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**relevantroller rolled a random image posted in comment #1 at Bob vs the chinese wizard ** MFW I roll a brony
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What about human ponies? That way everyone is happy. :3

and we can all stop fighting.
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Ummmm, no.
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No. Human ponies are pretty much JUST as bad. All you're doing is putting a mask on it.

'See, if it's a human looking one, It's 100% fine.' No. It's still a pony that you've tweaked.
You're still seeing the character from a children's show.
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They have nice personalities that are enjoyable and easy to relate to.. in my opinion: Yes, it was intended firstly for small children but it's a show enjoyable for all ages. (:

In my opinion anyway.. I dont mean to get into an argument with anyone.
I just don't see the problem with it being human.. everyone keeps saying: You wouldnt have sex with a horse.. etc.. and I just thought that the problem was in-bedded in the fact that theyre animals. :c
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doesnt work that way im afraid
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wait....*looks at the selection of boards*   
wait....*looks at the selection of boards*

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**** Brony board huh? Can't be that bad. I'll check it out.
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Current highest rated thread:
"I need a picture of Derpy where she has a muffin in her vagina."
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I think Mufasa has other things to worry about
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pony's face when that thread
pony's face when that thread
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**dameseif rolled a random image posted in comment #6708325 at FJ Pony Thread ** <-- Hidden disney pron
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Before you sits the only funny post in ponytime
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I dont see why everyone is hating on bronies that like to look at pony porn.
Its really not a big deal guys. There are other fetishes out there that you guys are overlooking, and youre just not realizing that its part of the way things work.
Rule 34 states that if it exists there is porn of it.
Rule 43 states that the more pure and innocent a thing is, the more satifying it is to corrupt it. They seem to go hand in hand.

Does it make you guys feel better in your sexual dominance to make fun of people because of what they masterbate to?
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And so simba went there..................
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I don't really care about My Little Pony Rule 34. I like both SFW and **** art the same.

It's......it's just all the same...
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Help, does anyone name of the comps where there are hot chick and unrelated captons like lets say a girl on a bed it will say lovely pillows
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Most of you guys sound like you haven't been on the internet long enough.
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