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Hfw vegetarians visit his farm.
Hfw vegetarians visit his farm.
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you just became hungrier
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MFW if you dont milk cows daily, their udders become very irritated and extremely uncomfortable for them.

MFW hehehe udders....
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ron 			*******		 swanson would not approve.
ron ******* swanson would not approve.
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But they love it when you milk them.
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This is my cover. COWS.
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My face after I eat meat
My face after I eat meat
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I'm sorry Ms. Cow, you were saying something? Something about killing your children and making them into one, massive, grotesque, jaw-dropping cheeseburger?
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**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #7140778 at FJ Pony Thread ** we are the dominant species
**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #7140778 at FJ Pony Thread ** we are the dominant species
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I've never understood vegans. I can understand the moral issues of eating a butchered animal, but if a dairy cow isn't milked, its udder could EXPLODE. Like how would you like it if your tits just exploded one day if no one drained them?
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i do not disagree with killing other creatures for food, but i do disagree that the food industry has such high demand (over population) that they have to resort to genetical modification and mass jailing of creatures which excludes them from even seeing the sun, in most food industries animals don't get a cage that's bigger than their own body
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For the moral things, it's how the animals are housed that's the issue, since the vast majority of dairy cows are kept in inhuman conditions.
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have you ever been around a dairy? you people are very uninformed about ag. Dairy cows are not kept in inhumane conditions. Those cattle live a better life than most humans do. They wont produce milk if they are under stress. I cant believe the ignorance people such as you have. We make our money off out animals, why in the hell do you all think we treat them like **** . Sure there are the few out there that do, cut they dont get away with it. You cant believe everything you see on tv, because half the time it is so far out of whack that it is lies.
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I don't think it was necessary at all to call me ignorant. I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. I've visited several dairy farms in my region, read studies, and talked to as many professionals who would give me the time of day. I HAVE seen humane conditions for the cows. But the majority look filthy, cramped, and contaminated. For the record, artificial hormones override that whole "stress = no milk" thing.

Maybe try showing a little respect next time.
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A lot of vegans get their information from PETA and organizations like it. Have you ever been to the children's PETA site? It is caked in propaganda.
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PETA is straight up propaganda. Please understand that I don't affiliate with them in any way.
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yes i have, but peta is baby **** compared to HSUS (the humane society of the United States) Those guys are nuts. If HSUS had there way, all farms would be shut down, which they are trying to do, they claim to be the same as you local animal shelter by going under that name, but they are far from it. Like peta, they kill animals that dont meet there standards. The majority of the money donated to them goes to working to put farms out of business. not to help the shelters. PETA and HSUS need to be shut down.
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I mean that's a good thing to protest, I totally agree. But I don't think that's the way to go about it.
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Man, people are stupid. I sincerely apologize if you've dealt with the stupid vegans/vegetarians. If it helps, there ARE logical ones out there. The running reason for not ingesting dairy is the conditions of the animals, and the negative health effects of dairy on the body.
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Dairy has negative health effects?
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In the long term, yes. Human bodies were not suited to breakdown and use animal-based calcium. To do so, we have to actually use calcium from our bodies (primarily bones) to process it. In most cases, it ends up draining us of more calcium that we get out of it.
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That probably falls in line with the fact that most humans used to be lactose intolerant once they aged a bit. As children they could handle milk but as they got older they became intolerant. Over time the minority (those who remained tolerant) became the majority. I would argue though that tests on the negative effects of milk cannot be accurate because too many hormones are used on cows, their food, the problems of living conditions, etc. That would make many of the problems with milk self inflicted through our own techniques designed to allow mass production.
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Ah, thank you.
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but hoo care its gudder 'n' hell
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cows fw
cows fw
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Anyone have that picture of the cow being brushed with the machine thing?
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aww..i love cows..
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