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maybe because they're at a beach..?
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I'm ok with this.
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You cant just leave her out..
You cant just leave her out..
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Picture 1) Going out to a night at the town indoors, most likely a club. In modern times, those are still pretty promiscuous outfits. You would never see a respectable girl dressing like that usually. It's just we are more "modern styled" and therefore our clothes involve more pizzaz (some lace here and there, some whatever). Plus, they look like they're a bit North (as most shows in a city are).

Picture 2) These girls are going to the beach, in California. It's blazing ******* hot compared to the above. And since 1970s, it's been completely normal for women to wear 2 pieces to the beach. In fact, if someone told me that wearing a two piece is inappropriate, I would think that they are just total ******* assholes. I live in Florida, I've been to a beach before (It just occurred to me that quite a few people in the world aren't even remotely close to any beaches. Poor people), it's ******* hot. And when you see the girls in these bikinis, it's not like seeing a girl in her underwear. Just like seeing a guy wearing swim trunks isn't like seeing him in his boxers. That is, if you aren't a total stuck-up asshole or a really horny asshole. And if a girl dressed in what Tori (That's her name right?) is wearing to any school or public place, yes, we'd still call her a slut. If you look at what they usually wear in the school, it's pretty ******* normal, way better than what those women are wearing above.

Also, modern society has progressed a lot in terms of growing the **** up. When a women shows skin, she's not asking to be raped, she's not saying "I want some **** !" like everyone imagines. It's modern times, stop being such a whiny bitch because society changes. I'm sorry we're tolerant of people and ideas now-a-days. Oh, and down here in Florida, it's ******* hot 90% of the year. So "slutty" clothes like Tori's sister is wearing is completely reasonable.
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Your second point is almost exactly what I was thinking.
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Thumbs up for Married...With Children reference.
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I grew up with that show. WTF? Who came in your Cheerios?
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You say this like its a bad thing
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**mrloki rolled a random image posted in comment #49 at Boobies!!! ** nearly every girl is a slut now a days, no more prejudice over not being virgin on the first night or being divorced... a shame that is
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why virginity before marriage matter? It doesnt. Everyone has own set of morals also wat, you REALLY think people didnt have sex before marriage? They did, even more pregnant teens were by the - people just lkept that as a secret.
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In my opinion the girls in the top look more slutty. Sure the girls from Victorious have bikini tops on and short shorts, but they're not wearing it to a party or anything, it's at a beach. Pretty sure girls in the 90's would wear bikinis outside too.
The girls on the top on the other hand have skin tight clothes and crop tops. Meanwhile in Victorious, in normal situations like parties or school they wear normal clothes, not stuff like the top picture.
Just saying.
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Well... I can only pray that in another 20 years all the females on television will be naked.
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dont care theyre hot
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Can't say I dont like the change
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**** this, if I am ever having a kid, it better damn be a boy, if this trend continues imagine where it'll be in twenty years.
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I do not have a problem with this at all.
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Seems like progress isn't all bad.
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All i see is proof of global warming.
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