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User avatar #421225 - darksideofthebeast (09/26/2015) [-]
>tfw world still hasn't ended by the date that people said it would.
User avatar #421217 - ferrettamer (09/26/2015) [-]
none of my friends want to go to the fall fair with me
User avatar #421258 to #421217 - sphincterface (09/26/2015) [-]
I'll go with you.
User avatar #421246 to #421217 - bladeboy (09/26/2015) [-]
Ill go with you jameypoo
User avatar #421247 to #421246 - ferrettamer (09/26/2015) [-]
wow thanks
User avatar #421333 to #421247 - bladeboy (09/26/2015) [-]
Just kidding, get fucked faggot
User avatar #421227 to #421217 - darksideofthebeast (09/26/2015) [-]
With that ass wipe face, I wouldn't count on it, you special motherfucker.
User avatar #421223 to #421217 - alexanderburns ONLINE (09/26/2015) [-]
not even blademan?
#421221 to #421217 - ohemgeezus (09/26/2015) [-]
bring your MLP plushie
User avatar #421222 to #421221 - ferrettamer (09/26/2015) [-]
why is everyone mocking me or laughing at me
User avatar #421226 to #421222 - sugoi (09/26/2015) [-]
This isn't a depression helpline this is funnyjunk where everyone is a faggot.
User avatar #421231 to #421226 - ferrettamer (09/26/2015) [-]
yea but i didnt expect the bully hotline
User avatar #421233 to #421231 - sugoi (09/26/2015) [-]
errybody is bulli
User avatar #421229 to #421226 - darksideofthebeast (09/26/2015) [-]
>not a depression helpline
pick one.
User avatar #421252 to #421229 - rokkarokkaali (09/26/2015) [-]
Not since 2013
User avatar #421230 to #421229 - sugoi (09/26/2015) [-]
I pick hating to actually hate on things like you.
You realize we have an advice board right?
User avatar #421232 to #421230 - darksideofthebeast (09/26/2015) [-]
Actually this isn't a depression helpline, kill yourself
Even edgier.
User avatar #421234 to #421232 - sugoi (09/26/2015) [-]
Fuck you cunt I'll glass u mate with my rasengan.
Oh wait I think I tipped over into autism there.
User avatar #421235 to #421234 - darksideofthebeast (09/26/2015) [-]
Just a twinklybit, mate8
User avatar #421219 to #421217 - Elk (09/26/2015) [-]
#421207 - balor (09/25/2015) [-]
>Ate 3 habanero peppers as a dare
>Still hungry
>Went to make lunch
>Boil some rice
>Chop up Jalapenos, chicken, and spinach
>Cook it in pan with seasoning and olive oil
>Mix everything together
>Tastes great with hotsauce
>Fast forward 2 hours and my stomach feels like it's melting
User avatar #421213 to #421207 - gibroner (09/26/2015) [-]
you shouldn't have done that you gon die
#421206 - notmadguy has deleted their comment [-]
#421200 - balor (09/25/2015) [-]
When a donkey lives a long time, but his horses buddy doesn't.
User avatar #421199 - cycloneclone (09/25/2015) [-]
i dont know if its just me but when i close my browser, i hear the fj notification sound coming from my speakers when someone responds to one of my comments
i dont know if im just going insane or if its actually happening
User avatar #421205 to #421199 - masterboll (09/25/2015) [-]
most likely going insane

i had one of those moments with the fb pop noise a while ago and had to mute it in order to recover again
User avatar #421196 - darksideofthebeast (09/25/2015) [-]
Everytime I comment on that picture of that guys house who had a divorce then he sold the land around it like a baby, I say "man-child" and get thumbed down cause of FJ loving divorced men dick in their mouth.
It's an easy way to get red thumbs, but damn, people on this site just love to defend all men in divorce cases, no matter the lengths.
If a woman did that, they'd all be like "skank! slut! WHAT A HORRIBLE BABY WOMAN!"
Absolutely retarded.
User avatar #421193 - Shiny (09/25/2015) [-]
I don't even care about related content, but it's getting cringeworthy to see everything have "fucking feminazis hate this it's so hard to be a guy" in everything.

It's like browsing Tumblr without the awesome pornography feed blogs.
#421191 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
People who think atheism = science, as in attributing scientific discoveries to Atheism as a whole. Even if discoveries are made by atheists, they are not made in the name of atheism. Plus, if you actually use science, you would be agnostic, because we know nothing (scientifically) about deities.
Not knowing anything about something means you don't form opinions about it.
User avatar #421197 to #421191 - Shiny (09/25/2015) [-]
In the scientific method, a claim that cannot be falsified cannot be tested and is thus considered meaningless. So "this is bullshit until you prove otherwise" is a perfectly legitimate position to take.

As much as I dislike religious bigotry, it's pathetically politically correct to say that religion doesn't confound scientific research, and not just regarding the theory of evolution.
User avatar #421210 to #421197 - masterboll (09/25/2015) [-]
>16th century
>live in fedora tipper's utopia
>someone comes up with the idea that the earth goes around the sun
>atheist tards use "this is bullshit until you prove otherwise" argument
>becomes accepted that earth does not go around the sun due to insufficient measurement tools
>atheist tards reject what is reality until it is proven that the earth goes around the sun

as much as I dislike atheist stupidity, it's pathetically politically correct to say that a narrow scientific view which supports atheism gives us a true understanding of what is really going on in the universe
User avatar #421215 to #421210 - Shiny (09/26/2015) [-]
It has been mathematically possible to prove that the Earth rotates around the Sun for centuries, but it's completely nonsensical to try to prove the existence of a being that defies our basic understanding of reality and existence.
#421216 to #421215 - anon (09/26/2015) [-]
#421211 to #421210 - anon (09/26/2015) [-]
That was the most willfully ignorant thing I've ever read.
#421214 to #421211 - anon (09/26/2015) [-]
Elk thumbing up simplistic reactionary bullshit, no surprise here.
User avatar #421194 to #421191 - shibe (09/25/2015) [-]
i use science to know ur dumb as fuck
#421188 - muchname (09/25/2015) [-]
I hate with a passion that the new King book, Revival, won't get a movie adaption; it could really introduce the general public to lovecraftian horror
#421185 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
4chan mods
User avatar #421183 - themanwithnoplan (09/25/2015) [-]

When you've played so much EUIV that you think real world politics works/worked like that
User avatar #421192 to #421183 - shibe (09/25/2015) [-]
armies are either infantry, cavalry or artillery and the reason europe is so much better than everyone else is because they got a technology bonus duh the middle east just hasn't westernized yet

god it's like you don't what history is
User avatar #421195 to #421192 - themanwithnoplan (09/25/2015) [-]
Why didn't the Spaniards go with the early comienda for that extra pip in the shock phase? It's like they don't even know how to run an empire.
User avatar #421186 to #421183 - Shiny (09/25/2015) [-]
And of course they're unaware how the content was openly mocking them.
#421182 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
"1984 was not a how to book".

I'm pretty sure there was a lot more going on in Oceania in 1984 than a few CCTV cameras in highly populated public places.
User avatar #421184 to #421182 - Shiny (09/25/2015) [-]
Or when people cite 1984 while supporting "anti-terrorist" government surveillance and apologizing for extraordinary rendition.
#421173 - theruse ONLINE (09/25/2015) [-]
When you bite the inside of your lip and it becomes an open wound.
#421180 to #421177 - theruse ONLINE (09/25/2015) [-]
#421169 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
>"Circumcision isn't genital mutilation"

W...what? It literally is. And not in the white girl "literally" way, as in the "it is literal mutilation of one's genitals" way
User avatar #421198 to #421169 - Shiny (09/25/2015) [-]
Male genital mutilation is a lot more common than female genital mutilation, but the latter is profoundly worse so it's been a hell of a lot simpler to get rid of.
User avatar #421187 to #421169 - darksideofthebeast (09/25/2015) [-]
Ey, I like being circumsized, my penis doesn't look like some weird, gross snake.
And I don't get a shit ton of nasty smegma.
#421212 to #421187 - anon (09/26/2015) [-]
Just because you think something looks better does not mean it's okay to do it to infants.

If you clean your dick in the shower it doesn't get smegma.
User avatar #421218 to #421212 - darksideofthebeast (09/26/2015) [-]
I never said it did, it's my opinion, silly.
#421175 to #421169 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
that's just something cutlets say though
#421171 to #421169 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
There is circumcision for women too.
Cutting baby's cocks = A-OKAY
Snipping some clit = WAY TOO FUCKING FAR
User avatar #421172 to #421171 - thebestpieever (09/25/2015) [-]
I decided to check the internet for 5 minutes before heading out again. And I've already had enough stupid arguments stupidly argued for today, good job.
#421176 to #421172 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
Nice argument, 10/10 explanation

#421181 to #421176 - ohemgeezus (09/25/2015) [-]
How is anything he said an argument?
#421292 to #421181 - anon (09/26/2015) [-]
That's the point. They said literally nothing other than "omg dis is stoopid ur rong hurdur gudbey"

Fingers-in-ears response to someone that subconciously knows they can't justify something.
User avatar #421295 to #421292 - thebestpieever (09/26/2015) [-]
Maybe I'm not trying to justify anything and I just think you people are being retards.
#421165 - Elk (09/25/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** I freaking lost my key card. $25 down the drain.
#421167 to #421165 - ohemgeezus (09/25/2015) [-]
prove it
#421166 to #421165 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
Nice roll m8
User avatar #421164 - cycloneclone (09/25/2015) [-]
>nice roll m8
>image has literally nothing to do with the subject
every fucking time.
#421174 to #421164 - theruse ONLINE (09/25/2015) [-]
Then somebody rolls something related to the content but it's ponies so it gets red thumbs.
#421148 - kegget (09/25/2015) [-]
I hate being addicted to junk food. I hate that i don't have the willpower to stop. I hate that i'm turning into the kinda of overweight blob that i've always hated. I hate that diet pills don't work.
#421151 to #421148 - Elk (09/25/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** Do you workout?
User avatar #421159 to #421156 - thegrohltroll (09/25/2015) [-]
There is no kinda ma nigga, eat as much calories as you want as long as you burn them later. Being fat sucks.
#421157 to #421156 - Elk (09/25/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** prove it
User avatar #421201 to #421157 - misticalz (09/25/2015) [-]
I have her on facebook
she isn't obese lol
inb4 whiteknight
User avatar #421209 to #421201 - Elk (09/25/2015) [-]
I just wanted nudes.
User avatar #421250 to #421209 - badmotorfinger (09/26/2015) [-]
oh, you.
User avatar #421142 - Tyranitar (09/25/2015) [-]
My mom likes to watch Nancy Grace, and the more I listen, the more I realize that she's like the ultimate feminazi

She just said that she pretty much believes that anybody who plays video or tabletop games above the age of 16 (besides playing with their own kids) MUST be a pedophile.
#421178 to #421142 - anon (09/25/2015) [-]
She's not. She's a busybody middle aged white lady.
User avatar #421133 - darksideofthebeast (09/25/2015) [-]
I hate how people bring their kids when they look at houses, I have to put up all of my shit just because I'm worried some little kid will fuck with it all cause their parents won't watch them.
So annoying.
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