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Actually... fences, we call it enclosures in History class, as a separation of lands, if, as the comic shows, we're talking about using resources in a kind of early capitalist way, were only "invented" in the second agricultural revolution. That means late 17th century, right before the industrial one.

I understand the point of it, but this a chronological mess.
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Well if we didn't explore and just spread out throughout the world we would probably be extinct or not nearly as advanced as we are now...
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Actually, the ratio of populated, city land to wild land is like
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...yes, we should kill off 90% of the worlds population so that the giraffe may feed on more trees.
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Even though you are sarcastic, you are right. Do people really believe that human population can just grow infinitely? The more land we exploit for people, there is less land for all other species. We have to keep the forests for the animals, and that includes humans, since we are also animals.
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I am fully aware, and my post was simply an exaggeration of what people tend to think, say and feel. I know the balance between human and nature is shifting towards us at a ridiculous rate, but we can't save everything and everyone. There will always be too much or not enough of something and the best we can do is give a **** and try to do our part. My post was aimed towards the flood of "hippies" claiming that every other living creature on this earth aside from us are starved, dying out and endangered when in reality we're just making a dent in the structure of life here...a rather large dent but people over-exaggerate the balance to make themselves seem 'better'.
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Makes me think? maybe.
Makes me laugh? No. Thumbed down.
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Oh, right. Wildlife.

I thought it was a map of Israel taking over Palestine..
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because palestine is a whole ******* planet
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because the planet shown is clearly true to real life in the first place
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Scale? no, it is not to scale. But it clearly represents the entire planet.
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Why cant it represent Palestine if it can represent the Earth while hardly looking like it?
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People fight to save cute things. Deal with it
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**justbeingcool rolled a random image posted in comment #117 at dinner time, like a fucking boss! ** wildlife
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**justbeingcool rolled a random image posted in comment #1609861 at Item Discussion **
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the only thing it makes me think about is how much i hate hippie fags and their environmentalist ******** . oh yeah, AND its a repost. **** you OP.
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No, no it does not. Here's why. It's the way of thinking of a 10 year old whose dog just died. We have ZOO-s and other ****** places that keeps animals so we can see foreign exotic animals without traveling half of the world. Not because they are extinct. Elephants, Lions, Giraffes.... Those animals were never in Europe, America or northern Asia. Humans brought them there for their amusement. Furthermore, the species of animals were going extinct throughout the history just fine even without humans. **** happens in nature, nobody really gives a **** .

By the way, anyone else noticed increased amount of hippie reposts on funny junk lately? I'm getting really amused by ******** on them :D
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Hey, that's blasphemy, that makes you..... you sly ************ ....
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"nobody gives a **** " apparently some do.
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"Furthermore, the species of animals were going extinct throughout the history just fine even without humans. **** happens in nature, nobody really gives a **** "

But, extinctions have been occurring more rapidly and frequently in the last thousand years or so, as the human population has increased exponentially. So there is quite possibly correlation.

Also a Wildlife Preserve is not the same thing as a zoo.

Showing a little concern for the planet doesn't make you a hippie either, just saiyan
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I'd still say I don't care.
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Where the **** is all the water?
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Oh Funnyjunk...
The first time someone asks this, you thumb them down 17 times. The second time someone asks, they get green thumbs. I don't even.
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*37. Unlucky bastard
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The other side.
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Bitch this is our planet!!
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thumb because of Yakitate reference
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The fence is also where the 78 planets reside, held together with the Keyword energy....that I must harness >.>
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Jesus Christ this Turkey Island ad is annoying as **** .
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I'm so ******* glad it's not just me experiencing this.
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I haven't got it yet, because I like to support Youtube artists and all that.
But I'm strongly considering it now.
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You can turn it off specifically on YouTube.
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I honestly forgot that there are ads on Youtube. I haven't seen one in at least a year.
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Me either, not even on my own videos :P
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Where the **** is all the water
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Outside the metaphor.
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the bad metaphor
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tell that to hurricane sandy...
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