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Bitches be on my lumps!
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me? yeah i lift.
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looks like someone stuffed balloons under his skin
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hahahah he's got such a little pinhead!
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I would say that to this guys face, I'm 100 percent confident he couldn't catch me. Too top heavy he'd just fall over once he gained momentum. Pic related
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It's funny cuz the things in that picture are the opposite of top heavy.
#51 - yourmomsfuckbuddy (08/29/2012) [-]
those ******* lumps everywhere
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every day is upper body day
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I would hate to look like that.
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he looks like he got silicone breast implants in his arms
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Hey bro wanna go work out later?
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I don't see the problem here.
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Your paint skills are off the charts
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Looks more like Synthol to me.
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does he even lift?
#29 - Roidrage (08/28/2012) [-]
Can he reach around and wipe his own ass? It looks like it would be difficult.
Can he reach around and wipe his own ass? It looks like it would be difficult.
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**techjoker rolled a random image posted in comment #841831 at FJ Pony Thread 14 ** his dick
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considerthefollowing.gif Steroids actually make the penis shrink in size and cause all sorts of health problems being naturally built is the way to go nobody gets anywhere without effort
#145 to #26 - nebuchadnezzaurus (08/29/2012) [-]
The man in the picture wasn't using steroids, or if he was, that's not what caused these abnormal muscular volumes. He was using SYNTHOL. It's more or less a kind of oil that one injects into one's muscles on a regular basis. Obviously, this has nothing to do with physical strength anymore, since these "muscles" are nothing more than a bloated growth. Google "synthol", you'll understand what I mean.
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Also, increased testosterone levels will cause your body's natural capabilities to create testosterone to decrease. So once you're off the juice after extended periods you'll have lower test levels than if you didn't take any steroids to begin with.

Also, they shrink your balls, not your dick.
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Anabolic Steroids are synthetic (man made) chemical compounds that resemble Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (in terms of having the exact same chemical structure, number of molecules and their location.
The reason 'Roids do damage, is because when those two (and other) compounds are in a far greater amount they lead to problems.
Testosterone & HGH are normally produced in the body, however their naturally produced amounts are not able to have such drastic effects.
So the same stuff that makes users big, is the same stuff that when in far too great amount in a short span of time, damanges the body.
For instance, HGH increases muscle; including every organ in the body, which are also muscles to a degree. Bones do not grow, so the extra large organs have nowhere to expand, but drop down to the stomach (roid gut) and lungs shrink (which is why roided big dudes breath in very little air and thus have to breath faster).
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they actually make the testicles shrink, they don't do anything to your dick size.
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I heard they made the testicles swell which made your dick look smaller.. wtf! o_O

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Distant relatives.
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he just looks like he has a ******** of tumors lol
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