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Y'know... you could just... say them....


....in and empty room....

then sob quietly to yourself
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**fatdudeee rolled a random image posted in comment #69 at silly humans **
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Mars Needs you, you say?
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Or this.
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I've been looking for that .gif everywhere....
I've been looking for that .gif everywhere....
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"Now that you've got the laxatives, it's time to get the explosives."
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Panel 1: House appears as a guest on "The Big Bang Theory". He meets Sheldon and disagrees with his way of life. Sheldon begs to differ.

Panel 2: "Hey! The monkey that knows what the answer to world hunger is is running away!"

Panel 3: "But misterkinz, you'll die if you shove that bomb up your anus!"

Panel 4: "I'm sorry misterkinz, but we had to amputate your cock."

Panel 5: After searching planet Zorgee for a while, a hoard squid creatures starts chasing your group.

Panel 6: Several years after your return from Zorgee, you are summoned to examine possible signs of life on Mars.

You're welcome.
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Very nice. It thumbed!
Would math again
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better than content
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> Be 19
> A few months ago, summer
> Go to Lake Ozark, MO and bring friend
> Mom and step dad surprise us with helicopter ride
> Go to the helicopter
> Turn around and say "GET TO THE CHOPPA"
> Life goal accomplished
> I can die happy now
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**geeksters rolled a random image posted in comment #1 at Warning: tits ** Something I want to say during my life... "I'm not a virgin." And mean it
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Why did this give me the urge to go out and do this..?
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I also hope to say the following:
"There can be only ME!"
"We have worms the size of which even God has never seen before!"
"I don't know who you are, but I will find you. And I will kill you."
And more!
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** ************ rolled a random comment #993512 posted by rump at MLP Friendly Board ** :
well you can tell by the way i use my walk im a womans man, no time to talk
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**paintballplayer rolls 71,076**
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**pineappleninja rolls 074** to the roll-mobile!
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**paintballplayer rolls 198,369,515** Go big or go home I say
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**pineappleninja rolls 875,337,768**
**pineappleninja rolls 875,337,768**
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**rainbowkirisame rolls 670,602,429**
**rainbowkirisame rolls 670,602,429**
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**pineappleninja rolls 896,447,924** that gif is horrifying
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All of this could happen, in order... Someone write this story...
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I had done it, I had graduated college. I knew that getting a job was tough, but I was determined to try. A friend walked up to me and said "This is it, we completed college!" "And so it begins." I responded. Since my college was a space research college, it was tough to get a good solid job. I decided to get a job as a zookeeper, pretty easy and decent pay. People ask me why I quit that job. It's all because of once instance. Our zoo was a nice zoo, but it was a bit easy for the animals to escape, especially the monkeys with their climbing abilities. Just my luck, one day the quickest monkey escapes the zoo. I had to run down the town screaming "Follow that monkey!" to all of my fellow zookeepers. Pretty stressful day. I decided to quit after that, couldn't deal with such a terribly guarded zoo. As luck would have it, as I walked out of the zoo, I saw a newspaper stand. I knew I needed a job, so I went over to get a newspaper to find a job. Right away I see an ad for college grads to go and apply for a job at NASA. Knowing my college was a space college, I had a good advantage. "This is my destiny." I said, as I walked away from the news stand. I got a job as a NASA scientist, and I slowly worked my way up the job latter to finally become an official NASA astronaut. After some trips to the International Space Station, I got the biggest job of my life: the first expedition to Mars. Ten months later, my crew was ready. We had a successful takeoff, and ten days of smooth space traveling had us on Mars. When we got there, things got ugly. The spacesuits were 0.00001% off from their calculations, making it harder for us to breathe. Having had practice holding my breath cleaning up **** at my zoo job, I was prepared for this. My colleges, however, were not. Slowly, each of them starting dying of air deprivation. "WHYYYYYYYYYY?!" I screamed, as I watched my co-workers, my colleges, and friends die around me. I screamed "Quickly! To the spaceship!"
#14 to #13 - freefan (10/03/2012) [-]
Those left boarded the spaceship to get back to Earth, but the long 10-day trek proved treacherous. Once we landed back at Earth, it was only I left. As the sole survivor of the first space expedition to mars, I was a huge deal. I got talk show requests, filled them, explained what happened. My fame allowed me to meet many people, one of them being Keira Knightley. We talked a bit and hit it off right away. She gave me her number after our conversation. Think of it, a nerd like me getting Keira Knightley's number! But I could not allow myself to be distracted, not yet. I was researching a suit that could survive mars's low oxygen, and I thought I had finally found it. It was a very complicated suit, and only I knew how to work it. Having completed my suit, I was able to allow myself some slack and called Keira Knightley. We were a perfect match, we loved each other with all our hearts. Three years into our marriage, we were ready to send another expedition to Mars. The only problem was no one but me knew how to use the spacesuit, so I needed to go with the expedition to teach them how to use the spacesuit. When the spaceship to Mars was ready to takeoff, I turned to my beautiful wife and told her "I love you, Keira Knightley, but Mars !!!!needs!!!! me." I walked onto the spaceship, looked at my wonderful wife as we took off, and got ready for my next journey.
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You know, its people like you that make me come back to the internet every day. I can spend hours looking at mundane **** , just to see little gems like this, and it makes my g-d damned day. I ******* LOVE YOU

that is all
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**templenator rolled a random image posted in comment #12 at No time **
I've already said "and so it begins", This is my destiny", "Whhyyyyyy?!" and, oddly enough, "follow that monkey"
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**redflame rolled a random comment #1004775 posted by midboe at MLP Friendly Board ** :
Good morning.
What I hope to say in my lifetime.
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Good luck and Godspeed, my friend.
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I can use the first, third, fifth and sixth one in some weird perfect situation.
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Nobody wants to turn around in a big, black chair on a rainy day,in an big,dark office and say :

"I've been expecting you."
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**fizzor rolled a random comment #1006178 posted by microbrony at MLP Friendly Board ** :
*hugs* Hey.
what I hope to say during my lifetime.
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**chupiter rolled a random comment #566459 posted by Trustfull at Item Discussion ** :
I hope science gives me **** items.
What I hope to say one day.
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**noirwyns rolled a random comment #571665 posted by matmans at Item Discussion ** :
well said good sir,this in return is what I hope to utter from my mouth in the near future
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I like how we both got the same type of comments from the same board.
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oh hey did i helped on your problems
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Haha. There you are again! But no. He is still a cancerous fag. That is all.
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give him few days or weeks if hes a user force him to go to the random board
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> Be first day of term
> Douche-bag student teacher is taking our class
> Had him previous month, he was a massive dick.
> Sit at the back of classroom
> Instantly makes me move to the front and has massive douchebag smile on his face
>Stand from seat and look him dead in the eye and say loudly enough for everyone to hear:
> 'So it begins'

His face when:
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