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#206 - yourbed (12/10/2012) [-]
Political rage and conspiracy theories?   
This is my kind of flame war.
Political rage and conspiracy theories?

This is my kind of flame war.
User avatar #1 - yunouppercase (12/09/2012) [-]
this seriously is a problem
User avatar #3 to #1 - penetractor (12/09/2012) [-]
i do enjoy a nice kebab tho
#384 - zielscheibe ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
well that happens in all of europe ... guess
User avatar #213 - Utkezabanje (12/10/2012) [-]
Remove Kebab.
User avatar #137 - cengizsa (12/10/2012) [-]
You guy realize the Germans officially invited the Turks over? After WW2, they were officially invited over as ''guest workers''. and practically rebuilt German society..
#138 to #137 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
society? go look up some other words, im pretty sure you ment something else
User avatar #142 to #138 - cengizsa (12/10/2012) [-]
Sorry, bad terminology. Basically rebuilt all the broken **** .
User avatar #198 to #142 - mussyo ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
which is a part of society so...
#149 to #137 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
There's a reason, they were called GUEST workers...
User avatar #150 to #149 - cengizsa (12/10/2012) [-]
Yes, I see your point, but it hardly a quick job, they promoted immigration, not a ''pop round and plaster a few walls'' invite. The job took YEARS.
User avatar #406 - frankpolard (12/10/2012) [-]
Als wärs in Österreich anders ^^
User avatar #411 to #406 - downside (12/10/2012) [-]
Was?! Bei euch auch?
Ich dachte es wäre nur in Deutschland so...
User avatar #412 to #411 - frankpolard (12/10/2012) [-]
zumindest in den großen städten

aber ja, solang sie mir nicht blöd kommen, sind sie mir egal :D
User avatar #454 to #412 - skidbladnir (12/10/2012) [-]
Bei weitem nicht nur in den großen Städten.
User avatar #415 to #412 - downside (12/10/2012) [-]
Seh ich auch so. Nur das Thema mit der Integration sollte man nochmal überdenken.
User avatar #416 to #415 - frankpolard (12/10/2012) [-]

Das wurde schlecht gestartet und mies weitergeführt...
User avatar #331 - legiona (12/10/2012) [-]
SO TRUE!!!!!!

Eine bittere Wahrheit .......
#338 to #331 - zielscheibe ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
Comment Picture
#231 - werefinding (12/10/2012) [-]
**werefinding rolled a random image posted in comment #5 at immature ** true as ****
User avatar #126 - PubLandlord (12/10/2012) [-]
Only going to get worse if Turkey is let into the EU
#204 to #126 - mussyo ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
Why do you differentiate between races, and or countries, you did not make the land, you do not own it.

Nationalism is petty and backwards minded.

Tolerate each other as you are ALL PEOPLE.

Pictured related, Turkish CEO of a game developer company, Crytek to be more precise, the people who make Crysis. Their head quarters are in GERMANY!
User avatar #241 to #204 - PubLandlord (12/10/2012) [-]
Yeah but the thing is with mass immigration the majority of the people that will leave a "worse country" and more likely to be less skilled, you could see it happen in the UK , a huge influx of eastern Europeans came across and there wasn't enough jobs to support them, I am not discriminating against any particular race, just discriminating equally against immigration as a whole .

I have a right as a voting citizen to express my views that in my country a huge number of immigrants will make things worse, that's not me being racist , they could come from any race, I just know that hundreds of thousands and even close to a few million more people won't be able to support themselves, you are just pretty naive
User avatar #243 to #241 - mussyo ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
Not at all, so equally you should be against german natives giving birth, or families who do not value education.

as both will equal less jobs for everyone and people who are "less skilled".

I am anything but naive.
User avatar #247 to #243 - PubLandlord (12/10/2012) [-]
What do you mean by "not at all" ?

I do look down on families who don't value the opportunities that the free education and schooling gives them

You seem naive or ignorant if you think "mass" immigration is good for either country , and in relation to your first post I am as a citizen a stakeholder in my country and vote to say how it is run
User avatar #253 to #247 - mussyo ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
I am aware of how politics works, does not define you as right though.

there should not just not be any countries with boarders and such, it is ******* retarded, what? you deserve more or less because you were born on a different piece of land.... yes human rights.

you can get caught up on where you live if you want mate, but we should be united under one flag and one government. nationalism is stupid, the idea to reserve rights to a specific group of people just because they are born on a different bit of land.

besides all that, it is a compliment if someone leaves their home country and resides in yours, he or she has complimented your country by saying that it agrees with your ideals more than any others.

secondly, calling me naive and ignorant will get you nowhere. literally no point to it.
User avatar #266 to #253 - PubLandlord (12/10/2012) [-]
When you grow up and see how the real world operates you need to stop thinking in idealisms.

It's literally so frustrating because I though you were making genuine points about immigration which were going to be backed up with evidence except you star spouting a load if liberal and idealistic views that are all based on hypothetical situations that have not occurred and wouldn't work if introduced into the world in our lifetime.

It's like an atheist talking to a Christian, you are basing your views in faith and completely ignoring evidence , real life situations and practicalities.
User avatar #273 to #266 - mussyo ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
great things have come out of idealism, if we do not have them, ideas to not come to fruition, countries are a joke, as they limit humanity because one person in a bit of land we live in is saying that we are better than the other, it creates dead lock, where as if we all moved together in unity, imagine the possibilities. i do not need to grow up, i am aware of how it is NOW, however just because it is like it is now, does not mean we should not change it. just because it is liberal, does not mean that it is wrong.

your entire point is idealism in its entirety anyway, you believe your vote makes a change, and yes it should, but that vote only matters as long as the people you put in power care about that vote. it is all idealistic, unless we leave us to do what we want with no objective in mind, that is where we have no idealism as we expect nothing and control nothing, so by definition, if no one cares what happens it is not idealistic, all of the system we put in place have an aspect of "hope" in them.
User avatar #443 to #273 - PubLandlord (12/10/2012) [-]
So I wonder, in this utopia of yours, every culture every person agrees on pretty everything, there is a universal set of laws that all 6 or 7 billion people in the world are happy with ?
And you also argue that there is no benefit to national sovereignty . There is a major difference between grand ideas, and the philosophical idealism that you are talking about.

How old are you, what level and field of education are you in ?

User avatar #457 to #443 - mussyo ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
22, law.

No, we wont all agree, that will always be true, like now, we don't agree with some laws but we abide by it. We would be better off. Why is my vision philosophical and not a grand idea. Completely within reason, exactly what the EU and UN are trying to do, but this system would work better as there would not be so much conflicting laws and doctrines. one template to follow.
User avatar #459 to #457 - PubLandlord (12/10/2012) [-]
The EU originally started out as a trading bloc, and I follow the neofunctionalist spillover view which makes Europe more intergrated today.

The EU and UN are pretty different, EU is pushing intergration the UN is more focused on co operation.

Why would we be better off having one set of laws, one government, that is not a given. For example , I am guessing you may like alcohol or think it's fine to get drunk. I agree, western culture agrees, yet in Muslim countries, like Qatar you cannot get drunk .
So what would your stance on alcohol be , you are forcing two cultures to mix and accept laws that entire populations will disagree with.

The world is so vast and so very different that thinking that everyone would be happy under one template seems racist to some degree.

You can already see the resentment from middle eastern countries towards western ideals.

And if you think a one rule system would be easier that is pretty much the opposite, the decision making process in the EU , when it is either supranational or intergovermental is so very slow, and causes so much debate , between countries who are relatively similar it wouldn't work on a global scale .
User avatar #475 to #459 - mussyo ONLINE (12/17/2012) [-]
I understand the complications, but alcohol is not forced upon you, you have the choice, in that scenario muslims would just not drink. it is rough, but this system could have a use if we could implement it properly. sorry for the late reply, was in amsterdam.
User avatar #476 to #475 - PubLandlord (12/17/2012) [-]
ah nice, how was your Amsterdam experience ?

But what about drunk people around you , I don't want to live next door to someone who owns a gun , the legal age for sex in Mexico is 13 , there are many conflicting laws and cultures, that wouldn't mix so well.

We are happy for gay people to exist in the West , or abortion , people are entitled to live in countries where those are legal / illegal so imposing laws that others don't agree with would cause a lot of comotion
User avatar #478 to #476 - mussyo ONLINE (12/17/2012) [-]
basically the teacher is more likely to see you doing something naughty if there are other such teachers helping each other out rather than several different teachers with different ideas as to what is good for us, they would all work under the rule of the head master and be able to catch naughty children quicker. Now when i mean naughty i mean like building a nuke, not saying "omg i hate the headmaster"

Do not want a communist state XD
User avatar #477 to #476 - mussyo ONLINE (12/17/2012) [-]
Was ok, don't dabble in drugs but what i did do was fun and an experience.

thanks for asking.

I know those are huge problems, but like in Amsterdam and the red light district, somethings will be segregated to certain places, but in a more lawful way. It is the law i am worried about and what is enforceable. SO religious people can go to certain districts to stay with their communities and cohere to the law whilst maintaining their own culture. It may seem hypocritical at face value but if you think about it, they are bound by law so they cannot break it without consequence, alcohol is not forced upon them, and neither is safe sex or gay marriage, it is all a choice, but it is legal, SEPARATE religion from government completely and stop stupid immunities because people are religious, we are all people and should be treated with equal value.

this also stops extremism from any aspect of religion of any kind and or political views as we will be made aware of it by, an unbiased "as possible" government who will have the power to enforce universal law through their universally shared authorities "police" so that we can put a lid on the "crazy" but also at the same time do not halt social change.
User avatar #479 to #477 - PubLandlord (12/17/2012) [-]
So you would have more general segregation where like minded communities and cultures group

Sounds like within this mass country there will be pockets of social segregation (not forced obviously) , but then on a wrold wide stage they will then form individual states and then I expect push to become independent countries, a bit like Scotland wanting to become independent , or Kazaksthan wanting to be independent
User avatar #480 to #479 - mussyo ONLINE (12/17/2012) [-]
there would be no need, everyones whishes on a social level will be accepted, but it will never be law for someone to be better than the other, as we are all people.

On a more conservative note, crush ignorance, and promote education, but that is a little elitist even if better for everyone.
#201 to #126 - mussyo has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #63 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (12/10/2012) [-]
I went to Germany for Spring Break....looooooooot of Asians. This may sound ignorant, but I felt like perhaps Asians are to Germany, as Mexicans are to the U.S? Any natives care to enlighten me on the general publics' opinion on the copious amount of Asians?
#80 to #63 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
No, Asians are to Germany what Asians are to the US; because Asians are smart as **** and don´t have a problem adapting the German culture and law.

People from Turkey and some other middle eastern countries are what to GErmany what Mexicans are to the US;
Some of them barely speak our language after living here for more than 3 years...
#65 to #63 - undeadpenguin (12/10/2012) [-]
there is copious amount of asians in america as well, i, a white male, live in a part of the country where i am the minority and it is annoying as hell most of the time
#71 to #65 - potatosx **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#73 to #71 - undeadpenguin (12/10/2012) [-]
which country you from man? that is a relevant piece of information
#75 to #73 - potatosx **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#76 to #75 - undeadpenguin (12/10/2012) [-]
Oh yeah i hear a lot about people who have lived in Singapore for business purposes, that is the problem with the area i live in though, we get to keep our culture to an extent but the jobs on the other hand not the same story at all
User avatar #224 to #63 - ljxjlos (12/10/2012) [-]
We don´t have that many Asians in Germany. At least I didn´t think so up to now. Is it possible for a country to have enough asian Girls?...I don´t think so
User avatar #78 to #63 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
well im german and im fully for asians
i dont want them taking over my country but they are welcome

need to get rid of the turks, even if we pack them in shipping containers and ship them back en masse
User avatar #98 to #78 - threeeighteen (12/10/2012) [-]
I like seeing a German with at least some balls left.
#107 to #98 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
you mean after hitler? yeah, cool thoughts like that are back. im german (born czech) myself and its not as horrible as they act like. Germany is not berlin and bigger cities only. This here is pure childish racism. not more. not less.
" Asians are smart as **** and don´t have a problem adapting the German culture and law. "
Stuff like that. First of all i didnt know that achina towns in the us are full of american chinese ppl who went to stanford and i didnt know that all those chinese/vietnamese etc immigrants can speak perfect german (no they cant, its worse compared to turks) and are adepting german culture (by making chinese restaurants with ****** up food on every corner? i see)
******** talk is ********
User avatar #113 to #107 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
one would have thought as a czech you'd hate dark people
hell i knew a pureblood czech guy who just had really tanned skin from years of working outside and other czechs called him a ******

User avatar #226 to #78 - ljxjlos (12/10/2012) [-]
Türken raus, Asiaten rein oder wie? Naja, die Deutschtürken die sich nicht anpassen können gegen Asiatische Frauen auszutauschen wäre nicht wirklich unangenehm:D
User avatar #445 to #226 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
alle Türken männlichen und weiblichen raus aus Deutschland sind Asiaten willkommen, weil sie fleißig und Familie Menschen wie die Deutschen sind
User avatar #447 to #445 - ljxjlos (12/10/2012) [-]
Nene, nur die die sich mies verhalten. Und nicht alle Deutschen sind Familienmenschen, ich z.b. würde lieber krepieren bevor ich ne Familie gründe.D
User avatar #448 to #447 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
alle schwarzen Menschen müssen raus aus Deutschland, halten Deutschland rein, let Asiaten in, weil sie eine Kultur ähnlich Deutschen haben
User avatar #449 to #448 - ljxjlos (12/10/2012) [-]
Ah, du bist also kein vernünftiger Mensch, nur ein schlechter troll, Ich verstehe...
User avatar #450 to #449 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
nicht im ein Mensch und ich will nur die Menschen in Deutschland, nicht schwarze Affen
Die hellhäutigen türken, die in die Deutsch Menschen zu assimilieren konnte bleiben kann, muss schwarzen verlassen
#451 to #450 - ljxjlos (12/10/2012) [-]
Lern erstmal dich ordentlich auszudrücken, bevor du andere als Affen beleidigst, du Affe.
User avatar #452 to #451 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
Sie wollen Deutschland vergiftet? Sie sind ein Untermensch, muss alles, was nicht in Deutsch Blut aufnehmen kann gespült, auch Sie werden
User avatar #453 to #452 - ljxjlos (12/10/2012) [-]
User avatar #455 to #453 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
Sie sind ein Verräter an Deutschland, müssen Sie raus
#330 - origommi (12/10/2012) [-]
**origommi rolled a random image posted in comment #2191634 at MLP Friendly Board ** < meanwhile in Germany
User avatar #168 - alfjnn (12/10/2012) [-]
You Think Germany has Turk Problems?

Try living in the Balkans.

Shiet. At least back in the days of Yugoslavia, they kept the ******* Turks out.
Now it's Turkcity.

Not that I hate Turks. I just don't want to eat ******* donners every day when there's perfectly good Pasulj to be had.
#169 to #168 - lyshematenel (12/10/2012) [-]
What is your problem with the new "spring of nations"...:)
User avatar #170 to #169 - alfjnn (12/10/2012) [-]
I identify as Yugo.

Not exactly a fan of all this recent nationalism.
#174 to #170 - lyshematenel (12/10/2012) [-]
Nationalism is only shame, in europe, mostly in the defeated countries... honestly its a big problem, cuz we should adapt to the muslims... However, every european nation has a great culture, which will be eradicated when we go toward on this way... By the way, we respect turks someway, cuz we were in war with them, for a long time. But the immigrants and the homelanders, not the same thing. If you dont have a place for your home in your heart, then you will be the very same as the immigrants. Without honor, without respect... The only thing you will have is the tolerance... the only thing you can do... tolerance the **** out of them...
User avatar #179 to #174 - alfjnn (12/10/2012) [-]
I understand Immigration, and Tolerance.
I'm a Yugo Immigrant (Serb, Ethnically) To the united states. I see how immigrants are treated. It's disgusting, the intolerance, across the world.

I respect everyone, honestly.
#183 to #179 - lyshematenel (12/10/2012) [-]
Well your situation, is tottaly different. You were a refugee, i guess. Anyway the serbs has serious problems, with their minds, so i understand you dont love nationalism... If you respect who deserve it instead of tolerate, then you have my honor... and my axe
#115 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
This image has expired
asian girls fill out the uniform better

User avatar #128 to #115 - HGOnethreeone (12/10/2012) [-]
True, but any hot chick + Nazi uniform = hotter chick.
User avatar #446 to #128 - konradkurze (12/10/2012) [-]
yeah but i like asians more
#84 - johngun (12/10/2012) [-]
i know ._.

<- kinda relative .
#89 to #84 - datguypauls (12/10/2012) [-]
I think you meant related
User avatar #90 to #89 - johngun (12/10/2012) [-]
kinda woulda shoulda

#30 - madgerman (12/10/2012) [-]
OP is a ^
#211 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
Germans will be bred out of existance, and nothing of value will be lost. Serves them right.
#221 to #211 - coolgabe (12/10/2012) [-]
You're right nothing, absolutely nothing of value will be lost /sarcasm
User avatar #321 to #211 - lordofthenash (12/10/2012) [-]
I may be German, but at least I'm not a ****** .
User avatar #217 to #211 - ljxjlos (12/10/2012) [-]
#209 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
Multiculturalism is **** .
User avatar #223 to #209 - trevorsta (12/10/2012) [-]
Well said you pure bred ******
#270 to #209 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
Somewhere right now, an American is crying.
#323 to #209 - painisntcupcakes (12/10/2012) [-]

**** as ever, eh FJ?
User avatar #470 to #323 - Conquistador (12/11/2012) [-]
#167 - gibssowas (12/10/2012) [-]
So... let me get this clear.
OP went to germany and after more than 65 after WWII he still expected that germany would be full of nazis??
#171 to #167 - wellshitshitshit (12/10/2012) [-]
YFW is ironically fitting since you obviously didnt read the description...
User avatar #173 to #171 - gibssowas (12/10/2012) [-]
no i didn't read it.

And still... he might be an austrian/german, but that doesn't mean he lives in germany or has ever been there before.

I have many friends who claim themselves as german/serbian but never have been there
#203 to #173 - wellshitshitshit (12/10/2012) [-]
then they aren´t germans/serbians
User avatar #344 - animedudej ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
Norway and the polish...
#361 to #344 - yourbed (12/10/2012) [-]
Don't see the problem with them.

They have done a lot more than the Russians and Pakistanies have done.
User avatar #366 to #361 - animedudej ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
true... but they swarm the job market... not saying theyr are bad, just that they make way more money here ass welders mechanics and such than they could ever dream of in poland... solution: Poland needs to get their **** together and pay these hard working gentlemen what they deserve!
#23 - ipartywithpedobear has deleted their comment [-]
#24 to #23 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
turkey *******
#25 to #24 - ipartywithpedobear has deleted their comment [-]
#26 to #25 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
You're pretty thick dude. Regardless of whether or not you recognize the flag of turkey you should be aware that the symbol if Islam (moon and star) is not a symbol of socialism. Furthermore the Swastika is a socialist symbol. So twice the wrong in one comment :p
Essentially the poster is saying Islam is overrunning mainland Europe. Which many believe it is. Although I do not believe it will ever get to the point where there is a Muslim majority, it will and has influenced European politics.
User avatar #39 to #26 - bokkos (12/10/2012) [-]
Just gonna step in and say the Crescent moon and star is definitely not a symbol for socialism; Hammer and Sickle are, the colour red is, but the crescent moon certainly isn't.
#42 to #26 - anon (12/10/2012) [-]
Sorry mate, the swastika is not a socialist symbol.
Hitler was not socialist, he took a socialist party and turned it into a right-winged party.
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