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User avatar #23776 - maddboiy (8 hours ago) [-]
Can anyone help me remember the name of a film i remember seeing years ago but can't remember the name. I remember it being cgi animated with this ghost thing that stole peoples souls by pulling them out of their bodies and these people had to stop it and i think the hero's love interest ended up sacrificing themselves to kill this giant creature that was causing it all. I saw it years ago but i can never remember it's name and it's really bugging me.
User avatar #23777 to #23776 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (6 hours ago) [-]
Sounds a little like 9, but the main cast wasn't made up of people.
User avatar #23779 to #23777 - maddboiy (5 hours ago) [-]
no it wasnt 9, there was a scene where there's a base that trying to find out how to stop it and the cloud thing attacks and scientists are having their souls pulled out of their bodies. It was quite a dark film considering i was only 8 when i saw it
User avatar #23772 - beautifull ONLINE (8 hours ago) [-]
Alright guys, I really want to watch a new TV show. Here are some i've seen and enjoyed.
House of Cards
Teen Wolf
Battlestar Gallactica
Doll House
Kyle XY
Under the Dome (ish)
Falling Skies
The 100
I LOVE anything with a person discovering powers n shit

No particular order there just wrote them as they came to me. i've seen a lot of shows so don't be surprised if I've already seen what you suggest
User avatar #23774 to #23772 - maddboiy (8 hours ago) [-]
Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones

Walking Dead

Avatar: The Last Airbender
User avatar #23775 to #23774 - beautifull ONLINE (8 hours ago) [-]
All seen.
#23761 - vortexrain (15 hours ago) [-]
I really want to see Lucy, but the premise really pisses me off. Humans use more than 10% their brain. I'd understand if they said something along the lines of, " A human's consciousness is limited to their body, but what if there were a way for a human to push past the boundaries limited by evolution? To be able to extend their mind into the environment, and control it as easily as there own hand. Lucy is one such person." BOOM! There's your fucking premise. Not some bullshit about only using 10% of your brain. This is 20-fucking-14, I thought we were past this stupid shit.
User avatar #23778 to #23761 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
There are certain times when you have to suspend disbelief. Besides, that just seems like the set-up for the film. Judging from what I can tell after watching the trailer, the movie isn't actually about how much of your brain you use.
User avatar #23771 to #23761 - beautifull ONLINE (8 hours ago) [-]
We actually never use more than 10% of our brain.
User avatar #23767 to #23761 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (12 hours ago) [-]
Especially with Morgan Freeman saying it. Pisses me off even more

Limitless is fantastic though
#23762 to #23761 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
try limitless. same premise might bug you less
User avatar #23764 to #23762 - vortexrain (15 hours ago) [-]
It's the exact same thing, why would it bug me less?
#23765 to #23764 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
its all about brainpower not manipulating matter and stuff
User avatar #23766 to #23765 - vortexrain (15 hours ago) [-]
I'll give it a go.
#23760 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
This movie was good. Really good. Great. Excellent.
User avatar #23780 to #23760 - eight (3 hours ago) [-]
That ending freaked me out. I liked this movie though, it was a good 'thought' film.
User avatar #23758 - arziben (18 hours ago) [-]
Just watched the movie Sunshine, really liked it and wanted to talk about it
User avatar #23781 to #23758 - eight (3 hours ago) [-]
Sunshine makes me top 5 movies, every single time. The visuals, the score and the acting are just all fantastic.

Some people hate the second half of the movie were it turns into a crazed, murderer, slasher horror film, but I think it adds to the chaos of the situation in general. And it raises the stakes for the hero.
#23763 to #23758 - baitdoesnttalkback ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
sunshine is based
cillian murphy
rose byrne
the sun

great performances in that movie
User avatar #23759 to #23758 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
My friends and I really liked Sunshine too.
#23757 - dvdstvns (18 hours ago) [-]
Does anybody have the reaction image from spongebob where instead of saying the it says k?
My girlfriend is pissing me off and I really just want to send her that when she says stupid shit.
#23755 - alcoholicsemen (07/22/2014) [-]
the next star wars movie will be perfect but george r.r. martin has to write three scenes
would you accept hose terms?

i may have seen half of one movie
User avatar #23769 to #23755 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (12 hours ago) [-]

I don't understand the spoiler
User avatar #23770 to #23769 - alcoholicsemen (10 hours ago) [-]
ive only seen star wars once other family guy and parodies and i dont remember anything except darth maul
User avatar #23754 - sonicwind (07/22/2014) [-]
anyone got a link for a place i can watch modern family for free?
User avatar #23753 - lulzfornigeriagirl (07/22/2014) [-]
workaholics is an amazing show, the end
User avatar #23751 - targaryren ONLINE (07/22/2014) [-]
I didn't like Into Darkness as much the previous movie
User avatar #23743 - alcoholicsemen (07/21/2014) [-]
currently on ep 4 of lost
do the koreans eventually learn english
User avatar #23746 to #23743 - eight (07/21/2014) [-]
User avatar #23741 - feelythefeel (07/21/2014) [-]
Its Cold Outside - Red Dwarf (NO LAUGHTER) This song makes me nostalgic for a show I've seen two episodes of.
#23737 - megaflak (07/20/2014) [-]
Gonna be watching all of Avatar the last airbender and legend of korra in the next few days, wish me luck!

inb4 spoilers
User avatar #23744 to #23737 - alcoholicsemen (07/21/2014) [-]
welcome to american anime
User avatar #23742 to #23737 - targaryren ONLINE (07/21/2014) [-]
Korra was Aang in a past life
User avatar #23745 to #23742 - alcoholicsemen (07/21/2014) [-]
that is the most unnecessary spoiler ever
#23740 to #23737 - feelythefeel has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #23735 - deminemi (07/20/2014) [-]
Anyone watch torchwood? I was really sad when owen died because he was my favorite character.
User avatar #23734 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (07/20/2014) [-]
V/H/S/2 was better.
User avatar #23736 to #23734 - maddboiy (07/20/2014) [-]
The zombie bike ride one was awesome.
User avatar #23747 to #23736 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (07/21/2014) [-]
I really liked the alien invasion one. The cult one was really creepy.
#23731 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
Do you recommend "The Sopranos"? Is it worth watching? Is it similar to Breaking Bad?
User avatar #23732 to #23731 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (07/20/2014) [-]
#23729 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
Everything Wrong With Planet Of The Apes (2001, Tim Burton) Can someone please tell what movie reference are they making at 9 minutes and 5 seconds where the apes are chanting? Because that's the intro to a Metallica song and I never knew it was from a movie.
#23730 to #23729 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
Forget it guys, it's from "The Wizard of Oz" when the Evil Witch's soldiers are marching.

Thanks anyway.
User avatar #23728 - TexMex (07/20/2014) [-]
How the fuck is Jamie Bell supposed to play The Thing? Will they make him bigger when he turns in to the The Thing or will he be that slim?
#23733 to #23728 - anonymous (07/20/2014) [-]
I saw the cast and I'm extremely disappointed.
User avatar #23727 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (07/20/2014) [-]
I tried watching V/H/S a while ago, but I couldn't get into it. I decided to give it another try, this time watching it all the way through. I'm glad I did. I only ended up liking one of the segments (the Halloween party one, I think it's called 10/31/98), but at least this time I gave the rest of it a chance.

Anyways, I want to check out V/H/S 2 because I heard it was better than the first. Is it more of the same, or is it better? When it came out, I remember a few people on the board saying it was really good. I'll probably watch it regardless, just curious if I can expect an improvement.
User avatar #23739 to #23727 - eight (07/20/2014) [-]
V/H/S 2 is more or less the same. Hits and misses. I liked most of the segments from V/H/S, but not most from V/H/S 2.

So you may like it.
User avatar #23748 to #23739 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (07/21/2014) [-]
I actually enjoyed V/H/S/2 more than V/H/S. I thought the quality was better, and I was actually interested in the segments, whereas in V/H/S, I wasn't really interested in a lot of the segments.
User avatar #23750 to #23748 - eight (07/21/2014) [-]
The one thing I hate about the two movies is the title. I mean, they're using disks, flash drives, digital recorders...but somehow it ends up on a nearly 30 year old technology? Aside from that I enjoyed both.
User avatar #23752 to #23750 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (07/22/2014) [-]
Well in the first one those were old events. But in the second one, it's clear that the segments occurred in modern day, so that was a bit odd. I didn't think about it too much while watching it. Maybe once or twice.
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