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No not all pictures of UFO is with low quality cameras, but when it's taken with a good camera then u recognize it's not a UFO. Or in some cases the people do it intentionally because there's big money spinning around the UFO cases. But no I don't think we're alone in the whole universe I just don't believe aliens fly around our planet and abduct people.
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The problem is that most cameras are taken with digital cameras which are far more inferior than digital single-lens reflex camera. While, yes, the digital cameras are able to take HD quality cameras, the problem is the chip within that is able to store all the information it needs to take. I have my own digital single-lens reflex camera and i am able to take pictures 4 times higher than standard HD, far greater memory capacity to hold all the information and variety of lenses to choose.

BUT! If i were to buy a lens that zooms to 600mm, i would need a stand because zooming that far makes the camera ultra sensitive to any movement, no matter how small. And most of the pictures are either blatantly fake or taken by people who actually don't know what they are doing. Depending on the position of the sun and if the supposed ufo is moving, you need lower exposure time and longer shuttering time.

Do research about cameras before you decide you think you know how this works :p
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Very true.
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They came from the dark side of the moon
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Thank you very much for this wallpaper!
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You're very welcome!
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Necron pink floyd
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Guys look, I managed to take photo of UFO!!!
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Of our literally infinite universe, only 850 planets have been discovered, so I wouldn't go ruling out the possibility of other life forms living on earth-like worlds yet.
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>implying that the universe is infinite
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850 possible planets
850 potential targets for usa to invade
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good point

never invasion
usa prefers the term 'liberation'
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Mfw i just started playing and my friend suggests starting as terren
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If you want speed Terran if you want power and being able to take hits NC if you want to have accuracy and battery powered **** Vanu
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Oh god that makes me laugh mostly as the background picture is for the Brotherhod of NOD a rebel faction that and the sever i play on Esimir is Vanu land
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Less quality will make it look legit
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use a high definition camera "Uh that is just shopped!"
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Enigmas of the Mystical.
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My dad told me he saw a UFO once. Apparently on the way home from work he saw a bright orange light overhead that went away, and there weren't any street lights ahead. Then again, he was beginning to show signs of scenility...

Oh, and I saw a weird slow-moving light from my bedroom once that disappeared behind the clouds. Didn't look like a plane or a satellite but I know for a fact it was one. I wish I could believe in aliens...
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WHAT IF you were walking outside and you look up and see something strange in the sky. Then it becomes A LITTLE bit more visible and you see it in a round shape flying "thing" and decided to take a picture of it. WHAT IF people didn't know there would be a UFO in the sky at that specific time of the day and didn't think that they should bring some HD 500$ camera with them.
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How the **** did I read that in his voice? I haven't watched that movie in a decade.
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I need the original

free internet if you help
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**fallnsoul rolled a random image posted in comment #2604695 at MLP Friendly Board **
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Get on my level
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get on my level
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Looks shopped.
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