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my bad i didnt realize this was my 9gag **** storm meme
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warning: priests controlled eskibros.
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Studies have shown that mexican genetics can allow them to teleport. Notice their sunburn. The number one sign of time travel and flight


It is proven that mexican people can use vortex scream to manipulate our minds into thinking we are bisexual.

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This idea is gone over in Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" If anyone cares.
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This is actually a very relevant and powerful question that must be considered to me (a Christian).

The answer is fascinating. It is correct that if someone is ignorant of the faith that they cannot go to hell. Why, then, would God ever require evangelism? Here is where people should do the next step of thinking and reason why a God would do this instead of just saying it discounts God.

The answer is this: Christianity is not about getting to heaven or hell. Christianity is about helping and correcting our crooked world that we live in right now through love. Christianity is humankind working side by side with God in the creation process to form a loving society that generates God's will in near perfection. Christianity is harmony between God and humankind in a free relationship. Once someone achieves this harmony, they wish to give it to others. Heaven and hell is irrelevant, the Christian God is about changing human hearts right here in this earth. Do not forget that Jesus said the Kingdom of God is now. The Kingdom of God had begun at Christ's resurrection, heaven is the eternal continuation of that goal.
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Now see.. if more of them actually said and showed such thing, I'd be much more willing to possibly look into it.
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You are the most thumbed christian opinion on FunnyJunk.

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Funny you should say that. My theology teacher (Christian) tells me that this life is completely irrelevant and that all I have to do is surrender my soul to Jesus. I can be a murderous bastard for all she cares, she says that if I repent and love the holy trinity is all that matters in the end.
I'm an Atheist.
You are a heretic. If you said this in the middle ages you would have been burned alive.
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"Believe what I believe or you will go to a horrible place" doesn't sound like a message of peace and love to me.

Yes, I know that not all Christians blah blah, but the Bible says what it says, and it's impossible to achieve peace in a world where disagreeing with beliefs is not an option.
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uh.. what Bible have you been reading? They wrote out the dimensions of heaven in their own measurements. The logic is... nice.. but it doesn't reflect the views of the majority of christian's out there, probably.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even ignorance of the Christ would be hell. The actual hell, described by Jesus, in the Bible. Jesus gave the commandment to go all over the world to preach the Gospel, to prevent innocents from going to hell.

You either believe in Jesus or you don't.. you can't sugarcoat the Bible and Christianity to appease the masses.
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1. The measurements of heaven aren't actually mentioned in the Bible, unless you are referring to the measurements of the heavenly city in Revelation. Those measurements are strictly symbolic and not physical. While I'm on this point, heaven was described in Revelation for the readers of the letter. The readers were suffering greatly for their belief in the Christian God. The heaven described is as an encouragement to live on the Christian life. It is not posed to be a Christian because of heaven, but rather "follow me because you love me. Trust me, I'll take care of you."
2. There are two ends of the argument within the Christian community about ignorance of Christ: Restrictivism and Inclusivism. Very few are still restrictivists (those who do not know go to hell) and most are some sort of inclusivists. This is a very complex subject with many subpoints and how inclusivism is possible, so I won't delve into it in this comment. Just know that inclusivism is a thing and it is prevalent in the Church and among its thinkers.
3. Jesus never says anything about spreading the Gospel to save the innocents. He says go and make disciples. The idea of being "saved" by a magical prayer and then getting into heaven is a fairly western and modern idea. In the early church and many eastern orthodox churches still you must go thro training to become a Christian and be part of the Church. Paul spent 3 years training before becoming a Christian. The belief that Christianity is all about saving souls is actually a misconception that unfortunately is also misconceived among the western church. These Christians are very popular, but have their own name (the Evangelicals). The rest of the churches don't follow the same philosophy. I'm not sugarcoating the Bible, I am stating what the Bible actually is without a western filter or stereotyping of what Christianity is.
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Ugh.. the Restrictivism and Inclusivism argument.. There is a reason the fundamentalist follow the restrictivism path.. It's a nice thought to think that those who had not heard of the word were covered by the old testament covenant, and actually went to heaven. That would be great, I don't think any Christian wouldn't want that to happen. But why would you want to take the chance that you are wrong? Jesus gave the order, why wouldn't you follow it? Most likely those people are living in sin and in a sinful environment. So, would all that go unpunished because of their ignorance? A sin is still a sin, and the sin would need to be forgiven. Perhaps if the tribe or culture followed a similar viewpoint... but those are some unlikely odds. However, similar scenario is addressed with Paul and the people with the statue dedicated "to the unknown god", but I digress.

Secondly it is not a "magical prayer" if you really think that then I suggest you look into "the western filter" a little bit more. A lifelong dedication to the Christ. It is a lot more meaningful then you seem to imagine.

Thirdly, even if a small portion of Christianity believes what you believe, the vast majority does not. The idea that "heaven is what you make it" which you seemed to illustrate in your first post most certainly is not the regular consensus of Christianity. This is what irked me most about your post. Simply illustrate that your view is not of the majority. If you want to believe that the Bible is nice, kind, and that everything will turn out all right that is fine. But don't define Christianity by your view without letting people know that it is not the same view that the majority of Christians in the world believe. And I highly doubt that the entire eastern world follow the same views that you described.

And fourthly, Paul was worried about the souls of others. Very worried.
User avatar #295 to #216 - Cambro (01/04/2013) [-]
There is actually a lot of scripture that argues for inclusivism, most notably Romans 2:13-16. It describes that Gentiles do not know the law, yet act lawfully because the law is written on every man's conscience whether they hear the gospel or not. And by being righteous by their own conscience, they will be saved. You say grace is needed, and yes it is. Let me describe this to you, it may be helpful. It is thro Christ alone that we have grace, but this does not mean that we can only obtain grace thro being a Christian. Jesus dying fulfilled our debt in grace, and you obtain that grace simply by being righteous. Again I ask the question: Why, then, evangelize? You are to evangelize because some have questions about the conscience and intuitions, and Christianity will right those misconceptions. The Christian world is to be set up so the world may be righteous and know what righteousness is. Again, Christianity is for the earth, not for the afterlife. (Also, your Paul comment at the end is explained by this, in Paul's own words).
I never wished to describe a "make your own heaven" in my first comment, and if I did I apologize for the miscommunication. I purposely avoided describing heaven because my very point was that heaven is not our focus. I am not describing a different heaven, I am stating that becoming a Christian only to get to heaven is folly.
In response to your second point, the life long dedication is meaningless unless the focus is simply loving God instead of heaven. A heavenly focus has altered this thought, and so there is a great problem in America of people praying to be saved and then walking from the Christian faith. That is what I am describing. I know Christianity is meaningful, it is what makes it meaningful is the question.
Finally, it appears to me you are taking the Catholic faith to be the entire church. That is largely not so and hasn't been for 300 years.
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Christianity is a buffet; people pick and choose what they want, and how much of it. It's probably one of my biggest problems with the religion. People will be firm about certain things, (I'm looking at you homosexuality and abortion,) pointing to certain verses and say "God said X," but a few sentences before it also states something that no longer holds true, or is unacceptable by today's standards, (like slavery or the fact that you can rape an betrothed virgin, pay the father 50 silver coins, marry her and go on your merry way.)
User avatar #202 to #201 - hirollin (01/04/2013) [-]
I understand your frustration. Although I always looked at the new covenant theory as an explanation to those problems, as homosexuality was still addressed in the New Testament. As for abortion, seems to me like most Christians just view it as a murder. So knowing that viewpoint I could understand why they would be angry.
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That is a good argument, but to take and pick those specific meanings meanings out of Christianity discounts the fact that god demands obedience and punishes those who do not believe and worship him, proven in the old testament, and seems to me to just be choosing to follow the philosophy laid down by Jesus in the new testament. You can't say heaven and hell are irrelevant because they are critical to christian beliefs, I'm atheist and reject god and jesus but it seems wrong to do that to just pick and choose the meanings you want from a religion and discard the rest. I'm not trying to start some major ********* , I'm just bringing up a counter point that I would like to hear the answer to.
User avatar #203 to #196 - Cambro (01/04/2013) [-]
Heaven and hell are not primary apparatus to the Christian faith, but rather only necessary dimensions to make Christianity not motivationally self defeating. Should everyone be blessed equally whether a Christian or not, then there would be no need to make such a sacrifice that is required by the Christian lifestyle. God must then distinguish things like heaven and hell. That is why they are so critical. It is important to remember that the pursuit of heavenly blessing is a false Christianity. What Christians do for God they do merely out of love, not strict obedience. While you mention the Old Testament seems to be saying blindly forgive, there are also plenty of counterpoints against this philosophy in the Old Testament including nearly all the minor prophets who usually use phrases like "your sacrifices are nothing because you do it only to avoid punishment and not of pure heart." The most essential book to show that pursuit of blessings is evil is Job. The entire point of Job was to show that we must love the Giver, not the Gift. Righteousness is self defeating and not righteousness at all if it is not done out of love for God.
There is also one very unique thing heaven and hell does for God. Because of eternal blessing in heaven, God can require of us to sacrifice things in this life justly. What is normally called righteous suffering (suffering for doing good) is possible in Christianity because God blesses them infinitely for it. On the otherhand, if you are good because of the results it gets you, there are certain instances where you will not do the right thing. Consider all those who stood against Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight of segregation. White people had nothing to gain by standing with him, so without an idea of doing it because it is right no one would have fought for it. Those people are even blessed for it by the dynamics of heaven.
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**** i thought I was logged in, if you're interested my profile is Belzb
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You got the right idea and attitude, however it's commonly believed that righteus non christians, and dead born children do go to hell, though they do not really enter it but stay on it's periphery (the limbo).
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I must say i agree. Though i am an atheist, i only disagree in the jesus and god part. But i strongly agree on the christians values. Nice post Cambro, nice post.
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I've been going to this site for a while. This is honestly the first christian post I've ever seen other than somebody simply saying they're christian. Everything I see about religion on FJ is either an atheist speaking out or somebody telling people not too speak out.

Nice post.
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Long time since I had that good a laugh.
I love a grim sense of humor.
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i mean this should be obvious but people dont understand
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My daddy promised to off all the frost giants. Last I checked they ain't around anymore.
Norse: 2
Atheists: 0
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Norse : 3
Atheists: 0
Christians: 0
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If you don't hear the word, you will not go to hell, however, everyone in this day and age is bound to find out at one point or another.
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Very few and far between these days with the the amount of anthropological/missionary work that goes on.
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**jalthelas rolled a random image posted in comment #2320584 at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic **

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>Become devout Catholic
>Realize my goal is to get myself and others to heaven
>Read this comic
>Make sure no one knows about hell
>Limbo isn't a Catholic belief, but purgatory is
>After purgatory, you go to heaven
>I don't send them to hell, they must be going to heaven
>Become saint
>Revolutionize catholicism
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Wait no that wouldn't work because Heck ( I can't say he double hocketstickys) is the absence of God's love, which would mean that God would be unjust because that's the reason it exists in the firsts place and people would rape each other even more than they do now. I don't want to log in. But name has to do with the world double.
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Cool story eskibro.
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