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Am i the only one here who really does not give a flying **** ?
Where's the funny?
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Inb4 'hurr durr its not a christian symbol its a (insert old religion) symbol'. In this context it is.
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Christmas Trees: associated with Christmas, but not a religious symbol.

There is a difference, and it matters. Learn it.
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i'm not a christian but i love christmas, it's a time for stay with my family and have peace at least once a year..... also gifts.... a lot of gifts
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Decorating trees in December.
Having nothing to do with Christmas since 497 BC.
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Dude your my hero
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I am sorry I failed you sir
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I need a gif of this...

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Here's one with words (I can alter it for you if you wish).
Here's one with words (I can alter it for you if you wish).
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Here's one without text.
Here's one without text.
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I agree OP... I am Pagan, I celebrate Solstice not Christmas yet I enjoy and participate in Christmas at work and with my family who in turn do the same for me, hell I am cooking xmas dinner for my family this year complete with a hand made gingerbread nativity scene centrepiece.   
It is fun, enjoyable and harmless.
I agree OP... I am Pagan, I celebrate Solstice not Christmas yet I enjoy and participate in Christmas at work and with my family who in turn do the same for me, hell I am cooking xmas dinner for my family this year complete with a hand made gingerbread nativity scene centrepiece.
It is fun, enjoyable and harmless.
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I tried to read your comment but couldn't help watching your gif over and over again...
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Fun Fact! Christmas isn't the only holiday that uses a pine tree to celebrate. In fact this tradition was first used by the pagans. But it is is the only religion to put a star on top.
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This whole argument is especially bogus given that the Christmas tree has almost nothing to do with religion in the minds of most Americans. Of which the douche-bag atheistical Jews at American Atheists would whine about, it's easily representative of a secular symbol.

This traditional tree has merely become an icon of having consumer goods under it, not God or Jesus. Tell me, what do you think of when you imagine a Christmas tree? You imagine presents. Religion is an afterthought.
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Delicious food and time well spent with family
Christmas tree --> Christmas ----> Giving and receiving gifts ---> Jesus Christ
Jesus ************* Christ.

To me the spirit of giving gifts is closely related to the birth and eventual death of Jesus Christ as I believe his death saved all of mankind. Though presents are part of the Christmas tradition I don't consider it the biggest part of Christmas.
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Yes, it all corresponds. But despite what the atheists autism over, national secularism, America has always been traditionally Christian. Prayers used to be said at the beginning of Congress and the US remains majority Christian.

Christmas has been a part of American culture since its founding; it isn't something you can just throw away. May I remind you that the Constitution when it talked about religion was only referencing influence in government, of which no religious establishment has. I'm saying this as a person who doesn't believe in religion: atheists are a societal cancer and should **** off.

Almost all mainstream atheists are ethnic Jews and leftists. Right-wingers such as I have so much disgust over these slobs of fat who claim to represent all people who aren't religious.
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Imagine the arrows pointing up are at Christmas, for some reason FJ does not like space before letters.
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I just imagine some of the fondest moments of my childhood, which was a time I didn't know no evil of religion or gave two ***** about it, to me it just reminds me of happier times with my family.
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As a Christian, I recognize that none of the festivities related to Christmas necessarily relate to Jesus's birth, unless you see a display of that particular scene. Even the date was only a result of the Catholics taking over a pagan holiday and renaming it after Saint Nicolas. I realize all this, but choose to leave it as a representation of my celebration. If you want to celebrate your holiday on the same day too, go ahead, just don't tell me that I can't share my festivities and say "Merry Christmas".
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m8 im not even christian and i celebrate christmas
its no longer a just religous holiday
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1. Not only Christians celebrate Christmas
2. Christmas isn't even a Christian holiday
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I agree on both.
I mean, seriously, everybody knows that the current christmas is officially a historical christian event, the birth of jesus, but in reality, it's Coca Cola's marketing sheme.
And it works. I friggn love the winter-cocacola-truck-tours.
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actualy the current christmas isnt even related to jesus birth
all evidence suggests jesus was born some time in the summer but his birth was moved to christmas because there was alkready a pagan holiday then and when your changing the religion of a nation/people its a lot easier to just tell every1 the name has changed rather then the entire holiday schedual
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I don't know what you celebrate on christmas, but I celebrate the birth of Jesus (not trying to start a flame war ._.)
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I celebrate Christmas on Christmas. I'm an Atheist.
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Then we have different definitions of Christmas
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No it's not, it was celebrated by pagans years before the supposed birth of Christ and was merely adopted by Christians
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and by the vikings in scandinavia who called it "Jul", which Christmas is still called in Denmark
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it was celebrated, but the reason and way of celebrating were different.
christians only took the date.
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funny how people get butthurt at anything
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FJ in a nutshell
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boy OP, you sure showed that woman in this realistic argument that isnt fake at all
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correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the tree a symbol for an old German religion?
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When I was young (I will give you the extremely short version) my German granfather told me the story of "Krismas" where a man named Kris Kringle/Nikolas brought wooden toys he made to kids in the village in the winter and they cut down evergreens and put them in their windows each year so Kris could see the toys he made and that they were appreciated.
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You are right, he is Saint Nicholas of Bari
User avatar #182 to #181 - sheepysquirrel (12/10/2012) [-]
He told me there is even a gravestone for him too and he lived somewhere like 1769-1830 or something.
User avatar #185 to #182 - amuro (12/10/2012) [-]
close enough http://www.casamassima.net/nicholas.html
User avatar #240 to #185 - stefanovic (12/10/2012) [-]
yeahh, I've been in Bari, I've seen it :D

in Belgium and the Netherlands, we call it "Sinterklaas" don't know if it exists anywhere else though, it's to celebrate a man who gave presents to the kids... we celebrate it as some kind of miniature christmas
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cool :D i didnt know that. TY for sharing, mate!
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i thought that pagaens used them to celebrate the winter solstice
User avatar #239 to #155 - stefanovic (12/10/2012) [-]
that's what I meant, couldn't find the right words
User avatar #338 to #239 - anormalbrony (12/11/2012) [-]
s'alright i understand
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i believe christians adopted it in order to appeal to more people, just like they combined native traditions in america to evangelize
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I always figured it was a symbol for "I figured that it would be a good idea to go into the woods, chop down at tree, place it in my living room and put all sorts of glass ornaments and lit candles on, and i do it only at Christmas so i can write it off as religiousness instead of being ******* nuts" or something like that.
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Well I think the point that people actually make is when Christmas or Christmas things are displayed or celebrated by or in public institutions. This is because the State is supposed to be secular and they do tend to celebrate Christmas and other things such as the pledge of allegiance, where you're supposed to say "Under God" or something (I'm not American) thats also imposing a religion on those kids when they don't believe in it. These people don't have a problem with the Christmas tree but with the State representing one religion as the norm. And since you cant represent all religions (or non-religions) equally throughout the country, the State shouldn't do this with just one, but with none. Imagine the US was an Atheist Country, and Christianity is now on the rise, so the invert or what is really going on, but the State would still claim to be secular, as they do today. If you were one of these Christians, wouldn't you be offended if the State preferred one specific religion or belief over the rest? And to have countless hints and celebratory symbols and speech about this religion in things where you and your kids seek a secular equality. Christians wouldn't like that very much. If Christians just put themselves in an Atheists shoes, and understand what they think, I think we would have a lot less Christians and a lot more Atheists.
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the Christmas tree isn't even a Christian symbol anymore, it's associated more with a large man in red and white than the Christ. The tree is a symbol of gift-giving, holiday insanity, and people you're related to coming for unwanted but traditionally required visits, and that's about it.
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is what he should have said, he thought hours later.
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What makes me angry is not when people are offended like so above, because that's somewhat understandable. Does it get out of hand? Yes. Does it makes sense? Some.

What makes me mad is the reverse of yon derpette, the Christians that get offended at the offense of Atheists and Jews and the like. The ones that think Christmas is under attack. Those idiots.
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