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User avatar #397816 - ZenMacros (06/22/2015) [-]
>Dark Souls 2
>defeat Lost Sinner
>obtain fragrant branch of yore
>go to use it on statue to get into the Shaded Woods or whatever
>decide to do some exploring for anything I may have missed earlier
>end up using branch of yore to unpetrify Straid
>look up where to get another
>online sources say No Man's Wharf in a house that I've already been into
>go there, I've already opened the chest, as I suspected
So according to online guides, I should have had two of these things, and I used one so I should have one, but I don't have it. What the fuck is going on?
User avatar #397855 to #397816 - wallbuilder (06/22/2015) [-]
You can get another 1 or 2 from down at the rotten and another from the dude in... um... fire lava castle place.
User avatar #398000 to #397855 - ZenMacros (06/23/2015) [-]
S'all good, I got one at The Gutter/Black Gulch, both of which I fucking hate.

After some backtracking, I think I realized where I used it. I believe I may have used one at the statue in Things Betwixt. I don't remember doing it, but the statue isn't there, so that's the only explanation I can think of.
#397813 - onemoreminute (06/22/2015) [-]
that disturbing close-up gif of the CIA guy's neck muscles.
User avatar #397815 to #397813 - joshlol (06/22/2015) [-]
who is that?
looks like Limmy
#397817 to #397815 - onemoreminute (06/22/2015) [-]
it's limmy alright
#397811 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
People who don't pick up their fucking phones
User avatar #397822 to #397811 - Elk (06/22/2015) [-]
Maybe they do pick up their phones and ignore it because you get too angry.
User avatar #397825 to #397822 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
Well...Maybe if they would pick up the damn phone, maybe i wouldn't be so angry
User avatar #397800 - volero (06/22/2015) [-]
It's easily 100+ degrees in my room right now. I have a fan going full blast on me and I'm still sweating a bit.
This is some bull fucking shit.
#397870 to #397800 - anon (06/22/2015) [-]
Ice cubes in front of fan or get an air conditioner or open windows with the fan or just do something somewhere else mate
User avatar #397823 to #397800 - Elk (06/22/2015) [-]
Fans don't blow out cold air.
User avatar #397856 to #397823 - wallbuilder (06/22/2015) [-]
Sweat + breeze = cool
User avatar #397801 to #397800 - freedomreturns (06/22/2015) [-]
If I have my AC on it's too cold.
If I have it off it's too hot.
At least I have an excuse to wear this hoodie in Summer.
User avatar #397803 to #397801 - volero (06/22/2015) [-]
I just wish I had AC.
#397797 - anon (06/22/2015) [-]
I did a gaming marathon, and my back hurts more than if I were to spend those 10 hours sitting down walking with a 300 pound backpack.
My head hurts from wearing overhead headphones for 10 hours.
I'm dehydrated.
And tired.

What the fuck man? I used to do this all the time. How did I become an ammatuer.

Probably my shitty chair.
User avatar #397824 to #397797 - Elk (06/22/2015) [-]
>sitting down

User avatar #397802 to #397797 - bladeboy (06/22/2015) [-]
>not constantly drinking water while gaming

pleb tier
User avatar #397798 to #397797 - sugoi (06/22/2015) [-]
Probably because you've gotten too old old man.
#397795 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
>Swagfag Friend goes off on a tangent about white people and that Dylann faggot.
>Says all this fucked up racist shit about white people
>Generalizes white people and cops as evil racist beings over the fucking eric gardner thing and about how the cops gave Dylann "Start A Fucking Race War" Roof a fucking bulletproof vest and how no one ever gives black suspects a fucking vest
>Starts calling me and my family racist after i point out that they gave Lee Boyd Malvo a bulletproof vest after his apprehension
>When confronted about his bullshit he says "I'm not a racist! Only white people can be racist!"

Why? Why do these people exist?
#397804 to #397795 - bladeboy (06/22/2015) [-]
>being friends with someone like this
User avatar #397805 to #397804 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
He wasn't like this 3 years ago.
User avatar #397807 to #397805 - bladeboy (06/22/2015) [-]
Is he white?
User avatar #397810 to #397807 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
User avatar #397812 to #397810 - bladeboy (06/22/2015) [-]
He's just jealous he'll never be white like you fam, don't sweat it.
User avatar #397814 to #397812 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
I'm not even white.
User avatar #397839 to #397814 - bladeboy (06/22/2015) [-]
He's still jelly fam
User avatar #397799 to #397795 - sugoi (06/22/2015) [-]
Because people keep saying "just ignore them!" and now there's more I mean everyone knows you don't ignore pests like cockroaches and rats, you kill them all.
#397793 - Elk (06/22/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** Xbox.

I've always loved Xbox. The controllers are comfortable to me, and I just like it more than the other gaming platforms. Today, it kept disconnecting from Xbox live, so I restarted the Xbox because it wouldn't reconnect. When I did, it got back online. I tried to play games, and it told me to sign in. When I signed in, it would tell me that I had an error. I looked up how to fix the error, and I followed the steps of the video. While I was following the steps of the video, I got the same error. How am I supposed to fix an error by doing something that gives me the same error? Fix your shit, Bill.
User avatar #397843 to #397793 - badmotorfinger ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
360 or one
User avatar #397809 to #397793 - bladeboy (06/22/2015) [-]
Buy a ps4
#397819 to #397809 - Elk (06/22/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** Who do you think I am? Bill Gates?
#397787 - maddboiy (06/21/2015) [-]
Tried watching Danger 5 today, its funny but i can't stand watching it because every line is ADR and it bothers me so fucking much that i had to switch it off. I know thats part of the style they're going for but god damn it drives me nuts
#397794 to #397787 - adr (06/22/2015) [-]
i'm not so bad
User avatar #397884 to #397788 - maddboiy (06/22/2015) [-]
audio dialogue replacement, normally when you record dialogue you do it on set with a microphone but you ADR is when the actors overdub their lines during post-production and it sounds quite odd because their mouths dont often line up with the dialogue. Almost all (from what i can tell) of Danger 5's dialogue is re-dubbed, most likely for the effect that the show is going for but it drives me mad
User avatar #397776 - haydentheviking ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
Britain first
#397789 to #397776 - thebestpieever (06/21/2015) [-]
You know, fuck those guys, but they're really good at marketing. Even the name sounds good. It's like "I can't believe it's not butter" where just uttering it seems like an endorsement.
User avatar #397790 to #397789 - haydentheviking ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
I find it funny when i see people on my facebook going

"fucking muslim cunts" and sharing a Britain first photo

I just think its stupid and ironic they are around
User avatar #397774 - kegget (06/21/2015) [-]
I hate this guy i play DOTA with.
I don't hate him as such, he's a really cool guy. I could chat to him for hours about random crap, but he turns into a dick over teamspeak when we're playing together.
He's a good player, but we ALWAYS lose with him because he starts bitching and saying "we're going to lose" whenever the other team gets a kill. He starts moaning and we lose because then our whole team gets pissed off with him and goes on tilt.
He always plays mid, and he'll stay quiet for ages and say "FUCK I'M DEAD WHY DIDN'T ANYONE COME MID?!? SUPPORTS?!?!" I'm focusing on my aggressive lane, if you need help ask before you actually fucking die.
I'm the support, so obviously i get his blame for fucking everything. He bitches at me for not having any items in a game where i don't get any last hits in game because i'm giving them to the carry, i'm spending the very little gold i have on courier, wards, dust, tps, and regen.
User avatar #397778 to #397774 - dreygur (06/21/2015) [-]
Mid is the worst lane for a person like that, as they're the ones with the lead. Have you ever tried shedding some light on his attitude?
User avatar #397775 to #397774 - ferrettamer ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
ofc the gril supports
#397772 - dalokan (06/21/2015) [-]
I hate the "metal" meme

"omg so harcor so metul"
"durr metal af"
User avatar #397766 - themanwithnoplan (06/21/2015) [-]
A quick guide on one way to get to frontpage
1. go to reddit.com/r/fallout
2. Click "hot"
3. repost top 5 posts
User avatar #397845 to #397766 - badmotorfinger ONLINE (06/22/2015) [-]
I do r/4chan. folks love greentexts
User avatar #397768 to #397766 - ieatbengay (06/21/2015) [-]
>go to imgur
User avatar #397767 to #397766 - bladeboy (06/21/2015) [-]
Just go to reddit in general
Then bitch about how shit of a site is while taking all their content
User avatar #397757 - wallbuilder (06/21/2015) [-]
I wish I felt tired after 16 hours of consciousness with 8 hours sleep. It take about 20 before I feel like I should sleep at all. Inevitably my sleep cycle gets out of wack if I just sleep when I feel like it.
User avatar #397759 to #397757 - shibe (06/21/2015) [-]
it's funny how i can stay up for 20 hours when my sleep schedule is nice but the second i go to sleep at 5 am i struggle to stay awake for longer than 14 hours
User avatar #397761 to #397759 - wallbuilder (06/21/2015) [-]
Well, I guess yours correct itself.
Still, sleep debt would be annoying.
User avatar #397762 to #397761 - shibe (06/21/2015) [-]
if by correct itself i go to sleep at 5 am every night then sure
#397732 - anon (06/21/2015) [-]
Opening up an MRE and find some twizzlers, then I realize the "best by" date on them is in early 2012.
User avatar #397808 to #397732 - bladeboy (06/22/2015) [-]
I once ate candy I found on the ground, yolo
User avatar #397769 to #397732 - misticalz (06/21/2015) [-]
It's candy who gives a fuck
User avatar #397770 to #397769 - misticalz (06/21/2015) [-]
eat that shit im sure the preservatives are still workin
User avatar #397771 to #397770 - themanwithnoplan (06/21/2015) [-]
Have you ever eaten stale twizzlers.

Very little flavor and hard as a rock. Also don't melt in your mouth so it's like having a very slightly strawberry-flavored rock in your mouth until you spit it out
User avatar #397756 to #397732 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
If it doesn't kill you or give you the shits, eat it :^)
#397725 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
The fact that i can't call or text my dad (unless he calls or texts me first like he did the other day) on father's day due to the fact that my step-mother is a massive bitch and flips her shit at him if I even try to talk to him.
User avatar #397751 to #397725 - wallbuilder (06/21/2015) [-]
Sub-humans, eh?
User avatar #397727 to #397725 - EdwardNigma (06/21/2015) [-]
Tell her to fuck off and call your dad.
#397722 - anon (06/21/2015) [-]
>People agreeing with Karl Pilkington just because he is Karl Pilkington
User avatar #397781 to #397722 - joshlol (06/21/2015) [-]
in what context?
User avatar #397779 to #397722 - dreygur (06/21/2015) [-]
Figuratively what
User avatar #397745 to #397722 - Elk (06/21/2015) [-]
Literally who?
User avatar #397731 to #397722 - themanwithnoplan (06/21/2015) [-]
Literally what are you talking about
User avatar #397720 - twiley (06/21/2015) [-]
It means that now gifs don't work on the majority of phones. Not many mobile browsers support webm.
User avatar #397721 to #397720 - twiley (06/21/2015) [-]
This was supposed to be a reply to volero
User avatar #397712 - superblade (06/21/2015) [-]
I hate the new hd-gif update
User avatar #397818 to #397712 - ZenMacros (06/22/2015) [-]
Makes using FJ on mobile a nightmare. Every other comment is an HD gif now and they don't load on my phone.
User avatar #397703 - volero (06/21/2015) [-]
I hate that every fucking gif is turned into a webm on this fucking site.
#397711 to #397703 - maddboiy (06/21/2015) [-]
this is a webm on my computer but when i post it it becomes a gif
User avatar #397783 to #397711 - joshlol (06/21/2015) [-]
no, it's a webm
with autoplay attribute, controls hidden by default, and loop
User avatar #397786 to #397783 - maddboiy (06/21/2015) [-]
oh shit it is
User avatar #397729 to #397711 - themanwithnoplan (06/21/2015) [-]
Soundless webms are automatically played.
#397714 to #397711 - thebestpieever (06/21/2015) [-]
This gifs makes me feel something... but I'm not entirely sure what.
User avatar #397785 to #397714 - joshlol (06/21/2015) [-]
does it make you feel like you're in charge?
#397716 to #397714 - masterboll ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
thats the feeling which comes from realising you can do it with all the lard around your neck
#397718 to #397716 - thebestpieever (06/21/2015) [-]
Do what with lard?
User avatar #397719 to #397718 - masterboll ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]

and stop posting those pics, weeaboo cunt
#397724 to #397719 - thebestpieever (06/21/2015) [-]
Can't what... lard, neck gif. What are you even on about?
Can't what... lard, neck gif. What are you even on about?
User avatar #397741 to #397724 - alexanderburns ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
My favourite thing about Platinum is the poking people when she/he/they win(s)
#397743 to #397741 - thebestpieever (06/21/2015) [-]
Oh yeah - that's the best.
Oh yeah - that's the best.
User avatar #397704 to #397703 - volero (06/21/2015) [-]
Okay, it just seems to be certain ones.
User avatar #397706 to #397704 - masterboll ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
i think its webms that get converted into a repeating gif image

its pretty annoying
User avatar #397709 to #397706 - joshlol (06/21/2015) [-]
no gifs get converted into autoplay looped webm with controls hidden by default
because they're smaller than gifs and look better
User avatar #397710 to #397709 - joshlol (06/21/2015) [-]
only exception is rly small gifs or using gifs from recents ebfore the conversion
#397702 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
Also people who nitpick every single thing about a movie.
Also people who nitpick every single thing about a movie.
User avatar #397752 to #397702 - wallbuilder (06/21/2015) [-]
I hate that line. It just screams "man-made". The probability of an ancient society in a galaxy far, far away developing an honorific directly comparable to "Sir" is unlikely and ruins my immersion. And the blue trims on their armour are completely impractical and just another expense. At least go with black or grey trims.
User avatar #397753 to #397752 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
How is it impractical?
User avatar #397754 to #397753 - wallbuilder (06/21/2015) [-]
I was joking, pretending to be excessively picky. It could be argued that those trims are impractical but that requires a level of autism well beyond mine.
User avatar #397755 to #397754 - huntergriff ONLINE (06/21/2015) [-]
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