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#15 - KayRed (11/26/2012) [-]
And his granddaughter is ******* the King of the North.
User avatar #40 to #15 - CRosBY (11/27/2012) [-]
The king of the north!
User avatar #156 - gravitysandwich (11/27/2012) [-]
the people of the world were created to love one another and live united as one whole kind. to achieve great wonders and enjoy nature. enjoy the empire man can build. with a few spiffs here and there but ultimately live as one. live to let live and be free. not to wake up every morning and go to work or school and blend in. learning to just get money in the future. money has created greed which makes people monsters. monsters that envy their neighbor instead of enjoying each others company and advancements in technology itself. we as a people need to start realizing how little important money and selfishness and greed really is and put us humans first. come together to create new magnificent arts and inventions, all to survive, which is life's game. but until that day comes we will forever be in a downward spiral that ultimately makes death a more tragic vain thing instead of an honorable end to an equally important production to humanity.
User avatar #146 - itrinx (11/27/2012) [-]
Sure it was great, but it was plenty utopist, his speech was more like an impossible dream. Haters gonna hate.
User avatar #161 to #146 - yunoknow (11/27/2012) [-]
All kids dreamed about this kind of future once they grow up. But somewhere along the way, we started realizing things weren't as simple as we thought them to be. Where did it **** up?
User avatar #162 to #161 - itrinx (11/27/2012) [-]
While growing up we're loosing our perfection. Our minds become perverted by illusions and we can't do **** about it.
#172 to #146 - yunorepost (11/27/2012) [-]
In truth you are right, But wtf is life worth without a hope. He he talks about may come with evolution, or we may be dead by then.
User avatar #176 to #146 - thebenders (11/27/2012) [-]
its true but it can happen or we can get damn close if we just work some time in the future maybe our great great grandchildren may finally have what we could not the perfect lives
User avatar #91 - blamie ONLINE (11/27/2012) [-]
youtubedoubler (dot) com (slash) ?video1=QcvjoWOwnn4&start1=54&video2=Z0kGAz6HYM8&start2=0&authorName=Meditato
User avatar #102 to #91 - navestotwo (11/27/2012) [-]
my manliness just sweated a tear...
User avatar #98 to #91 - xldarkking (11/27/2012) [-]
i love you for this.
#5 - veryinteresting (11/26/2012) [-]
he did talk you know, he just played in silent movies. So it would be: "The first time he spoke in a movie"
User avatar #6 to #5 - Silver Quantum ONLINE (11/26/2012) [-]
i thought it was obvious that i meant he talked for the first time in a movie. guess i was wrong
#117 - nymphorican (11/27/2012) [-]
that... was beautiful... i feel sad and empowered at the same time
#170 - yunorepost (11/27/2012) [-]
This dude understood some **** that was way ahead of his time. He was a ******* visionary, or something beyond.
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#112 - bdowns (11/27/2012) [-]
**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #1793341 at MLP Brony Board **
**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #1793341 at MLP Brony Board **
User avatar #79 - drinktogetdrunk (11/27/2012) [-]
I can't handle these feels...
User avatar #53 - canadiangypsy (11/27/2012) [-]
All hail the double cross.
User avatar #51 - Danzig (11/27/2012) [-]
The video deserves way more views than Gangam Style
User avatar #30 - connection (11/27/2012) [-]

listen to this... It will blow your mind.
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User avatar #110 - morbidbreath (11/27/2012) [-]
Wait he wrote the speech?
User avatar #155 to #110 - famouswillqc **User deleted account** (11/27/2012) [-]
i don't know if he wrote THIS speech, but he was the director and writers of many of his movies and his travel visa to the US was cancelled when he went to UK because he was considered to much ''leftist'' and couldn't come back in the US until 77, when he received a reward for his work, i think.
User avatar #157 to #155 - morbidbreath (11/27/2012) [-]
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#106 - anon (11/27/2012) [-]
#17 - anon (11/26/2012) [-]
Look up Charlie Chaplin Speech on youtube

Pause it

Open a new youtube tab

Look up "The Mountain"

Play at the same time

Get chills
User avatar #31 to #17 - originalninja (11/27/2012) [-]
yeah, that's pretty much what the top comment of the youtube video is...
#22 - herrstig **User deleted account** (11/27/2012) [-]
I bet most of you just watched the youtube clip that went viral. He talks all throughout the movie. Go and watch it!
User avatar #25 to #22 - sirherpderp (11/27/2012) [-]
But it is the first movie he makes where he speaks....
#32 - boskoisbeast (11/27/2012) [-]
you accidentally your sentence
User avatar #39 to #32 - smokedmeatlog (11/27/2012) [-]
no, no he didn't
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