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Repost as ****
**** you OP
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in a episode of survivorman Stroud has a hunting expert come along with ,ATV's, shotguns and hunting supplies like a tent. And in another episode he is eating a tube of chips he brought. So im pretty shure Bear Grylls is better
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As the post said, he puts himself in situations, such as a hunting trip. That's the point.

Bear Grylls just goes to random places and sticks his thumb up his ass until he feels like going back to his hotel.
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He brought that to complete the story.
did you see him eat more than the half tube of chips ?
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Bear Grylls is not supposed to overcome natures wrath, but instead he is merely trying to show you WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE IN HIS SITUATION!

Les Stroud tells you what to eat, how to create a fire and stuff like that, but Bear Grylls throws himself in a ******* pool of mud and tells you how to properly swim in order to get out of there so you don't sink and drown.

Yes, Les Stroud's show is more "real" but it doesn't matter. Bear Grylls is merely a entertainer and a teacher, not a survivorman (literally) like Les Stroud.

Besides, Bear Grylls is an ex Navy Seal. Your argument is invalid.
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He is not an ex-navy seal you COWADOOTI cunt, he is a ******* ex-SAS operative the man isn't even American, and I am American and I know this. U MAD and RETARD
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**** , I didn't think and made a mistake there. I actually knew that.

Nonetheless though. You're an anon. As wrong as I might be, you will still forever remain a cockgobbling faggot along with OP. I am sorry.
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I'm not a cunt.
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It's because he's Canadian.
It's because he's Canadian.
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i had to read it like this
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bear gryllis is more for showmanship like a lot of times he will say on camera he is putting himself into a dangerous situation so you can see how to escape if it actually happens whereas les stroud shows you how to avoid it altogether.

I like both.
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as a lone survivor of a team of highly trained SAS soldiers in the dessert ops i think bear grylls actually done enought surviving
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thumbed down because you blocked out the curse words
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thank you for censoring all the bad words OP. otherwise my mind would become corrupt and i would become a bad person.
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but who took the pick of him?
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First looks like a photo shoot for a magazine or sometihng, second one looks like a still shot from an episode.
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This is stupid, Bear Grylls's show is about entertainment value, could he do what the other guy is doing? Probably, but it wouldn't make for as entertaining of a show. It's for the audience, not for making yourself feel like the biggest badass in the world. Bear doesn't have a camera crew because he's scared, he has a camera crew because he's filming a ******* TV show, just because Bear's trying to make a good show doesn't make him some fake non-badass, you're just making all the wrong assumptions for the things he does.
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This has been reposted so many times.
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but this is the first time I've seen this picture.
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I don't want to say you're new so I'll just say I roam too much internet. Way too much.
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And I'm not trying to say that you spend too much time on the internet, I'm just saying I haven't seen this picture yet. Or if I have, I probably forgot.
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At least we can conclude that we both will see it again somewhere some time.
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<- This is me agreeing with you.
<- This is me agreeing with you.
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lol, why did you censor the swear words?
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I didn't. It was like that on the site I got it from.
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Well, alright then.
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Apparently nobody noes that the purpose of Grylls' show is to show you what to do in certain situations that people find themselves trapped in. He is not really supposed to survive for 5 days or whatever. So while you calling him a charlatan is somewhat accurate(only because you are comparing him to Stroud), it is also very unfair. Grylls served in the SAS, so he's not a completely incompetent **** when it comes to survival. He does not do things knowing that he is not in "any real danger". His camera crew also does most of the things he does, whether it be climbing a wall that may not hold you, or jumping 50 feet from a cliff into frigid water that may not be deep enough for you to survive the jump into. This post was mostly ******** . I guarantee that pitched up against Bear Grylls having to survive for a month in the wild, there's a chance he might just outlast you. He does know survival skills, and it is not fitting to only say Les Stroud is a ******************* .
I do enjoy Les Stroud too, so this isn't saying that Bear Grylls is better than him or vice versa. I know you did not make this OP, and I do not mean you when I say "you", I am only referring to the creator.
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With Bear Grylls i take it as more a "do as I say, not as I do" besides, Bear makes good TV, I've never heard of Stroud.
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this is like wwe vs. ufc... everyone knows wwe is fake whereas ufc is real, but people still watch wwe because it is much more entertaining to some
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What makes you think we, the FJ community, cannot a handle a bit of swearing?
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If I made this comic, I would've cussed your ears out. Too bad I just got it off of another site. This is the original image.
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