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User avatar #21670 - indulge (05/05/2014) [-]
I've decided that if there is to ever be a Gears of War movie, the only person I'd want to see play Marcus is Nick Chinlund. Look him up and tell me I'm right.
#21675 to #21670 - damandan (05/06/2014) [-]
He kinda looks like David Hasselhoff....

User avatar #21677 to #21675 - indulge (05/06/2014) [-]
Not on screen he doesn't. These two pics, yeah I see it
User avatar #21679 to #21677 - damandan (05/06/2014) [-]
After thinking about it I think Huge Jackman could do him good
#21730 to #21679 - HolyArachnid (05/10/2014) [-]
Just gonna leave this here..... (and the best part is, it's apparently a real band. They're pretty decent, too, from the clips I've heard.)
#21664 - anonymous (05/05/2014) [-]
this lego simpsons episode is giving me a feel.
#21663 - anonymous (05/05/2014) [-]
User avatar #21656 - eight (05/05/2014) [-]
Varys was right. Littlefinger is the most dangerous man in Westeros... He fucking started everything by having Jon Arryn poisoned by his wife
User avatar #21662 to #21656 - herecomesjohnny (05/05/2014) [-]
dipping in crazy isn't the brightest idea though, he might lose his little finger over it
User avatar #21669 to #21662 - eight (05/05/2014) [-]
Major spoiler... Don.t worry, she won't live long enough for that to happen.
User avatar #21661 to #21656 - imnotkickthecat (05/05/2014) [-]
Dude really has climbed the ladder. Went from a minor lord of one of the fingers of the vale to being lord paramount of the riverlands and king regent of the vale.
User avatar #21645 - eight (05/04/2014) [-]
Anyone know of a GOT POV edit?

All of Jon Snows scenes. All of Tyrions scenes and ect shoved together?
#21649 to #21645 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
what does pov mean
User avatar #21652 to #21649 - eight (05/04/2014) [-]
Yeah, point of view. So think of an entire episode of just Jon Snow's scenes. And then an entire episode of just Daenerys's scenes. I think that would be really cool to watch.
#21653 to #21652 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
oh. i did have some linked on my other computer before it died.

this channel has a bunch of random scenes. its at least a good starting point

btw thats not what POV means. point of view would be like seeing through a characters eyes
User avatar #21654 to #21653 - eight (05/04/2014) [-]
The books are written in each main characters POV. Each chapter is dedicated to 1 specific character. The show does this as well, offering small segments of scenes from each main characters POV almost as it's done in the books.

There is 1st person POV, the actual characters 5 senses and 3rd person POV an omniscient being that sees all and knows all. And lesser known/used 2nd person POV.
Martin writes in third person, despite the chapters all being limited to one characters perspective.

For instance, Harry Potter is written in 3rd person POV, but mostly focuses on Harry. It's a limited form, while Lord of The Rings is a 3rd person POV written in the omniscient form and focuses on any and all the characters.

If there is anything on this Earth that I know, it's writing.
#21651 to #21649 - anonymous (05/04/2014) [-]
Point Of View
User avatar #21635 - thegrohltroll (05/04/2014) [-]
ITT : your favourite disney animated movie
Mine is Tarzan (1999), besides the great feels and laughs in it, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing, the best ost that disney has ever done

User avatar #22070 to #21635 - PVTDickStryker (05/22/2014) [-]
Treasure Planet.
User avatar #22073 to #22070 - thegrohltroll (05/22/2014) [-]
You must be really bored to get to this post
User avatar #21685 to #21635 - jpthecursed (05/06/2014) [-]
1. Wreck-It Ralph - Not just exciting, full of feels, and hilarious, but one of only three movies to ever make me cry in happiness at the end.
2. Aladdin - I just love the characters in this one and it's really funny and exciting too.
3. Mulan - Very fun and it has one of my all-time favorite Disney songs. You know the one. (I also think it did a better job of making a great female lead than Brave or Frozen did.)
4. The Lion King - Freakin' Scar is one evil motherfucker. After the dark deed of killing Mufasa, he doesn't just try to have Simba killed. He makes Simba think he's responsible for the death. And THEN he tries to have Simba killed. That's not just evil, that's dedicated evil.
User avatar #21678 to #21635 - damandan (05/06/2014) [-]
Y'all motherfuckers are cunts for not saying Emperor's New Groove
User avatar #21666 to #21635 - mondominiman (05/05/2014) [-]
Destroy it Dan
User avatar #21660 to #21635 - aamann (05/05/2014) [-]
Hercules. First movie I was ever taken to see in theaters.
User avatar #21657 to #21635 - huntergriff ONLINE (05/05/2014) [-]
#21650 to #21635 - anonymous (05/04/2014) [-]
Too many to count.. but I'll list some of them (In no order)
Wreck It Ralph
The Lion King
Beauty And The Beast
Princess And The Frog

#21641 to #21635 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
90s was the golden age for disney

The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
Little mermid

nowadays we have feminist bullshit like Tangled brave and frozen where men are basically cut out. i need masculinism because women are taking over disney
User avatar #21642 to #21641 - thegrohltroll (05/04/2014) [-]
Prepare yourself for the gay lead characters era
They just might milk the shit out of that idea
#21643 to #21642 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
disney wouldn't do that
User avatar #21644 to #21643 - thegrohltroll (05/04/2014) [-]
you didn't answer the question though...
your favourite disney animated movie ?
#21647 to #21644 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
in order of my list
#21630 - anonymous (05/04/2014) [-]
So I saw TASM 2 yesterday and I enjoyed it quite a lot. It's not really as good as the first one, because they put a little too much emphasis on the humor and Paul Giamatti's performance is just ridiculous. But they do make up for it with some great action scenes, and some solid emotional scenes, and Hans Zimmer's excellent music score.
Overall I'd give it a 7.8/10
BTW, Gwen stacy doesn't exactly die how she did in the comics.
User avatar #21673 to #21630 - alexanderburns (05/05/2014) [-]
>people say villains overcrowded
>90% electro
>8% Goblin
>2% Rhino

I don't understand people.
I thought it was way better than the first in terms of action, villain (Electro), and Spider-Man being everything that Toby Macguire wearing a Spider-Man outfit wasn't (a good character). I thought the first one's plot was much better though. Andrew Garfield needs to stop talking like a deaf person as Peter Parker. Needs tone.
Loved it. Have no idea what queeros like infamoustrapper are on about.
User avatar #21686 to #21673 - infamoustrapper (05/06/2014) [-]
It had the worst action scenes I've ever seen. The only movie with worse action scenes was the FIRST one. SPIDER-MAN NEVER PUNCHES A SINGLE CHARACTER
User avatar #21689 to #21686 - alexanderburns (05/06/2014) [-]
I forgot that the quality of action scenes is measured in punches.
User avatar #21692 to #21689 - infamoustrapper (05/06/2014) [-]
you know what I mean. They don't fight each other. the fight scenes are like 15 seconds of spider-man dodging and the bad guy just dying in some stupid anti climatic way
User avatar #21634 to #21630 - sry (05/04/2014) [-]
sorry man but the score was kinda meh and the plot was kinda too dumb
i mean spider-man goes to harry osborn and harrys all happy about it
and hes like sorry man i came i cant help you bye bye
#21631 to #21630 - anonymous (05/04/2014) [-]
In all fairness: Can Rhino ever really be anything more than a comedy character? At least in film form.
User avatar #21638 to #21631 - sry (05/04/2014) [-]
yeah but he was really laziy placed in the movie
he was in the begginning so he get out the way and placed in the ending so you could see hes rhino
#21629 - slowbroking (05/04/2014) [-]
ITT: X-Men that you want to see in Apocalypse. Hes my favorite superhero and I want to see him in more.
User avatar #21628 - slowbroking (05/04/2014) [-]
Going to Extreme Rules tonight. I have my baitdoesnttalkback and Rody Chodes signs ready.
#21640 to #21628 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
sweet imma be on extreme rules   
but a f and a j on the sign too. we can show admin and get front page
sweet imma be on extreme rules

but a f and a j on the sign too. we can show admin and get front page
#21665 to #21640 - slowbroking (05/05/2014) [-]
I didn't get on tv. I had the non-tv side as it turns out. Im actually pissed lol.   
At least I got to see this cutie.
I didn't get on tv. I had the non-tv side as it turns out. Im actually pissed lol.

At least I got to see this cutie.
#21667 to #21665 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/05/2014) [-]
she took tthat massive hit on the barricades which was nice.

were they around you during evolution vs shield?

also i heard stories the lets go cena chantas were actually recordings coming from above the ring
User avatar #21671 to #21667 - slowbroking (05/05/2014) [-]
Nah, I was pretty much right above it.

Not that Im aware of. There were a decent amount of Cena kiddies there.
The coolest thing was honestly singing "John Cena sucks" to the opening of his theme.
#21614 - anonymous (05/04/2014) [-]
So anyone got a link for Hannibal S2E10 from 2 days ago or whatever

Also if any of you watch them on release day legitimately what do you use
as far as I know Amazon only has season 1? I don't mind paying for this shit if I could find it somewhere.
User avatar #21615 to #21614 - kothaex ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
Forgot login reply to this pls thank
#21616 to #21615 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
you can try tubeplus or tvduck

i always recommnd if you are going to go to streaming sites to installl the adblock addon. it blocks ads that could potentially give a virus. just safer that way
User avatar #21612 - sry (05/04/2014) [-]
saw TASM2 i liked it
it was ok harry osborn, gwen stacy and peter parker were great but everybody else was kinda meh
electro was too corny for me but when he turned into electro he was pretty awesome
still not as good as sam raimis first two movies but i respect it
#21618 to #21612 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
this is gonna be a more divisive movie than man of steel
User avatar #21637 to #21618 - thegrohltroll (05/04/2014) [-]
man of steel was the most "meh" movie of all time.
#21639 to #21637 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
man of keels
User avatar #21623 to #21618 - herecomesjohnny (05/04/2014) [-]
i thought everyone was agreeing in the end that MOS sucked and people were just having buyers remorse
User avatar #21627 to #21623 - slowbroking (05/04/2014) [-]
I liked Man of Steel. Superman is one of my favorites. Right behind the X-Men and Spidey.
#21626 to #21623 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
people still say they loved it
User avatar #21609 - eight (05/03/2014) [-]
Hannibal raked in a 1.1 rating last night. Looking like a renewal is definite now.
#21617 to #21609 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
1.1 is bad i thought.nbc is probably hard up for programming
User avatar #21621 to #21617 - eight (05/04/2014) [-]
Hannibal is really cheap and NBC only pays for a portion of the show. It's mostly privately funded, NBC is mainly just a host for it or so I understand.

Last year the average rating was a 1.1. This year it will be lower, probably around .9 unless the remaining episodes perform better.

Also, Bryan Fuller talking about season 3 possibility.
User avatar #21602 - swampwaterjack (05/03/2014) [-]
Courage The Cowardly Dog Episode Pilot
you guys look like you could use some late 90s cartoons
User avatar #21604 to #21602 - herecomesjohnny (05/03/2014) [-]
fun fact. That won an oscar.
User avatar #21605 to #21604 - swampwaterjack (05/03/2014) [-]
for real?
User avatar #21607 to #21606 - swampwaterjack (05/03/2014) [-]
it got nominated
#21601 - taurusguy (05/03/2014) [-]
Guys, can someone recommend me their favorite TV show? Im looking for some new shows to watch in my spare time and the ones im watching currently i have caught up with so there is not much to watch. Also, just finished all seasons of Top gear.
#21724 to #21601 - mookiez (05/10/2014) [-]
There's a new series out right now called the hundred, And damn it is so fucking good. Give it 2 episodes before you decide, it has massive feels.
#21619 to #21601 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
hawaii 50 and burn notice are some good comfy shows. they keep it simple and easy and fun to watch.

true detective is only 7 episodes but people online have gone crazy for it. it just alright imo. And also you can check out Bansheee

if you can look past the fact you are watching a cartoon i recommend avatar the last airbender. and i guess i'll recommend first season of legend of korra
User avatar #21610 to #21601 - eight (05/03/2014) [-]
Game of Thrones
#21622 to #21610 - taurusguy (05/04/2014) [-]
I am watching Hannibal, Game of thrones and vikings right now. What are the others like (except spartacus, i am going to watch that soon)
User avatar #21633 to #21622 - eight (05/04/2014) [-]
Also for Spartacus, you probably won't like it after the first episode. You'll want to turn it off and never return. It's that bad. But keep going. The second and third episode gets better, but it's still not very good yet. By the end of episode 4, you will know what kind of quality to expect from Spartacus and I think it rivals some of the greatest shows out there. Without a doubt this show makes my top 5 all time, every time.
User avatar #21632 to #21622 - eight (05/04/2014) [-]
Shameless is a comedy. It's about a severely dysfunctional family living in a run down house. It's decent. William H Macy is the star along with sexy Emmy Rossum and also Justin Chatwin is in it. Lots of laughs to be found here. This is the U.S version of the show.

Lost was famous in it's day and still continues to influence television today. It ran for 6 seasons and ended in 2010. It's about survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island. First they have to learn how to survive together, and slowly the island mysteries are revealed. Really good show. Some people hated the ending, but finales tend to be disappointing for just about everything. It stars Evangeline Lilly(The Hobbit), Matthew Fox, Terry O Quinn, Dominic Monaghan(Lord of The Rings) along with many others.

Fringe - A show that developed a cult following much like X-Files. Primarily banks on the success of Lost. One of the few shows that have managed to pull it off without getting canceled. It's about an FBI agent chick, a crazy scientist and his son that solve pseudo scientific cases, also known as fringe science. The chemistry between the cast is amazing, The plot is the best in it's second and third season. It's mainly a procedural, but has many serialized elements. It becomes more serialized as the show continues. This one actually has a good ending that most enjoyed. It Stars John Noble (Lord of The Rings), Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson.
#21636 to #21632 - taurusguy (05/04/2014) [-]
Lost is a show i never cared about and probably wont get into anyhow. But the others i might try. Ty.
User avatar #21598 - herecomesjohnny (05/03/2014) [-]
nice concept, shooting a movie over 12 years www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiDztHS3Wos
User avatar #21597 - belladonnaheart (05/03/2014) [-]
I'm trying to find a good site to watch Who Wants to be a Superhero on? Any ideas. All my regular sites don't have it.
#21620 to #21597 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]

i got the first 6 episodes for you. youtube is surprisingly good for finding full episodes of stuff. if you just use the filter video option to videos over 20 minutes long

ps careful. i saw on the first episode the top comment is a spoiler for the episode. so i would do my best to avoid looking at the comments. covering that section with another program or something
User avatar #21624 to #21620 - belladonnaheart (05/04/2014) [-]
thank you so much, you are amazing
#21625 to #21624 - baitdoesnttalkback (05/04/2014) [-]
i know i am this is not new information to me. butt thx
User avatar #21596 - rebornpooper (05/03/2014) [-]
So, I watched the first few episodes of Wilfred on Netflix, but it just seemed too much like the CAD structure for me to enjoy it.
Does it get any better?
#21603 to #21596 - anonymous (05/03/2014) [-]
I've never seen it but just about every show has an awkward phase in the beginning where they try to find their niche. Usually goes away by season 2.
User avatar #21588 - eight (05/03/2014) [-]
So I saw Pompeii...

WTF the volcano doesn't even go off until the last 30 minutes of the movie. There is like an entire hour of lame gladiator fights before that.
User avatar #21658 to #21588 - huntergriff ONLINE (05/05/2014) [-]
User avatar #21659 to #21658 - eight (05/05/2014) [-]
User avatar #21589 to #21588 - eight (05/03/2014) [-]
Also, is Kit Harrington able to make anything but a constipated face? Plus he's monotone.
User avatar #21582 - TexMex (05/02/2014) [-]
Is The Wolverine worth the watch?
User avatar #21611 to #21582 - sry (05/04/2014) [-]
is the best wolverine movie
User avatar #21590 to #21582 - eight (05/03/2014) [-]
I think its the worst of the bunch. The only one I haven't seen twice. But I did like it. I really didn't like it occurring in Japan. The setting kind of killed it for me. Plus, the villain is just weird.
User avatar #21591 to #21590 - TexMex (05/03/2014) [-]
Do you think I'd like it, considering how I liked X-Men Origins that everyone supposedly hated?
User avatar #21599 to #21591 - herecomesjohnny (05/03/2014) [-]
i didn't like origins much but i liked the wolverine. The story had more depth, and it really felt like a comic book story taken seriously and not just pandering to the kiddie market
User avatar #21594 to #21591 - eight (05/03/2014) [-]
I liked Origins, I don't get the hate for that movie at all. So probably yes then, you'll at the very least enjoy The Wolverine.
User avatar #21613 to #21594 - migzdgreat ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
I think the main hate is there because of how much they fucked up Deadpool, in fact for the script of the movie it gives a reference to Origins.
User avatar #21587 to #21582 - jari (05/02/2014) [-]
#21576 - hondasupermoto (05/02/2014) [-]
Alright guys can anyone tell the source of this GIF?
Alright guys can anyone tell the source of this GIF?
User avatar #21581 to #21576 - TexMex (05/02/2014) [-]
It's TVMaxwell. They're funny as fuck. Here's the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T-E_XEZjL0
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