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User avatar #43 to #30 - aldheim (12/29/2012) [-]
That's actually a horrible survival tip because urine is more concentrated than blood and thusly will dehydrate you.
User avatar #60 to #43 - cabbagemayhem ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
It is advised against drinking urine because it reintroduces toxins back into the body. However, drinking your own urine when water is scarce can help you survive an extra day or two, such as with the survivors in the following article:
#47 to #43 - John Cena (12/29/2012) [-]
And somewhat toxid, can cause kidney failure.
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Orcs you say?...
#12 - muchosgustaman (12/29/2012) [-]
It's true, We've got an anti orc fence and guard turret at our farm.
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Oh well in that case better drink my own piss.
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Why is this in the ''funny' channel?
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pst...lord of the rings was filmed there
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Bear Grylis.
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That thing will now haunt my nightmares.
User avatar #6 - tomhefailin (12/29/2012) [-]
someone come get me when the bear/les stroud debate begins
User avatar #19 to #6 - ubergoatman (12/29/2012) [-]
Is that even a debate? Everyone knows Les Stroud is much better than the Grylis.
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User avatar #18 to #6 - thewellhungarian (12/29/2012) [-]
Wanna have a discussion instead? I'd be willing to have a conversation about it.
User avatar #23 to #18 - tomhefailin (12/29/2012) [-]
who do you think is better?
User avatar #27 to #23 - thewellhungarian (12/29/2012) [-]
Well, it depends on what is being compared.

Bear Grylls is, by far, the greater entertainer of the two. He does stunts, is dynamic, and is able to keep the show interesting doing dangerous feats, staying mobile and doing shocking things (like his famous urine drinking, etc...). Les Stroud has a less dynamic appraoch, so viewers don't really have their eyeballs attached to the screen as they would with Bear. He doesn't do stunts, but what he does to make the show is 10x the effort that Bear would ever have to make with a camera crew...but that doesn't really add too much to the entertainment value of many viewers.

When it comes to better franchises, Bear wins again. He did a collab with Gerber knives, a very well known manufacturer (I would argue that their products are less than adequate after the 80's, but this isn't about Gerber.), and his products have been selling in vast quantities ever since. Les, on the other hand did collabs with 2 high quality manufacturers of products and one well known manufacturer that fell down the tubes a decade or so back (The quality: Helle Knives & Wetterlings axes...The lesser manufacturer being Cammilus). Like Bear, Les tried to make affordable knives for the average outdoorsman and high quality stuff for those whom are very picky about their tools. The problem is, Cammilus is not as big of a company as Gerber, therefore, his sales are nowhere near Bear's.

When talking about who is the better educator, Les Stroud blows Bear out of the ring. Les is a wealth of knowledge about every detail of his experience, you learn as much about survival as the culture of the peoples that may have lived their, geology, botany, stories of people whom have been in his situation, etc. He constantly shows, and tries out, new techniques of fire-making, shelter building, hunting and has a more practical survival philisophy, IMO.

All in all, I like Stroud better.

That's just a brief little analysis to get us going. Thoughts?
User avatar #135 to #27 - tomhefailin (12/29/2012) [-]
I think we need to take into account their histories and qualifications. Bear is ex-SAS. At 22 he broke his spine and was told he would never walk again. The next year he climbs mount everest. Which in itself, I think settles the argument of who is more badass. Les is a failed musician who later took on survival as a hobby. Some of Bears hobbies consist of crossing the atlantic in a rubber dinghy and flying over everest in a small gyrocopter. In oe of his documentaries Bear makes joining the foreign legion look like a cake walk, I seriously doubt Les could do that.

As for the formats of their show; I do not see how not having a camera crew makes Les any better. In an actual survival situation you would not be toting camera equipment around. The only affect being alone might have is an effect on morale. When you watch survivorman you could tell when Les is ridden down. He seems depressed when he has to eat a squirrel or something but Bear will eat a spider, or centipede, or drink piss with a big smile on his face. And yes Bear may not stay in the wild at all times but his job is to inform viewers not punish himself. In hawaii he left and stayed in a motel. But there is nothing hard about sleeping on a island beach people do it all the time. Bear does stay alone in wild when it is to dangerous for his camera crew. He films himself at night trying to stay in the wild with hyenas lions and bears. At any other time it is poitnless for him to film himself. What is the point of setting up a camera, getting a shot of yourself walking up a mountain, coming back for the camera, then walking back up the mountain? Bear has a camera crew do that stuff because military survivalists know that time is the only thing you can't get back.

All in all I think you learn the same material; even if Bear concentrates more on emergency measures while Les deals with general survival techniques. I think the viewing experience is better with Bear and that he deserves more respect.
#3 - kristooo (12/28/2012) [-]
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User avatar #73 to #1 - awesomanium (12/29/2012) [-]
Like the top rated comment says, Man V. Wild is really just showing what you should do if you find yourself in the wild, and that implies that they don't have any warm clothes.
User avatar #17 to #1 - ehzio ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
Well he was swimming, so the jacket would have weighed him down a lot. It's smart what he's doing. Stupid that he's swimming and not walk around the place.
#96 to #17 - gonz (12/29/2012) [-]
also, getting your jacket wet would almost certaintly kill you in the wild, if that was your only pair of clothing. kinda stupid to get in the water though, if your life is at risk
#4 to #1 - darkjustifier (12/28/2012) [-]
I wonder if that would be true.
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