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jk= just kidding (we meet again ms. rabbit the rabbit)
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I don't understand the Duck one.

Um. What else, the dog's dinner one was interesting. #

The Loyal dog one creeped me out a bit.
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Yeah... cause the doctor thinks there's no space between the ears...
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maybe she was blonde.
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The dog's dinner I've heard on "Urban Legends" it always seemed ******** to me because I doubt and waiter's first thought would be trying to figure out what the customers are motioning for, far more likely they would try to find someone who spoke their language instead.
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8 spiders is too little.
related- www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCzXZfNIu3A
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Fact 4

[url deleted]

not to mention the video you posted gave no evidence, only that spiders like warm moist places
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<-The ducks face after trying to make an echo
<-The ducks face after trying to make an echo
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the loyal dog one, is just a rip-off of the welsh tale of gelert, owain glyndwr's dog. when owain went out hunting one day, he left gelert in charge of his wife and child. when he returns it looks like gelert has eaten the baby and wife, so owain kills him, but upon further inspection owain sees a wolf dead on the floor and the baby and wife hidden in the corner. owain buries gelert in what is now a well known county park.
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and that is where snowdon is, is it not?
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The Earwig one is fake, the ears are not designed like that and even if it was able they still wouldn't do it, they make nests.

Pic related, earwig laying eggs.
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If you swallowed octopus eggs they would be broken up by the stomach acid. But if she had a wide gaping vagina....
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guys face when he saw the dogs muzzle covered in blood
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I can't imagine hitting my dog with a baseball bat ;_;
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aww, a German shepherd. i understand why you couldn't hit your dog. he/she's really cute, my German shepherd died 2 years ago.
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I slap him around and wrestle with him all the time.
It's just such a blunt hit with so much force. I just imagine his blood curdling high pitched squeal that he makes when he's in pain.
And I'm sorry about your shepherd. Mines about 2 years old.
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it breaks my heart when i think of dogs getting tortured.
what's his name BTW?
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pretty awesome name
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I'll hold mine for you
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Mind if I hug him?
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ive been looking for this one ******* picture for weeks now, words cannot describe how thankfull i am. i will now thumb up everything you love
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