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Everything would be done quicker if we had no calenders. With calenders If you wanted to knock a building down you'd say, when should we do it... Oh, lets do it next tuesday.

But if we had no calenders we couldnt post pone stuff, you'd be like, when should we knock this building down? Well i guess we should do it now.

Nothing gets done by planning
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This is utter **** . Animals understand time differently to us. Birds understand the timings of cold air hence why they migrate etc. However still quite a nice thought....
pic unrelated
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O.O...*clap clap clap*
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This gave me chills... wow
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What band is that?
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Pink Floyd
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Animals do understand death, so they probably understand their time will run out.
We aren't aware of death because we know to go to school at a certain time, we know about death because we were taught and witnessed it.

This sounds nice but it's entirely ******** .
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Birds fly south in time, and fly back in time.
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We're on our own we're playing for time and it's running out!
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Time passes you by because you touch yourself at night
Time passes you by because you touch yourself at night
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lol, my dog is used to getting feed at 6 pm. If we're late with the food, she's freaking out big time.
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But she doesn't know it's 6pm.
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Well animals have the idea of changing seasons and that they must gather during times of plenty so they do kinda get this.
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Except summer time. No one ever knows what day it is during summer time.
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except for working people you choad
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I do get summer jobs. But I still manage to not care about the date aside from summer ending.
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Just because dogs don't wear watches or deer don't get upset when they forget birthdays doesn't mean they don't measure time. It's just in different ways. Like birds migrate when winter is coming because they know it's on the way.
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I'm unemployed and don't do any sort of education or study.
I've slowly lost track of what date it is, sometimes even what month it is.
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A life without timekeeping is just life on the internet
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The Time Keeper, by Mitch Albom. Good book, it did make me think, but I don't think it made me think in the way Albom wanted it to. I kinda didn't outright get the overall message, it was not as powerful to me as Tuesdays With Morrie was.... oh god the feels in that book were too much.
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so... we're kind of Timelords, then?
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The animals and even the plants keep time too, they act pretty different in daytime and nighttime...
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they don't measure time though.
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