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If you don't hear the word, you will not go to hell, however, everyone in this day and age is bound to find out at one point or another.
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Very few and far between these days with the the amount of anthropological/missionary work that goes on.
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That awkward moment when you realise there's a 9gag watermark on the picture
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Every religion that merges Absolute with human details, as Judeo-Christianity tends to, causes pain, unease, deals with most intimate matters, or causes strange ethic aberrations. It's been observed from Orphism in ancient Greece to this day's Islam.

And I daresay that yes, this modern, civilized religions are much more sophisticated and philosophically correct, but hey? Didn't them old, pagan beliefs seem more natural? More true in fact?

We should stick to just one side of the Divine, either The Great Warrior, The All-Father, Lamb of God; or Aristotle's Absolute Form, the Three Principalities of Plato. We can have this, or that - merging them brings only confusion.
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Or we could just throw the idiotic superstitions aside and concentrate on what is real.
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What we can touch is real and so on. This is not really how science works you know. And if we now don't have instruments to observe what happens on quantum level, does that mean that we will never have?
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What is your point?
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Ever since magical fairy princess decided to make it so Anons can post from an account and only once every 60 mins anons have become very annoying.
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So you can go to Heaven?
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warning: priests controlled eskibros.
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This idea is gone over in Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" If anyone cares.
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Not related, but is there a limit to the amount of replies a comment can get?
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**sagen rolled a random image posted in comment #2394194 at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ** all hail lord Sadler..
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troll priest lolololo
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