-]
#385 - millenia (01/12/2013) [-]
>Nordic Strong
>Finland not included
#480 to #385 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
i think finland is not nordic its in the sam ethnic group as hungaria
#418 to #385 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
Finland is looming over USA and China
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As the vietnamese proved against the americans. you don't need to be militarily stronger than your enemy to win, you just need to kill enough of their soldiers so they give up.
User avatar #352 to #336 - alfjnn (01/12/2013) [-]
Vietnamese were well equipped to deal with the Americans, and received training and support from the Soviet Union.

Not like the vietnamese did it on their own.
#399 to #352 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
Just ask the marines who were at khe sahn getting pounded by NVA artillery shells and rockets all day.
#369 to #352 - elchimpanc (01/12/2013) [-]
well equiped? seriously

get your history straight, they got weapons allright, but they got it from china
of the steel of terrible quality that they overproduced and couldn't get rid of.

btw, soviet union dropped out of it 1 year after the war started, first of all because they had a non-attacking pact with the USA and the second reason was because they were argueing with china about it.

not much training was done by russians, russians had only granted scientist, to help produce weapons, china only interfered once or twice in the whole war because the allied forces came to close to their front.

so lets get this summed up, the vietnamese had inferior weapons, they were outnumbered with about 3 capitalist to 1 communist. Most of them were farmers before the war started, all the troops from the allied forces were real soldiers.

so vietnamese just managed to take you down by supreme tactics and knowledge of the landscape. + usa didn't do a background check of the leader of south-vietnam, the people weren't really fond of him anymore, so the desertion rate was higher ;) that's all, sorry for the long read ;p
#395 to #369 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
Vietnam is on of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted wars in history. its probably too complicated to explain on comments thread.
#396 to #395 - elchimpanc (01/12/2013) [-]
yeah but i tried to make a brief summary ;)
#362 to #352 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
It's important to remember the American media's impact on the war too.
From a strictly number standpoint, you might think the Americans were winning.
#355 to #352 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
still got owned. and korea too. damn you guys suck at war lots of money no skill at warfare
#330 - flange (01/12/2013) [-]
From the perspective of health care, standard of living, freedom index, crime rates and wealth distribution. Pretty much everything that matters to the ordinary man.
#340 to #330 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
Meh. Despite lack of health care i'd probably prefer to live in the USA than any of the nordic countries. when i visited the USA it seemed more fun due to all the crazy **** going on there.
User avatar #347 to #340 - thedarkestrogue (01/12/2013) [-]
we do have some crazy ************* .
#371 to #347 - elchimpanc (01/12/2013) [-]
people shooting everywhere and stuff ;p
User avatar #617 to #371 - thedarkestrogue (01/12/2013) [-]
that is what I meant by crazy.
#338 to #330 - bossdelainternet (01/12/2013) [-]
Freedom, you say?
User avatar #416 to #338 - taila (01/12/2013) [-]
Something I can relate to.

#344 to #338 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
I love you New Zealand you are such a generous nation. spending all that money to give your young people an excellent education then sending them over to australia where they work and pay tax to our government.
User avatar #346 to #344 - bossdelainternet (01/12/2013) [-]
Well someone needs to run the country while you guys are drinking and scaring off brown people.
#348 to #346 - anon (01/12/2013) [-]
And i am very grateful for it. also thanks for lending us russel crowe, pharlap.
#339 to #338 - flange (01/12/2013) [-]
Things have only got better for you guys since Sauron was destroyed!
User avatar #334 to #330 - ThpiderMan (01/12/2013) [-]
Too bad we live in a time with very few "ordinary" men. The ordinary has become extraordinary, and those with any power to incite change are a little too busy snorting cocaine off a hooker's ass using more money to do so than you make in a year.
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Actually, Norway is consistently rated one of the most liveable countries.
It's one of the only countries higher than Australia. #OPsabotageNorway

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Ah those Nordic sunrises... cant beat em'...
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Be warned. There is a gore thread below that for some reason has positive thumbs
#302 - giocimo (01/12/2013) [-]
i-idiot! Who would believe in something as unscientific as ghosts?!?!
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#337 to #332 - imchinesesowat (01/12/2013) [-]
Monster Girl Quest
One of the best things I fapped to.
User avatar #353 to #337 - vortexrain (01/12/2013) [-]
Do you have a link?
#314 to #302 - chazilla (01/12/2013) [-]
At first I laughed, but then I realized the reference gave me a boner.
At first I laughed, but then I realized the reference gave me a boner.
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