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wouldn't it suck if there wasn't any other life anywhere else...then in the future we'd have to improvise, like once we get faster space travel and terraforming, each country will get its own planet, then we'll just "forget" about the earth and other races of people existing. then one day, Planet America will travel in space and come across an "unknown" vessel from Planet China "Oh. My. God. It's alien life, and they look kinda like us, WHOA! FIRST CONTACT! YEAH!"
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and then everybody dies
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and then war.

could have been any other country than America and you still get war, although it would make a new fallout game...
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War...war never changes.

though I am liking the idea of that being a fallout game.
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War has changed. -Solid Snake
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fallout 46, we just ran out of ******* ideas already.
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more like seeing a drop of water... but yeah
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Woah, man, that was deep.
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Whales are a lie made up by The Man to distract us from the real problem: They're polluting our air supply with evil.
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