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Informative=/= realistic.
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I couldn't read most of this because the swearing was censored
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**seihzenmasterr rolled a random image posted in comment #83173 at Item Discussion ** the words that are hidden says **** :D
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aw man I used to watch Survivorman all the time but I never see it on anymore. Does anyone know if there have been new episodes or if it was cancelled?
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I saw pic from this website called Funnyjunk before
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Wasn't the first guy the dude from Død Snø?
You know, that Norwegian zombie movie?
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I loved Dead Snow! It was ******* hilarious!
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Man, I almost feel like re-watching it! xD
I'll wait till I have company though, so I don't laugh all by myself.
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It's still funny how people think Bear Grills is more daring. Les has put himself on camera in Alaska, and said -I caught too many fish, I am so scared right now I called in help to pick me up tomorrow, I can't even sleep because of the thought of a polar bear finding my camp. - He actually stopped one of his shows cause he knew he was probably in too much trouble.

Then when being followed by a panther he actually cut one short cause he heard it growling, then it followed him all the way to a village.

Bear grills has been caught at hotels... ya he must have been getting away from the mosquitoes.
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i still like bear grylls a bit more. his show is more entertaining and he still teaches you how to survive.
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I've seen Stroud's show for a while, but it's not airing in Discovery Brazil anymore. Too bad :/
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He just did a new season, so keep an eye out
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Oh, really? Thank you! I'll look for some subbed episodes on the internet. I hate depending on the TV to watch something.
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Hasn't this been general knowledge for years? And OP posts this and gets frontpage? Wow, thats sad
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My favorite one is when he is off in the French Alps and he literally says "...I am putting myself in the position of a stranded skier..." Of course, he then parachutes into the middle of the mountains and then proceeds to use the parts of his parachute through the entire episode...

Using it to lay on, as a shelter, uses the parachute cord to make sure he doesn't fall into a crevice, etc. Cause we all know skiers in the French Alps all have parachutes and parachute materials that they can use to do all of the things he is doing.
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Ok, then who is holding the camera in the last pic?
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are you mentally impaired?
#497 to #495 - chucknorrisfriend (09/01/2012) [-]
Sadly :(
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I've always thought this. Glad someone else agrees.
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"About to post something on FJ, better censor out words so nobody will be offended!" - OP
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This IS the original image, I did not censor anything.
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Bear Grylls was the youngest Brit to ever scale mt Everest. Bear Grylls is a real Badass who made a show when he got older.
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while bear grylls is more open about him having a crew, i doubt either of them actually go out there alone or with-out any knowledge of what the **** they're doing and start improvising, everything's quite well setup (or so i believe) none of their publishers would risk any of them getting stranded or badly injured, i mean they're a money income while the shows DO give real insight about surviving in the wild i highly doubt any of them are actually as bad ass as they come out to be.
They're still pretty badass
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Les does actually have a crew to help him get to a certain point in the wild. After arrival, the crew leaves him to survive for a week alone. This is cautious to makes sure that if he doesn't come back afterwords, then he's in serious trouble.
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