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#5953 - anon (04/12/2015) [-]
Can't log in, can't fine Report Bugs Help
User avatar #5954 to #5953 - luluwho (04/12/2015) [-]
I'm in now, sorry to bother. IDK what was going on Love You Addy
User avatar #5947 - norkas (04/07/2015) [-]
this stupid faggot is proxy thumbing his unfunny posts to the top of the frontpage, mods plz bam
User avatar #5950 to #5947 - admin (04/12/2015) [-]
banned. This is not a place for trolling.
User avatar #5944 - mrhazzy (04/05/2015) [-]

how has this account not been banned yet? spamming pictures of putin and belittling others, this site can really do with getting rid of this cancer.
User avatar #5952 to #5944 - admin (04/12/2015) [-]
no spam here don't be a fucking liar
User avatar #5940 - winstonamora (04/04/2015) [-]
There is a Sockpuppet that keeps downvoting me, admin or mods, I need help to stop this Anon.

User avatar #5941 to #5940 - winstonamora (04/04/2015) [-]
Which the user was originally theengineerlol
User avatar #5939 - winstonamora (04/04/2015) [-]
This new user spammed red thumbs on each of my comments.

#5936 - imotbhjs (04/01/2015) [-]

proxy thumbed down

first four users ( gnome to weeb ) accounts are all created today

not sure about the anonymous at the end though
User avatar #5938 to #5936 - posttwo (04/01/2015) [-]
User avatar #5937 to #5936 - imotbhjs (04/01/2015) [-]
sorry, not gnome
User avatar #5933 - thispuckingguy (04/01/2015) [-]
www.funnyjunk.com/user/istandwherehestood keeps posting licking gecko really getting annoyed
#5932 to #5931 - juststockphotos (03/31/2015) [-]
Take this nigga out
User avatar #5930 to #5929 - imsugoi (03/31/2015) [-]
Now he's begun down thumbing a lot of recent comments I've made.
User avatar #5928 - mudkipfucker (03/29/2015) [-]

this guy is spamming
User avatar #5929 to #5928 - posttwo (03/29/2015) [-]
Thank you
User avatar #5926 - amamiya (03/28/2015) [-]
"There's NOTHING more I hate than spamming. If I catch anyone doing it, they're lifebanned forever."
You should like stop lying you lil piece of shit.
User avatar #5925 - newbtwo (03/27/2015) [-]
some newfag named admin is spamming on /anime/, pls ban
User avatar #5924 - yibdiy (03/27/2015) [-]
A user called "admin" is spamming on /anime/. Please ban him.
#5922 - stompingalex has deleted their comment [-]
#5921 - falloutsurvivor (03/25/2015) [-]

pretty much EVERY comment he makes is spamming that cheerio gecko gif
User avatar #5920 - nightmarecorpse (03/24/2015) [-]
not entirely spam, but not sure where else to post this.
This user:
has been actively searching and thumbing down all my comments, even old ones.

I know for sure that I'm one of many users experiencing this exact same problem with him, just look at all comments mentioning his user name:

This also isn't the first time he has been mentioned on the spam board, and he may have multiple accounts to be a dickhead as mentioned here:

Even the comments on this post are from users recognizing similar issues from the same source. I'd suggest permanent IP ban.
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