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#35 - demideus (08/01/2012) [-]
Oh thats clever!
#32 - anonymous (08/01/2012) [-]
yeah someone explain i cant read my mums copy because the pages are stuck together with something
User avatar #29 - malhaloc ONLINE (08/01/2012) [-]
I hear about that book all the time. What is it?
User avatar #49 to #29 - clumsyninja (08/02/2012) [-]
It's a poorly written erotic novel.
#26 - littlebigbaby has deleted their comment [-]
#25 - simonrivero (08/01/2012) [-]
50 shades of Dickbutt
#24 - archonlb (08/01/2012) [-]
>see a 50 shades of grey book stand in supermarket
>pick it up, open on random page
>"He's going to kiss me there!"
>laugh out loud in store while holding erotica book
>everyone staring
User avatar #20 - carvarx (08/01/2012) [-]
**carvarx rolls 39** If dubs ill buy and read the book then post summary
User avatar #23 to #20 - parrotgod (08/01/2012) [-]
Why would you even take that risk?
User avatar #27 to #23 - carvarx (08/01/2012) [-]
Why not? If anything me reading the book will make other guys think I'm gay which I don't care about because on the plus side I can talk to woman about it and they will like someone who is "in touch with their femininit side" and then I can get women easier and while you laugh at me I'll have your girl friend on her knees
User avatar #37 to #27 - parrotgod (08/01/2012) [-]
You know as a woman I've gotta say when a guy takes a women's history course or cooking or a flower arrangement class or reads a BAD WOMEN'S NOVEL. Not all of us are dumb enough to think, "Wow he's interested in things that I'm interested! GOSH! I should **** him." Seriously man. I wouldn't **** someone as shallow as you. You want a real woman? You be a real man and eventually you'll meet. Keep thinking with your dick and you'll eventually end up alone. :0(
#18 - lolzinyourmouth **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #15 - thetattooedone (08/01/2012) [-]
Those are free.
User avatar #14 - thirdasscheek (08/01/2012) [-]
i successfully convinced this chick i know that my sexlife is just like that book and now she thinks im into BDSM and **** .
Now I wait for sex...
#12 - jakeattack (08/01/2012) [-]
oh look
User avatar #53 to #12 - killerliquid (08/02/2012) [-]
I was going to do taht as content a few days ago, then i though somebody else will do it anyway.
#8 - anonymous (08/01/2012) [-]
You actually bought them? I got them for free....?
User avatar #7 - derpyhuman (08/01/2012) [-]
I prefer Top Gear's fifty shades of grey.
#6 - puccypirateisback **User deleted account** (08/01/2012) [-]
#5 - verther (08/01/2012) [-]
Valspar paint, sold at Lowe's, my job.....on funnyjunk, ****
#28 to #5 - MikeHunt (08/01/2012) [-]
I know that feeling bro. Same department and everything. Store 1700 :c
#52 to #28 - verther (08/02/2012) [-]
2581 here
#3 - scorpionfrommk ONLINE (08/01/2012) [-]
only related thing i had
#1 - owmowmow (08/01/2012) [-]
I got here from the front page.... I think i need sleep.
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