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basically me in middle school... been trying to block out those 3 years...
#44 - funkmasterflex (12/20/2012) [-]
I can't tell if these people are fighting or dancing to one of their 			******		 emo songs....
I can't tell if these people are fighting or dancing to one of their ****** emo songs....
#39 - ReptarKingOfOzone (12/20/2012) [-]
A lot of people don't really understand it which I guess kind've makes sense but coming from someone who does it at every show I go to. It's not really about what people think of it or how it looks it's the feeling you get when a brutal breakdown hits and you run into a pit of people swinging their fists as hard as they can. It's kind've like the feeling you feel when you get in a fight like a pure adrenaline rush. It's an awesome feeling! Pic related my favourite band. Bring on the hate I guess...
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ah dude, i'm literally the same. if you're from Britain are you going to see them on their tour with chelsea grin and attila next year?
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Naaah I'm Canadian man but those are pretty much my 3 favourite bands and I'm extremely jelly
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Emmure is seriously one of the worst bands I have ever heard "metal" or otherwise but it's your opinion man
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Saw Emmure live back in April. They're beast. Broke my nose in the mosh pit.
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i respect your opinion, but i dont respect emmure fans so well done i guess?
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What do you listen to man?
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...because normal moshing where people (for the most part) dont get knocked the **** out or look like complete retards isnt hardcore enough? :S
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normal moshing is ******* gay and doesn't give me a rush.
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the youre not doing it right!
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Like I said nobody cares how they look it's about how you feel. Try it sometime maybe you'll like it.
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i do kinda get it and if you enjoy it who the **** am i to tell you not to, but i wouldnt partake personally, hate that genre of music for the most part anyway, and im content with a good old fashioned mosh pit! and its funny to look at, heh
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This is flawless with Mambo No.5...you have to see this
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I just watched it for so long...
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is that their mating dance or something? Or is their pants so tight that they can't groove properly?
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The kid in the middle is wearing an Asking Alexandria shirt. What a fag.
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Is this supposed to be a mosh pit my "Heavy Hardcore Death metalers"? Dammit I did a mosh pit with one other guy in a classroom and desks went flying as we flew into them and smashed around the room. This...they aren't even touching each other...bet if they did they would stop it and say "Haha that was boring" while rubbing their damn cheek.
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"Hardcore dancing" Yeah... That's infact what they call that **** ...
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****** emo moshpit
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This is either really ****** dancing, or really ****** fighting...
Either way...
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**wagtrain rolled a random image posted in comment #1929613 at FJ RPG ** Average internet citizen....
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I love how they all look exactly the same.
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Internet fight.
Internet fight.
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hardcore dancing

the bane of my existence
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that made me laugh more than it really ought to of
that made me laugh more than it really ought to of
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