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User avatar #5017667 - retrochris (1 hour ago) [-]
stickied by retrochris
Updates soon to come:
- 2 new Prize items, further information will follow after the update was made.
- The Pet Crates might contain new pets, can you catch them all?
- Living Mephisto Statue will join the lot. 2500 Mephisto Statues + Revive stone to create it.
- Put in an old one stack which just didn't return to the game and an interesting new 2stack. Yes, two.
- I fixed 1 broken sword combination. The other 4 mistakes will have to wait until I can see what's working now. could you test this please donor ? I fixed Iron Mecha Topaz Sword Hilt , this should enable a few others I think?

As always: Mention me if you want to say something about this. Thank you
User avatar #5017244 - admin (10 hours ago) [-]
stickied by admin
Do not harass other users on this board. Do not chase away players. I will treat this game exactly like how Steam treats problem users. If you want to post bullshit go to another board.
User avatar #5017682 - countmerchant ONLINE (25 minutes ago) [-]
infernoninja what would you want then?
User avatar #5017683 to #5017682 - infernoninja ONLINE (24 minutes ago) [-]
I just need them for the flying demonic sandwiches
#5017684 to #5017683 - countmerchant ONLINE (23 minutes ago) [-]
dont do this to me
#5017679 - sweetkixx (49 minutes ago) [-]
Buying FJ badges annnnd Fabric merch!!
#5017680 to #5017679 - sweetkixx (45 minutes ago) [-]
Love you dende!!
User avatar #5017681 to #5017680 - dende (45 minutes ago) [-]
User avatar #5017677 - itembox ONLINE (52 minutes ago) [-]
Something else to add to the list of fixes is the search function's date, quantity, and point buttons don't seem to work.
User avatar #5017678 to #5017676 - dende (49 minutes ago) [-]
Hey gav bby
User avatar #5017670 - infernoninja ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
So, just going with the one prize for item pick ups?
User avatar #5017672 to #5017670 - retrochris (1 hour ago) [-]
Only the 5 comment thing and the 100 pick. Just because I honestly can't go on right now.
My stomach hurts, feeling weak in my limbs and I have a headache going.
I guess what happened to fables and our slotaccount hit me quite bad and I just need to sleep now.
User avatar #5017674 to #5017672 - infernoninja ONLINE (59 minutes ago) [-]
Alright, that's cool. Have a good rest, you need it.
User avatar #5017671 to #5017670 - infernoninja ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
Also, not sure if you saw my suggestion before, but I think it'd be nice if lost chests/keys could stack, even if it was only up to a certain point.
User avatar #5017673 to #5017671 - retrochris (59 minutes ago) [-]
i asked about this often already. for a compromise in any way. it won't happen and I understand it.
User avatar #5017675 to #5017673 - infernoninja ONLINE (59 minutes ago) [-]
Unfortunate, they really don't have a practical use the way they are.
User avatar #5017661 - namtheham ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
Opening up services, I currently have
God Gem which is used for:
Creating a wolf (All Wolf Pieces + God Gem)
Creating Gem dust (Special Gem + God Gem)
Opening Lottery Tickets (Low drop rates)
Opening Mouldy Chests

As for crafting weapons, I have all the badges except Demonic and runic, all you have to send are: Books Of Metallurgy and Weapon Plans of your choice

I have the tin blacksmith certification badge, so I can also craft robots

I also have a plunger, send me 20 toilets/overflow and I can get you the random award (Chance to receive no loot)

Drop a comment/pm to my main account namtheham

Then Send to namthejam
User avatar #5017662 to #5017661 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
name the jam
Dr. Dre - The Next Episode
User avatar #5017663 to #5017662 - namtheham ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
#5017656 - fuckallyouniggers (1 hour ago) [-]
blobboy, I'm deciding between simplistic or more detailed with the sparkling animals, what do you think? They wont actually be "alive" until the animal is a glowing lord. This tier is just extra sparkly. I'm not an artist so of course these suck
User avatar #5017657 to #5017656 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
I'd go for the same design/quality or be as close as you can to the designs of the other crystal stuff
User avatar #5017665 to #5017664 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
Thats good. Which one would this be used for?
User avatar #5017666 to #5017665 - fuckallyouniggers (1 hour ago) [-]
This would be the base for the Sparkling Phoenixes, there's 5 of each kind. Fabulous, blue, red, green, and purple
User avatar #5017668 to #5017666 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
Hm wait what isn't there already Phoenixes?
User avatar #5017669 to #5017668 - fuckallyouniggers (1 hour ago) [-]
the crystal phoenixes get combined with the scroll and a couple other items to make a random sparkling phoenix, look back at my flowchart if you don't remember
User avatar #5017658 to #5017657 - fuckallyouniggers (1 hour ago) [-]
I can see where you're coming from, lemme sketch a couple more
User avatar #5017655 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー SO MOVE
User avatar #5017650 - racetothebottom (1 hour ago) [-]
nice try admin
but it's still dead
User avatar #5017649 - dende (1 hour ago) [-]
Buying slimes, green gears, and pet crates.

Also like 1500 demon ore
User avatar #5017659 to #5017649 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
demon ore isn't green
User avatar #5017660 to #5017659 - dende (1 hour ago) [-]
But the whOre has a green head
User avatar #5017648 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
>think bout girl
>check twitter
>girl's whining
>"wish you'd feel the same way"
>She ain't talkin bout me tho
>feels bad man
>two seconds later out of nowhere she tweets
>"If you think you're better than Blobboy you're wrong"
>My day's slightly better now
#5017644 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
User avatar #5017645 to #5017644 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
Anyone know how to take off that shaking around the edges?
#5017651 to #5017645 - itembox ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
Apparently not
Apparently not
User avatar #5017652 to #5017651 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
User avatar #5017653 to #5017652 - itembox ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
idk i just did random stuff to it in an editor.
User avatar #5017654 to #5017653 - blobboy (1 hour ago) [-]
its cool
#5017647 to #5017645 - Womens Study Major (1 hour ago) [-]
Try some filters
User avatar #5017636 - onlysometimesido (2 hours ago) [-]
five comments?
User avatar #5017638 to #5017637 - onlysometimesido (2 hours ago) [-]
better comment
User avatar #5017639 to #5017638 - onlysometimesido (2 hours ago) [-]
to get items
User avatar #5017641 to #5017640 - infernoninja ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
It's not implemented yet.
User avatar #5017643 to #5017642 - fuckallyouniggers (1 hour ago) [-]
you are the future
User avatar #5017635 - infernoninja ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
What is with the weed drop rate today o.o
#5017633 - Womens Study Major (2 hours ago) [-]
Let's fix this game, but how....
Oh, I know.

Ban two of the people that are usually always on here.
#5017634 to #5017633 - fuckallyouniggers (2 hours ago) [-]
>posting as anon

>addy's fw
#5017623 - chokinandtokin ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
**chokinandtokin rolled image**

Buying Potatoes
User avatar #5017626 to #5017623 - legolego ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
how many points per?
User avatar #5017622 - legolego ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
so, what are you guys working towards today?
User avatar #5017628 to #5017622 - fuckallyouniggers (2 hours ago) [-]
very close to my runic wood badge
User avatar #5017620 - stagger (2 hours ago) [-]
I'm not feelin' this new layout.
#5017621 to #5017620 - caucasianblackbear ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
Likewise. Half the time I try to click on items/comments whatever, It won't let me and I have to refresh the page. I'd be screwed if a one stack dropped and that happened.
#5017619 - stagger (3 hours ago) [-]
**stagger rolled image**
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