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#379090 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
I have a toe that looks like it is falling off, so I pissed on it.
Here's to hoping it starts to heal by morning.
User avatar #379093 to #379090 - badmotorfinger (03/29/2015) [-]
>comment hidden

know that you will never not be the poo pee anon.
#379096 to #379093 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
I am gonna pee pee on your poo poo if you don't close your anust. Faget
#379098 to #379096 - badmotorfinger (03/29/2015) [-]
I imagine one day you'll remove that fancy label of yours, won't you
Now if i had my way, you'd wear that god damn label for the rest of your pecker-sucking life.
But I mean at some point you'll have to take it off.
So, I'm gonna give you a little something you can't take off.
User avatar #379129 to #379098 - redandgreen (03/29/2015) [-]
I loved that film. So over the top.
#379100 to #379099 - badmotorfinger (03/29/2015) [-]
This might just be my masterpiece.
User avatar #379149 to #379100 - peepeepoopooanon (03/29/2015) [-]
That's me fetish.
Will you pee on the wound?
#379146 to #379100 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
It fits me well.
User avatar #379086 - foreveranonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
I hate that I spent quite a bit of time on something and it's probably going to be for naught
User avatar #379103 to #379086 - levvy (03/29/2015) [-]
User avatar #379115 to #379103 - Conquistador ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
Your fail trolling?
User avatar #379097 to #379086 - sugoi (03/29/2015) [-]
Half-assing something still better than full-assing nothing.
#379080 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
A dude threatened to shoot me in the face with a shotgun because I was making fun of military propaganda.
I wonder how he will react when I message him back saying that he is acting like an isis terrorist.
User avatar #379104 to #379080 - levvy (03/29/2015) [-]
I get death threads all the time.

Its just neckbeards.
User avatar #379083 to #379080 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
i don't think he's the kind of person you'd want to mess with when he says he'll shoot you in the face
#379089 to #379083 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
He won't
User avatar #379092 to #379089 - Darianvincent ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
"What are you going to do shoot me in the face?" -Man who was shot in the face. :^)
#379064 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
Why is it when you express your idea of an ideal society people want to argue as if anything in the past has ever actually fucking worked.
User avatar #379072 to #379064 - themanwithnoplan (03/29/2015) [-]
'Cuz, y'know, history tends to repeat itself
User avatar #379066 to #379064 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
User avatar #379076 to #379066 - pixmantle (03/29/2015) [-]
He's a bloody commie.
#379078 to #379076 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
User avatar #379077 to #379076 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
ok and
User avatar #379079 to #379077 - pixmantle (03/29/2015) [-]
From what I've seen, people who think a communist system is best are usually confronted with examples of communist societies that have failed. So I think he's someone who would prefer communism over capitalism, friend.
User avatar #379121 to #379079 - redandgreen (03/29/2015) [-]
There's never been a communist society - unless you mean kibbutz which are close I suppose.
User avatar #379082 to #379079 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
ok and
User avatar #379084 to #379082 - pixmantle (03/29/2015) [-]
You said "what" as if you were wondering what he was talking about, so I offered what I thought he was talking about.
User avatar #379085 to #379084 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
ok and
User avatar #379087 to #379085 - pixmantle (03/29/2015) [-]
I bought some really mediocre cucumber when I went to the store.
User avatar #379088 to #379087 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
damn man that sucks
User avatar #379091 to #379088 - pixmantle (03/29/2015) [-]
I know, when I make veggie packs, crisp, delicious cucumbers are always the highlight. I bought one that was weirdly spongy, 'cuz shit man, I don't know how to tell if a cucumber is baller or not. You feel me?
User avatar #379116 to #379091 - newposterintown (03/29/2015) [-]
You can always use it in a soup. Old ingredients are always good for soup because they break down and the taste isn't as distinct.
User avatar #379094 to #379091 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
yea man, i usually just go with all cucumbers suck but i mean you like cucumbers so that's gotta be a real pain
#379044 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
Some of the things I am passionate about are:
Politics (Anarchist)
Racism (I hate niggers)
Rationality (Who needs it)
Hatred ( I love it)
The environment (I love to burn forests)
Unity (great for browser based or mobile gaming)
Engineering (So I can build bombs)
Sexuality ( I want to fuck every woman on earth)
#379162 to #379044 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
Amount of edge u are: 2
Amount of edge I am: 4
U r 2edgy, 4 me
User avatar #379150 to #379044 - nimba (03/29/2015) [-]
oh dear, you appear to be 2edgy
#379054 to #379044 - themanwithnoplan (03/29/2015) [-]
Is this a joke list
Is this a joke list
#379058 to #379054 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
I would say everything past politics is a joke.
User avatar #379052 to #379044 - thesoulless (03/29/2015) [-]
>Engineering (So I can build bombs)

I think you mean google and walmart. Who needs to be an engineer to blow shit up?
#379046 to #379044 - ferrettamer (03/29/2015) [-]
>Unity (great for browser based or mobile gaming)
User avatar #379047 to #379046 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
SICK MAN! high fave james-mundooooo
User avatar #379048 to #379047 - ferrettamer (03/29/2015) [-]
are you upset you can't meme as well as me
User avatar #379051 to #379048 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
yea, teach me
#379040 - Elk (03/29/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** Annoying Prick 3rd edition

People who think they're loved by everybody.

I don't know if many schools do this, but I went to a super small school, so that may be why. I graduated in a class of 33 in a school K4-12th grade of 250. High school for us was 7th-12th grade. We did class favorites. Every year we'd vote for our favorite male and female of the class, so 6 different guys and girls would win. I was class favorite my 11th grade year, and the younger classes loved me. I was pretty well-liked.

I don't think AP ever got a vote, but he thought EVERYBODY loved him. I remember pissing this girl off I don't remember what I did. , and some other guy pissed her off eventually. He said something to her, and she said, "I'm still mad at you." I jokingly asked something like, "But you like me, right?" I don't remember what she said there either, but AP said, "It's weird how she hates you guys but still likes me." No, buddy, that's not it. Let me tell you some of the things she's told me about you. Let me tell you about the things I've overheard her say. She doesn't like you either.

Every year, the senior class does a play for the school. We were working on it one day, and I went outside. He followed me because he was annoying like that. This girl was leaving, and she told us bye, and then he said, "What? I don't get a hug?" She turned around to hug him and decide she didn't want to, so she just blew a kiss. After she walked off, he said, "Haha, she blew me a kiss." Nigga, she has told me straight up that she does not like you. This girl used to just pull stuff out of her ass to talk to me about, and you'd always interrupt to try to get the conversation on you, and it never worked. She did not like you at all.

We ended up going to the same college for a year. There was a Norwegian girl that had no friends apart from her roommate, so I started talking to her give her somebody. She ended up actually making friends, so I guess we weren't ever really good friends, and I don't think we ever texted each other after the first semester. It's not really important to the subject, but I wanted to tell some backstory. Anyway, he couldn't stand to have someone like someone else more than him. If I spoke to someone, he'd have to try to talk to them, too. He was following me in the dorm one time, and she spoke to me, so he had to speak to her, too. The next time we were all three in the same place, he walked up to her and said hey. She gave this half-assed smile, turned to me and practically shouted, "HEY!" That still makes me smile. I just liked it because he always did that shit, and it made him look a little like an idiot.

He texts stupid shit. Every once in a while, he'll send me a picture of something he found on the internet that's supposed to be funny. Thanks for emailing me, grandma!

I might have complained about this one before, but it really frustrates me. He said something like, "I hate when people act like guys and girls can't be friends without it being more than that. I mean my best friend is a girl. No offense." Firstly, I don't know who the girl is. If it's anyone besides his girlfriend, something's fishy because no one wants to hang around him besides her. She's on the weird side, too. Their mutual friends are strange, but they are all nice people to be fair. Secondly, I don't know why he thought I liked him that much.

I'll make this one my last one, but it may go into two comments.

Our senior year, there were three different classes for us to take. The standard class took government and economics, and the standard track had to take web design or street law. I wanted to be in web design, but he was in there, so I just stuck with street law for a day. The next day, he walked in the classroom and said, "Guess who's your new student!" I sat there the whole time thinking, "Why, God? Why?" The next day, I transferred to web design. That class was
User avatar #379059 to #379040 - damandan (03/29/2015) [-]
I've always wondered who hated me in high school
User avatar #379075 to #379059 - hardstylehobo ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
the teachers talked shit about you on their coffee breaks
User avatar #379125 to #379075 - damandan (03/29/2015) [-]
I believe that
#379041 to #379040 - Elk (03/29/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** so much fun to me. At the beginning of the next semester, he was talking about the web design class, and I was talking about how much work we were having to do. We had no work to do. He said, "Oh, so I shouldn't transfer to that class then." What? You transferred out of that class. "Hello, I would like to transfer back into that class I transferred out of last semester." He didn't transfer. Instead, the street law class didn't do anything, so he started asking the teacher if he could go to the computer lab. Every. Single. Day. He would sit beside me. Every. Single. Day. He would try to talk to me. Every. Single. Day. I started putting headphones on and plugging them in. I wouldn't listen to anything, but I could ignore him without it looking rude. He kept talking to me even though I wasn't responding or even LOOKING at him. He would also sit really close to me. That shit was annoying. This guy kept teasing me, "He wants your d."

I'm going to get a few more of my bitches out Tuesday or something when I'm at school. My spring break has ended.
User avatar #379019 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]

>people actually think the one in the chair is more attractive
User avatar #379124 to #379019 - ZenMacros ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
They pretty much look the same, only difference being one has makeup on and is smiling at the camera while the other has no makeup and is making a neutral expression while looking at her computer.

But to be fair, this site has a lot of people who aren't very outgoing and would prefer a girl who wants to hang out at home rather than go out dancing or some shit, so it's easy to see why they'd find her more attractive.
User avatar #379117 to #379019 - fishinyourface (03/29/2015) [-]
they look the exact fucking same. the bitch in the chair would look like her sister if she made an effort to put on make up. And if she took off her make up, the one in the dress would look like her sister.
It just shows two possible looks for either of them. Some people think that's too much make up, and some people like make up, it's called opinions.
User avatar #379113 to #379019 - cognosceteipsum ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
>people actually have different opinions than me
User avatar #379132 to #379113 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
Those people are wrong
User avatar #379057 to #379019 - squalllionhart (03/29/2015) [-]
they're both exactly the same
neither of them would want me
User avatar #379039 to #379019 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
That blue dress is shite though.
User avatar #379065 to #379039 - fargfive (03/29/2015) [-]
the pink dress is qt tho
User avatar #379122 to #379065 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
The pink dress is fine, sure.
That blue dress is sickening.
User avatar #379043 to #379039 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
But her cutiepie face isnt
User avatar #379049 to #379043 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
Nigga nothing can save that dress, that thing is a fucking train wreck.
User avatar #379050 to #379049 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
titties tho
#379034 to #379019 - Elk (03/29/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*Roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** I think it's a close call in the first one, mainly because I like the hair, but that's beside the point. The second one is no contest, though. The one standing up is way better looking.
User avatar #379030 to #379019 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
i'm pretty sure it's subjective
User avatar #379032 to #379030 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
If you're a faggot, yeah.
User avatar #379028 to #379019 - nefarian (03/29/2015) [-]
no mom I'm not like the others
User avatar #379026 to #379019 - ferrettamer (03/29/2015) [-]
They look the same too me
#379025 to #379019 - foreveranonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
>people in the comments that feel the need to state who they'd fuck
#379024 to #379019 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
They are twins
User avatar #379027 to #379023 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
One actually puts efforts in to her looks and her skin is more tan.
User avatar #379042 to #379027 - aoeui (03/29/2015) [-]
if only effort didn't make you look like shit anyways
User avatar #379029 to #379027 - thebestpieever (03/29/2015) [-]
Yeah, what kind of uncaring slob doesn't wear a frilly dress and do their hair up while they're on the computer?
User avatar #379031 to #379029 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
Considering it's prom night, a slob. Her hair also looks frizzy in the second picture, clearly does not condition 0/10
User avatar #379033 to #379031 - ferrettamer (03/29/2015) [-]
I went to my prom in a wifebeater and shorts
User avatar #379037 to #379033 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
Sure ya did jamy
User avatar #379003 - thesoulless (03/29/2015) [-]
So I decided to start watching Breaking Bad. I'm streaming it from putlocker, and this site is so fucking annoying. Every few seconds it creates an onclick ad on the video, so if I leave fullscreen for whatever reason I have to deal with it opening a new tab, which isn't a huge inconvenience, but when I have to deal with it twice every time I want to interact with it super annoying.
User avatar #379007 to #379003 - qxangelxp (03/29/2015) [-]
I've long used sites like putlocker and a shitload of other sites for my shows with adblock enabled.

Sometime ago, I used the sites on a non-adblock-enabled computer, and oh my god, it was intolerable. Ads were worse than ones on those cheap, conjoin porn sites.

The lesson to be learned is, use adlock especially on sites where the ad interference is severe, namely, those video streaming/download sites. I still have problems where there's no ad in front of a video's play button, but there is a clickable transparent box for it that you get rid of with a X button barely noticeable from the video's thumbnail.
User avatar #379004 to #379003 - cycloneclone (03/29/2015) [-]
Do you have adblock?
User avatar #379018 to #379006 - cycloneclone (03/29/2015) [-]
nigga u dum
#378987 - tvfreakuk (03/28/2015) [-]
The only drawback to online comics is the waiting. I understand it's a much easier format for someone to get their work seen, but it's a massive annoyance.
At least when comic books are published weekly or monthly, there'll be at least 20 or so pages in there, and it will at least have it's own contained story or chapter of the whole story arch in the series.
But with webcomics, it's one page every 2 days; and then the narrative gets really stunted in digestion because there will be, as a hypothetical example, where some big reveal happened with a character on one page; and then the next page is all the characters in the room not saying anything and acting awkward about the revealed information.
Here's an actual example of just little happening, but would seem like a lot more if the whole thing was read together:
monsterkind.enenkay.com/comic/78 < This was released on a Friday
monsterkind.enenkay.com/comic/79 < This was released the following Thursday
A 6 day break for 5 panels and one line of dialogue (I understand there is more to it than that, and art is hard work and they obviously worked hard on any panel, background, or character they draw - but when it comes to actually reading it, it just doesn't fucking work)

This would be completely fine in a general comic on paper, because you get to read the whole scene in one go.

The only online comic that I've seen combat this is 'The Last Halloween', in which the dialogue and the way the author ends on specific frames actually makes it more episodic for the format. But as some of you know, this was the comic I was annoyed with due to the unneeded inclusion of a trans story that cuts through the horror with it's stinky liberal fag agenda (I joke, but seriously; I've said it a bunch of times, it doesn't fit that story)
#378991 to #378987 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #378992 to #378991 - tvfreakuk (03/28/2015) [-]
Which is?
#378993 to #378992 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #378994 to #378993 - tvfreakuk (03/28/2015) [-]
I actually haven't read that in ages. How is it dead?
User avatar #378996 to #378995 - tvfreakuk (03/28/2015) [-]
Oh, has that been for a long while or is it just a thing that recently happened with the site being down or whatever?
#378997 to #378996 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
>>#377758, Recently. About a week now.
I knew I should have gone to the effort of saving literally every comic.
User avatar #379014 to #379013 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
Apparently fucking not, the website on it is fucked up and not showing images, and the layout is a catastrofuck.
User avatar #379016 to #379015 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
Yeah, I saw that SOME worked.
But not all.
I couldn't save literally every comic with this.
User avatar #378988 to #378987 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
I guess that's more because they're usually not done by professionals so they have to balance other stuff. Like, a kid with school and stuff can't sit down and write an entire issue of Captain Pantaloons because who the fuck knows when he'd be done.
User avatar #378989 to #378988 - tvfreakuk (03/28/2015) [-]
I think what I'm meaning mostly is that I kind of feel at least in this one respect, that it's just kind of lazy.
I know a lot of it is to do with schedule and it's hard work making anything at all (I should know when I'm wanting to be a film maker)
But, I just feel there should be more effort into actually making it work for the format (like I said The Last Halloween does) rather than sticking to the old way when it just doesn't fit.
User avatar #378990 to #378989 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
Well, I guess the problem is that they try to be like whole issue comic books. When that kind of delivery is better suited to the format newspaper comics take. You know, stuff like Garfield and such.
User avatar #379002 to #378990 - shibe (03/29/2015) [-]
hey you're not dead yet
#378986 - lobselvith (03/28/2015) [-]
Dear cunthole at work who won't for whatever goddamn reason open the motherfucking trash bags;

How fucking hard is it to open a goddamn trash bag and line a can with it? Are you lazy, or did your mom throw you at a wall when you were a baby? It takes literally 30 goddamn seconds out of your time to open it up. Why the hell you just leave an unopened trash bag in a can?

If you're too stupid to do something as simple as opening a trash bag, I can think of piles of hammered dog shit more qualified for this shitty dead end job than you. At home, do you just pull the covers halfway up and then say 'fuck it' and go to sleep? Do you not know how to wipe your own ass after you take a shit?

Why the living fuck would you do this? I'm fucking sick of picking up after your lazy ass. Fuck. You.

Sincerely, everyone's favorite coworker.
#378951 - thechosentroll (03/28/2015) [-]
Yay. Saturday and Sunday at the university dorms. According to my record there's been a total of 3 hours so far when I couldn't hear music playing. About 3 hours ago the power cut out and I said to myself &quot;Finally! No more music. And I have an excuse to go to bed before 1AM&quot;. NOPE! It's a little known fact that university students have built in echolocation, except they don't use ultrasound like animals do, they just scream random shit at the top of their lungs and use that to navigate the dark. 3 hours. 3 fucking hours of non-stop screaming. Then the power came and it turned into screaming AND music. And people who go home on weekends wonder why I look like I'm about to strange someone on monday.
Yay. Saturday and Sunday at the university dorms. According to my record there's been a total of 3 hours so far when I couldn't hear music playing. About 3 hours ago the power cut out and I said to myself "Finally! No more music. And I have an excuse to go to bed before 1AM". NOPE! It's a little known fact that university students have built in echolocation, except they don't use ultrasound like animals do, they just scream random shit at the top of their lungs and use that to navigate the dark. 3 hours. 3 fucking hours of non-stop screaming. Then the power came and it turned into screaming AND music. And people who go home on weekends wonder why I look like I'm about to strange someone on monday.
User avatar #379008 to #378951 - fishinyourface (03/29/2015) [-]
don't you have someone in charge of the dorms that you can talk to about the noise? I'm sure dorms in university have rules about being loud. I know ours do.
User avatar #379009 to #379008 - thechosentroll (03/29/2015) [-]
They do, but they can only be applied when a couple of people are violating them. When 50 people are blasting music at the same time, the staff just go "Eh, fuck it, that's too much work. We'll pretend the building isn't shaking from all the bass.".
User avatar #379011 to #379009 - fishinyourface (03/29/2015) [-]
that's fucking retarded
User avatar #378944 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Much like that anons comment, my internet keeps cutting out, with my connection disappearing and reappearing shortly after.
Its getting really fucking annoying and I don't know why the cunts doing it.
User avatar #379108 to #378944 - crazyolitis (03/29/2015) [-]
Same problem over here.
#379035 to #378944 - Elk (03/29/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*Roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** You may need a new router.

My internet used to disconnect randomly and reconnect within 30 seconds. It would make it nearly impossible to use the internet some days, if that's what you mean.
User avatar #378971 to #378944 - kanyeezy (03/28/2015) [-]
tfw cant stream anything reliably thanks to crappy aussie internet
#378972 to #378971 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
I feel ya m8.
User avatar #378973 to #378972 - kanyeezy (03/28/2015) [-]
at least we aren't kiwis
User avatar #378974 to #378973 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Thank fuck.
User avatar #378955 to #378944 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
Huh. I'm on Mexican internet and it's reasonably stable now. Hope it doesn't start fucking up like that when downloading games.
User avatar #378958 to #378955 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Where the fuck have you been you dickhead?
User avatar #378959 to #378958 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
On the killing road mostly. And little motels in between travels down the killing road.
User avatar #378975 to #378959 - alexanderburns ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
go back
User avatar #378961 to #378959 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
The fucks a killing road?
User avatar #378962 to #378961 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
A road as described by a weirdo who listens to too much 80s music.
User avatar #378963 to #378962 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
I thought you were English or some shit.
What fucking road goes to Mexico?
User avatar #378964 to #378963 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
Well, if you're living in LA it isn't all that hard to find a road that goes down to Mexico even if you're English.
User avatar #378965 to #378964 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Well la dee da
Why would you go to Mexico? Why would anyone go to Mexico?
User avatar #378966 to #378965 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
Spent a good portion of my childhood there after my parents took me there 'cause it was warmer and the doctors said the English weather could kill me. Or so they say, I think they just liked the place 'cause Spain is just as warm but a bit less shit. Thought I'd settle some stuff here before just going back to England, sitting in a rocking chair and waiting to die of old age.
User avatar #378967 to #378966 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Right, well, don't get murdered by a drug cartel.
User avatar #378968 to #378967 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
Nah, that risk's off now. I'm in the centre, which is the only bit the Mexican government gives any degree of shits about.
User avatar #378969 to #378968 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Why did it take a month to get from LA to Mexico though.
User avatar #378970 to #378969 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
Because I feel evil if I make my dog ride in the sidecar for longer than 3 hours. And illness took me out of commission for a couple of weeks.
#378939 - anonymous (03/28/2015) [-]
I hate how my internet is going so fucking slowly it's not even funny. First, it doesn't want to connect. Neither to my wireless hotspot of my phone or my router. Then it just fucking lags like a motorcartius americanius out of his/her cart
#378935 - qxangelxp (03/28/2015) [-]
> Luigi/Mario & Luigi content

"Poor Luigi. Always in the shadow of Mario. Never taken seriously. Even though I prefer to play as Luigi over Mario. 'I'm a-Luigi, number one!' "

cue replies:
"Luigi > Mario imo"
"I always pick Luigi"
"I like Luigi better than Mario."
"Luigi all the way."

MFW this is treated as the "unpopular" opinion.
User avatar #378946 to #378935 - alexanderburns ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
It should be because Luigi is the least interesting Mario.
Yoshi >> Toad > Peach > Rosalina > Mario >>>>>>> all else >> Luigi
User avatar #378998 to #378946 - Tyranitar (03/28/2015) [-]
Toad is better than Peach and Rosalina? Are you serious, m8? His entire personality through every single game can be described with one word: Bitch.
User avatar #378999 to #378998 - alexanderburns ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Blue Toad in 3D World is God
User avatar #379005 to #378999 - Tyranitar (03/29/2015) [-]
Oh, if you're referring to the entire race, they are interesting. I assumed you were referring to the standard red-spot blue-vest Toad chaarcter.
User avatar #378947 to #378946 - ferrettamer (03/28/2015) [-]
You know you're edgy when you say Yoshi is the most interesting
User avatar #378948 to #378947 - alexanderburns ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
fuck off you piece of shit
#378943 to #378935 - babybeel (03/28/2015) [-]
Also they ignore Luigi's Mansion is extremely popular.
#378933 - anonymous (03/28/2015) [-]
"So I'm thinking about getting a PS4..."
"PCs better"
yes let me get a PC because that gets so many jrpgs and fighting games on a timely manner
the only shooter ive ever liked is uncharted so yes let me get a pc to play uncharted 4
let me get a powerful pc that i have no use for because the only program i ever run thats remotely heavy is photoshop
people dont understand that some people just want to buy a box to play games every 8 years and then never think about getting a new one or changing anything about it until new games stop coming out for this one
or that pc lacks a lot of niche games weebs like me may care for
yes im sure 60 fps is gonna come in real handy when im putting 10 hours into disgaea that cursor is going to move so much smoother you cant believe it
User avatar #379053 to #378933 - iamannon ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
So long as PC doesn't have Persona 5, PC loses. At least to me.
User avatar #379020 to #378933 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
Enjoy those visual novels on consoles bud, weaboo trash.
User avatar #378985 to #378933 - maguswaffy (03/28/2015) [-]
i'd buy a ps4 just for disgaea 5
User avatar #378956 to #378933 - fargfive (03/28/2015) [-]
I want a PS4 for Jerpeguhs too. There's no Xbox exclusives that I want (RIP Halo Franchise :disappointed and everything else that looks cool is multi-platform or PS4 exclusive.
User avatar #378945 to #378933 - thechosentroll (03/28/2015) [-]

Well there's yer problem. They actually make fun games for PC.
#378957 to #378945 - thebestpieever (03/28/2015) [-]
>Not loving console waifu simulator 2010/2014.
#378936 to #378933 - anonymous (03/28/2015) [-]

fucking weeaboo
#378938 to #378936 - anonymous (03/28/2015) [-]
someones a bit slow on the uptake
someones a bit slow on the uptake
User avatar #378934 to #378933 - volero (03/28/2015) [-]
On a semi-related note, if I have to hear anyone else bitching about Bloodborne not coming to PC, I might cut someone.
User avatar #378930 - hourlyb (03/28/2015) [-]
I hate people who pretend like doing stuff automatically makes them like something else.
Like, I was playing airsoft, and some 15-16 year old was saying it was exactly like being in a real life combat situation.
Fucking, no.
It just really irks me.
User avatar #378923 - thesoulless (03/28/2015) [-]
I hate that my iPod doesn't want to load shit for me. I'm trying to figure out if my itunes account has any money on it, but it isn't loading the stuff.
User avatar #378920 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
you know what i hate?
sounds kinda bread-and-butter doesnt it?
everyone hates bullies
but im not talking about the physical bullies, or even the ones that call you names and verbally harrass you.
im talking about the only kind of bully with more than a fistful of braincells in his head
the bullies that reply with snide remarks
who run away from you on the way to assembly because they dont want to sit near you, the ones who always try to bring up everything bad about you in any conversation, the ones who pass it all off as a joke.
and thats all it is to them
a Joke
am a joke
for many years_ I_ believed them
I thought it was a joke
i thought we were friends
i was a stupid kid who just thought that everyone was who they said they were.
for 5 years of bullying i didnt even realise, i got depressed, but couldnt figure out why.
I felt hated and ostracised, but at the same time felt like "part of the gang", i never knew where i stood with them, one moment they where nice the next they where horrible, and this continued for FIVE. FUCKING. YEARS.
then in the last two terms i began to realise, as the other younger years began to copy the actions of my own, i began to realise how they where not my friends, how they laughed at and mocked me, how they had played me a fool.

After that i no longer retaliated because of ignorance, but instead because of threats, from my parents, from the school, telling me that retalliation was wrong and that i must tell the teacher and keep calm. And i improved, i really did, almost became like my brother, nigh on unshakeable, nothing they could say would anger me, i was free.

but then i left there. and went to another school,
and thats when i met her,
lets call her C.
C was the cool pretty blonde that everyone liked, the kind that took artsy photos and wore retro clothes, and she was able to shatter my defences, almost anything she said set me off, maybe it was because i had come from an all boys school, maybe it was because girls are a different kind of cruel, but something about her destroyed any sembelance of balance in me, and so all the other jabs and pinches gott through, all the boys in my house who took the piss out of me for reading. (READING? yes reading.) all the people who took the piss out of me for being fat, all the people who where just stright up unkind for no apparent reason, they all got to me, and i went mental.
so now, nine years down the line, im the most cynical hatefilled piece of shit youd ever be unfortunate enough to meet, i have to deal with almost 24/7 ribbing and snide remarks from all those around me, and every so often the line one again snaps and the mist decends, and another "innocent pupil" is assalted my the "evil mean bully phycotic asshole" for no reason what so ever, because they dont care about reasons, they just want someone to hate, and seeing that there was no one worth hating, they decided to make one themselves.

TL;DR Kids are assholes
User avatar #379036 to #378920 - Elk (03/29/2015) [-]
Not going to a shitty public school and being able to stand up for yourself master race
User avatar #379135 to #379036 - scarredwolf (03/29/2015) [-]
I went to one of the most prestigious schools in britain, the type of school doesnt change the type of people, kids are assholes in every school

And if i stood up for myself they would be in hospital, im one of the biggest in my year and theyre all the arrogant pricks with napoleab complexes.
#378960 to #378920 - fargfive (03/28/2015) [-]
I'm always worried that this is me to my friends because I'm kind of a dick without really meaning to be.
User avatar #378976 to #378960 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
Theres a difference
These guys hang out in packs and pick on individuals, using eachother to back up their claims and excuses, i doubt your anything like them, especially due to you actually worrying about beeing like that, good on you for worrying, it just means that you DONT want to be like that, so its unlikely you ever will be
User avatar #378950 to #378920 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Man when I was a kid, my supposed friends used to run away from me. Shit, my own sister did it a few times.
Though, there was also another time where this kid I knew was just being an insufferable cunt as always, probably calling me what most kids called me, quote, "a psycho"
By golly I proved him right when I lost my shit and beat the fuck out of him.

I don't have fond memories of my childhood to be honest.
User avatar #378977 to #378950 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
The boys in my year in my house (we sit in houses) activly race to not sit next to me, ive seen them literally push and trip eachother in their mad rush, and they do this daily.
And theres a girl in my english class who calls me a "psycho" because i tell her to shut up when she accuses the english teacher of being sexist, she also called me a Psychosis so i dont think she actually knows what that means
There was an interresting event on friday when i finally snapped after one of them stole my engish folder to find out my score in a practice paper, i ripped it from his hands, smacked him in the face with it and kicked the boy who had passed it to him in the face, at which point the whole class started screaming about how i had attacked him for bo reason and i was insane and should be expelled, even though most of them had laughed when he took the folder sonthey had obviously ssen it, so yeah, pretty shit here as well.
User avatar #378980 to #378977 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
My sisters boyfriend once told me a story about a kid in his class who had the same name as him, and would often try and take his work and replace them. He told the teacher, teacher says he was lying and the other kid was doing his work while he wasn't, when the fucker took it. This happened a lot and one time he told the teacher if he does it again, hes gonna lose it.

So hes doing his work, and he goes over to grab something while he is holding scissors or something, and just out of the corner of his eye, he sees the guy trying to take his thing. Naturally, he stabbed the fuck through the god damn hand. He told me a few stories like this, actually. He got suspended a lot for it. One time he almost got expelled, but his mother came to the school and told them "You fucking idiots, you didn't god damn listen to him, he told you he was going to do something about it because you wouldn't, and you fucking ignored it."

He sorted cunts out pretty good.
User avatar #378981 to #378980 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
On one hand i wish i could do that,
But on the other hand my moral compass is so fucking righteous it would put a whiteknighter to shame, so i doubt id let myself hurt someone like that unless they truly deserved it, like the guy who comes into my room to bounce an american football of my head, god the amnount of times ive just looked down at my pen and wondered weather i could do it, but no
moral compass game too strong
User avatar #378982 to #378981 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Oh thats not even the best one.
Right, so one time, hes eating lunch and his mate comes in like "COME QUICK." He asks why and his mates like "YA BROTHERS UP AT THE BASKETBALL COURT AND THAT ONE CUNT AND HIS SHITTY LITTLE GROUP ARE PICKING ON HIM." So he goes over there to see, lo and behold, this one cunt and his shitty little friends picking on his brother. And his brother has fucking BRICKS in his hands. He throws the bricks at the guy and his shitty little friends and the shitty ringleader says "oi calm your psycho brother down." So he goes over to calm him down, and the ringleader guy, this dickhead, right, this fucking dickhead grabs him and starts punching the shit out of him. So, I don't know why theres a plethora of bricks over here, but his brother grabs a cinder block and throws it at the ringleaders head and knocked him out. I'm surprised he wasn't fucking dead. His brother got expelled, and he got suspended for I think 8 weeks. The other cunts didn't get anything I don't think.

Whats worse too, is, if I remember right, he said the ringleader took other kids into the bathrooms and "took advantage of them." Whether that means stealing their shit or getting rapey, I don't know. But jesus christ.
User avatar #378983 to #378982 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
Regardless of what it meant, that is some fucked up shit
In a way im annoyed i never got physically bullied, because that would give me justification to fight back, but of course they wouldnt do it to anyone who could fight back.
I once got a guy in a star wars esque choke, arm up, him dangling with his legs kicking around, id had enough of that arrogant prick
Come to think of it
Is it always the small ones who are rediculously arrogant?
Becuase with me thats a definite
User avatar #378984 to #378983 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
Oh yeah, and when the teacher came to break it up i chucked the bastard through the nearest doorway and went back to reading untill a bunch of other pupils dragged me off to the headmaster, who banned me from reading for the rest of my time at the school, (i was in the last year)
User avatar #378978 to #378977 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
And while the whole premise of my attack seems a bit unjustified, i can asssure you he was a total asshole and i was already in a very bad mood due to my housemates "jokes"
User avatar #378979 to #378978 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
And the other kid was the reason i failed on the practice papare as i had some kind of freeze up when he started typing (he uses a computer in every lesson because hes a special snowflake) which caused me to then go a little nutty and fill a whole A4 sheet up with the word "Click" before fibally returning to my senses and doig the paper, which my teacher deemed unsuitable to mark because of every free space on the papaer being filled with the word click, soni guess i was kind of a dick to him because i blamed him, but yeah, hes a cuntjob as well so while i feel bad becuase of how inreacted, i have no doubt that he deserved that kicking, oh yeah and hes also like 5'5 so im not like some martial artists who can kick like 6'
#378921 to #378920 - anonymous (03/28/2015) [-]
yea like d-d-d-davidavidson!!! fuck him!
User avatar #378922 to #378921 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
nah man
io ant gon kill them
i just hate them
i always will
but ive got stuff to do, people to see, things to build, places to see.
i wanna have kids, i want to get married, i want to live in a castle
and even more than that, they may be horrible human beans to me, but im damned sure someone will miss them, someone might miss me as well.
but yeah, no davidson
User avatar #378925 to #378922 - kingdork (03/28/2015) [-]
It's just that people all like to poke fun and it's alright
But start poking back and they get all uptight
User avatar #378940 to #378925 - scarredwolf (03/28/2015) [-]
Too true
Sick rhymes bruv
User avatar #378913 - nimba (03/28/2015) [-]
yeah people sure are going to be shocked at seeing tits on the internet
User avatar #378917 to #378913 - majormayor (03/28/2015) [-]
>hashtag campaigns
Where there's your problem. Have't you learned from Joseph Kony?
User avatar #379022 to #378917 - bladeboy (03/29/2015) [-]
I probably would have if he didnt die before kony 2012 launched

User avatar #378918 to #378917 - nimba (03/28/2015) [-]
no they're really important... like that one about the things?
#378919 to #378918 - majormayor (03/28/2015) [-]
I may have heard about it.
User avatar #378914 to #378913 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
Be free, young nipple. Soar to great heights.

Seriously though, what?
#378926 to #378916 - kingdork (03/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #378901 - foreveranonymous (03/28/2015) [-]
I kinda hate how easy it is to fool people. I was joking around with my sister and she took me 100% seriously, and then stated "of course I believed you, why would my older sister lie to me?" Now I feel like an asshole
User avatar #378937 to #378901 - qxangelxp (03/28/2015) [-]
This sort of shit happens to me at work with most people just because I have a calmer nature.

I crack a joke, and they take my words seriously. I especially hate it when it happens when I reply to their joke with my own.

They really need to give me more credit, because tt normally results in them thinking I am some sort of idiot for saying a really dumb thing, and me ending up needing to tell them that, "no, I completely get it" or "It was a joke."
User avatar #378928 to #378901 - kingdork (03/28/2015) [-]
Everyone in my family is some form of autistic and I message my cousin Derp's high-functioning autistic best friend on facebook:

"You know, Derp told me just now 'I love me some women < 3' and I thought to myself it sure is disgusting to like them that young"
So he messages me: as long as he isnt going to brothels or anything
To which I respond: "No, he went to one once. He told me about how brothels are different from circuses because the circus is a cunning array of stunts and a brothel is a stunning array of cunts."

He blocked me and told me aunt I was saying her son goes to brothels. How the fuck did that dude not understand that was a joke. I told my cousin and he laughed his ass off at one of the two jokes.
User avatar #378908 to #378901 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
I hate it because I'll make a joke and people will take me seriously, then get mad at me.
This is the opposite of what I wanted.
User avatar #378910 to #378908 - foreveranonymous (03/28/2015) [-]
The struggle is real
#378903 to #378901 - superchrischan (03/28/2015) [-]
dont beat yourself up
dont beat yourself up
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