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User avatar #342061 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I fucking hate fleas
User avatar #342067 to #342061 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I remember when my dogs brought fleas into the house and they were fucking everywhere. We had to bomb the house to clear them out.
#342081 to #342067 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
We have three dogs and two cats, they all have fleas
I had to throw all of my sheets in the wash because the fleas started to get on me
I can't even comb or medicate this one cat without a fight because he's a fucking retard. He has long hair too, so I can't even try to tweeze the fleas off. It's like a fucking jungle
User avatar #342191 to #342081 - azumeow (11/26/2014) [-]
Flea collars, nigga.
User avatar #342196 to #342191 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/26/2014) [-]
Shit son, we're too poor for that
User avatar #342197 to #342196 - azumeow (11/26/2014) [-]
Prepare to die by flea, then.
User avatar #342086 to #342081 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I used to have a part wolf, part husky dog so its fur was a pain. It wasn't long, just really thick. Putting flea medicine on took a machete to get to the skin.
#342057 - tvfreakuk (11/25/2014) [-]
"McDonalds always take on; they never turn down anyone for a job"   
Then I must be the most unemployable person ever then, because I just got a rejection email after my interview.   
I'm pissed because I haven't got the job, and I'm pissed that people made it seem so fucking easy to get a job at McDonald's - when really most of them haven't actually applied themselves.
"McDonalds always take on; they never turn down anyone for a job"
Then I must be the most unemployable person ever then, because I just got a rejection email after my interview.
I'm pissed because I haven't got the job, and I'm pissed that people made it seem so fucking easy to get a job at McDonald's - when really most of them haven't actually applied themselves.
User avatar #342108 to #342057 - jadewest (11/25/2014) [-]
try applying at burger king or another but smaller fast food chain, they might give you more luck.
User avatar #342075 to #342057 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I got turned down from a clothes selling place during the summer.
I knew some of the people that worked there, and I knew I could have done a hell of a lot better job then they do.
User avatar #342117 to #342075 - tvfreakuk (11/25/2014) [-]
Yeah, I'll actually be applying to Pizza Hut next as a position for "Team Member" just came up.
I know a guy who works there, who can put in a word for me (which will give me a slightly better chance)
I was just waiting until I heard back from McDonald's before I did
User avatar #342069 to #342057 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Shit son, at least they actually told you. Every place I've ever applied to has left me hanging. No calls, no emails- I'd at least like to know if i didn't get it so I can stop waiting for them and keep looking
User avatar #342109 to #342069 - rokkarokkaali (11/25/2014) [-]
Are you sure you aren't writing the wrong email or phone number or whatever repeatedly?
User avatar #342111 to #342109 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Yeah, I'm sure
My email and home phone number are very simple
User avatar #342103 to #342069 - Conquistador (11/25/2014) [-]
Yeah man.
User avatar #342078 to #342069 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
you would think that being professional would also include calling/ emailing applicants back about their results. It seems very unprofessional to just leave them hanging, because at that point you're acting like a baby who's trying to avoid others.
User avatar #342085 to #342078 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I managed to get one interview, and I never heard from them. I liked the store, so I went in there often. They never mentioned a thing.
I actually got a job once, and they said they'd call me for hours when I could come in and train (I was a waitress and answered the phone) and they never called me or paid me
This is bullshit
User avatar #342088 to #342085 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
fuck's sake. It took me forever to finally get a job. I had a few interviews, two of which were over the phone, which I fucking hate because what the fuck. And no one would hire me because I had no job experience. Apparently volunteer experience doesn't count for shit. fucking finally I got a seasonal position at a department store, and I was lucky enough to have them keep me as regular staff. But shit, that was over a year of job searching :/
User avatar #342090 to #342088 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
The state I currently live in is not the one I'm from, so I have no idea how to get anywhere. I don't even have a car, I'd have to borrow one, but no one gets home until about 4pm. I don't stand a chance getting a job right now because of my limited hours.
At least I can take care of the pets and clean the house, but that shit doesn't give me money
User avatar #342092 to #342090 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
that's pretty shitty. maybe you could try making and selling shit online or something? my friend did that for a little while before she found a job.
User avatar #342094 to #342092 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I've been trying to do that, the art scene is ridiculously difficult to succeed in
User avatar #342096 to #342094 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
try making small crafts and selling them on etsy.com ? they have lots of neat things.
User avatar #342097 to #342096 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I might be able to, but I ended up leaving a lot of stuff at home when I moved because it didn't fit. I'll reclaim the stuff in December when I visit and maybe make some cash off of sewn goods
User avatar #342098 to #342097 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
that sounds like a good plan. I hope things work out for you
User avatar #342099 to #342098 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Thanks bro bro
User avatar #342063 to #342057 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Maybe you were so over qualified that they didn't want to waste your time.
I like to be positive about things that go wrong
#342060 to #342057 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
Try burger king and pizza hut?
#342059 to #342057 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
Wow, that really is pathetic.

What did you shit on the guy's desk
User avatar #342047 - darksideofthebeast (11/25/2014) [-]
god damn I hate people.
I think someone roofied my brother the other night, shit's fucked up.
User avatar #342194 to #342047 - azumeow (11/26/2014) [-]
My roommate got roofied once. He described it as "PTSD in pill form."

Fuck roofies.
User avatar #342055 to #342047 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Was he ... Molested?
#342054 to #342047 - cycloneclone has deleted their comment [-]
#342044 - Ihazfunkitty (11/25/2014) [-]
thanks to this intern ive found out how much i am disgusted by salvia.
2 clients drool like a motherfucker and theyre the ones that ask for my help the most. one keeps it in his mouth but occasionally when he talks, it just flies everyfuckingwhere.
the other one is the most nasty one, he tends to make a stalactite of drool and then slurp it up.
i dread the moments i need to get close to them.
User avatar #342064 to #342044 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
What do you do for a living?
User avatar #342068 to #342064 - Ihazfunkitty (11/25/2014) [-]
im a student graphic designer
User avatar #342073 to #342068 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Cool, then you must be good at drawing, right?
User avatar #342087 to #342073 - Ihazfunkitty (11/25/2014) [-]
people told me i was good, so i guess
you'd be suprised by the lack of drawing we have to do
User avatar #342070 to #342068 - thechosentroll (11/25/2014) [-]
I recommend switching to a healthier line of work. Like working at an uraniu mine
User avatar #342076 to #342070 - Ihazfunkitty (11/25/2014) [-]
yeah, after this i think ill go work in a sweatshop in china
User avatar #342053 to #342044 - spawnconnery (11/25/2014) [-]
The drug, or did you mean saliva?
#342037 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
I hate this site sometimes.
Any time anything ever happens, no matter what it is about, always is forced into some fucking joke that isn't funny, but it' current, it's popular, got to force yourself to laugh for those thumbs!
Looting and rioting in the streets? HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA@!!!!!!!!!
#342035 - babybeel (11/25/2014) [-]
I hate how racist I've become toward orientals since moving here. They're the most rude, impolite pieces of shit I've ever come across. I've met chavvy unts more mannered then them. I thought they were meant to be raised better?
It wouldn't be s bad if it was just the rare occasion and one or two foreigners, but it's not. They go together in hordes and do nothing but scream, push through people, or get in the way. They have no common courtesy and glare at you. Lately I can't think of one outing I've been on where I haven't come across an Asian being a rude shit.
User avatar #342179 to #342035 - tvfreakuk (11/26/2014) [-]
I lived with an Asian girl in my first year and she was actually really nice.
But if she had any friends over and you were in the living room the same time they were, her friends would give you the worst death stare ever as if you just being there offended them.
User avatar #342079 to #342035 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
The more I look at it, the more I feel like I don't like Africa Americans.
I'm not racist by any stretch of the imagination, but they do so much stupid shit that I feel obligated to dislike them.
User avatar #342065 to #342035 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Asians? It's weird, they're quite as shit here. Even when they're talking it's almost inaudible.
User avatar #342169 to #342065 - finblob ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Pitch Perfect Asian Girl Scenes
User avatar #342048 to #342035 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I don't normally find them rude, but usually completely clueless and just...fucking useless in general. It makes me feel bad but damnit, you're in a place where we speak english, and you're going to an english university. Learning to speak, read, and write english would probably be a good fucking idea so that you don't just hinder everybody else when you're trying to get somewhere.
User avatar #342077 to #342048 - babybeel (11/25/2014) [-]
On one occasion one tried asking me something in english and all I asked was for her to please speak slower since she was slurring a little and she acted pissy and started saying something in her own language before walking off.
User avatar #342084 to #342077 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
jesus, your asians sound like complete cunts. The ones I see are usually young rich cunts who spend all of mommy and daddy's money on polo shirts instead of on their studies. Not to mention expensive as fuck cars and driving like idiots, nearly running everyone else on campus over. they also love to block the fucking hallways. And they must all be hard of hearing, because every single one I've seen has always been shout-talking to their friend who is right next to them. that sounds like a generalization but I have yet to see an asian in my university who isn't yell-talking.
User avatar #342089 to #342084 - babybeel (11/25/2014) [-]
The university in my city isn't really high end, so most of them just act like impolite, childish fucks who only will hang around with 'their own'. But yeah, they do similar things, they're stupidly loud and just stand in the way and ignore you if you say 'excuse me', and because they're in large groups all the time and wwalk slow you either have to walk around them onto the road or are stuck until they figure out how to fucking walk properly.

In the supermarket I go to, twice this week a group were just standing in the area where people are supposed to sort their bags. They didnt even have shopping, they were just stood there taking up the entire room and glared at a women CLEARLY struggling with a pram and the tiniest room she was given because of their selfish asses. I wanted to shove them out the way. Like FUCK is it so hard to be aware of the people around you?
User avatar #342091 to #342089 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
that's the type of shit that turns people into racists and makes them think immigration should not be a thing. It's shitty, but if it's something you encounter on a daily basis, and you never see anyone else of the same race acting differently, it makes you feel like shit because it feels like you're progressively turning into a racist. fucking no, stop acting like idiots.
User avatar #342093 to #342091 - babybeel (11/25/2014) [-]
Yeah, I mean, like I said if it was only occasional and just a few of them I wouldn't pay it much attention. But it is every time I go out and I can't think of a single time I was thanked for holding a door open, or wasn't ignored for saying excuse me to one of them. That's what is pissing me off most. It's every. singe. time.
User avatar #342095 to #342093 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
same here. I don't hold it against them much when it comes to not being thanked for holding the doors (since other people who are from here sometimes do the same thing) but everything else is just fucking rude.
User avatar #342036 to #342035 - sugoi (11/25/2014) [-]
It's in their culture.
User avatar #342031 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Blog post:
I've never seen black people in my university. Weird
#342017 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
God damn it, we have lived in this house for nearly a whole year, how can no one in my house understand, despite me telling them several times, I can't fucking hear them calling me from my bedroom? I live upstairs on the very end of the house, I can't hear you shouting for me from the fucking downstairs kitchen on the other side of the house. If you want me to come downstairs, you can message me on facebook or some shit, you all have computers, or better yet, get your lazy dickhead asses the fuck up the god damn stairs and tell me instead of bitching that I can't hear you. Don't get the shits with me that you need to walk up here, I need to do it every time I go downstairs.
User avatar #342052 to #342017 - maguswaffy (11/25/2014) [-]
every fuckin time
User avatar #342049 to #342017 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I love when my mom gives me 0.2 seconds to get from downstairs to upstairs before calling my name again and bitching that I never hear her. It's not that fucking hard to wait an extra 5 seconds is it?
User avatar #342028 to #342017 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
How come you never tell riddles
User avatar #342029 to #342028 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Because despite the name, I am kind of shit at riddles, making and doing them.
User avatar #342030 to #342029 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Then you don't deserve the name, do you now?
User avatar #342222 to #342030 - wittypotato (11/26/2014) [-]
I'm not consistently witty enough to earn the name wittypotato, nor am I a potato.
User avatar #342115 to #342030 - youngneil ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
My name isn't really Neil.
User avatar #342104 to #342030 - alstorp (11/25/2014) [-]
I'm not Al and I've never storped.
User avatar #342056 to #342030 - megavoir (11/25/2014) [-]
I'm not actually a Gardevoir.
User avatar #342058 to #342056 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Of course you're not. You're a megavoir
User avatar #342032 to #342030 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Well you're neither Dave Grohl or a troll.
User avatar #342350 to #342032 - grohl (11/26/2014) [-]
I'm not actually Grohl, if that at all adds to the argument
User avatar #342042 to #342032 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
What makes you say that? You don't know me.
User avatar #342038 to #342032 - thechosentroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Well, if we're gonna be technical, I wasn't chosen by anyone. I sort of decided to be a troll on my own. Names are very often misleading. Like I seriously doubt Ren has legitimate ties to any type of royalty.
User avatar #342043 to #342038 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
You don't know that, but I created you and gave you this name to be my right hand man
User avatar #342024 to #342017 - princessren (11/25/2014) [-]
>be little
>yell for mom from another room
>mother scolds me and tells me it's rude
>be now
>mother constantly yelling for me from kitchen etc.
User avatar #342033 to #342024 - jadewest (11/25/2014) [-]
its cos ur gay
User avatar #342021 to #342017 - freedomreturns (11/25/2014) [-]
I just assumed your sister always burst in, didn't know you had other attempted forms of communication.
User avatar #342022 to #342021 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Most people in my house knock and wait for an answer.
Except my mother, she knocks, then enters without waiting.
User avatar #342023 to #342022 - freedomreturns (11/25/2014) [-]
That's mothers. Just quickly cover your lap with a blanket, she'll stop doing it.
User avatar #342018 to #342017 - sugoi (11/25/2014) [-]
You guys should get hilarious walkie talkies.
Or intercoms!
#342016 - babybeel (11/25/2014) [-]
"What do you want for your birthday?"   
"Nothing / whatever I don't care"   
Get them something simple they can use like a watch.   
"I already have a watch but thanks"   
"I wasn't sure what to get you"   
"You're my friend it should have been obvious"   
"Then give me it back I'll give it to someone else"   
"You can't take back gifts"   
You fucking ungrateful shit. I took it back anyway, fuck you. Guess I have one Christmas present down now.
"What do you want for your birthday?"
"Nothing / whatever I don't care"
Get them something simple they can use like a watch.
"I already have a watch but thanks"
"I wasn't sure what to get you"
"You're my friend it should have been obvious"
"Then give me it back I'll give it to someone else"
"You can't take back gifts"

You fucking ungrateful shit. I took it back anyway, fuck you. Guess I have one Christmas present down now.
User avatar #342050 to #342016 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
get them a pile of shit and tell them it reminded you of them
#342020 to #342016 - epicscorpion ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I'd rather someone just gave me a gift that took 10 cents to make and serves no purpose to me if they put the heart into it. I can buy shit all the time. Gifts are special, yo.

Ungrateful shits.
User avatar #342019 to #342016 - sugoi (11/25/2014) [-]
Give them shitty birthday cards from now on.
#342011 - princessren (11/25/2014) [-]
This girl on Madam Secretary can get pretty annoying
"boo hoo my mom once had a terrorist tortured, I don't even know you anymore"
like...what the heck did you expect she used to work for the CIA
she tried reasoning with him too, and only used it as a last option because the guy wouldn't talk and attacks on innocent civilians kept happening
User avatar #342009 - damandan ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
my fucking friend says that relationships are mostly based on appearance and only little on personality.

its 50/50. Appearance is how you get together while personality is what keeps it running.

If he'd realized that maybe he'd stop dating hot sluts that drink and party (2 things he doesnt do), that also end cheating on him
User avatar #342051 to #342009 - fishinyourface ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
well then let him get fucked over by all the sluts he goes out with, and maybe he'll figure it out after his eighth time dealing with herpes
User avatar #342013 to #342009 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
Well... I mean. You will throughout your life have some relationships with people with shitty personalities. You will never have anything with an ugly person, because they're fucking ugly.
User avatar #342012 to #342009 - shibe ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
it isn't really 50/50

relationships are different all the time
User avatar #342007 - mulk ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Kids that dont realize how much they get for presents either for a birthday or christmas

Fuck those kids
#342005 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
browsing porn and coming across those shitty 'hur incest bro' pictures
User avatar #342014 to #342005 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
Incest porn? Who wants that? People who have siblings... have siblings and people who don't might as well be jacking it to the tooth fairy.
User avatar #342010 to #342005 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
[necessary hulk hogan reference]
User avatar #342015 to #342010 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
Yeah, he had a thing for fondling his daughter didn't he?
User avatar #342074 to #342027 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
I've never seen that picture before. That's... odd.
User avatar #342083 to #342074 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Thank me later
User avatar #342026 to #342015 - thegrohltroll (11/25/2014) [-]
What? I was talking about that photoshoped picture of his face on a lady saying "fuck me bro.." and shit
User avatar #341989 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Holy shit, the comments on Yik Yak about the Michael Brown case are so fucking stupid. It's one thing to say that cops are racist, it's another to say we are being "systematically murdered"
User avatar #342034 to #341990 - bladeboy ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I missed you Amber.
#342006 to #341990 - aoeui (11/25/2014) [-]
justice for trayvon: the sequel

niggers gonna nig
User avatar #341995 to #341990 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
Is that from the new Superman movie? Is Mr XXKNCNCIOUVCNXIOPCN Going to be in it?
#341987 - plumpbooty (11/25/2014) [-]
#341947 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
I often just think throughout the day... somewhat in shock. Trapper is dead, he is dead. It isn't a dream. he felt so horrible that he had to end his life.

I couldn't help him, I couldn't do anything. I lived in an illusion where everything was fine, I kept it at the back of my mind that my buddy was doing fine and for many weeks I did not talk to him. All this time he lays a dead corpse next to a river... over a bridge.

I'll never get to post with him again, I'll never get to troll with him again. He is gone forever, for all existence. He won't experience the joy of life anymore, he won't be able to age with me, he won't be able to have kids and a wife. He won't get to party again and hang out with friends.

He is gone... gone at such a young age and I'm alive. Knowing that he is gone... my sweat sweat trapper. Ohh why...
User avatar #342041 to #341947 - thechosentroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Unless he a zombie.
User avatar #341993 to #341947 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
"All this time he lays a dead corpse next to a river, over a bridge" is a fantastic line for a song.
User avatar #342113 to #341993 - rokkarokkaali (11/25/2014) [-]
Wouldn't it be under a bridge?
User avatar #341996 to #341993 - badmotorfinger (11/25/2014) [-]
a fucked up one but yeah, its poetic
User avatar #341988 to #341947 - dalokan (11/25/2014) [-]
You know what the worst thing about his death is?

Well, I don't know it its real or not. But I remember reading an article about people that jumped off bridges and survived. They say that in the seconds it takes before they hit the water and die, there's a clarity in their mind, they can see how their problems can be solved and all that jazz.

According to the articles, he died of blunt force trauma. However, it may not have been instantaneous. I shudder to think he may have spent hours suffering and watching his life crawl away as he understood, or maybe saw that his problems could be solved.

Maybe I'm just being edgy by over thinking it this much. But it is this thought what keeps me feeling sad over his death.
User avatar #342039 to #341988 - thechosentroll (11/25/2014) [-]
Nah, pretty sure he'd have just passed out from the shock. You don't jump off a building, fall and spend 20 minutes writhing in pain while you bleed to death. Same goes for jumping off a bridge.
User avatar #342000 to #341988 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Jesus nigga.
User avatar #342001 to #342000 - dalokan (11/25/2014) [-]
At least something brings me comfort from that thought, I guess.

I've once read too, that people die twice. Once when the body fades away, and the second time when we forget their names.

Even if we didn't know him, or were attached to him as his family was, we'll still remember him like it or not. Or we'll forget, but the death spam made by lulz will make it hard
User avatar #342046 to #342001 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
I'll make sure you guys dont like I cant
User avatar #341992 to #341988 - thebestpieever (11/25/2014) [-]
We don't even have a way of knowing if it was suicide.
#341958 to #341947 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
trapper was secretly Micheal Brown and then get got Slim Slomed by Wilson
#341960 to #341958 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
He wasn't a stupid nigger. I know that.
User avatar #341967 to #341960 - rebornpooper (11/25/2014) [-]
Best blackface ever.
#341957 to #341947 - princessren (11/25/2014) [-]
oy rebornpooper, you have a problem with satanist? people not taking the tragic incident of someone committing suicide to "troll" and shitpost?
#341962 to #341957 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
R u trying to be like ur 2 cool 4 school sister who smoke that dank kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush
cuz if u r ur're're're failing
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ser
User avatar #341959 to #341957 - rebornpooper (11/25/2014) [-]
Ayy, lmao. Trapper would have wanted it. He was an actual shitposter, not like your may-may facebook level garbage.
#341965 to #341959 - princessren (11/25/2014) [-]
that's just harsh man
that's just harsh man
#341975 to #341965 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #342008 to #341975 - lexdface (11/25/2014) [-]
how old are you♫
how old are you
you live with your parents
and you steal from them too♪
User avatar #341977 to #341975 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
It doesn't work? How old is it?
User avatar #341982 to #341979 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
It should be working by then unless it's getting its tuition paid by parents.
#341985 to #341982 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
not even
User avatar #341986 to #341985 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
So it's so stupid it's not even going to college/uni and to top it all of it doesn't even work... jesus fucking christ I wish it was her instead of trapper.
User avatar #341971 to #341965 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
Your a piece of shit though, so subhuman its not even funny. I bet your a twig in real life, I'd strangle you with one hand.
#341978 to #341971 - aoeui (11/25/2014) [-]
pic related, it's princessren without his wig on
#341981 to #341978 - princessren (11/25/2014) [-]
ew, that is like a beaner or something
User avatar #341983 to #341981 - aoeui (11/25/2014) [-]
racist faggot
#341952 to #341947 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #341948 to #341947 - rebornpooper (11/25/2014) [-]
Oy princessren, you have a problem with mourners? You have a problem with people not shitting up the board for useless fucking shit like ironic shitposting and blog-style "look at me I'm so pathetic" shit posts?
#341956 to #341948 - princessren (11/25/2014) [-]
hail satan
hail satan
User avatar #341950 to #341948 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/25/2014) [-]
She's gonna say that I'm doing it more then once so I'm not being serious, fuck it (trannies aren't people my friend)
User avatar #341940 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
#342114 to #341940 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
"waa my website it better than yours! waa"
~people in the comments.
User avatar #342045 to #341940 - nefarian (11/25/2014) [-]
I browse various subreddits daily, and I can assure you that it's the biggest circlejerking pile of fuck there is.
User avatar #342062 to #342045 - ferrettamer ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #341972 to #341940 - aoeui (11/25/2014) [-]
o my
#341941 to #341940 - cycloneclone (11/25/2014) [-]
>fj actually thinks they are better than reddit   
even better considering 50% of the fronptage of fj on any given day was probably  on the frontpage of reddit the day before
>fj actually thinks they are better than reddit

even better considering 50% of the fronptage of fj on any given day was probably on the frontpage of reddit the day before
#341961 to #341941 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
actually most of it is of from from imgur like 90% of it is
you can view tomorrows front page on imgur
User avatar #341969 to #341961 - cycloneclone (11/25/2014) [-]
Imgur is reddit
#342004 to #341969 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
you're reddit
User avatar #341951 to #341941 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
reddit is bad and /b/.com is scary child porn!!!
User avatar #341944 to #341941 - alexanderburns (11/25/2014) [-]
like how cycloneclone thinks he's a decent memelord but all his memes are stolen and the ones he tries to make are garbage
#341934 - tvfreakuk (11/25/2014) [-]
I'm grateful I keep forgetting about it, but I will always be horrified by the time I found my mam's vibrator in her drawer (she asked me to get her something from her room, and I couldn't find it so I was looking through her drawers)

The worst part was that I touched it, not knowing what it was. Then the realisation settled in. Had my hand under boiling tap water for about five minutes. It still felt dirty.
User avatar #341966 to #341934 - semenslurpinglily ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Try cleaning your hand with sand paper.
Only then will you feel somewhat clean.
User avatar #341968 to #341966 - tvfreakuk (11/25/2014) [-]
It happened a few months ago; after washing my hand specifically with loads of hot and soapy water I felt fine after a while.
User avatar #341942 to #341934 - alexanderburns (11/25/2014) [-]
My sister leaves her dirty underwear on the bathroom doorknob sometimes but who even cares because incest is wincest, amirite
User avatar #341973 to #341942 - aoeui (11/25/2014) [-]
#341963 to #341942 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
if you don't sniff them every time you walk by them then you are wasting a wonderful chance
User avatar #341939 to #341934 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I once found a pair of unopened sexy dice in the family van
What fuck
#341937 to #341934 - anonymous (11/25/2014) [-]
i've sucked on my moms vibrator before
#341938 to #341937 - tvfreakuk (11/25/2014) [-]
Alrighty then.
Alrighty then.
User avatar #341936 to #341934 - fargfive (11/25/2014) [-]
I remember when I was ten my mom told me to go get the laundry and as I left the room I noticed my dad shaking his head.
They were hiding my birthday present in on top of the washer.
They tried to cover it up by telling me it wasn't for me.
It was a 1500 piece Megablocks tank. It was pretty cool
#341932 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
I'm about to just stop going home.
Literally the last 4 times I've been home, my mom has brought my nephew over and made me watch him.
And guess who's staying at my house for Thanksgiving break?!
User avatar #342122 to #341932 - thekeeperofthumbs (11/25/2014) [-]
Where are you? College or something?
User avatar #342123 to #342122 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #341935 to #341933 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Not what I was going for, but yes.
#341920 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Well my tumblr fucking bursted, and of course they're all siding with Mike Brown
I can almost 100% guarantee you that none of them actually followed up on the case and chose the ignorant "he dint do nuffin" route
I hate this entire fucking ordeal, and I hate that there's probably going to be even more riots. Like that ever fucking solved anything
User avatar #341928 to #341920 - leonhardt (11/25/2014) [-]
So did they rule for or against the cop
User avatar #341929 to #341928 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
They looked at all of the evidence and ruled in his favor
People are currently rioting
User avatar #341931 to #341929 - leonhardt (11/25/2014) [-]
chimpouts happening
User avatar #341925 to #341920 - leadstriker (11/25/2014) [-]
first of all
>having tumblr account
second of all, im guessing you didn't follow the case either
User avatar #341926 to #341925 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
>it's an art blog
I didn't try to follow the case, mostly because I didn't care. I saw shit pop up occasionally.
User avatar #341922 to #341920 - volero ONLINE (11/25/2014) [-]
Any excuse to loot.
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