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User avatar #71789 - tredbear (11/04/2014) [-]
This is worrying.
Though Russian military personnel have not been proven in the Federal State of Novorossiya, I just hope this doesn't get really ugly.

And even if Russia goes all in, I don't think the US is interested anymore.
User avatar #71892 to #71789 - levvy (11/05/2014) [-]
This is old, Russia will not go all in.

Also even if Russia did, all America would do is cry about it.
#71792 to #71789 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
Just because the media hasn't been paying attention, doesn't mean the government isn't interested.
#71791 to #71789 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
america not interested in Russian affairs?
#71788 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
User avatar #71768 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
Why don't poor people just buy more money?
User avatar #71777 to #71768 - pebar (11/04/2014) [-]
Because they typically don't have a decent enough credit score or reputation that is required to take out a loan that they can invest.
User avatar #71778 to #71777 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
They don't let you invest on credit anymore, it's what caused the great depression.

User avatar #71779 to #71778 - pebar (11/04/2014) [-]
I was using "invest" in a broad way. So it could be anything that can be used to increase your money. For example, you could borrow money to go to school.
User avatar #71780 to #71779 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
#71769 to #71768 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
Cause the market isn't free.
User avatar #71771 to #71769 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
Free market fixes everything.
User avatar #71786 to #71771 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Except healthcare and immigration.
#71772 to #71771 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
But does it know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?
User avatar #71775 to #71772 - jewishcommunazi (11/04/2014) [-]
Probably because it has loads of sugar.
User avatar #71774 to #71772 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
It's got cinnamon swirls in every bite!

-Free E. Market.
#71761 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
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#71753 - topoftherock (11/04/2014) [-]
hey /politics/ in my photography class i'm doing a project on how photo manipulation/photoshop changed the course of history through manipulation of the media. does anyone have good examples of this happening? (if you can provide said photos with background info and name of photographer if you can).
<--- things like this. photo shopped or manipulated photos published by the media that significantly influenced events in history and might have been different had the truth been published instead.
any and all time periods are good, from the invention of photography to today is good.
User avatar #71760 to #71758 - topoftherock (11/04/2014) [-]
this is good, but i'm looking more for the actual photos that were published that were shopped (things moved around, things put in that weren't actually there, things taken out for censorship, two photos put together, etc...)
User avatar #71765 to #71762 - topoftherock (11/04/2014) [-]
good stuff thanks!
User avatar #71767 to #71766 - topoftherock (11/04/2014) [-]
i'm also trying to get more info on any manipulated photos used in the days of "yellow journalism" if you've got anything on that
User avatar #71773 to #71767 - schnizel (11/04/2014) [-]
Nope sorry.
User avatar #71781 to #71773 - topoftherock (11/04/2014) [-]
no problem.
#71755 to #71753 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
inb4 holocaust denial
User avatar #71757 to #71755 - topoftherock (11/04/2014) [-]
i am asking /politics/ after all
User avatar #71756 to #71755 - topoftherock (11/04/2014) [-]
if you got the photos then bring it on.
#71744 - Residentpudding (11/04/2014) [-]
I'm writing an essay on how atomic bombs are actually essential for overall world peace and how dropping them saved more lives than they took. Of course, I didn't realize how difficult it would be finding valid sources to support my claim. Yea, I know it's a controversial topic, but it's worth more points that way. Any FJ bros or sisters here that can help me out in any way possible? I'll give you a green thumb if you do
User avatar #71770 to #71744 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
Look up MAD (Theory of Mutually Assured Destruction).
#71782 to #71770 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
I told him that.
User avatar #71783 to #71782 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
Just reaffirming your suggestion.
User avatar #71750 to #71744 - schnizel (11/04/2014) [-]
It's a duble edged dildo, it can fuck both teams.
This nigga nukes another nigga, then the nigga will nuke another nigga, then the niggas will nuke eachother.
#71745 to #71744 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
have you looked up M.A.D. ?
User avatar #71746 to #71745 - Residentpudding (11/04/2014) [-]
MAD Magazine?
#71747 to #71746 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
did you do any research about nukes?
User avatar #71748 to #71747 - Residentpudding (11/04/2014) [-]
I have. Particularly the ones used on Japan
#71749 to #71748 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
have you looked at the cold war?
User avatar #71751 to #71749 - Residentpudding (11/04/2014) [-]
Yes. I've looked at Cold War, nukes, and Truman's decision. I've checked several sources for each. I've also looked at the other side and researched the negative effects. That last part was really easy to find apparently.
#71752 to #71751 - Common Pepe (11/04/2014) [-]
how deep into the cold war did you look?
did you just skim the wkik page or did you click of the links about events in the cold war such as the cuban missile crisis, M.A.D. , transition to war, Defcon, B52 incident of 1961, the U-2 incident of 1960.

if you want to find out why we should have nukes to keep the peace, look up events that could have led to nuclear war. look at the people who made the decisions. the Japanese nukes are way too outdated for the topic you are covering.

are you the same guy that wanted to do a debate on gamergate and something that was actually a porblem?
User avatar #71754 to #71752 - Residentpudding (11/04/2014) [-]
Okay thank you very much. That actually helps a lot. I had only looked into the Cuban Missile Crisis and psychological factors of the people in the era. I appreciate it!
And no, I am not that same guy
User avatar #71741 - ribocoon (11/04/2014) [-]
Sound bites are ruining society
People want short and simple solutions to complex and difficult problems
And the media gives it to them
This is why we can't have anything nice
User avatar #71742 to #71741 - schnizel (11/04/2014) [-]
Hitler did nothing wrong.
User avatar #71740 - youregaylol (11/04/2014) [-]
take a moment to thank admin for allowing us to say nigger and kike without getting our posts deleted and our accounts getting banned

ive noticed that almost any comment section i go to nowadays at news sites whitewash the comments

wouldn't it be cool it FJ could have like a news section that was more than us politics fags arguing?
#71739 - youregaylol has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #71737 - nigalthornberry (11/04/2014) [-]
A certain president said it best back during the cold war. "For in the development of this organization rests the only true alternative to war"
User avatar #71738 to #71737 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
“I want you to know that everything I did, I did for my country.”- Pol Pot
User avatar #71785 to #71738 - victorytoaster (11/04/2014) [-]
I fucking miss radio graffiti.
User avatar #71787 to #71785 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Same. I really, really do.
User avatar #71729 - nigalthornberry (11/04/2014) [-]
So who do you thinks gonna win?
I hope the Republicans just so we can watch liberals bitch
User avatar #71784 to #71729 - victorytoaster (11/04/2014) [-]
gonna be fun watching all the liberals talking about how republicans eat babies and shoot gays.
#71743 to #71729 - fuckya ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
muh guns
User avatar #71730 to #71729 - youregaylol (11/04/2014) [-]
its in the bag that they're gonna win the senate unless the democrats can dig up some more voters (literally)

the real issue is how many seats will they win

if they can break 60 seats they would be able to do whatever they want for the most part, just like the dems did when obama first got elected, and if the next president is a repub we'd have a similar level of hegemony as well as being able to repeal obamacare.

although with the senate rules change made in 2013 (lol at harry reid's nuclear option) the dems will be powerless to stop any appointments for the new repub pres, I bet they're regretting that now.
#71660 - alimais (11/03/2014) [-]
Tomorrow my class will debate with our leftist professor if homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children.

I'm against it because I think people shouldn't gamble with the lives of children who are at the age where they can't decide for themselves and should be left to a traditional family where each role-model is present.

Are there any interesting statistics on this matter and what are your arguments against same-sex couples adopting children?

Greetings from Austria.
User avatar #71731 to #71660 - ablueguy (11/04/2014) [-]
I had a "philosophy" class where I had to argue pretty much the same thing. I was the only person who actually said anything against same sex parents raising a child.
I'd had some statistics and papers saying children missing a parent of a certain gender were more inclined to crime, and anti-social behaviour, but no siree, the class weren't having none of my "homophobic" sexist ways. .

Here's something
User avatar #71720 to #71660 - adunsaveme (11/04/2014) [-]
I've never really looked much into it, but if they're both good parents I don't see why it would be too much of a problem
Aside from the potential bullying factor and whatnot
User avatar #71687 to #71686 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
man /pol/ has changed

I guess joshlol can't cry "muh edgy /pol/ neckbeards" now since the SJW's are in power.
User avatar #71688 to #71687 - joshlol (11/03/2014) [-]
everyone from /pol/ is a cringey neo-nazi wannabe
User avatar #71698 to #71688 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Obviously you haven't been on /pol/ much have you bud?
User avatar #71699 to #71698 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
look how mad you are that I insulted your shitty cesspit board
User avatar #71702 to #71699 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Yep I'm really mad. Simply replying to you means I'm butthurt, good troll XDDD
#71703 to #71702 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
>simply replying

only butthurt fuckwits downvote comments
User avatar #71707 to #71703 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Ohh please, I didn't even notice till you brought it up, it was so sub-conscious. All it goes to show is that you are butthurt over your invisible thumbs, not me.
User avatar #71708 to #71707 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
>pointing out that you're butthurt enough to downvote me means that I'm butthurt
stick to posting you jew memes on /pol/
User avatar #71711 to #71708 - adunsaveme (11/04/2014) [-]
joshlol pls
eat a snickers
User avatar #71714 to #71711 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
snickers are gross
User avatar #71710 to #71708 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
I don't post jew memes, don't make generalizations about me. I'm ethnically Jewish myself and I'm not a nazi. Fucking idiot.
User avatar #71705 to #71703 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
I love that you realized your mistake and tried to remove the downvote
User avatar #71713 to #71705 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
I didn't remove it, it's still there and has been the whole time and I don't care for it, only you seem too. Some other anon thumbed you up, probably a but buddy of yours.
User avatar #71691 to #71688 - alimais (11/03/2014) [-]
Just shows that you are were not a lot on /pol/

It's not a hivemind
User avatar #71689 to #71688 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
except that they're not

have you ever even been on /pol/, especially recently?

it's a liberal faggots paradise
User avatar #71690 to #71689 - joshlol (11/03/2014) [-]
/pol/ users just like to spread shitty memes about how the answer to all the worlds problems is kill all le jews xD

it's a huge circlejerk hivemind with the combined intellectual capacity of a tin of paint
User avatar #71692 to #71690 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
you don't know shit

just read the /pol/ thread up there that alimais made
User avatar #71693 to #71692 - joshlol (11/03/2014) [-]
I legitimately don't care enough to waste my time
User avatar #71700 to #71693 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
"I say 2 + 2 is 5!"

"I have evidence here that says that this is not true"

"I legitimately don't care enough to waste my time"
User avatar #71701 to #71700 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
even a loser like me has better things to do with his time that read an irrelevant thread on /pol/

why waste my time?
User avatar #71704 to #71701 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Then don't talk shit about stuff you don't know or refuse to know the truth about... it's so simple.
User avatar #71706 to #71704 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
I'll talk about whatever I want and a stupid dim-witted /pol/ fuck like yourself isn't in any position to stop me
User avatar #71709 to #71706 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
You do see how flaud your logic is right? all youregaylol did is point out how you were wrong and you refused to look at the evidence so you could believe you were still right. I'm not the idiot here, I'm pointing out how childish you are being.
User avatar #71712 to #71709 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
he suggested I waste my time reading through a thread that I couldn't care less about
>implying ONE thread speaks for a whole board anyway

the thread could consist of literally any combination of sentences and it wouldn't matter
User avatar #71715 to #71712 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
You haven't probably ever been on /pol/ for more then an hour so you shouldn't be talking, or at least thinking your opinion has any intellectual value.
/pol/ is just like fj as it is a site to entertain people, no big difference except this one is politically correct.
User avatar #71716 to #71715 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
>anyone's opinion of a 4chan board
>holding intellectual value
>taking 4chan this seriously

lighten up
User avatar #71717 to #71716 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
You have no place to be talking, you keep replying too. And the point isn't how seriously to take an internet site but how serious your opinion can be when you know nothing about it. For example, your opinion on my penis holds little value because you have never seen or sucked it, or felt it in another orifice.
User avatar #71718 to #71717 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
why did you have to turn the discussion into some homo-erotic shit
User avatar #71719 to #71718 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Why does it matter? If you can't handle it I suggest you go to tumblr.
User avatar #71725 to #71719 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
I get enjoyment too but we could still be spending our time on something more productive
User avatar #71726 to #71725 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Keep me out of your faggotry, this is no time to try and apologize for being stupid. I don't accept the apology either way.
User avatar #71723 to #71719 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
any time you spend on FJ / 4chan is as much as a waste of time as me modding this site

both are just sites to kill time but ultimately a waste of time
User avatar #71724 to #71723 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
I get enjoyment, your a fagget however.
User avatar #71721 to #71719 - joshlol (11/04/2014) [-]
the commenting system there looks shit
User avatar #71722 to #71721 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/04/2014) [-]
Cool story fagget. Now run off wasting your time as an FJ mod. No comebacks needed, just stay mad in that little corner over there Billy.
User avatar #71694 to #71693 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
i didn't mean to interrupt your cheeto finger furry fap session
User avatar #71695 to #71694 - joshlol (11/03/2014) [-]
but I hate cheeto's, furrys and fapping
User avatar #71684 to #71660 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/03/2014) [-]
I support you, I did the same type of shit in my Introduction to Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology class except it wasn't a question and my opinion wasn't asked for.
User avatar #71682 to #71660 - schnizel (11/03/2014) [-]
They get more autistic and degenerate since they are trained by degenerates.
#71677 to #71660 - Common Pepe (11/03/2014) [-]
Oh man, thank god you don't live in America. If people would've heard that statement, they would've called you homophobic.
That said, I don't care if gay people adopt. I understand where you're coming from tho. I wouldn't see it as a good argument because parents impose religious and certain beliefs on their children all the time. And just because gays adopt, wouldn't mean they wouldn't have different role models in their fathers/mothers and brothers and sisters. Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt under the pretenses they were financially and mentally fit for the job.
But a lot of people disagree with the idea of gays getting adoptions so I understand.
User avatar #71663 to #71660 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
In the US i wouldn't even dream of of opening up that can of worms, especially in a debate with a professor.

I remember this one time my friend in class who was pro life accepted the teachers offer of "combative discussion" about abortion, I warned him not to do it but nobody ever listens to gaylol.

About like 15 minutes into it the teacher basically stops the debate and begins to tell the story of her relative that had a back alley abortion that disfigured her or something, and then she starts crying, like seriously crying in the middle of class while saying "Actions have consequences, my (insert relative) will never be the same because some people made it hard to have an abortion!"

My friend ended up looking like an asshole to whole class and was really quiet for the rest of the semester.

Play smarter, not harder.
User avatar #71666 to #71663 - alimais (11/03/2014) [-]
Nah, my class is pretty right centered.

There was this question :
"An 21 African demonstrated against his government but had to flee to Austria because his government wanted to kill him. He was found guilty of a drug crime and is now going to be deported to his old country where death waits.

o) This is Right o) This is Wrong o) I'm not sure"

99% of my class said it was right to deport him and my professor was struck
#71671 to #71666 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
professor fw
User avatar #71673 to #71671 - alimais (11/03/2014) [-]
We killed mister Blackman
User avatar #71662 to #71660 - pebar (11/03/2014) [-]
Even if it is worse, it's probably still better than foster care, so I'm in favor of it.
User avatar #71661 to #71660 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
the niggas dont understand that homosexuality is scientifically wrong.
User avatar #71664 to #71661 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
Omar....why are you here
User avatar #71667 to #71665 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
no pls
User avatar #71668 to #71667 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
but i wont shitpost. i swear.
User avatar #71669 to #71668 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
we had a deal

are you a dirty lying oath breaker
User avatar #71683 to #71669 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/03/2014) [-]
This deal actually went down? Good on you for thinking smart. Politics is the sacred board
User avatar #71670 to #71669 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
i will only come here for a certain topics. i wont start a shitty thread and only reply to the thread from the users i know
User avatar #71672 to #71670 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
This board isn't shit like Religion is, don't fuck it up pls
User avatar #71674 to #71672 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
i wont and i said i wont fuck it up
#71675 to #71674 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
I've got your name
I've got your ass
You will not laugh
You will not cry
You will learn by the numbers
I will teach you
#71679 to #71675 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/03/2014) [-]
If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training, you will be a weapon. You will be a minister of death praying for war. But until that day you are pukes. You are the lowest form of life on Earth. You are not even human fucking beings. You are nothing but unorganized grabastic pieces of amphibian shit! Because I am hard, you will not like me. But the more you hate me, the more you will learn. I am hard but I am fair. There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless. And my orders are to weed out all non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in my beloved Corps. Do you maggots understand that?
User avatar #71676 to #71675 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
stay away from my ass. it is hairy
#71680 to #71678 - lulzformalaysiaair has deleted their comment [-]
#71681 to #71680 - lulzformalaysiaair has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #71685 to #71681 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/03/2014) [-]
I shouldn't do that, it's shitposting
User avatar #71655 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
Rank from top to bottom, worst to best.


Note: I'm not listing these in my worst to best order, im just giving the options
#71642 - alimais (11/03/2014) [-]
#71697 to #71652 - Common Pepe (11/03/2014) [-]
The black and yellow clothing makes me think that was supposed to be a dig at An-Caps, not Libertarians.
#71639 to #71638 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
My Dear Americans

it looks like the CIA ehem i mean the QSIS has reached epidemic level. we will train some rebels who have the same ideology and war crimes of those QSIS and provide them with some of our best weapons to them defeat those terrorist.

wait what? what do you mean those rebels defected to QSIS? oh snap we fucked up again.

thanks obama
User avatar #71656 to #71639 - drastronomy (11/03/2014) [-]

i remember when people thought you were ded
User avatar #71657 to #71656 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
well man. im here with my flesh and blood in kuwait.
User avatar #71658 to #71657 - drastronomy (11/03/2014) [-]
but not ur soul

rip in peace le syrian shitposter soul
#71659 to #71658 - syrianassassin (11/03/2014) [-]
then im the soulless shitposter
#71637 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/03/2014) [-]
I don't FUCKING understand how stupid people in Canada are.

Harper has again pledged another family tax cut plan and both Justin Trudeau (Liberal) and Thomas Mulcair (NDP- Crazy Libs) both oppose it. Not only that but they wanna increase it to begin with.

Why? Why would you vote for these people...
#71640 to #71637 - Common Pepe (11/03/2014) [-]
People are tired of him muzzling (or firing) any one who disagrees or criticizes him while campaigning on promises of accountability and transparency.

They are also tired of him hiding from question's that the opposition or any journalist asks.

He's a massive hypocrite and coward (hid in a closet when that shooter attacked parliament hill) who uses the CRA to attack charity groups that are left leaning under the guise of making sure they aren't doing partisan activities while routinely ignoring very right leaning charities like the Fraser or Manning institute who are almost purely partisan in their activities.

People are not always going to vote for your personal favorite party especially if you call them stupid.
User avatar #71646 to #71640 - lulzformalaysiaair (11/03/2014) [-]
Too bad. Everything you have said is literally cherrypicking small things that don't matter. He hid in the closet? Are you shitting me...
Not a big fan of charities? big woop
Not answering loaded questions from opposition trying to make him look bad? Good on him.

What really fucking matters my friend is the money of Canadian families, and I for one am pretty certain families care more about how much money they are losing then that stupid shit.
#71633 - levvy (11/03/2014) [-]
So is Brazil Socialist now?


Kind of late on finding out.
User avatar #71641 to #71633 - jewishcommunazi (11/03/2014) [-]
If you consider western social democraps as socialist then yes.
User avatar #71644 to #71641 - levvy (11/03/2014) [-]
I don't.

Now we can go back to never talking about Brazil again.
#71629 - pebar (11/03/2014) [-]
Congress getting recycled on Wednesday.   
It's likely GOP will control both chambers.   
Liberal media is going to go nuts.
Congress getting recycled on Wednesday.

It's likely GOP will control both chambers.
Liberal media is going to go nuts.
User avatar #71626 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
My friend recently told me that he did the math, and figured out that he was conceived in November.

Which makes sense, since everyone gets fucked during elections.
User avatar #71651 to #71626 - youregaylol (11/03/2014) [-]
I stop reading after you said that you had a friend
User avatar #71643 to #71626 - alimais (11/03/2014) [-]
Old joke is old :^)
User avatar #71615 - jayfizzle (11/03/2014) [-]
What I thought this board would have: educated discussion of political theory, current events, etc. I do see quite a few of these posts which I would like to contribute to.

What I also see: islamophobia and people afraid that the political left is after muh freedoms and is going to make us all homosexual.

Diversity ftw?
User avatar #71627 to #71615 - feelythefeel ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
You haven't been here very long, have you Squidward?
#71617 to #71615 - levvy (11/03/2014) [-]
Welcome to the internet.
#71616 to #71615 - pebar (11/03/2014) [-]
you thought an internet comment board would have educated discussion?
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