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User avatar #13 - nildnas (07/28/2012) [-]
Only when he's running out of pee. He just dilutes it so he has more.
#12 - thekracken **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#230 to #9 - theannoyingFJguy (07/29/2012) [-]
This image has expired
#163 to #9 - youreacuntbucket **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#180 to #163 - bensho (07/29/2012) [-]
Pure genius.
User avatar #32 to #9 - biggieboy (07/28/2012) [-]
you're right, we should stop taking the piss out of him. Urine great trouble if you don't, because the jokes have been watered down too much.
User avatar #83 to #32 - iliveinrackcity (07/29/2012) [-]
you tried too hard
#8 - anonymous (07/28/2012) [-]
repost. repost. repost.
User avatar #6 - rikroll (07/28/2012) [-]
wow, how odd is that, this was the number 1 post on reddit today
i dont even think it's funny
#17 to #6 - caiadaa (07/28/2012) [-]
Funny picture sites are like news shows. Everybody's got the same stories, just in different wrappings.
#10 to #6 - anonymous (07/28/2012) [-]
It's not funny if you haven't seen the Reddit exclusive "confession bear" posts.
User avatar #24 to #10 - ahj (07/28/2012) [-]
we had "dirty little secrets" channel flood the frontpage for a few days. We get it.
#5 - nippuhl (07/28/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Story time.

I remember back when I was in pre-school my sister told me that in Africa they drank their own pee. So I went to school the next day and asked the black kid when was the last time he drank pee. Lets just say this didn't blow over well with the principal, mother of the child, and superintendent, all of which were black...
User avatar #221 to #5 - TheAmericanCheese (07/29/2012) [-]
Did you go to school in Detroit?
#26 to #5 - visualmind has deleted their comment [-]
#4 - anonymous (07/28/2012) [-]
I call ******** on this OP.
#2 - maxillius (07/28/2012) [-]
sick Bastard, some poor countries drink their own piss because they can't find water
sick Bastard, some poor countries drink their own piss because they can't find water
#1 - steelcrasher ONLINE (07/28/2012) [-]
you monster !!! You know that in some countries that is the offense punishable by death !?
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