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this is a re-captioned 4chan post from years and years ago
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Dog's Life is actually a really fun PS2 game. I like eating food and ******** everywhere and chasing random smells.
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My dog learned how to honk the horn. If we left her in the car alone for like 5 minutes we would hear a horn going off over, and over, and over, so we look outside and see her hitting the horn. When we would walk out, she would stop hitting the horn and wag her tail.
This logic is invalid.
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you should have probably just closed the door then
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I can only imagine that's how it feels to travel with the Doctor.
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**joemand rolled a random image posted in comment #6640107 at FJ Pony Thread ** I'm just going to have to go ahead and stop you right there. This post insults my dog, therefore I find it my duty to defend his honor.

I'm sure my dog understands that I am in control of the vehicle as he knows to grab the keys for me when we decide to drive somewhere. I believe he has understood the concept that without me, the car is rendered useless.

Don't insult my dog ****** . hfw
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Now you're assuming the consciousness of a dog is identical to a humans. We actually don't know this, because we aren't dogs and have no way of gauging this. I was in a class about Animals in Literature, and this basically leads to how we try to humanize animals in an attempt to further ourselves from our natural, animalistic instincts.
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**alduinrape rolled a random image posted in comment #67 at Learning Cursive **
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That's nothing. I once saw someone roll the exact same picture as the content. It was mind blowing.
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perhaps not but he definitely knows how far hes going and he can feel when he's almost home

this, by the way, is the result of magnetotactic bacteria that can orient themselves in relation to the earth's magnetic poles, and they are the reason that animals can always find their way home
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prove it
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MFW when out the window
MFW when out the window
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lets be honest here, did you ever think that you would have a time where you could use that gif and it would be relevant?
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I think you accidentally your sentence
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So you're a dog?
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"My face when when out the window"
Fix that **** .
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You're new, aren't you?
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wow. you're about to be torn apart.
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wait...guys, i understand the point this guy was making (about the typo) and why i got thumbed down for what i said. i'm very sorry. he was right. my bad.
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The deed has been done.. The red thumbs are comeing.

I'm sorry.
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pic related
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sure, "window"
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