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What should I say to my omegle partner
dubs win
go forth my minions!
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**YourAnalProbe rolls 26** I put on my robe and wizard hat
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funny how people talk about how free america is. has anyone noticed how america isn't a libertarian nation? and you call yourselves "free"
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Funny how you speak when you do not understand. As your username suggests, you must lead a very unfulfilled life, despite knowing what would be the best to fill that void. America is filled with people who'd LIKE the government to follow a Libertarian regime. It isn't this way because the government knows that most of America is made of up dumb, fat sheep who couldn't handle such responsibility well.
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so, how does the fact that most US citizens (who probably don't even deserve their citizenship) are lazy and irresponsible detract from the fact that america severely lacks the freedom that it's supposed to have? america is known for it's supposed "freedom" is it not? libertarianism (the root word of which being "liberty" which basically means "unrestricted freedom") is one of the most free forms of government, is it not?

you're point is ridiculous. just because some people are stupid, does not mean that all the rest don't deserve the freedom they're meant to have
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Because a non-libertarian government is much easier to work with, especially seeing as all of these dumb sheep would be making foolish decisions, and if you don't like it, you have the freedom to leave. Also, my point isn't ridiculous. A house divided can't stand, in the same context, we can't hold a standard with only 'the rest' in mind. You have to think of EVERYBODY, because EVERYBODY is affected.
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so you think that i don't deserve freedom because the guy down the road is a ******* idiot... yeah ok, that makes sense.
what i fail to comprehend the most about what you're saying is that apparently you think that stupid people don't deserve actual freedom, like they're second class citizens or something. does "liberty and justice for all" not mean anything to you? cause it doesn't mean anything to the US government either. it's like Doug Stanhope said "you want to fix the Pledge of Allegiance, put a disclaimer at the end: with liberty and justice for all...must be 18, void where prohibited, some restrictions may apply, not available in all states."

one vital thing you fail to realize is that we'd be no worse off with libertarianism than we are now, since it mainly punishes crimes against others. it's not like people would be allowed to just murder and rape because they're stupid because they would be punished just the same
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Yes, I feel that certain freedoms we shouldn't allow you on behalf of the idiot down the street who will take those freedoms too far, as well as all of his idiot neighbors as well. I don't feel we would be 'no worse off', I believe we'd be much worse off as a result if we were a libertarian nation. And, as all well and good it is that the stupid folks can't murder and rape, giving them all sorts of freedoms that will just make them upset at the government for not keeping a better hold on them will just result in mass riots filled with dumb sheep who become dumb bulls instead. Angry, stupid, bulls.
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prove it. show me historical proof that that at least 2 civilizations or nations in the past have turned libertarian and completely fell apart as a result and i will believe you
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Trick question, Libertarianism is a relatively new form of government, and hasn't had the time that others have for the flaws to bring things down.
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so all you're doing is attempting to back up a hypothesis that claims that society crumbles when people are allowed to do whatever they want, as long as they're not harming or negatively affecting anyone else
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Yes, and you're attempting to back up that such a thing wouldn't occur just because it hasn't happened before, knowing damned well that such a foolish idea hasn't even been put in to practice long enough in history for there to be an example of its failure. When people have wants and desires that the government is unable to grant because of the libertarian regime, **** will hit the fan and anarchy will ensue.
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its turning into a police state more and more everyday...
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says every douche with a computer. cunt.
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sign in and say that and i might take it seriously.
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Hello FJ,

In my english class this semester this one student, named Jake, one of those popular kids who plays football, has been picking on me constantly, he got half the class to hate me. they throw things at me, take pictures and label them "loser", "fag", etc. i lost a friend because im not cool enough....its gotten to the point where ive considering jumping off from my school's second floor...

He's also this rich wigger who enjoys rap battles, suburban scum

his mother's name is jackie if that suits you

i love you FJ <3, do your best
#317 to #261 - anon (11/29/2012) [-]
possibility a:
1.Join the wrestling team only to acquire the skills you need to throw someone
2,Walk up to him with cake as a peace offering
3.shove cake in his face and say "happy birthday TO THE GROUND!"
4.walk off like the muthafukin boss
Possibility b:
1.Take up boxing or another martial art, or if taken over by manliness, brawl
2.knock his ass out
3.tell all the girls you'll be expecting them in your bed at night
4.wake up and find an actual way to man up and face him
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Here is a solution stop being a little bitch and grow a pair.
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I can't believe he just didn't reply to me because he left to do all of that now.
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dude im fine XD eh "when are we gonna have our rap battle?" as i said he's a wigger. sometimes he comes behind me and says "pussy" or something in black ghetto, i decided to sign up for mixed martial arts classes (which i did before), train, then kick the guy's ass. only problem is he's 6'2-6'0 and im 5'8
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Reply to my last comment now,please.
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Also,be a mean bitch to him.That'll keep him at a distance.
Please,tell me what would he usually tell you,at a random moment to start a conversation.
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Let him know how much of a loser he is because of picking on you,tell him you give no **** about what does he do,and none will because all he is lifeless faggot who just spends every single second of his life picking on people like you,therefore,tell him to quit harrassing you and to go on with his life.
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Don't throw your life away because of some cunt, stand up to him, get help, anything. Just please don't kill yourself.
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please call him 443 zxasca 938 zxasca 3533 remove zxasca
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I asked for Jackie, a woman answered. She claimed to not be her.
User avatar #387 to #278 - omeglejunkie (11/30/2012) [-]
ask for jake
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A woman answered and said I had the wrong number.
User avatar #272 to #271 - deathbysodomy (11/29/2012) [-]
No phone
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443 zxasca 938 zxasca 3533 remove zxasca
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What's America's biggest export?

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**** , i have to turn around
i left my sons hockey gear and my daughter's lacross bag back at the igloo
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Canada's healthcare system, while still in better shape than the US health care system, is going downhill quickly.
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Might get some hate for mentioning a DC character but did you guys hear about the new superman movie and the fact that he won't have his usual underwear? What the **** ...
User avatar #256 to #234 - onemoreaddictingam (11/29/2012) [-]
It's so you can see his superdick.
#250 to #234 - CrazyPsycho (11/29/2012) [-]
**CrazyPsycho rolled a random image posted in comment #1719019 at Item Discussion ** I think they're just scared they'll get publicity for drawing all the young peoples attention to supermans red ass underwear junk bulge in this overprotective sue happy drawn out sheep pasture of a society.. idc either i love superman and i'm excited to see how the "21st" century will portray him. yet fearful as well. such conundrums
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I am a regular comics reader, and I am glad with this decision....
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everyone from canada is a huge pussy. Seriously those pussies are so chicken **** , they'd rather offer their own leg by cutting it off with a butter knife than fight you.
#285 to #233 - eradication (11/29/2012) [-]
What the **** did you just ******* say aboot Canada, you little nob?
I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and I've been involved in numerous secret visits to Tim Hortons, and I have over 300 sled dogs. I am trained in hockey an I’m the top syrup slurper in the entire R.C.M.P . You are nothing to me but just another stupid American. I will pour maple syrup all over you and you will drown in it. You’re
******* dead, ya' bum.

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Really did you not see the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup riots. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and I never saw a riot over a sports team loss trust me Philly has no shortage of those, and our fans are suppose to be ridiculously dedicated.
User avatar #251 to #233 - bannedfartoooften (11/29/2012) [-]
How mean. Canadians are really nice people, nicer than more Americans I know. And they're food is made with real sugar. Not corn syrup. Real. Sugar. Because Canadians are that awesome. Now, don't get me wrong, America is pretty kick-ass, but seriously. Real. Sugar.
#336 to #251 - anon (11/29/2012) [-]
That's almost as amazing as these curved swords I saw the other day.
User avatar #384 to #336 - bannedfartoooften (11/29/2012) [-]
Katanas. A curved sword is usually a katana.
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Watch some hockey
Watch some hockey
#245 to #233 - anon (11/29/2012) [-]
I don't know, I think if someone commenced cutting their leg of with a butter knife after being confronted for a fight I'd be more scared ******** than if he threw a couple punches.
#236 to #233 - anon (11/29/2012) [-]
do you even lift, bro???
#231 - nucularwar (11/29/2012) [-]
Wolverine has a healing factor
because Canada has universal health care
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