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#48628 - anon (07/18/2015) [-]
Elk here. I'm banned for rolling doubles.

NCAA Football 13 is a load of shit. I was pretty decent originally. I find it hard to believe I just suddenly suck this badly. People keep exploiting the same fucking plays over and over again, and there's nothing I can do about them. It fucking pisses me off. I keep fumbling. I hold the fucking RB button like it tells me to. It just doesn't work. I fucking hate this game so damn much. This may be the last time I play it. I'm sick of none of my players holding/going for the ball, I'm sick of him doing whatever the Hell he wants to and getting the ball/touchdown/first down, and I'm sick of my quarterback not throwing it in the fucking direction he's supposed to.

"Oh, I'm supposed to throw it to A? Let me throw it to the left of A where fifteen of his players are currently standing." - My quarterback
#48629 to #48628 - anon (07/18/2015) [-]

DOWN 35-14, HALFWAY THROUGH THE 4TH QUARTER, THIS GUY LOST CONNECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#48630 to #48629 - anon (07/18/2015) [-]
I was down*
User avatar #48627 - Elk (07/17/2015) [-]
I find it hard to believe I'm this bad at NCAA Football 13. It's literally every God damn game now that I lose because of the last few plays. I used to be okay, but it is literally. every. single. one.

I just lost two games in a row because of the last 10 seconds of the fucking game. It's unbelievable how my defense just fucking chokes every fucking time.
#48624 - PopcornViking (07/17/2015) [-]
why dont you just kill me now
User avatar #48621 - themanwithnoplan (07/16/2015) [-]
Summary of The Open round one:
Tiger Woods has proved the uphill battle to becoming a contender is, infact, a cliff
Lingmerth ties record in front 9 and then almost goes +5 on the back
Spieth puts up a Spieth performance
Dustin Johnson puts himself in a great position to choke and lose the lead later on
#48613 - anon (07/16/2015) [-]
#48616 to #48613 - bondofsnow (07/16/2015) [-]
Well, sometimes they are
#48614 to #48613 - anon (07/16/2015) [-]
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"**
**anonymous rolled image**
#48609 - skullnigga (07/16/2015) [-]
ok so curry gets the nbas best player award when westbrook was better then him in almost every statistical category and anthony davis, lebron james and james harden and maybe even chris paul are better players then curry, it seems like everybody is jumping on the curry bandwagon
User avatar #48660 to #48609 - sphincterface (07/20/2015) [-]
Just wait one year, everybody will forget his name. That's usually how it works with the fucking NBA mvp's or whatever. You have a good season, everyone loves you. You don't do as well the next season, and people leave your for the next big player. As if NBA fans couldn't be enough of shitty bandwagoners.
User avatar #48612 to #48609 - suddenk (07/16/2015) [-]
Best male athlete too lol
User avatar #48615 to #48612 - skullnigga (07/16/2015) [-]
thats total bullshit, there are like 100 better athletes then stephen curry, my boy watt should have got that award, i dont think people know what the word athlete means and why tf was aaron rodgers on there, hes not that much of an athlete, shit pick almost any receiver in the nfl and there way more of an athlete then curry, or any mma fighter or boxer, there are even a lot of other nba players that are way more athletic then curry, curry isnt that fast and hes skinny as fuck he cant even grow facial hair
User avatar #48608 - awesomerninjathing (07/16/2015) [-]
>abby wambach presenting the ESPY award of courage to Caitlyn Jenner

the circlejerk continues
User avatar #48619 to #48608 - subtard (07/16/2015) [-]
Best Breakthrough Athlete by year:
2010: Chris Johnson ran for over 2000 rushing yards, at the time the 5th best RB year in NFL History, wins offensive player of the year
2011: Blake Griffin wins Rookie of the Year in the NBA, averages 22.5 PPG and becomes a human highlight reel
2012: Jeremy Lin goes from being a nobody to scoring 20+ points in 6 straight games and becoming the life of the Knicks, coining a nationwide term "Linsanity"
2013: Colin Kaepernick takes over for injured Alex Smith, starts the last 8 games of the season, 15 total TD with 3 INT, 2230 total yards, nearly leads team to superbowl win
2014: Richard Sherman proves himself as the best CB in football and the keystone to the Seahawk defense, 8 interceptions, and a key pass deflection against the 9ers in the postseason which caused an interception and won the game.
2015: Mo'ne Davis is a girl playing baseball! But baseball is for boys! You go girl!
User avatar #48620 to #48619 - themanwithnoplan (07/16/2015) [-]
She had a couple good games and then was eliminated. Woo?
User avatar #48611 to #48608 - skullnigga (07/16/2015) [-]
yea im getting tired of all this bullshit praise for having a mental illness and somehow your so "brave"
#48606 - suddenk (07/16/2015) [-]
Bumgarner and American Pharoah lost to Lebron for "Best Championship Peformance". The same Lebron who lost during the championship game.
#48625 to #48606 - anon (07/17/2015) [-]
Is an horse a athlete?
User avatar #48626 to #48625 - suddenk (07/17/2015) [-]
User avatar #48622 to #48606 - themanwithnoplan (07/16/2015) [-]
First Triple Crown in 37 years, but hey let's give it to Lebronze
User avatar #48610 to #48606 - skullnigga (07/16/2015) [-]
american pharoah should have won it but the way lebron carried the cavs in the finals was something that has never happened before
#48623 to #48610 - yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (07/17/2015) [-]
like the horse cares about the trophy
#48605 - suddenk (07/15/2015) [-]
User avatar #48617 to #48605 - saltyfries (07/16/2015) [-]
1 knocks out fighters, the other is Floyd Mayweather
User avatar #48604 - theguyishere (07/15/2015) [-]
So Kanye West is closing the Pan Am games in Toronto. Please whether you care about them or not I think they were a waste of time and money personally but this really rustled my jimmies sign this petition www.change.org/p/toronto-pan-am-games-don-t-have-kanye-west-perform-the-closing-ceremony-for-the-toronto-pan-american-games
User avatar #48607 to #48604 - awesomerninjathing (07/16/2015) [-]
lol fuck off
#48603 - anon (07/15/2015) [-]
WWE: "Rest In Peace" ► The Undertaker 31st Theme Song I'm thinking he's coming back anyone else going anon to save myself from embarrassment
User avatar #48618 to #48603 - saltyfries (07/16/2015) [-]
I think he is for one more Wrestlemania, not sure against who but if WWE wants to sell out 100k people at Cowboy's Stadium, I'm sure they'll ask him to wrestle 1 more time.
#48597 - lotengo (07/15/2015) [-]
Marcel Brands did it again.
PSV Eindhoven signs Gaston Pereiro.
User avatar #48598 to #48597 - onemanstand (07/15/2015) [-]
PSV is doing work this transfer market
How are there signings compared to Wijnaldum and Depay? Don't know really know the new signings but I assume they are to replace the two players. Props to them for turning relatively unknown players into stars

You guys still need a winger right?

User avatar #48599 to #48598 - lotengo (07/15/2015) [-]
Depay is irreplacable for a Dutch squad. But Pereiro is known as the biggest talent in Uruguay so we got a replacement. Signing him was a b*tch because his agent is a corrupt dick that accepted a twice, only to take it back later.
We also signed Lestienne from the desert, a boy that requires discipline but a good player.
We will probaby use em both as wingers, one to replace Depay and one to put the pressure on our leftwinger Narisigh who had a very dissapointing season.

Pröpper is a decent midfielder, we payed 4,5 for him, not a doubt in my mind we wont be able to turn him into a profit.
Its a step back from Wijnaldum but if you take into account we got 2 gifted wingers in return PSV has not weakened.

We are stil looking for an attacking midfielder, there are rumors Afellay will return to Eindhoven but thats a long shot.

And we really need at least one more strong central defender. The club is aiming for Hector Moreno but the fans hope we can give Alex from AC Milan a call.
Alex is a long shot but he played in Eindhoven before and was extremely popular here.

I did not know anybody followed the Eredivisie here, what team do you support?
User avatar #48600 to #48599 - onemanstand (07/15/2015) [-]
Yeah you're right, depay looks like an immense talent, excited to see if he can adapt to the premier league and do well. He will either tear it up or pull an Altidore

And yeah getting players from South America is a massive pain, with the 3rd party ownerships and agents being twats.

I don't really support a team in the eredivisie, i just follow whats going on right now in world football and check up on other leagues. Looking at PSV's roster its pretty interesting seeing mainly youngster in it and young players that are hyped up to be future stars. Alex would be a pretty good signing for you guys and would add experience in your team that'll be immense for you

And to be honest i haven't really heard about the other guys you mentioned and PSV paid quite a bit for him, so they obviously see talent in him
What did you think about Bakkali when he played for PSV?

User avatar #48601 to #48600 - lotengo (07/15/2015) [-]
Bakkali was a complete twat. Very talented but lacked physical.
Then he just tried to keep the club on a leash.
PSV has been very patient with him, he promised to sign for addtional extend his contract several times, but he always backed out last minute.
He switched agents multiple times, his family is a bad influence.
He also broke his leg and removed the cast on its own without his doctors approval.

He is very talented but he lacks discipline. He can make it but i dont think he's gonna.

Propper is not very interesting for you to follow, a midfielder that one day will be good enough for a middle tier PL club, nothing interesting, but good enough for our division.

Lestienne is a weird case, he's from Belgium but transferred from Brugge to Al-Arabi. They rented him out to a club in Italy and now to us. They want to keep him under contract in Qatar so he can get Qatar nationality and play for their country in the 2022 world cup. That is how they form a team so they dont get blown the fuck out 10-0 every group stage match.

Keep an eye out for both our backs, Jetro Willems will be among the top 3 left backs in the world within 5 years. He's strong, has a long rage on his throw-in and an amazing shot. He gave 13 assists last season, a leftback.

Santiago Arias might grow to be a good right back.
Also keep a lil eyeon Arias as well, our right back. Not good enough to be top of the world, but good enough for a Champions League squad.

We signed Adam Maher a few years ago, big talent but he is dissapointing so far. But i got a feeling he is going to turn it around this year. Attacking midfielder.
#48596 - lotengo (07/15/2015) [-]
PSV Eindhoven signs Davy Pröpper
#48594 - themanwithnoplan (07/15/2015) [-]
Since his team can't seem to win, I'm glad Frazier was able to win the Homerun Derby at his homefield in front of his fans.

I'm posting this late I know
User avatar #48595 to #48594 - themanwithnoplan (07/15/2015) [-]
Now if only he could have done something in the All-Star game
User avatar #48593 - cycloneclone (07/15/2015) [-]
#48587 - Elk (07/14/2015) [-]
If the next four words out of your mouths aren't "Auburn is national champion," the fifth will be "Ow, my crotch. You punched me in the crotch."

I don't have an Auburn gif, so you get the cute Alabama girl from the commercials.
User avatar #48661 to #48587 - sphincterface (07/20/2015) [-]
I'll take Auburn over Alabama any day.
#48589 to #48587 - figatron (07/14/2015) [-]
Definitely prefer Auburn over Alabama but I'm not going to lie that Bama girl is cute as hell
#48588 to #48587 - figatron (07/14/2015) [-]
Auburn is *not* National Champion
User avatar #48590 to #48588 - Elk (07/14/2015) [-]
Florida State isn't national champion either.
User avatar #48583 - theguyishere (07/14/2015) [-]
>Ryan O'Reilly gets huge contract
>Celebrates by getting drunk and crashing his car into a Tim Hortons
I hate when sports stars who get paid too much money think theyre above the law and do something as stupid as drinking and driving. Unfortunately he will get little more then a slap on the wrist.
User avatar #48584 to #48583 - suddenk (07/14/2015) [-]
I'm pretty sure regular people drink and drive to
User avatar #48591 to #48584 - theguyishere (07/14/2015) [-]
Difference is regular people get criminal records. O'Rielly will end up having the charges dropped mark my words.
User avatar #48585 to #48584 - damandan (07/14/2015) [-]
because they have shitty lives and no money
User avatar #48579 - panicchemical (07/13/2015) [-]
anyone doing a FJ fantasy football?
User avatar #48580 to #48579 - damandan (07/14/2015) [-]
closer to the season
#48581 to #48580 - panicchemical (07/14/2015) [-]
**panicchemical used "*roll picture*"**
**panicchemical rolled image** So sometime in August I'm guessing then
User avatar #48582 to #48581 - damandan (07/14/2015) [-]
yeah most likely
User avatar #48578 - awesomerninjathing (07/13/2015) [-]
anybody watching the beach soccer world cup? I saw it was on a few days ago and have caught a few games since then, it's pretty fun
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