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#60045 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
8,33 per hour
#60044 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
Exile fat people!
#60042 - sshare (03/21/2014) [-]
Hey guys, just doin a little poll here (lets see really how smart you think you are)... What do you believe are flaws in our legal system and what improvements can be made?
User avatar #60079 to #60042 - akkere ONLINE (03/22/2014) [-]
Implement four concepts; Penal Labor, Rehabilitation, Judgement based on severity of crime, Execution under the boundaries of absolute certainty

Penal Labor - Criminals soak up a lot of tax dollars between food, shelter, and the required security to maintain the populace, to the point the legal system of the US has arguably become a welfare system for violators of the law, of which do nothing to make that money back. We should be having those that cannot be rehabilitated put to work to minimize the cost of keeping them away from society, but do so in such a way that the judicial system doesn't attempt to abuse the potential for profit to focus on other things (like funnel it to a political figurehead's pork barrel). It should be kept only to maintain and enhance the prison system, or in a form of absolute national emergency reserve.

Rehabilitation - As much as I dislike the cases in which this can seem like merely coddling men of atrocity (which Execution would solve), rehabilitation has proven to be a necessity to deal with a dilemma of recidivism.

Judgment based on Severity - White-collar crime has become something rather troublesome, where it can often cause more damage than a mere street thug's mugging, yet be treated with a fraction of the punishment, or no punishment at all. I remember reading of how an architectural engineer made a mistake with the infrastructure of a building and it ended up collapsing and killed quite a few people, and that person was sent to prison for life. If that warrants a severe judgment and the crime wasn't intentional, why is white-collar crime still coddled?

Execution on absolute certainty - For individuals that cannot be rehabilitated and sent to society, and/or have committed an atrocity to the highest extent of the term. However, the crime at hand must have proof that it's absolutely decisive the individual at hand had performed the crime.
User avatar #60049 to #60042 - hawaiianhappysauce (03/21/2014) [-]
The biggest flaw is the unequal execution of the law. If you are a child of a wealthy family and you kill 4 people and severely injure 2, you get 10 years of probation. If you are impoverished and you drive under the influence and only injure one person you go to jail. If you are a millionaire and the IRS finds out you owe 30 million in taxes, they can just hire a lawyer and drop it to 6 million. Do you think a middle class individual would get that kind of tax discount? No.

On the other hand poor people get food stamps and make more than people who work on minimum wage and are not on food stamps. So there is no incentive to work a minimum wage job... some poor people get a ton of government assistance and make more than some people in the middle class, even though they don't work.

In the end the government appeals to 2 groups. The wealthy people who fund their campaigns so these government officials can effectively run their campaigns and keep their job (which they always vote to raise the salary even though the approval ratings are shit). Since they have the funds they can then brain wash the food stamp recipients and blame the other party for being in the situation that they want to stay in and that they are entitled for more. So of course they vote for entitlements. They also brainwash the idiots who sympathize with them or people who are religious zealots.

So what happens in the end? The middle class gets fucked in the ass and the American Dream... is just a dream.
User avatar #60043 to #60042 - pebar (03/21/2014) [-]
Don't have so many complicated laws that only the rich can deal with
#60037 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
User avatar #60040 to #60037 - nigalthornberry (03/21/2014) [-]
Welcome to any news channel
User avatar #60086 to #60040 - maddboiy ONLINE (03/22/2014) [-]
I'd be inclined to agree with you (considering in the UK we have the Daily Mirror) but there are places like Vice which tends to be a bit more bias free.
#60041 to #60040 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
Exept for RT.
User avatar #60056 to #60041 - thatguyontheright (03/22/2014) [-]
RT is Russia's state media, just as bad but with a dash of vodka.
#60031 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
you ready for Yom HaDin?
#60034 to #60031 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
Nope, prepping for the new Nisan.
User avatar #60030 - nigalthornberry (03/21/2014) [-]
do you think segregated lunch counters should be legal

I think so not because of race exactly but because businesses have the right to serve people how they want and if they want it on there rep so be it
#60038 to #60030 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
No, that's a dumb idea.
Since there are not as many minorities, they would get served.

No seriously, that would be illegal, both in schools and for buissinesses.
#60039 to #60038 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
*would get served faster.
User avatar #60035 to #60030 - pebar (03/21/2014) [-]
If a business tried that, they would be boycotted so fast and would go out of business.
User avatar #60036 to #60035 - nigalthornberry (03/21/2014) [-]
Their problem though

Didn't chick-fil-a get boycotted for being anti gay
User avatar #60053 to #60036 - jewishcommunazi (03/21/2014) [-]
I think what he was saying is that laws to fight off segregation in businesses aren't really necessary because the businesses would most likey face serious consequences if they discriminated against a certain group.
#60025 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
Why does Rocky Anderson show up in the right libertarian section on the political compass?
I thought he was more of a left libertarian.
User avatar #60026 to #60025 - jewishcommunazi (03/21/2014) [-]
Centre-left is sort of right-wing by its standards, the same happens with the democrats, I think.
#60024 - anonymous (03/21/2014) [-]
Why is Geert Wilders still in politics? All he does is make people angry at him.

His latest stupid quote translated: "Do you want more or less Moroccans in this city and in the Netherlands?"
Translated response of crowd: "Less, less, less!"

#60012 - pebar (03/20/2014) [-]
ontheissues.org/Quiz/Quiz2012.asp? (check political philosophy)

Alrighty peoples.
We haven't posted these in a while; let's see if we've changed based on new information we've learned.
#60065 to #60012 - valeriya (03/22/2014) [-]
Remove liberty, and somehow i've become even more convinced that people are stupid, which they are.
User avatar #60028 to #60023 - undeadwill ONLINE (03/21/2014) [-]
Son I am proud.
#60014 to #60012 - johnstuartmill (03/21/2014) [-]
Libertarian basically.
User avatar #60029 to #60014 - undeadwill ONLINE (03/21/2014) [-]
Son I am proud
#60013 to #60012 - jewishcommunazi (03/21/2014) [-]
I'm more statist / centralist. Apart from that, I don't think I changed much.
#60010 - byposted has deleted their comment [-]
#60009 - byposted has deleted their comment [-]
#60007 - feelythefeel (03/20/2014) [-]
I'm in a socials class that's focusing on WWI for a bit, this is literally all I hear. Either Canada used to be a country of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee love-childs, or something's off here.
#60000 - anonymous (03/20/2014) [-]
Guys, listen carefully.
Probably you don't understand how it works. The jews are behind the USA. The jews are behind India. The jews are behind Ukraine. The jews are behind Russia. The jews are behind whatever the fuck happens. They are behind the fucking first and second world war. They are behind Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. They are behind their own fucking holocaust. They are behind the cold war. They are behind the inquisition. They are behind the crusades. They are behind the wars in Iraq. They are behind the war in Afghanistan. They are behind the fucking war in Syria. They are behind China, Palestine, Italy, Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and even behind fucking Bhutan. They are behind Coca-Cola Company and behind McDonald's. They are behind Pepsi and Burger King. They are behind the landing on the moon. The 9/11. The tsunami in Japan. They are behind the fucking Nazis.
User avatar #60008 to #60000 - feelythefeel (03/20/2014) [-]
If the Jews are really behind everything, what's the point of caring? It's not like we can do anything about it anyways.
User avatar #60027 to #60008 - teoragnar (03/21/2014) [-]
JIDF plz go
User avatar #60046 to #60027 - feelythefeel (03/21/2014) [-]
I only heard about that website not a month ago.
User avatar #60048 to #60046 - teoragnar (03/21/2014) [-]
How many shekels did they payed you?
User avatar #60051 to #60048 - feelythefeel (03/21/2014) [-]
9001 but that's besides the point.
User avatar #60019 to #60008 - schnizel (03/21/2014) [-]
Never give up.
User avatar #60020 to #60019 - feelythefeel (03/21/2014) [-]
It's kinda like the Matrix. Assuming that it's the case, is it really worth knowing?
User avatar #60021 to #60020 - schnizel (03/21/2014) [-]
#60003 to #60000 - pebar (03/20/2014) [-]
The Jews are behind the nazis   
schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel   
You must rebut this
The Jews are behind the nazis

schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel schnizel
You must rebut this
User avatar #60005 to #60004 - pebar (03/20/2014) [-]
#59998 - anonymous (03/20/2014) [-]
#59995 - alimais (03/20/2014) [-]
Story time:
Some facts about crimean attorney Natalia Poklonskaya you may probably not know.
Natalia is 33 years old crimean attorney. She seems a real good girl: she plays piano and draws, probably she attended music and art school in her childhood.
Natalia worked as attorney for 12 years, according to her own words, and just sometime ago her workplace was in Kiev, in main attorney office of Ukraine. I don't know much about attorney's job in western countries, but in ex-USSR countries attorney's work is very significant: they take part in investigations, act as accusers in courts, collect petitions from citizens and check if police and courts maintain the laws. People often think they are more trustworthy than police and judges.
Her career seems very successful and productive for me. She tells about numerous criminals and gangs she sent to jail. Her most well known enemy was "bashmaki" gang, one of the biggest and strongest gangs in Ukraine, famous for their criminal wars, for using RPG (and missing, destroying some unrelated building by mistake), jailbreaks, murders of police, former "alpha" (russian analogue of SWAT) members and hundreds of another crimes. Her current rank is called "adviser of justice".
#59996 to #59995 - alimais (03/20/2014) [-]
During the events in Kiev, she was working in main attorney office in Kiev. She is the witness of Maidan and her harsh words about new ukrainian goverment should be considered along with any other evidencies, because she saw everything with her own eyes.
After the putsch in Kiev, she left attorney office and returned to Crimea. Crimean council of ministers offered her to take over a post of crimean attorney and she accepted it. It happened several days before referendum. After her new appointment she recieved a letter from Kiev with a notification, that she's no longer attorney and adviser of justice, Kiev started investigation of her actions and even tried to ruin her reputation, but could only found some fotos you can now see everywhere. They are pretty usual photos every beautiful woman should have, but officials in Kiev called it "ribald" and acted histerically. Probably they just couldn't find anything dirty about her at all.
Just after referendum another provocation happened. Ukrainian soldier and crimean man were killed by some unknown person. According to Natalia's words it's very similar to killer, who shot people on Maidan and acted as a calamity trigger to Kiev. Now she's hunting him and preventing bloodshed and chaos in Simferopol. Maybe she's even saving our lives right now.
User avatar #59963 to #59962 - pebar (03/20/2014) [-]
That just goes to show how efficient state run economies are. Perhaps one day we will learn from their example.
User avatar #59965 to #59963 - undeadwill ONLINE (03/20/2014) [-]
Tots maybe one day we too will visit the sun at night.
#59964 to #59963 - undeadwill has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #59991 to #59961 - undeadwill ONLINE (03/20/2014) [-]
I am not surprised that they will violate the rules anymore.
#59955 - anonymous (03/20/2014) [-]
Schnitzel is a toe headed fart bag elevator cum-quat.
#59950 - anonymous (03/19/2014) [-]
I wish schnizel would stop posting the same damn 5 or so pictures he uses whenever he comments or replies to something.
#59986 to #59950 - schnizel (03/20/2014) [-]
I don't have many pictures.
So which one should I post.
User avatar #59993 to #59986 - johnstuartmill (03/20/2014) [-]
Just Google search "Reaction Pic/Gif of 'Whatever you think fits'" Sooner or later you will have a good collection of reaction pictures.
#59951 to #59950 - anonymous (03/19/2014) [-]
#59952 to #59951 - anonymous (03/19/2014) [-]
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