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**** , that would make a pretty good movie. And then Hollywood get's their hands on it. Suddenly the dad's Bruce Willis and there's an explosion every ten seconds.
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#357 - kodex (09/10/2012) [-]
I have an uncle in this exact same situation, but he's at the stage where his ex fills their heads with lies and turns them against my uncle...It's disgusting what some people will do to children...
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I say send this content to him. Just so he doesn't give up.
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That... was glorious....
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That was a long ass read
Totally worth it though
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>He's now 16 years old
>Only bothers to ask me what we're eating
>tell him chicken

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My Dad wants nothing to do with me, and no, I'm not black.
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....Can't Read **** Captain
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best thread ever.
best thread ever.
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Be 12. Parents' relationship really rocky. Turn 13 in November. Happiest day of my current life. Third-year-anniversary of my dad diagnosed with an incredibly bad(not deadly) illness. April of next year comes, comes to the 24th. Parents get in a huge fight at 11:45 PM, lasts until 12:30 AM. Dad leaves, gives me an my elder sister a choice if we want to go with him or not. We both prefer him over my mother. Leave with him. Be up all night until 9:15 AM. Go to school, get picked up early due to some fat kid sneezing repeatedly on me. Causes the flu over time. Hop around living with my sister's friends and my second sister on my dad's side. Live with my dad for about a week. May ??(Forgot date), meet a local PD. Both parents and myself talk to Child Protective Services. After which I have a choice to go with my father or mother. Mother says 'I have a right as the mother to take my child, don't I?!' Officer; 'Let me check...' Second later, 'No ma'am, it is completely up to the child at his age. Mother is furious, but contains herself for the moment. Leave with father for the next 3-4. Mother eventually begins her control tactics. My mother assumes control over the situation in the following ways. 1. Takes father off contact list at school. No visitation at it, can't pick me up, can't even get on school grounds without court documentation. 2. Files protective order versus father. 35 days no visiting him. 3. Stuck living with abusive mother. 35 days rough, really rough. Some-time in June get to see my dad. Incredibly happy. We discuss things over a fairly nice lunch. Can't afford a lot seeing as how my dad makes about 1&1/4 of what my mother makes. Mother makes about 51k a year. You do the math. Fast-forward months ahead. Court date coming up. Finally recognize what I have to say to stay with dad. Disgunbegud.jpg. Mother fuming at the sight of myself and dad discussing something, and she not being in on it. Court comes up and the time has come for us to redeem my dad.
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Should I post a part 2. to this or no?
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I never met my dad and what is this?

Inb4 no,i'm not black you racist bastard.
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This 			****		 is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read!   
Thread Dad, you're a hero among men   
thumbed and faved!
This **** is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read!
Thread Dad, you're a hero among men
thumbed and faved!
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:) made my day already
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