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i can think of worse things to say.....
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Hello there;
My name is Richard and I am a gay STD collector and trader.

I have the best and rarest STD´s you will find on a humanbody, such as Gonorrhea "Clap" (Very common), AIDS (Very Mortal), Human papilloma virus/Genital warts (Very Painful), Chlamydia (Very nasty), Syphilis (Whit a delicious white liquid coming out) and the rarest of them all: Vietnam Rose (Very open, looks almost like a pussy)

I have over 220 STDs on my ass, each worth thousands of ***** .
Contact me if you are interested in trading deal.

Only serious business contacts please.

P.S. I made this parody because it seems nobody can ban the user richardtrading who has been spaming FJ since friday.
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STD collector and trader

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Please, take all my thumbs. Let's stop this madness!
Please, take all my thumbs. Let's stop this madness!
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TY, sir!
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**edmundicon rolled a random image posted in comment #48386 at Brony Board Nice Edition: Hugs & Smiles ** STOP SHOWING OFF YOUR PARENTS!
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So you want us to downvote and upvote??
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Im just being an asshole just downvote this fags ****** comic
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you dont say?
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I don't get it
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**scottyy rolled a random comment #430 posted by anonymous at Good luck sleeping ** :
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worst thing a parent could say to a child
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Trying to find my username without ctrl + F...
Trying to find my username without ctrl + F...
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well **** ... that could of saved me lots of time in the past...
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My face when I saw that I was mentioned in this post.
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oh, i got excited for a second there
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yeah because your parents know the usernames of the other people here
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**pemamaniac rolled a random comment #31 posted by jittersfj at Fun Facts ** :
I read the gary larson one in "The Pre-History of the Far Side"

Childs response
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well thats a mouthful
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**xdemonxfirex rolls 65**
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haha i never have to worry about my parents being disappointed in me

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Who is the most famous person in the world ?
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At least they talked to you
At least they talked to you
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**anonymous rolled user pedobearRAW **
**anonymous rolled user pedobearRAW **
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My dad call me lazy and stupid
My dad call me lazy and stupid
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