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#355129 - furiousmarshmellow (01/05/2015) [-]
>Just Cause 2
>Nvidia GeForce 8800 series/ ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro
>Can run on my computer at highest graphical settings perfectly fine

>Payday 2
>Nvidia GeForce 8800 series/ ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro
>Can't run it DECENTLY without mods
User avatar #355218 to #355129 - serhiy (01/05/2015) [-]
payday runs on a shit engine
User avatar #355137 to #355129 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
Might have something to do with Just Cause 2 kind of looking like shit.
User avatar #355145 to #355137 - furiousmarshmellow (01/05/2015) [-]
Payday 2 looks like shit times 2.
User avatar #355140 to #355137 - ferrettamer (01/05/2015) [-]
literally this
#355130 to #355129 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
>PC gaming
User avatar #355142 to #355130 - wallbuilder (01/05/2015) [-]
>Even trying from this angle
#355131 to #355130 - furiousmarshmellow (01/05/2015) [-]
Don't you DARE start anything.
Don't you DARE start anything.
#355132 to #355131 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
I feed to butthurt.
#355133 to #355132 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
#355127 - furiousmarshmellow (01/05/2015) [-]
I honestly can't tell the difference between /brony/ (or /autism/ if I must) and /anime/, besides Chinese cartoons.
I honestly can't tell the difference between /brony/ (or /autism/ if I must) and /anime/, besides Chinese cartoons.
User avatar #355187 to #355127 - fargfive (01/05/2015) [-]
The memes are strong.
User avatar #355154 to #355127 - sugoi (01/05/2015) [-]
Anime is mostly talking about anime, brony is mostly just shitposting.
But really that's what they're there for so no complaints or anything.
#355312 to #355154 - minibeep (01/05/2015) [-]
isnt talking about anime shitposting ?
#355125 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
Any channel, blog, page, or whatever that only uploads or primarily uploads rants. Especially if they put emphasis on how angry or sarcastic they are. No one cares about your super witty nerd snark, you arrogant twat.
User avatar #355210 to #355125 - nimba (01/05/2015) [-]
#355126 to #355125 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
Boy do I have some anger for you.
User avatar #355136 to #355126 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
Somebody has an axe to grind.
User avatar #355176 to #355136 - leonhardt (01/05/2015) [-]
That is like your favorite phrase
User avatar #355267 to #355176 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
Because I said it to you, who also holds grudges agaisnt random people for months on end?
#355155 to #355136 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
It just fit in my past thread, so why not.
User avatar #355118 - onemoreminute (01/05/2015) [-]
sorry if this may sound edgy, but I don't see the point in learning advanced algebraic formulas in school when they know most of us don't aspire to be mathematicians. I'm not saying this because it's too hard, just that all we need is basic shit to function
User avatar #355228 to #355118 - Shiny (01/05/2015) [-]
Basic calculus and some advanced algebra are extremely useful in teaching logical, linear thinking in an abstract way. It's a big first hurdle, but after that it's a wonderful skill.

The real issue is the batshit stupid ways subjects are taught in public schools.
User avatar #355181 to #355118 - thechosentroll (01/05/2015) [-]
What thesoulless said. School isn't supposed to teach you just the bare essentials. It has to prepare you for life and, believe it or not, higher learning is a pretty big and important part of life. Also, some of the shit you learn helps with life in general and gives you a bit of culture. Sure, you don't need to know where Australia is on the map in order to live your day to day life, but it's still useful to know, so you don't seem like a dipshit when someone asks.
User avatar #355124 to #355118 - gibroner (01/05/2015) [-]
I agree completely. Honestly for the vast majority of people the most advanced math you might use in your ordinary life is some low level algebra but if you plan to go into the sciences of engineering then it is necessary, so high schools shouldn't make it mandatory but they should offer it.
User avatar #355120 to #355118 - thesoulless (01/05/2015) [-]
Anything that you learn in high school math is stuff that you'll absolutely need to know if you're planning to study just about any STEM field in university. It looks pointless, but if you go into post-secondary education, it's either something that you will use frequently, or a building block for something that you'll use frequently.
#355123 to #355120 - onemoreminute (01/05/2015) [-]
ill think on that this is my default reaction gif when someone is obviously smarter than me
ill think on that this is my default reaction gif when someone is obviously smarter than me
#355095 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
The more I watch The Rageholic videos, the more I want to kick the pretentious twat in the face.
User avatar #355115 to #355095 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
Didn't bound by flame accumulate so much of his saliva on its dick that it can now create its own army of rageaholic's clones?
I very very rarely concord with him, but I'm always interested to hear his opinion on things.
#355121 to #355115 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
I think he praised the crafting system so much he made himself a dildo battleaxe to shove up his ass.
User avatar #355122 to #355121 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
Well, that game ain't precisely gaming's Seventh Seal if you catch my drift.
User avatar #355102 to #355095 - newposterintown (01/05/2015) [-]
what does he do?
#355110 to #355102 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
Whines about how much modern games are bad.
User avatar #355113 to #355110 - newposterintown (01/05/2015) [-]
hahaha wow
User avatar #355172 to #355113 - rynkar (01/05/2015) [-]
Since anon is a bitch, lemme hit you with some knowledge.
Razorfist the Ragaholic is a youtube video maker. He likes metal, he rants, he hates sony.
Give him a watch, you will either love him or hate him.

I personally find he flip flops on topics without reason and often goes on his own tangents unrelated to the video topic , but most of his views on games are pretty spot on with my own thoughts. And he is pretty funny.
#355093 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
I'm starting to get really sick of comments that when the commenter sees a black guy in some content, they instantly go for "nigger" and make a load of watermelon or bike theft jokes. not only is it unoriginal but it's just racist, just straight up racism.    
I'm going to be called an SJW for this aren't I?
I'm starting to get really sick of comments that when the commenter sees a black guy in some content, they instantly go for "nigger" and make a load of watermelon or bike theft jokes. not only is it unoriginal but it's just racist, just straight up racism.

I'm going to be called an SJW for this aren't I?
User avatar #355220 to #355093 - serhiy (01/05/2015) [-]
the 11 year olds who use such jokes don't even deserve to be called racists.
User avatar #355182 to #355093 - thechosentroll (01/05/2015) [-]
Sometimes those jokes are pretty damn good. 99.999% of the time, they're forced and unfunny, so I agree.
User avatar #355143 to #355093 - wallbuilder (01/05/2015) [-]
It's not racist. But it is a shit joke that was old 9 years ago.
User avatar #355101 to #355093 - nimba (01/05/2015) [-]
You don't find it funny but other people do. I don't really think anything should be sacred when it comes to jokes, even if they're crap.
User avatar #355107 to #355101 - teoberry (01/05/2015) [-]
legit what newposterintown just said. black, and i guess nigger jokes can be very funny. but calling every black guy a nigger and saying hes gonna go steal watermelons to be a 40oz gets repetitive and stupiud.
User avatar #355105 to #355101 - newposterintown (01/05/2015) [-]
Not that I'm particularly offended bu that sort of thing, usually.
User avatar #355103 to #355101 - newposterintown (01/05/2015) [-]
I mean there is a point though, where jokes and just straight up being racist become a distinction you feel me?
You can't just call someone a watermelon-eating nigger and then be like "Bruh, it was certainly a cleverly constructed joke, it's not meant to be actually racist"
User avatar #355117 to #355103 - leonhardt (01/05/2015) [-]
Again, what you think is the limit might be easymoding for someone else.
Everyone's senses of humor are different. I don't think the idiot going "Lol niggers steal bikes and make raps about watermelons and shoot all the jobs" is a card carrying member of the KKK. That's just what he thinks a joke about black people is.
User avatar #355119 to #355117 - newposterintown (01/05/2015) [-]
Right. But I believe what I said.
#355099 to #355093 - sugoi (01/05/2015) [-]
This is one of those sites where you never take anything seriously.   
It's a joke, the commenter probably forgot about it the second they posted it and you should too.
This is one of those sites where you never take anything seriously.
It's a joke, the commenter probably forgot about it the second they posted it and you should too.
User avatar #355091 - blastwavegaming (01/05/2015) [-]
I hate how people always ask when im going to cut my hair or tell me that I should cut my hair
User avatar #355148 to #355091 - fishinyourface (01/05/2015) [-]
let your gorgeous mane blow in the wind. They're just jealous of it
#355092 to #355091 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
short hair is best hair
User avatar #355106 to #355092 - newposterintown (01/05/2015) [-]
I hate when my hair it short
it looks plain and gross
User avatar #355097 to #355092 - volero (01/05/2015) [-]
I have medium length hair, so I'm satisfied.
User avatar #355096 to #355092 - bladeboy (01/05/2015) [-]
Amen friend, too many sissyboys on this board that would disagree.
User avatar #355104 to #355096 - teoberry (01/05/2015) [-]
fuck you say?
User avatar #355363 to #355104 - bladeboy (01/06/2015) [-]
User avatar #355367 to #355363 - teoberry (01/06/2015) [-]
eh, im gonna get it cut soon anyways
User avatar #355368 to #355367 - bladeboy (01/06/2015) [-]
#355089 - lobselvith (01/05/2015) [-]
I hate how my Mom and I keep drifting apart.

I can't even have one conversation with her without her nagging me to death about something or other, it's like she's never happy with the decisions I make for myself. She ALWAYS has something to say to me that's condescending and bitchy. Nothing is ever good enough.

For the first year and a half of my relationship she was constantly up my ass about how I could do better, or she would just bitch about my boyfriend nonstop before she finally accepted that I wasn't breaking up with him anytime soon. She eventually apologized to me, and told me that she was over it, and so I thought that maybe she was actually making an effort to connect with me. But then when I was visiting my Grandparents I overheard her complaining to my Grandpa about how she thought I could do way better, and how she thought I was settling.

"...I can tell her that until I'm blue in the face, but she still won't listen. You know?"

Even though I'm past that, it still feels like she has no faith in me to make choices on my own, and isn't happy unless she's up my ass telling me what to do 24/7. It's like she can't accpt that I'm responsible for myself now, if I don't do what makes her happy she's ready to piss all over me at a moment's notice.

Why is it so hard for her to say "I'm happy for you."? Fuck, I'd be happy if even if she didn't mean it.
#355098 to #355089 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
just say this "fuck you mom! i'm 12 years old and i'm mature enough to have a baby with 12 men you can't tell me what to do no more"
User avatar #355090 to #355089 - volero (01/05/2015) [-]
Could be worse. Your mom could nag at you to get back together with someone that broke your heart and stomped on it. "Everyone makes mistakes" my ass.
I guess it depends on how old you are about the responsibility thing.
#355079 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
I'm gonna make an online dating profile, not respond to anyone, and complain about how alone I am :^)
#355081 to #355079 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
or.. hear me out.. if you're female, you make a profile and then... hear me out.. you complain about how all the dudes are thirsty. I mean yeah it's a dating site but whatever.

wouldn't that be great?
#355084 to #355081 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
"Hi, how are you?"
"Wow! Guys are so thirsty these days!"
User avatar #355082 to #355081 - bladeboy (01/05/2015) [-]
Every single person on /r/creepypms
User avatar #355094 to #355082 - jadewest (01/05/2015) [-]
to be fair a lot of r/creepypms are guys trying to get sex or being creepy
User avatar #355066 - thesoulless (01/05/2015) [-]
The phrases like "winning the internet" or "winning twiteer" or "breaking the internet" or anything like that,
User avatar #355897 to #355066 - adunsaveme (01/07/2015) [-]
u win all teh internets
User avatar #355059 - serhiy (01/04/2015) [-]
i have had tinnitus for the past 3 weeks and i cant sleep.
User avatar #355075 to #355059 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
I've had tinnitus for about 10 years now, but I don't know how it would be a problem. The ringing has such a low volume that most of the time the ambient noise of the world existing is enough to drown it out.
User avatar #355177 to #355075 - serhiy (01/05/2015) [-]
mine is due to an inner ear infection and its obnoxiously loud.
User avatar #355077 to #355075 - alexanderburns (01/05/2015) [-]
hi im thebestpieever and ive had every job done everything and had everything wrong with me so i comment on everything about how ive done it
User avatar #355078 to #355077 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
That's kinda what I try to do with my life, yes.
User avatar #355085 to #355078 - rokkarokkaali (01/05/2015) [-]
Do you need to try to get aids cause I know the perfect place to get it ;)
User avatar #355087 to #355085 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
I'd like to keep venereal diseases off of my curriculum, if possible.
User avatar #355083 to #355078 - ferrettamer (01/05/2015) [-]
>not wasting your life by staying at home and playing videogames
User avatar #355088 to #355083 - thebestpieever (01/05/2015) [-]
The videogames bit not as much as I would like, but I've definitely wasted my life.
User avatar #355073 to #355059 - freedomreturns (01/05/2015) [-]
User avatar #355112 to #355108 - freedomreturns (01/05/2015) [-]
And that's why I told you to wear ear protection.
User avatar #355069 to #355059 - plumpbooty (01/05/2015) [-]
Really? I find that I can only sleep with white noise. Even though it's very cold I turn on the AC before sleeping.
User avatar #355061 to #355059 - nefarian (01/04/2015) [-]
Turn on a fan nearby
User avatar #355062 to #355061 - serhiy (01/04/2015) [-]
im already in bed and getting it from downstairs is going to wake everyone up.
#355052 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
User avatar #355086 to #355052 - rokkarokkaali (01/05/2015) [-]
hong tong gobble nuts
User avatar #355116 to #355114 - princessren (01/05/2015) [-]
He sounds like Markipler or whatever his name is
User avatar #355111 to #355050 - teoyuppie (01/05/2015) [-]
Chris Chan Assaults Gamestop employee - 12.27.14
This is how I imagine Ren. Oh God Chris, you never cease to amuse me!
User avatar #355055 to #355050 - princessren (01/04/2015) [-]
>"On the way to Sears, I peeked into the GameStop, and I spotted a New Skylander Figure: Blastermind. I was set to buy it"

What skylanders did to Spyro is perfectly fine
but sonic with blue arms? that's an abomination

granted I couldn't care less about Spyro, but still
#355080 to #355055 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
The fact that a THIRTY TWO YEAR OLD MAN was interested in a mcdonalds happy meal toy is sad enough as it is.
User avatar #355109 to #355080 - princessren (01/05/2015) [-]
is chris chan 32?
User avatar #355063 to #355055 - alexanderburns (01/04/2015) [-]
hey ren is Brave a good movie?
User avatar #355070 to #355063 - princessren (01/05/2015) [-]
>movie about filthy scots
>ever being good

no, but I five said it's ok I guess...I feel like not much really happens tho
User avatar #355064 to #355063 - fargfive (01/04/2015) [-]
it's okay at best.
User avatar #355068 to #355064 - alexanderburns (01/05/2015) [-]
more homeland episodes it is then
User avatar #355056 to #355055 - nefarian (01/04/2015) [-]
Sonic Boom made the characters less stupid
User avatar #355058 to #355056 - princessren (01/04/2015) [-]
it literally made Knuckles more stupid tho
User avatar #355060 to #355058 - nefarian (01/04/2015) [-]
Fits the whole "brawn" style
#355001 - notred ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
I hate it when you tell people are work you're gay and you get a shit ton of people asking you about it. Like it's not a big fucking deal. I like dick, who gives a shit?
User avatar #355895 to #355001 - adunsaveme (01/07/2015) [-]
Oh you mean like when you made such a huge deal out of me being bi
User avatar #355949 to #355895 - notred ONLINE (01/07/2015) [-]
User avatar #355244 to #355001 - lazaman (01/05/2015) [-]
Why did you tell them you are gay if it isnt a big deal?
When is the last time you saw a straight guy come out about it.

Unless you plan on fucking your co-workers, there is no point in telling them that you are gay.
You told them something, and are now getting pissed about them inquiring about aforementioned confessions.
#355245 to #355244 - notred ONLINE (01/05/2015) [-]
Fuck me for being normal about it right? I guess I better never come out of the closet right? In fear of getting this shit.

I hate that they do it, I understand it though.

Big fucking deal.
User avatar #355246 to #355245 - lazaman (01/05/2015) [-]
I just don't see the point.
I'm gay, and Im in the closet.
There is literally NO point in coming out of the closet.
ESPECIALLY in your place of work.

You are actually asking to be singled out at that point.
#355247 to #355246 - notred ONLINE (01/05/2015) [-]
Go be in the closet then.    
Wanna know why I'm not? Because I plan to have a boyfriend and maybe getting married some day. You meet people at work. You meet people at school. I suppose you are right though, I may be able to meet somebody in my fucking house, dip shit.
Go be in the closet then.

Wanna know why I'm not? Because I plan to have a boyfriend and maybe getting married some day. You meet people at work. You meet people at school. I suppose you are right though, I may be able to meet somebody in my fucking house, dip shit.
User avatar #355100 to #355001 - nimba (01/05/2015) [-]
When you close your eyes and move your limbs can you conceptualise where that limb is in a 3d space? As a flaming gay, I mean.
#355045 to #355001 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
are you a flaming faggot?

act like a man if so.

if not, dont tell anyone unless you have to.
User avatar #355035 to #355001 - teoyuppie (01/04/2015) [-]
Since you addressed it, you're gonna have to face questions. You should have thought of that.
User avatar #355041 to #355035 - notred ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
No shit, I said I hate it. Not that I don't understand it.
User avatar #355042 to #355041 - teoyuppie (01/04/2015) [-]
Well you have to suck it up.
#355028 to #355001 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
I haven't gotten much of that, yet. But I'm in HS and am a jobless plebian rn.
I do get people saying shit like "WHY DINT U TELL MMEEEEE" like it was something that I should introduce myself with. That's annoying.
User avatar #355048 to #355028 - notred ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
I kinda understand how that may feel. I'm not really opened up yet with my friends or family really..
#355065 to #355048 - anonymous (01/05/2015) [-]
Well it took me a while to figure it out for myself. So now in my Senior year of HS I am telling people that have known me for years so I see where they are coming from
still it doesn't change anything about who I am
Most people that know me well, my friends and some of my family know. But I don't go out of my way to say it and only bring it up when it matters
User avatar #355049 to #355048 - wrinklynewt (01/04/2015) [-]

you seem like such an open guy
User avatar #355024 to #355001 - princessren (01/04/2015) [-]
how does being gay smell?
User avatar #355023 to #355001 - squalllionhart (01/04/2015) [-]
how does being gay taste?
User avatar #355022 to #355001 - alexanderburns (01/04/2015) [-]
how does being gay feel
User avatar #355003 to #355001 - istrollid (01/04/2015) [-]
why did you tell them in the first place?
#355025 to #355003 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
why not?
it comes up in conversation sometimes
if someone asks you if you have a girlfriend or what you think about girls or whatever you just tell them you don't go that way
User avatar #355027 to #355025 - istrollid (01/04/2015) [-]
>I hate it when you tell people are work you're gay and you get a shit ton of people asking you about it.
#355029 to #355027 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
i don't get what you're trying to say
he's saying it more towards the people asking you about it
and it's better to get questions than to be in the closet.
User avatar #355030 to #355029 - istrollid (01/04/2015) [-]
im not trying to say anything, i just asked him a question.
#355031 to #355030 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
yeah i guess
#355005 to #355003 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
yeah, how dare people be open about their sexuality
User avatar #355006 to #355005 - istrollid (01/04/2015) [-]
User avatar #355007 to #355006 - notred ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
Implying what?

What on earth could you of possibly meant?
User avatar #355008 to #355007 - istrollid (01/04/2015) [-]
implying that i am against people being open about their sexuality
#355013 to #355008 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
yeah youre all for them being open as long as they dont tell anyone
User avatar #355017 to #355013 - istrollid (01/04/2015) [-]
you don't know me nigga
User avatar #355004 to #355003 - notred ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
>girl is hitting on me
>Not really interested
>Tell her I swing for the other team

Fuck me though right?
User avatar #355009 to #355004 - fishinyourface (01/04/2015) [-]
don't blame istrollid for not knowing you let someone know without it being an irrelevant matter. I'm not saying it's a good thing to assume, but in my experience, every gay person I've ever met has always slipped in something about how gay they were, even if the topic isn't anywhere near homosexuality; so it's very easy to generalize unfortunately and I hate generalizations so I try my best never to do it . istrollid may have had this happen to them, and to be honest, you're the first gay person I know of who has informed someone they're gay in a completely relevant scenario. I wish I was lying but I'm not, and I've met more gay people than I can count.
User avatar #355011 to #355009 - notred ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
Gay people tell people they are gay so everyone knows they are open to other men. People assume they are straight. It's better when everyone knows they aren't though. It just avoids confusion in the future.

Just sayin.
User avatar #355014 to #355011 - fishinyourface (01/04/2015) [-]
That's fine, it's just not when it's being turned into the main point of the conversation when it shouldn't be. I don't mind being told once, but if we're having a conversation and you drop in that you're gay every 15 minutes, you're just annoying.
#355026 to #355014 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
lol straight people do the same thing
User avatar #355015 to #355014 - notred ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
Well I'm not a special snowflake.
User avatar #355016 to #355015 - fishinyourface (01/04/2015) [-]
good to know.
User avatar #355002 to #355001 - shibe ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
hey on a scale of 1-10 how much dick do you suck every day
User avatar #354997 - lulzformalaysiaair (01/04/2015) [-]
I hate how I feel like I'm wasting my life whenever I'm not hanging out with my friends.

I get to hang out with them like 3 times a week not including class but all the other days I feel like time is wasted. I know I'm kinda spoiled but I feel like I need to be constantly doing something, sitting on the computer should be a privileged I should have for like an hour or 2 a day.

I think I might apply for a swim instructor job because I got so much time. Make some dough.
#355043 to #354997 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
you dont have friends because you are a pussy shit
#355032 to #354997 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
Keeping busy is gud
#354998 to #354997 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
should have hung out more with trapper
User avatar #354999 to #354998 - bladeboy (01/04/2015) [-]
User avatar #354993 - Shiny (01/04/2015) [-]
Browsing YouTube videos, and after scrolling down to the comments in an egregious lapse of judgment, I come across a turbo-weeaboo anime girl mascot account saying the usual "3DPD 2D4lyfe", then replied to someone calling him a permavirgin with a diatribe about how all women are backstabbing leeches that will take your money. He then went on to explain to another guy how cuckold porn was his favorite kind of hentai.
User avatar #355021 to #354993 - majormayor (01/04/2015) [-]
Such is life on the internet.
User avatar #354986 - ferrettamer (01/04/2015) [-]
>x mentioned
>swell with pride
fucking autism
User avatar #355144 to #354986 - wallbuilder (01/05/2015) [-]
Shit, knew there was something I forgot to hate on.
User avatar #355037 to #354986 - teoyuppie (01/04/2015) [-]
Totally agree. What a fag.
User avatar #355033 to #354986 - teoberry (01/04/2015) [-]
im gonna fucking murder you james
User avatar #355036 to #355033 - teoyuppie (01/04/2015) [-]
User avatar #355038 to #355036 - teoberry (01/04/2015) [-]
yeah no one cares about fucking glen rock, nj
User avatar #355057 to #355038 - teoyuppie (01/04/2015) [-]
Home Alone Video game was developed here. I'll swell with pride.
User avatar #355138 to #355135 - teoyuppie (01/05/2015) [-]
Visit me sometime!
User avatar #355139 to #355138 - megavoir (01/05/2015) [-]
thats far tho

User avatar #355039 to #355038 - teoyuppie (01/04/2015) [-]
Little by little you start giving out my identity.
#354994 to #354986 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
>fucking autism
User avatar #354975 - nimba (01/04/2015) [-]
Idea: beside a top comment panel on the front page a worst comment panel so we can all dogpile them and be right all the time
User avatar #354962 - Shiny (01/04/2015) [-]
People who say Europe is magnitudes more civilized and tolerant than America following a long-winded rant about how the gypsies need to be gassed.
#354979 to #354962 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
America is one of the least civilized countries in the Western Hemisphere to be honest
#355468 to #354979 - anonymous (01/06/2015) [-]
>Highest GDP.
>Same IQ average as the other white country (Canada).
>One of the most advanced countries in science and technology.
>Crime rates pale in comparison to other countries in the Americas.

So you're saying South America full of poverty and recent dictatorships is more "civilized"? lel dum yuropoor.
User avatar #355018 to #354979 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no
Central America exists
User avatar #354968 to #354962 - sannukas (01/04/2015) [-]
Europe isn't tolerant at all.It may look like it because of Sweden, France and Germany but rest of Europe is still pretty intolerant. There is a lot of racism and hate for immigrants.
User avatar #355470 to #354968 - Conquistador ONLINE (01/06/2015) [-]
France and Germany are getting fed up with the mudslimes though.
#355072 to #354968 - plumpbooty (01/05/2015) [-]
Sweden is too tolerant though. One school actually banned the Swedish flag because it might offend immigrants.

pic related - sweden
User avatar #355233 to #355072 - alstorp (01/05/2015) [-]
False. The school you're referring to is the Söndrum school. They were having a play and students wanted to pose as Swedish military with guns whilst wearing Swedish flags. They were not allowed to. People became butthurt because they thought they were banning Swedish flags entirely. They were not.
User avatar #355402 to #355233 - plumpbooty (01/06/2015) [-]
>not being allowed to pose as the military
User avatar #355408 to #355402 - alstorp (01/06/2015) [-]
Well I suppose there's the difference between cultures. I personally don't think that's very appropriate at a school either.
User avatar #354971 to #354968 - shibe ONLINE (01/04/2015) [-]
western europe is mostly tolerant

from what i've heard, eastern europe is a mess
#354995 to #354971 - maddboiy (01/04/2015) [-]
don't be so cheeki breeki shibe
User avatar #354969 to #354968 - Shiny (01/04/2015) [-]
All I hear about Germany and the like from the same people I mentioned is how it's a living Orwellian dystopia because Holocaust denial is a crime (not that it should be, but nonetheless).
User avatar #355472 to #354969 - Conquistador ONLINE (01/06/2015) [-]
It shouldn't be though.

Free speech.
User avatar #354974 to #354969 - nimba (01/04/2015) [-]
surely denying events that happened is individually more orwellian than a government insisting that the denial of their historical black marks is intolerable.
User avatar #354988 to #354974 - Shiny (01/04/2015) [-]
Not really Orwellian, more like Mein Kampf "baww the world is out to get me" philosophy.
User avatar #354966 to #354962 - alstorp (01/04/2015) [-]
Comparing America to Europe is pretty stupid in itself
User avatar #354964 to #354962 - bladeboy (01/04/2015) [-]
Because they do
#354963 to #354962 - anonymous (01/04/2015) [-]
People like that only base it on their own or the big first world countries in Europe. Ignoring the poorer European countries with racial, religious, and political issues.
#354960 - princessren (01/04/2015) [-]
When someone in your family takes one look you made to condemn you for doing something when they have no other evidence
"oh you turned to look at the computer screen after I asked who did it. It must be you"
jesus, fuck off bitch I am just checking a notification
I don;t know why I feel so salty today
User avatar #355051 to #354960 - alexanderburns (01/04/2015) [-]
well what have you been eating
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