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Does whatever America can!
Can you swing
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Look out!
Here comes the Trump-man!

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Does whatever the president can!
He has the primaries,
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Look out!
Here comes the Trump-man!
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I was on vacation for a week. Anything interesting i missed?
#91463 to #91428 - minibeep (08/05/2015) [-]
/r/coontown just got banned
User avatar #91450 to #91428 - byposted (08/05/2015) [-]
Cuckservative has entered into common conversation, from Rush Limbaugh to David Duke.
User avatar #91430 to #91428 - pebar (08/05/2015) [-]
a while back, Trump gave out Lindsey Graham's personal cell phone number

trump's personal number was just released
User avatar #91431 to #91430 - kanadetenshi ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
Lmao Trump is allowed in the GOP debate right? Glad i came back in time.
User avatar #91432 to #91431 - pebar (08/05/2015) [-]
he's still high in the polls, last I saw
#91424 - pebar (08/04/2015) [-]
anyone gonna watch the debate thursday night?
User avatar #91449 to #91424 - thekame ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
Maybe I will finally figure out what trump's standpoints are on everything except illegal immigrants if I do.
User avatar #91442 to #91424 - shekelnator ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
yip i summon thee!
User avatar #91425 to #91424 - kanadetenshi ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
It's gonna be a mess with 16 people. So you bet your ass i will.
User avatar #91444 to #91425 - byposted (08/05/2015) [-]
Fox News is, actually, hosting two, distinctive, GOP debates, on Thursday, based upon national polling. The "top ten," so ranked despite statistical uncertainty, for the cut-off contenders, have one; the six secondaries will have another, which should, effectively, serve as the preliminaries, except that each of their prospects, for positive mobility, are, likely, postponed, for the present term's duration.

In other words, those who do not qualify for the main showing, cannot, conceivably, make it close to the nomination, courtesy of News Corporation.

This is scandalous for some, particularly pollsters, but I am not involved, even for etiquette, in the Republican circus. I am for entertainment, though. They may nominate Netanyahu, governor of the fifty-second state of Israel.
#91451 to #91444 - anon (08/05/2015) [-]
dude you use way too many commas
#91497 to #91451 - byposted (08/06/2015) [-]
please hold

Just fuck my grammar up

sht upp gay boi lamo smh
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User avatar #91447 to #91444 - kanadetenshi ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
I can somewhat understand it because of the sheer size of the candidates making it difficult to get to all of them but it does show a clear media bias based on arbitrary polls. This isn't the first time Faux has censored GOP candidates either.
User avatar #91448 to #91447 - byposted (08/05/2015) [-]
They are still giving the lessers a popular platform, however pathetic. The arbiter, in the greater debate, might even encourage some sort of integration, whereby he quotes, or references, a no-name's position, from the previous session.

These are all no-names, to me, at least. Who is being censored, when each mouth speaks the same, but for tone? It's always about who's most committed to Israel, and the number of other established interests. If it weren't for the outlying oligarch, who intends to contend naturally, why watch it? It would be enough to read news summaries.

I included the District of Corruption in my state count
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air conditioning is sexist towards women
#91406 - alimais ONLINE (08/04/2015) [-]
Why are people proud of this ?

Corruption is Legal in America

Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven
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Three Beat Slide - America is the Place to Be (Official Music Video)

They're not people; they're patriotarded.
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#91408 to #91406 - anon (08/04/2015) [-]
why are people proud of music videos and strawmen?
User avatar #91409 to #91408 - alimais ONLINE (08/04/2015) [-]
>Implying veterans are treated as good as they should be treated by the government
>implying there isn't a lobby-ism problem in the US
#91401 - pebar (08/04/2015) [-]

people who have no appreciation for free speech piss me off to no end
User avatar #91417 to #91401 - Shiny (08/04/2015) [-]
Do people seriously think that the First Amendment means anything involving speech is automatically legal in all possible ways?
User avatar #91419 to #91417 - pebar (08/04/2015) [-]
Do people seriously think that offensive speech shouldn't be protected?
User avatar #91421 to #91419 - Shiny (08/04/2015) [-]
Uh, I'm agreeing with you. I was talking about stuff like personally threatening someone.
User avatar #91423 to #91421 - pebar (08/04/2015) [-]
nobody's arguing for that
#91402 to #91401 - schnizel (08/04/2015) [-]
I like it how you guys defend my freedom of speech to piss of the jews.
I like it how you guys defend my freedom of speech to piss of the jews.
User avatar #91403 to #91402 - pebar (08/04/2015) [-]
but nationalist won't defend freedom of speech for cultural marxists
User avatar #91464 to #91403 - redandgreen (08/05/2015) [-]
They won't defend freedom of speech at all because their ideology won't stand up to debate.
User avatar #91405 to #91403 - schnizel (08/04/2015) [-]
You see pebar, you have to be careful who you sell your wares to.
User avatar #91404 to #91403 - schnizel (08/04/2015) [-]
I know, and we'll bash their skulls open too.
#91412 to #91404 - klowserpok (08/04/2015) [-]
Inside your vidya, am I right?
User avatar #91413 to #91412 - schnizel (08/04/2015) [-]
So far.
#91399 - anon (08/04/2015) [-]
[ENGSUB] Lets Genocide All of Koreans! Japanese MiddleSchool Girl Saying

Nationalists will defend this.
User avatar #91400 to #91399 - schnizel (08/04/2015) [-]
She's just trying to be cute.
#91420 to #91400 - anon (08/04/2015) [-]
Hey,Gaijin!Remember your place

Whiteu pigu go home!
#91390 - pebar (08/03/2015) [-]
>communism and socialism are the same
>no they're not; commies want collective ownership over the means of production, socialists want massive welfare programs and government control over the economy

>Bernie Sanders is a socialist
>no he's not; he doesn't want collective ownership over the means of production
User avatar #91426 to #91390 - kanadetenshi ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
That's usually Americans confusing social democracy with socialism due to the cultural differences between US and Europe politically.
User avatar #91391 to #91390 - jewishcommunazi (08/03/2015) [-]
It's almost as if social democrats and revolutionary leftists have a different idea of what communism and socialism are.

Social democrats like to describe themselves as socialists but don't want to associate with the "ugly" aspects of socialism hence they call it communism, even though "communist" countries called themselves socialist states and weren't communist by their own standards. Advocating actual class struggle and the possible use of state violence is a bad way to get votes in a country where the average worker probably benefits from capitalist globalization.
User avatar #91415 to #91391 - Shiny (08/04/2015) [-]
Short term benefit is pretty hard to argue with when people care about their own lives, not those of their unborn descendants. Such is life.
User avatar #91385 - youregaylol (08/03/2015) [-]

40 minutes
User avatar #91393 to #91385 - akkere (08/03/2015) [-]
the king is dead
long live the king
User avatar #91394 to #91393 - youregaylol (08/03/2015) [-]
Adam Min lives on in our hearts

At least stormfag won

Shame about moohamhead betraying jesus though
User avatar #91395 to #91394 - akkere (08/04/2015) [-]
But who will stop Liam Mouse?
User avatar #91396 to #91395 - youregaylol (08/04/2015) [-]
So far Hugh the Jew, Stormfag guy, Shaq, and Serbia Stronk are undefeated

they are our only hope
#91384 - anon (08/03/2015) [-]
National socialism doesn't work.
User avatar #91372 - darealsnooki (08/03/2015) [-]
I'm liking Bernie Sanders so far, but because I look at the coin from both sides, can you list some negatives about him?
User avatar #91416 to #91372 - Shiny (08/04/2015) [-]
He eats babies and wants blacks to rape Jesus to death.
#91382 to #91372 - figatron (08/03/2015) [-]
wants 90% tax rate
economically illiterate
wants to expand welfare and Midecare for which there is no money
will increase the debt even further
did I mention socialist?
#91386 to #91382 - anon (08/03/2015) [-]
Democratic socialism is not the same as normal socialism. Look it up.
#91398 to #91386 - figatron (08/04/2015) [-]
dog crap and human crap may not be the same thing but it doesn't mean I want to eat either
User avatar #91392 to #91386 - jewishcommunazi (08/03/2015) [-]
Social democracy is more accurate. Democratic socialism is a redundant term, all socialist tendencies consider themselves democratic. Social democracy seeks to estabilish socialism by reforming the capitalist system.
User avatar #91427 to #91392 - kanadetenshi ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
In Europe the term social democracy did used to mean trying to establish socialism but over time most social democrat parties have adopted capitalism and have tried a more third way politics (Tony Blair is a good example)

So in Europe at least social democracy refers to people who support welfare capitalism while democratic socialists want socialism via democratic reform. But they used to be synonymous.
User avatar #91443 to #91427 - jewishcommunazi (08/05/2015) [-]
Regardless of intentions, the result is more or less the same. That's why I don't bother to distinguish modern social democracy from the former. Social democrats just figured out it's better not to build socialism to avoid all the complications.
User avatar #91378 to #91372 - marinepenguin (08/03/2015) [-]
A lot of his policies seem pretty and perfect at face value, but in reality he's advocating for larger, more overreaching, more powerful, and ultimately more EXPENSIVE government.

His policies would ultimately make US citizens more reliant on their government and we'd be moving in the political direction of Europe. Something we don't want.
User avatar #91376 to #91372 - youregaylol (08/03/2015) [-]

also repeating the gun show loophole lie and using the "assault weapon" media term

he makes me sick, the fact that anyone could support him disgusts me
User avatar #91375 to #91372 - youregaylol (08/03/2015) [-]
wants to ban any guns not used for hunting

that alone should tell people hes a radical asshat

also the usual brain dead democratic socialist stuff
#91387 to #91375 - anon (08/03/2015) [-]
Hitler did the same thing.
#91358 - megakillerx ONLINE (08/03/2015) [-]
/pol/ memes aside, do you guys legitimately hate Sweden? and if you do/do not: is there any aspect of Swedish culture/politics/society that you like or atleast admire?

I just simply think that the Sweden-bashing on this site is getting old and by this point is now a pile of Bone meal that used to be a horse.
User avatar #91380 to #91358 - redandgreen (08/03/2015) [-]
I don't hate Sweden or Swedish people. I think they may have become quite authoritarian though, probably without intending to be.
They also should take a step back from political correctness and consider things how they are and not how their ideology tells them they should be.
User avatar #91368 to #91358 - Shiny (08/03/2015) [-]
It's a meme by idiot Americans and Eastern/Southern Europeaners that believe everything they read.

Not that it's exactly a paradise, though, I've heard that Swedish culture is highly politically correct, and I'd much prefer to deal with a borderline murderous lunatic's opinions now and then if it means freedom of discourse.
User avatar #94445 to #91368 - enlightednatzie (09/27/2015) [-]
Our state owned tv and radio stations are extremely political correct, they deny everything bad that happens and stinks of communism. Most of their reporters are either young feminist women or muslims, some are even proved to symphatize with isis, which they deny thought.
User avatar #94459 to #94445 - Shiny (09/27/2015) [-]
You cannot seriously think any media in the US is "communist". Third wave feminism is as capitalist as it gets.
User avatar #94465 to #94459 - enlightednatzie (09/27/2015) [-]
Ooopsie, i talked about the state owned swedish radio/tv. They dont even pretend to be objective anymore. That is why i dont pay tv-licence, mostly because its damn expensive lol.
#91363 to #91358 - youregaylol (08/03/2015) [-]
the things is swedes brought it on themselves, in more ways than one

they would constantly circlejerk about how "le Scandinavian socialist master race" until people started pointing out how they are quite literally a nation of weak cucks glorifying homosexuality and femininity and encouraging third world black and arab immigration.

there is nothing that i like about sweden, to me it represents everything i hate about the world.

i do enjoy the people that swedes and scandinavians once were before they embraced cultural marxism and multiculturalism.

you know, back when they had balls.
#91364 to #91363 - youregaylol (08/03/2015) [-]
instead of engaging in discussion with people who respond to his thread megakillerx is giving random rage thumbs

you really represent sweden well
#91365 to #91364 - megakillerx ONLINE (08/03/2015) [-]
Why should i bother attend in a "Discussion" if you already hate me and my people?
I only asked people in this board if there's anything postitive that you can see in Sweden outside of /pol/, Stormfront etc. You clearly don't and i don't have to waste any more time with that.

Also, i'm so sorry that i triggered you with my red-colored internet points. Here's a pic of Mussolini to cheer you up.
User avatar #94444 to #91365 - enlightednatzie (09/27/2015) [-]
Yeah we are litterally treated as jews during the holocaust on this site man.
User avatar #91366 to #91365 - youregaylol (08/03/2015) [-]
you asked if we legitimately hate sweden and if there was any part of swedish culture yu like

im sorry if you only wanted positive things said about your caliphate, be more specific next time

im not angry about your red pixels, im just mocking you for starting a thread, not replying to the people you dont like, and giving them butthurt pinkies

its funny is all.
User avatar #91362 to #91358 - schnizel (08/03/2015) [-]
All Swedes I know are cringe worthy tier at best.
User avatar #94443 to #91362 - enlightednatzie (09/27/2015) [-]
Thanks...? This litterally made me offended
User avatar #94446 to #94443 - schnizel (09/27/2015) [-]
You aren't Swedish.
You're a viking.
User avatar #94447 to #94446 - enlightednatzie (09/27/2015) [-]
Oh thanks

#91361 to #91358 - anon (08/03/2015) [-]
Whenever i got money to spare i travel to Sweden to shop and spend my holidays.

It's a nice place and i reccommend anyone to spend a day or two there.

Just don't go to Malmö, that place is fucking crazy.
#91360 to #91358 - anon (08/03/2015) [-]
One of the greatest sources for cuckold porn
User avatar #91359 to #91358 - alimais ONLINE (08/03/2015) [-]
They are good in recycling, I guess
User avatar #91352 to #91350 - schnizel (08/03/2015) [-]
Jews killing other jews!
Holy shit this is first class video material, it's as rare as a smart nigger.
User avatar #91379 to #91352 - redandgreen (08/03/2015) [-]
An innocent 16 year old was stabbed to death and you're celebrating it.

Maybe you should take some time for a little introspection.
User avatar #91381 to #91379 - schnizel (08/03/2015) [-]
I don't care for bloody kikes, billions of people have died on the planet and most of the deaths are not important to me in any way.
User avatar #91353 to #91352 - dehumanizer (08/03/2015) [-]
this guy is like the anti-kike, a fighter against degeneracy
User avatar #91354 to #91353 - schnizel (08/03/2015) [-]
top lel
kike killing kikes
User avatar #91355 to #91354 - dehumanizer (08/03/2015) [-]
we need more of this
#91311 - shekelnator ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]

God bless mother russia, ISIS must be killed by being boiled in oil. they deserve worst punishment ever.
#91383 to #91311 - figatron (08/03/2015) [-]
if you want to add insult to injury, make it boiling bacon grease
#91312 to #91311 - alimais ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
Russia doesn't fuck around
User avatar #91298 - ogcj (08/02/2015) [-]
Why liberals are hypocrites for not caring about Socialist Sanders opposing illegal immigration but attacking Trump every day over it
User avatar #91315 to #91298 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
Not being a liberal straw man does not make him a hypocrite.
User avatar #91301 to #91298 - youregaylol (08/02/2015) [-]
he wants to give those who are already here amnesty

there is no hope for this country if we have another Reagan style amnesty
#91270 - alimais ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
EU-Refugee politic is : "Keep the bad ones and send the integrated working people back "

In European refugee camps shit like this regularly happens and the leftist still defend it
Dresden Bremer Straße.  Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Ärzten, Ingenieuren und Facharbeitern.
User avatar #91318 to #91270 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
The NGO mentioned in the comments is owned by a center-right neoliberal corporation...
#91310 to #91270 - klowserpok (08/02/2015) [-]
TFW the Battle of Tours was in vain
User avatar #91277 to #91270 - shekelnator ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
its just WTF is wrong with europe politicans? seriosly this is nonsense. in here in kuwait the country kicks out the useless pricks. Go back be lazy in your shithole country!
#91272 to #91270 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
Why not just avoid integration costs, avoid housing subsidiaries, avoid all manners of harm...   
and just allocate the money to foreign aid
Why not just avoid integration costs, avoid housing subsidiaries, avoid all manners of harm...

and just allocate the money to foreign aid
User avatar #91316 to #91272 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
Because foreign aid just goes to the local warlord, and America has ruined militant foreign assistance for the next half century.
User avatar #91329 to #91316 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
No one says it is as simple as "give money to the state"

foreign aid can also be giving subsidies to multinational corporations if they build infrastructure, schools, etc.
User avatar #91337 to #91329 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
It technically can be, but the biggest motivation for foreign aid by far is diplomatic brownie points. Most of it going into the neediest areas is short-term, and a lot less costly than actual infrastructure would be at first.

Even a politician that would go on a diatribe against racism if provoked would consider it politically correct drivel to say that sub-Saharan Africa has potential--even though most of the fastest growing economies on the planet are in its capital cities.
User avatar #91339 to #91337 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
In any case, accepting refugees is also brownie points. They are far more of a burden than they are an investment.

I have no doubt that if for example the UN implemented a set of subsidieries, with support from the IMF and the EU, in return for permission to stop all refugee habitation and use that capital for building schools, roads, hospitals, water processing plants, etc, with the help of organisations, that have more incentive than charities(corporations) , then the entire situation would be more or less resolved within a generation or two, with the added bonus of an improved, less culturally conflicted, Europe.
User avatar #91345 to #91339 - Shiny (08/03/2015) [-]
Europe doesn't seem very "culturally conflicted" as much as its political climate is becoming heavily radicalized. Mind you that there are native European Muslims, too, but they lack an agenda.
User avatar #91411 to #91345 - alimais ONLINE (08/04/2015) [-]
Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - Updated 2010
User avatar #91414 to #91411 - Shiny (08/04/2015) [-]
User avatar #91418 to #91414 - alimais ONLINE (08/04/2015) [-]
It's a pretty good 6 minute watch
User avatar #91323 to #91316 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
By militant foreign assistance do you mean invasion and regime change etc? I'm not sure I understand the term properly.

I don't think you can solve problems in other nations, to the extent that you will end the refugee problem, through invasion or foreign aid.
User avatar #91326 to #91323 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
Not necessarily, though that could be an example. I mean stuff like sending in weapons and military consultancy to help locals fuck up their tyrants. There is a time and place for violence, and no amount of peaceful discussion is going to help deal with a man that thinks of himself as a god.

I also doubt refugees will ever cease, because despotism is something that needs to be actively fought. But, c'mon, nobody wants to admit that they just don't give a shit about the damn foreigners and want a modern nation to pretend the rest of the planet doesn't exist. But because completely closing borders is usually diplomatic suicide, there are still programs, but they're apathetically run and give an advantage to skilled workers that want more money from a first world job over the actual needy.
User avatar #91328 to #91326 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
I think the only thing that can actually help is free trade and exchange of ideas.
User avatar #91338 to #91328 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
Nobody's gonna sell or talk to you if they're gonna get shot by warlords.
User avatar #91341 to #91338 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
Money usually finds away.
User avatar #91342 to #91341 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
* a way.
User avatar #91347 to #91342 - Shiny (08/03/2015) [-]
It does. Just... not where you want it to go.
#91274 to #91272 - alimais ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
Fucking EU and their OpenBorderpolicy
User avatar #91275 to #91274 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
Well, technically EU is only open border to its members

But, they are FAAAR too lenient with regards to refugees
#91276 to #91275 - alimais ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
Well, once those petty boats enter Italy, they climb over the fences in Spain or went via Hungary but atleast Hungary does something www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/13/hungary-begins-work-on-border-fence-to-keep-out-migrants
User avatar #91268 - shekelnator ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
Do you expect USA will fall like any other nation or it will always stay on power and never die?

What do you expect the reason of its death? When?
User avatar #91304 to #91268 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
USA will fall in the near future. The only question is how soon.
>Huge debt
>degenerate inhabitants
>constant civil unrest
>angering russia, which is on the incline
User avatar #91344 to #91304 - mixednuts (08/03/2015) [-]
The United States is in little danger of defaulting on it's debts. Little is owed to foreign creditors, much of America's debt is owed domestically.

No comment.

People have been saying this whenever the United States hits any sort of civil strife. However, reporting and selection bias makes it seem more wide reaching than it is. Racial tension flares up in a few locales, most Americans are completely untouched by it in their daily lifes. Many people who lived through the 60s and even the mid to late 90s thought that the social order was completely unraveling and here we are. This is just Alarmist tripe that rears it's head every few decades.

If any country is declining, it's Russia, literally. Russia's population is dropping and has been since the fall of the Soviet Union. The Russian people are depressed and indebted, they struggle with addiction, poverty, and sickness. Dissidents are arrested arbitrarily and occasionally killed. Putin can't risk an actual war with such a fragile situation at home. And the future of Russia after Putin is likely to be uncertain.

User avatar #91320 to #91304 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
Russia isn't really on the rise, it's smoke and mirrors.

I doubt the USA will end as a nation but it will probably cease to be as much of a force to be reckoned with.
User avatar #91327 to #91320 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
Russia, despite heavy economic sanctions, still has improving gdp as far as i am aware
User avatar #91333 to #91327 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
They were in recession in April. They claim they'll have overall growth for the year but that will be very heavily dependent on oil prices I guess.
User avatar #91335 to #91333 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
Yes, despite the fact that USA lowered the oil prices as a part of the sanctions.

Regardless, the remaining factors still serve as to create a civil war, especially with the chimp-outs and the liberal dissatisfaction.
User avatar #91377 to #91335 - marinepenguin (08/03/2015) [-]
I've seen a lot of Europeans believe that the US is close to a civil war, yet if you actually lived here you'd see that all the "unrest" around the US is almost nonexistent beyond the couple riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other areas like that, which are just short lived temper tantrums by lower class blacks and social justice populations. They have no real sway or power in anything long term.

America as a United population is pretty stable and the threat of a civil war or internal conflict is very very low.
User avatar #91340 to #91335 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
What's a chimp-out?

This is purely from an outsider, so it's just from observation of the issues from European news:

I think the threats to the US are internal and stem from a disconnect between the political class and the general populace. The politicians there (Democrat and Republican) don't seem to serve the interests of the electorate. The US media don't seem (from the limited amount I have seen) to hold politicians to account very well and seem to construct pretty weak, ideologically driven stuff to challenge them on.
Also, the US constitution seems to favour gridlock at the federal level. That may work as a collection of states or things are going smooth but if you want to be an 'imperial' super power and you hit trouble then it is probably not good.
User avatar #91278 to #91268 - pebar (08/02/2015) [-]
internal conflict / civil war
User avatar #91299 to #91278 - byposted (08/02/2015) [-]
Of course, it would be predated by calamity, of a social-economic nature which, if you trust Ron Paul, might be imminent.
User avatar #91297 to #91278 - byposted (08/02/2015) [-]
This is most likely. My body is ready to migrate to the Dakotas, and help seize the oil assets. Once they are providing income, march southwest into Colorado, if not north, into Canada.

Carl Klang   I Want To Be An Extremist wmv
#91314 to #91297 - pebar (08/02/2015) [-]
mfw living in north dakota
#91388 to #91314 - anon (08/03/2015) [-]
So you live in the middle of nowhere.
#91295 to #91278 - byposted has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #91296 to #91295 - byposted (08/02/2015) [-]
I've posted that song before, even in WEBM rendition.

Here a couple more motivational ones:

User avatar #91287 to #91278 - shekelnator ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
i think america is way too far or maybe kinda far possible to have a civil war.
User avatar #91262 - schnizel (08/02/2015) [-]
Ok politics board, I want to do a little test. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say:
User avatar #91429 to #91262 - kanadetenshi ONLINE (08/05/2015) [-]
1. Charity
2. Stalin
3. Dindu
4. Edgy
5. Pokemon
6. You
7. muh soggy knees
8. Ron Paul
9. Sandstorm
10. White people
User avatar #91441 to #91429 - schnizel (08/05/2015) [-]
If you were a girl I would bang you,
User avatar #91336 to #91262 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
1. God
2. Devil
3. Protect
4. Help
5. Justify
6. Love
7. Resist
8. Freedom
9. Surgeon
10. Sin
User avatar #91271 to #91262 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
1. Virtuosity
2. Subjective
3. Weak
4. Obstacle
5. Strength
6. Rational
7. Weak
8. Freedom
9. Surgery
10. Weak
User avatar #91267 to #91262 - shekelnator ONLINE (08/02/2015) [-]
The Mind
User avatar #91266 to #91262 - byposted (08/02/2015) [-]
My mind considered each written term, but had not, immediately, relayed any thought, in turn. Is it peculiar, here, that one's conscious subdues one's subconscious? Perhaps this test is, otherwise, effective with women those, who, in seeking psychoanalysis, are, generally, unaware - not just of what they bear - or where, actually, administered, orally. Take these:

1. US military
2. Islamo-Fascism/Fascism
3. Jews/Judeo-Christians
4. Holocaust
5. Whites
6. Whites
7. Privilege
8. Red Revolution
9. Direct Action
10. Racial (White)
#91273 to #91266 - drastronomy (08/02/2015) [-]
>hate - whites
>power - whites
>victim - jews
>liberation - red revolution

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User avatar #91255 to #91248 - youregaylol (08/02/2015) [-]
I fully support the rights of africans to return to their ancestral homeland free of white oppression and racism.
User avatar #91242 - hawaiianhappysauce (08/01/2015) [-]
Serious question here. Do you find that the public schools, with a majority of teachers being female, are not structured for boys? Do you think these female teachers are biased towards boys? I've personally experienced this myself.

> Be in high school
> Have female teacher in holocaust class who is definitely a misandrist.
> Get A's in all quizes and tests and homework.
> Get a B in the class for having a "bad attitude."

Is this a serious issue that isn't going to be discussed due to political correctness?
#91351 to #91242 - dehumanizer (08/03/2015) [-]
>holocaust class

Is this a joke?
User avatar #91433 to #91351 - hawaiianhappysauce (08/05/2015) [-]
It was a class.
#91436 to #91433 - dehumanizer (08/05/2015) [-]
and you didnt tell her its bullshit?
User avatar #91322 to #91242 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
I've had male teachers with masculine dispositions discipline me in some form for similar bullshit.

This is kind of like the men's version of the gender pay gap myth.
User avatar #91324 to #91322 - redandgreen (08/02/2015) [-]
Girls do outnumber boys at university now and that seems to be continuing to increase. I think, in England at least, that the fee system may be part of the problem.
User avatar #91325 to #91324 - Shiny (08/02/2015) [-]
I can't think of any reason but simple probability. Numbers don't need to line up perfectly everywhere for there to be equal rights and opportunities.
User avatar #91252 to #91242 - akkere (08/02/2015) [-]
I don't think the problem of poor structuring is a result of a majority of teachers being female (a factor that couldn't be changed any more than the lack of females in STEM mind you) as much as it's an administrative and perhaps even an educative initative (one put in place by universities that educate the educators so to speak) put in place for other teachers to follow. For some reason the (American, though this problem could extend to other countries) academic system in public schools follows a lot of quirky initatives that are more or less experiments that exaggerate any positive result. An example being how my former high school has isolated the most troublesome students but rewards them gratuitously for even the slightest notion to performing expected work.

I feel like the biggest problem with teachers like the one you mention is a poor system in dealing with them; it's either too strong, or too weak. A new teacher for instance will be under constant scrutiny. Reasonably so, however it's the way they measure the scrutiny that's problematic; putting excessive value in how "good" the students to via the grades that the very same teacher assigns. Should they have a bundle of problematic kids or simply improper funding to acquiring better presentation equipment to convey to students all forms of educative media beyond the chalk/white board. As a result, they might be forced to fork over higher grades to guarantee they'll have a job next year.
On the other hand, you've got teachers who are locked into the system due to the "tenure" system - one of the few incentives that can't be properly removed due to most areas of this being implemented having poor funding for teacher salary, making it one of the rare "perks" for a teacher to have. However, if trading off a raise in salary to remove tenure and increase the true efficiency via consistent judgment is necessary, than so be it.
#91250 to #91242 - anon (08/02/2015) [-]

And what would you think if someone got a poor grade for a silly reason. Then said they had a suspicion that it was because they were black and the teacher was white?

Are you sure you aren't suffering from persecutory delusions?
User avatar #91251 to #91250 - hawaiianhappysauce (08/02/2015) [-]
She had a reputation as a misandrist.
User avatar #91247 to #91242 - klowserpok (08/01/2015) [-]
Yeah, I've had that experience with some grumpy feminists in all levels of school.
Its annoying, but not really important.
Though since getting into a STEM course, I've basically never had one.
User avatar #91249 to #91247 - hawaiianhappysauce (08/02/2015) [-]
That's probably because the teachers are all men.
User avatar #91243 to #91242 - alimais ONLINE (08/01/2015) [-]
I had that in elementary school,

freaking old hag.
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