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#27 - Strike (01/04/2013) [-]
Its said that the end will not come until the gospel is told to the whole world, so everyone who has the knowledge of right and wrong will have a chance to accept Jesus. Its up to them if the accept or decline salvation.
User avatar #38 to #27 - cyanidesandvich (01/04/2013) [-]
so basically, Christians are trying to eradicate humans from earth?
By Science! they're most evil organization ever conceived.
User avatar #40 to #38 - hydraetis (01/04/2013) [-]
User avatar #16 - eriktheviking (01/04/2013) [-]
Religion is so idiotic.
User avatar #91 to #16 - eriktheviking (01/04/2013) [-]
Ha Ha. I am all powerful. MAGGOTS!!!!
#55 to #16 - Dwarf (01/04/2013) [-]
**Dwarf rolled a random image posted in comment #2396500 at FJ RPG ** I hope you die.
User avatar #42 to #16 - hydraetis (01/04/2013) [-]
Actually it's ******* genius. Do you know of any other thing in the history of mankind that has been as effective at controlling the minds of large populations?

It's the people that fall for it that become idiots.
#34 to #16 - bigrog (01/04/2013) [-]
Hey bud, do you know how to find an atheist..
#19 to #16 - anonymous (01/04/2013) [-]
no homo but religion gives some people hope, that is not idiotic
User avatar #33 to #19 - urbanvibes (01/04/2013) [-]
yup, moms afraid of dying, religion gives her some comfort
User avatar #21 to #19 - eriktheviking (01/04/2013) [-]
Really you had to add homo. ******* sheep.
#70 to #21 - hammarhead (01/04/2013) [-]
oh no guys, he's not a part of our system.
User avatar #67 to #21 - suddenlypotatoes (01/04/2013) [-]
Do you actually believe the words spewing uncontrollably from your dull brain through your fingertips and onto my computer screen make any sense at all?
User avatar #39 to #37 - cyanidesandvich (01/04/2013) [-]
when ever i see that image i just think of the telletubbies
#29 to #21 - envinite (01/04/2013) [-]
wait wat?
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#18 to #14 - neoexdeath ONLINE (01/04/2013) [-]
Yeah, the original bible was supposed to be "Just don't be a dick to people" but then they started asking all these retarded questions, so I tried to clarify and...yeah, around the time that Leviticus ****** showed up, I'd basically just phoned it in.
User avatar #180 to #18 - Cambro (01/04/2013) [-]
The Bible is exactly what you said, don't be a dick to people. The part about all the laws is actually just an ancient society's rules and laws included in holy scripture because they believed it to be divinely given. Every culture's laws at the time were divinely given. The prophetic books are filled with "don't be a dick" mentality. Micah 6:8 for example: "All I ask of you is this, love mercy, act justly, and walk humbly." After Jesus said "love first your God above anything else, but secondly love your neighbor as yourself" it was the same sentiment. The entire New Testament is comprised of the early church telling people to stop being dicks. Paul condemns religious practices altogether in Romans 14 saying "I have found no food to be clean or unclean, do that which will show love to your neighbor."
#11 - warrollan (01/04/2013) [-]
-_- ********* inbound.
#9 - Nanner (01/04/2013) [-]
The title seems like your butthurt..
User avatar #7 - awesomenessdefined (01/04/2013) [-]
Well, i'd suppose you'd have to spread the word of god right?
User avatar #10 to #7 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (01/04/2013) [-]
Yet if the point of christianity is to save people from damnation, you should spread as little word as possible and even flay those who DO spread word, as that is the only way to "save" everyone. That way christians and atheists shall both be happy
#25 to #10 - nocoolnamesleft (01/04/2013) [-]
It's like an exam; if you get all the questions right you'll get a letter saying you passed, if you get all the questions wrong you'll get a letter saying you failed, if you don't turn up because you weren't told when the exam was YOU STILL FAIL!
User avatar #30 to #25 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (01/04/2013) [-]
Well then all that means is that your god is not only ignorant, but irresponsible as he does not supply the belief to every people on earth. If he does not inform them himself then "free will" has nothing to do with it. It's the same with Eve and eating the apple of knowledge, she truly did no wrong because she did not know the apple she was given was from the tree of knowledge, so she treated it as any old apple

TLDR; got punishes people for mistakes he makes
User avatar #45 to #30 - awesomenessdefined (01/04/2013) [-]
Yeah, he supplies people with the information using people.
User avatar #109 to #45 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (01/04/2013) [-]
But people don't get everywhere, thus he's not doing a very good job (considering he supposedly has infinite power)
User avatar #129 to #109 - awesomenessdefined (01/04/2013) [-]
Where aren't people?
User avatar #131 to #129 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (01/04/2013) [-]
If you mean missionary's, they're not in Arctic regions, nor are they in Vietnam, nor are they in war torn states, nor are they in southern Africa
#36 to #30 - nocoolnamesleft (01/04/2013) [-]
In the exam analogy, free will would be like going to lessons. You don't accuse your tutor of being a bad teacher just because they didn't send you into the exam with an answer sheet.
And in Eve eating the fruit, she knew it was from the tree of knowledge and she knew she wasn't supposed to eat it; she was tempted by the snake.
User avatar #114 to #36 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (01/04/2013) [-]
Indeed you don't, but he is a bad teacher if he marks you wrong and fails you without explaining why, or without even telling you what's in the rules and what's against them. No she didn't, all she saw was a snake offering an apple to her, she didn't even possess logical reasoning or critical thinking enough to see anything wrong with it. She wasn't tempted, in her eyes she was just given a gift, and then god got mad because she did exactly what he "knew" she'd do, and did nothing to prevent it. There's actually a legal definition for that called entrapment, and nearly everyone regards it as a bad thing
#6 - tyraxio (01/03/2013) [-]
That's what I say every time I argue with religious people.
#298 to #6 - tyraxio (01/05/2013) [-]
Oh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... What did I do? I'm quite serious over here. If those who doesn't know about God goes to Heaven anyway, then you are giving them a 50/50 chance to live as hey would anyway and go to Hell. Now, that's sadistic.
#5 - FlyingButt ONLINE (01/03/2013) [-]
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User avatar #115 to #56 - masterfuck (01/04/2013) [-]
nice one
#31 to #5 - mikeymikee (01/04/2013) [-]
Um.... Well... That's one way to do it
User avatar #35 to #31 - gurle (01/04/2013) [-]
Pic would make more sense flipped around IMO
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#3 - dederplaol (01/03/2013) [-]
User avatar #48 to #3 - srskate (01/04/2013) [-]
are you 12?
User avatar #64 to #48 - davidavidson (01/04/2013) [-]
Are you mad?
User avatar #72 to #64 - srskate (01/04/2013) [-]
no, its more of a deep sadness. There is nothing worse than seeing a site you love fall to the ignorant.
#300 to #72 - akranosh (05/27/2014) [-]
#288 to #72 - onceapiece (01/04/2013) [-]
I just thought I would go ahead and mention that there are a LOT of things worse than that
User avatar #78 to #72 - davidavidson (01/04/2013) [-]
I'm catholic and I agree with dederplaol's logic

I just refuse to think it is blasphemy... So I don't go to hell for laughing.
User avatar #80 to #78 - srskate (01/04/2013) [-]
You don't seem to understand at all what im saying.

I asked about his age due to his: caps, use of LOLOL, and the word trollS.
its just retarded.
#302 to #80 - akranosh (05/27/2014) [-]
does your ass cry a(SS)cid?
User avatar #303 to #302 - srskate (06/01/2014) [-]
I feel as if I am missing something
User avatar #250 to #80 - dederplaol (01/04/2013) [-]
sorry fella. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings I was being, like alexdevlin said, sarcastic.
User avatar #236 to #80 - blargchikahonkhonk (01/04/2013) [-]
because he got this reaction from you it means he won
User avatar #147 to #80 - alexdevlin (01/04/2013) [-]
He's being sarcastic. He's mocking those people who do say "LOLOLOL". Jeez, dude. Think about the joke before being rude.
#301 to #147 - akranosh (05/27/2014) [-]
User avatar #85 to #80 - davidavidson (01/04/2013) [-]
I do that sometimes just to make an ironic point and I'm 21

but if you switch 21 around.... I am indeed 12.... ****
#51 to #48 - anonymous (01/04/2013) [-]
Most likely.
#2 - anonymous (01/03/2013) [-]
#1 - anonymous (01/03/2013) [-]
troll priest lolololo
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