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"ooo thank you for the cup, im gonna put the cup in here, the cup wont fit, **** your cup, **** this cup too"
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Although it might take away from the "daw"-ness of the .gif, I would like to say that otters usually use rocks to break shells so they can eat the "meat" inside of the shell. In other words he is actually trying to eat the cups and is a vicious murdering machine that wants something to kill and eat. I love otters.
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Very entertaining indeed
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I love how that one in the background's rolling around like " ***** , I sure do love dis pool"
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I want an otter
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I keep watching hoping he fits the cup in...
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first time ive cried laughing on fj in a long time
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I lol'd so hard.
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first time i laughed on fj in over a month... thumb for you sir or madam

im on a mac. let the red thumbs flow
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See? We all have perfectly good tummies to eat and play on.
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Reminds me of this gif   
I just love how he's just 'excusing' the cups to the side in rage
Reminds me of this gif

I just love how he's just 'excusing' the cups to the side in rage
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*Gasp!* Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium! I used to go there all the time as a kid!

I remember looking at the otter exhibit one time, and the trainer who was feeding them sent one of the otters over and gave me a kiss through the glass window pane :3

Needless to say, this .gif made my day, Thanks OP (p.s., here is a picture of the new clouded leopard cubs that were born just last year)
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**** YOUR **** , HUMAN.
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