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#80 - hellsjester ONLINE (12/12/2012) [-]
nuff said
#94 to #80 - JudasLitl (12/12/2012) [-]
<-the reason we got for the terrible ending
#96 to #94 - hellsjester ONLINE (12/12/2012) [-]
<--- What you mean to say
#99 to #98 - hellsjester ONLINE (12/12/2012) [-]
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#81 to #80 - necrolich (12/12/2012) [-]
They changed it. Download the new ending and repeat the epilogue level.
User avatar #84 to #81 - hellsjester ONLINE (12/12/2012) [-]
oohhh wait forgot to include slightly different ending
#85 to #84 - necrolich (12/12/2012) [-]
Still better than it used to be, though.
#91 to #85 - hellsjester ONLINE (12/12/2012) [-]
you work for ea don't you
#86 to #85 - hellsjester ONLINE (12/12/2012) [-]
it was a big **** you to the people who bought the game here is the same ****** ending with bonus content....
#79 - warlockrichard (12/12/2012) [-]
only mass effect related gif I have
only mass effect related gif I have
#78 - bslsk (12/12/2012) [-]
I'll fend off the...   
Other reptiles!

I'll fend off the...
Other reptiles!
User avatar #110 to #100 - camerel (12/12/2012) [-]
who makes these?
User avatar #123 to #110 - dlwnsgur (12/12/2012) [-]
its a movie
User avatar #127 to #123 - camerel (12/12/2012) [-]
and this movie is called...?
User avatar #130 to #127 - dlwnsgur (12/12/2012) [-]
you are umasou
#131 to #130 - camerel (12/12/2012) [-]
awesome thanks!
#117 to #112 - camerel (12/12/2012) [-]
damn! these are really cool.
damn! these are really cool.
User avatar #88 to #78 - appleboom (12/12/2012) [-]
sup inglip
User avatar #89 to #88 - bslsk (12/12/2012) [-]
shhh, im not here!
#90 to #89 - appleboom (12/12/2012) [-]
Of course you are, you like red thumbs right?
Of course you are, you like red thumbs right?
User avatar #82 to #78 - crazehtoast (12/12/2012) [-]
What's the sauce? That's actually pretty badass.
#83 to #82 - bslsk (12/12/2012) [-]
It be a kids movie.
#77 - tomesponja (12/12/2012) [-]
If Dino Shephard had chosen the Synthesis we would have dinosaur cyborgs.   
I could have a T-Rex with a jetpack instead of 			******		 bicycle with a flat tire that sounds like a far too masculine fairy.   
			****		 you Dino Shepard.
If Dino Shephard had chosen the Synthesis we would have dinosaur cyborgs.

I could have a T-Rex with a jetpack instead of ****** bicycle with a flat tire that sounds like a far too masculine fairy.

**** you Dino Shepard.
User avatar #70 - DMRlacrosse (12/12/2012) [-]
I just got the three games two weeks ago from a friend. Beat the first one a few days ago and haven't gotten too far in the second one yet.
#75 to #70 - anon (12/12/2012) [-]
As a true fan of the series, I urge you to stop at the 3rd one
User avatar #221 to #75 - DMRlacrosse (12/12/2012) [-]
Umm, I'm fine. I know how it ends and why everyone is so upset about it and it doesn't bother me. From what I've heard is that most people think it's a great game except the end. And one reason I'm not bothered by it is because it would've had to end at some time that just happened to be sooner rather than later.
#66 - baconmansenior (12/12/2012) [-]
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#62 - sunice (12/12/2012) [-]
**sunice rolled a random image posted in comment #1 at Simple Generic Title ** what I would sacrifice my life for so it can live on
#61 - thatsmrnoob (12/12/2012) [-]
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User avatar #224 to #61 - azilie (01/15/2013) [-]
How it should have been.
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#47 - bulletcatcher (12/11/2012) [-]
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User avatar #63 to #47 - nigeltheoutlaw (12/12/2012) [-]
I was so bummed that they got rid of the Mako. I had so much fun with those jets, even if by the end of the game my assault rifle did more damage than its guns did.
#53 to #47 - Larousse (12/11/2012) [-]
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#46 - toamax (12/11/2012) [-]
Why did i think of reavers?
#45 - rbpwn (12/11/2012) [-]
Although this is 			*******		 hilarious, the amount of ME posts recently is scaring me   
I just got the game last week and put 50 hours into it, beat it twice and 100% it
Although this is ******* hilarious, the amount of ME posts recently is scaring me

I just got the game last week and put 50 hours into it, beat it twice and 100% it
#54 to #45 - drmcninja (12/11/2012) [-]
You can't 100% in less than 4 playthroughs. Well, you can't get the achievement for it, at least.
User avatar #55 to #54 - rbpwn (12/11/2012) [-]
I strip mined the entire galaxy
Bought everything
Researched everything
Did every mission

All that's left is if I buy some of the DLC and play them
#56 to #55 - drmcninja (12/11/2012) [-]
Oh, you played Mass Effect 2? I was talking about 1.
User avatar #57 to #56 - rbpwn (12/11/2012) [-]
Oh ****
I forgot I left out the 2

I've been talking about it nonstop, I forgot people I don't talk to don't know which one
#58 to #57 - drmcninja (12/11/2012) [-]
It's all good. Two's my favorite, but one is way more epic. And I mean that in the traditional sense, not the ******** internet sense.
User avatar #59 to #58 - rbpwn (12/11/2012) [-]


I cant really get into it, I got to Garrus and just left it

I like 3 the best though
best Gameplay
Best tension
Best character development
And you really feel close to the people you're with
I do miss the number of squad mates from 2 though
User avatar #92 to #59 - spidermanrapeskids (12/12/2012) [-]
Yours and my mind think exactly the same. I never brought 2 until 3 had been released because I found 1 so slow, still beat it though.
The only thing I messed up on was I let Tali die in 2 but I think I lesbo butt ****** Liara in 3 so all was well in the end. Oh and Wrex died too, but I only used Liara and EDI anyway.
#60 to #59 - drmcninja (12/12/2012) [-]
Yeah, it takes a bit to get going, but if you're into story, once it does, it's pretty spectacular. 3 is my second favorite. It'd probably be my favorite game of all time if it wasn;t for the ending. I wasn't one of those people who raged or overreacted, it was just a bad ending, but for someone like me who's played since the first one and gotten really invested in it, it did really hamper the otherwise excellent experience.

And I was the opposite. Having so many squadmates made it hard for me to actually connect with them and hard for them to develop as characters. Its why I prefer the smaller crews. Although its not like it matters, I only ever use Grunt, Garrus, Tali, and Legion anyways in missions.
User avatar #64 to #60 - rbpwn (12/12/2012) [-]
Yeah, have the numbers looks nice, but it's just a writing nightmare and they're pretty hallow
Zaeed, Tali, Grunt, Thane, Garrus and Legion are the only ones I ever used anyway
And they were the most interesting

Tali and Garrus kinda cheated though, since they had 3 whole games

I also realized something on my last playthough; as far as we know, Miranda DID kidnap a baby that wasn't going to have a terrible life, and Miranda could be completely making everything up
#67 to #64 - drmcninja (12/12/2012) [-]
Nobody likes Miranda or Jacob. And not even nobody uses them, most players don't even like them. Jacob was just boring, but Miranda... seriously, what a bitch. It would not surprise me at all if she just made everything up in order to get back at her dad. It wouldn't surprise me at all. Meanwhile Jack is also a bitch, but at least she's up front about it.

But I genuinely cried when Mordin died.
User avatar #69 to #67 - rbpwn (12/12/2012) [-]
Miranda is just
******* hell she sucks

Jacob is alright. more like a Bro than a commrade

He seems out of place in Cerberus though
You can tell he's only there since he actually wants to make a difference, and the Alliance is just sitting on their asses waiting for Geth to seem like the bad guy again

Mordin is ******* amazing
I think everyone who imported a ME2 save cried
I also cried when I had to let the Migrant Fleet destroy the Geth, and I had to betray Legion
#73 to #69 - drmcninja (12/12/2012) [-]
BRB shower
#71 to #69 - drmcninja (12/12/2012) [-]
You what? You fool! I got them to agree with each other and see the error of their ways! Unfortunately... I also nearly cried when it turns out that Legion then sacrifices himself to let that happen regardless. No happy ending for Legion.

So, this talk convinced me to go check out the wiki on new DLC and such, because I never even played the Extended Cut after I finished the first time. So I'm reading through and all that jazz, when I get back home I'll probably download it and the other DLC and play, but thank god I did because SHEPARD MIGHT SURVIVE IN ONE OF THE ENDINGS. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.
User avatar #164 to #71 - yourasiangamer (12/12/2012) [-]
he survives when you have a high war assets rating and chose destroy since thats the only ending you don't sacrifice your self in
#220 to #164 - drmcninja (12/12/2012) [-]
Right, it makes sense, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that way in the first ending, whcih was the last time I paid attention to it.
User avatar #72 to #71 - rbpwn (12/12/2012) [-]

And I didn't have high enough Paragon

I start ME2 with no prior knowledge to the series, so I just did every interupt and had **** renegade/paragon

I even got Tali exiled

I got full Paragon now that I'm playing it on PC though
#74 to #72 - drmcninja (12/12/2012) [-]
After playing the first one and ******* up a bit, i continnued on and realized how important high P/R really was. I went full paragon (by actual choice too, all my decisions ended up going that way because thats how I really felt), and by 2 it was ingrained in my head. So by 3, I was totally prepared. And if something happened that I didnt like, or I wasnt as prepared as I needed to be, I'd restart the playthrough so I could get ther ein time. You can see how important this became to me, and why 3's ending hurt so bad. I had a signifcant emotional investment in these stories, and made every choice in both 1 and 2 planning for the Reapers to show up. Everything else but my squadmates was secondary.

But yeah, apparently with high readiness in the new Destroy ending, Shepard is still breathing in the rubble and the crew hesitates to put his name on the memorial! Ambiguous is all I need to be happy!

Brb shower.
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#38 - reican (12/11/2012) [-]
Had I decided to remove the mammals off this world, there would be nothing any of you could do.
#37 - iownmicee (12/11/2012) [-]
#35 - uzieltwo (12/11/2012) [-]
Oh my god, this is awesome.
User avatar #32 - defeats (12/11/2012) [-]
65 million BC, never forget.
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