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User avatar #1 - furrysheaperd ONLINE (08/22/2012) [-]
this joke is from Christopher titus and his anti dad the worlds most negative super hero
User avatar #180 to #1 - gingerfuntime (08/23/2012) [-]
#181 to #180 - furrysheaperd ONLINE (08/23/2012) [-]
not sure if excited about anti-dad or mocking grammar for not have the lil - between anti and dad
#184 to #183 - furrysheaperd ONLINE (08/23/2012) [-]
its ok
#162 to #1 - anonymous (08/23/2012) [-]
"this is joke is from Christopher titus"

Makes sense, cool.

*rest of sentence*

User avatar #169 to #162 - furrysheaperd ONLINE (08/23/2012) [-]
he says when his dad gets drunk he goes from a nice guy to anti dad because he was to little to know what drunk is
#99 to #1 - alirabhmp (08/23/2012) [-]
I was hoping I wasn't the only one who caught this
#3 to #1 - indeedsir (08/22/2012) [-]
thank you for know where this is from. titus is the man
thank you for know where this is from. titus is the man
#90 to #3 - anonymous (08/23/2012) [-]
I hate this guy with a passion, and how everyone idolizes him like he is a god.
#133 to #90 - zbeleted (08/23/2012) [-]
He is a god... never doubt the Titus
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