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Beef wellington ensemble with lettuce! No matter how many times I hear it I always end up choking on my own saliva after hearing that.
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**climatus rolled a random image posted in comment #27 at Who won? ** oh god why is this so funny?
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Thanks OP i've been looking for this pic for longer than you can imagine
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lost it at hoity toity tippy typers
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Upsy Stairsy. HAH.
Upsy Stairsy. HAH.
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someone write a story with those translations
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Today I was eating chips and crisps with a beef wellington ensemble with lettuce and chocolate globbernaughts, talking to a girl I met on the internet on my wunderbahbox with my hoighty toighty tippy typer. She was eating a nutty-gum and fruit spleggings breaddystack, and her name was choco chip bicky wicky. She invited me round to her plankyhandles shop and said she would be up the upsy stairsy. I jotted the address down with a whimsy flimsy mark and scribble and threw on a knitted wittedly sheepity sleepity, turning off the electro-rope and feeding my slippery dippery long mover before walking down my cobble-stone-clippity-clop. There were merry fizzlebombs in my head as I walked and the meat water I had with lunch did not sit right in my stomach. The motorized rollinghams rushed past me and rickedy-popped along. I got there and went upstairs to see a single room with a mattress and a ceiling-light flickering overhead, with a single blimpy bounce bounce in the corner of the room. Choco chip bicky wicky was a 40 year old man who had a rooty tooty point-n-shooty and, for some reason, a pip pip gollywock. What I thought was going to be fun peepee friction pleasure turned quickly into forcey fun time.
And thats why my homework is late, Miss.

I tried.
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Fetch.....The Comfy Chair
Fetch.....The Comfy Chair
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Rootiie tootie point n' shootie always gets me.
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**mikeyip rolled a random image posted in comment #822593 at FJ Pony Thread 14 **
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OP is a Fag
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rooty tooty point n shoot yo ass 			*****
rooty tooty point n shoot yo ass *****
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technically thats translated to gun yo ass ***** , no that doesnt sound right at all
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Well, there is a saying "to gun down", so it's not so wrong
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*THE saying
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i lold
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scarlet pimpernel!!!!!
my retarded spanish teacher made us watch it last year in spanish without subtitles...it was spanish II....
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