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User avatar #56495 - byposted (02/02/2014) [-]

Hmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with a green light from Buffet? Perhaps TransCanada will now be allowed to the build the thing with provision stating that Berkshire must profit.

>b...but muh party of the working class!

#56490 - byposted (02/01/2014) [-]

Racial science in mechanical reaction time tests has proven that East Asians are the fastest reflexive responders, followed closely by Europeans and, further off, Africans. Reaction time on such tests is correlated heavily with IQ, which itself correlates appreciably with lifespan.

>b...but muh social construct muttafugga
>b...but IQ is a myth and bears no significance in validating the believes of bigots muttafugga

The article doesn't mention any of this, of course, but, mind you, a rascal Jewish writer from the LA times does brag about Jews owning Hollywood:


>b...but ARABS own hollywood t. alex jones
>b...but WHITE DEVILS own hollywood t. nig, privilege checker

3,318 "ethnic minorities" out of 5,134 total participants were tested in this particular study with no racial controls, so it has nothing new to offer on race.
User avatar #56503 to #56490 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Physical reaction time isn't "environmental" as much as it is a learned skill. It makes absolute sense that more educated and mentally disciplined people can think quicker on their metaphorical feet, after all, the body is just a surrogate for your brain.
#56489 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]
An old Jewish joke.

Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a coffeehouse in Berlin in 1935. "Herr Altmann," said his secretary, "I notice you're reading Der Stürmer! I can't understand why. A Nazi libel sheet! Are you some kind of masochist, or, God forbid, a self-hating Jew?"

"On the contrary, Frau Epstein. When I used to read the Jewish papers, all I learned about were pogroms, riots in Palestine, and assimilation in America. But now that I read Der Stürmer, I see so much more: that the Jews control all the banks, that we dominate in the arts, and that we're on the verge of taking over the entire world. You know, it makes me feel a whole lot better!"
#56491 to #56489 - byposted (02/01/2014) [-]
I hope he enjoyed choking in the "gas trucks" (lel).    
There was another version of this joke but with "Arab Newspaper" in the place of "Der Stürmer." It was on the frontpage not too long ago.
I hope he enjoyed choking in the "gas trucks" (lel).

There was another version of this joke but with "Arab Newspaper" in the place of "Der Stürmer." It was on the frontpage not too long ago.
#56486 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]

Grab your guns and run to the basement.
It's happening.
User avatar #56487 to #56486 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
the gov can't even make a website.... how could they do this
User avatar #56585 to #56487 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
True, they can't but they can bring down other goverments.
#56362 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]
If Obama had still won the 2008 and 2012, but run as a Republican what do you think some of the more ridiculous smears like the "birther" movement or "secret Muslim" thing would still have existed?

I think during the primaries some would comment on his scary middle name, but not much would come from it.
User avatar #56504 to #56362 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
If Obama and McCain were switched by party, the latter would likely by the target of "birthers" since he was born in the PCZ.
User avatar #56366 to #56362 - oxymoronking (02/01/2014) [-]
"he hates black people"
User avatar #56363 to #56362 - skubasteve (02/01/2014) [-]
It's the election for the highest office in the united states. Every smear possible is used against both candidates regardless of party.
#56488 to #56363 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]
People get preoccupied with petty things, like Romney having his dog on his car roof on that trip or Obama trying dog as a child while in Indonesia.
The secretly Muslim and or not born in America stuff was really far-fetched though.
User avatar #56353 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
Lenin died too late to do any significant form of economic change and reform, what do you think he would have done if he had not died in such an early age compared to Stalin?

Stalin obviously turned Russia into a superpower through great industrialization at a high cost of life.
User avatar #56370 to #56353 - Shiny (02/01/2014) [-]
The biggest mistake of the Soviet Union was, by far, the diaspora between the needs of an authoritarian state and its collectivist constituents. Focusing so much damn time and so many resources into industrialization over civilian necessities had only one possible conclusion, and we saw it happen live over the course of the Cold War.
User avatar #56497 to #56370 - byposted (02/02/2014) [-]
>the diaspora between the needs of an authoritarian state and its collectivist constituents

Shadowing this issue was ruling without any semblance of law. The Jacobin regime in Russia had no other alternative but rule by despot. It had no other alternative, if the Central Committee wished to remain central, but to build the most advanced police state in the world.
User avatar #56484 to #56369 - jewishcommunazi (02/01/2014) [-]
>Every man for himself;
Pick one.
User avatar #56388 to #56369 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
I can't even begin to list what's wrong with that picture.
User avatar #56389 to #56388 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #56391 to #56389 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
i agree with it on pretty much everything except the reasons for why one is good/one is bad, also fascism doesnt really belong on the list for me anywhere pretty much for the reasons why a dictatorship doesnt belong.
User avatar #56390 to #56389 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Well first off, fascism doesn't work. I could try to explain why but just look at world war two. Libertarianism barely works. Liberalism isn't that retarded, neither is conservatism. Democracy works mostly fine, I agree on the communism and anarchism part.
#56406 to #56390 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
>libertarianism barely works

the greatest economic expansion came from the free market
the greatest detriment to the economy is excessive regulation and a complicated tax code
80% of homicides are the result of the war on drugs, and a vast majority of inmates are in prison for non-violent drug possession
nearly all economists agree that restricting international trade is a bad idea
Extreme patent laws and government granted monopolies restrict fair competition and innovation
User avatar #56478 to #56406 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
Libertarianism is best system. I don't see how anyone could disagree. Communists are allowed to co operate resources within their communes, and capitalists are free to be a private business owner.

The only people who would hate it are politicians
#56467 to #56406 - valeriya (02/01/2014) [-]
Define economic expansion.
#56468 to #56467 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
the economy expands
production capability increases
people go from have not much stuff to having a lot of stuff
#56472 to #56468 - valeriya (02/01/2014) [-]
Alright, you have me the definition I wanted you too, you've seen the ppf where it splits spending between capital goods investment and consumer goods. I've forgotten where I was going with this, but fastest industrialization award still goes to USSR.
User avatar #56477 to #56472 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
You industrialized under threat of war not out of desire to improve the standard of living among citizens. The goods you produced were tanks, guns and ammo, not the things people desired and needed but things the state wanted and needed. And under that system wasn't it the state that dictated where resources went? Not worker consuls?
#56480 to #56477 - valeriya (02/01/2014) [-]
And yes state pretty much had last word on budgets.
User avatar #56483 to #56480 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
So wouldn't that suggest that soviet union industrialization was due to the fact they devoted so many resources to it?
#56479 to #56477 - valeriya (02/01/2014) [-]
At first it was your standard, Coal, Iron, Steel, tanks guns and ammo came later, pretty much though without the tanks guns ammo they'd be certainly dead (Recently had this discussion). I don't think capitalists have the desire to improve peoples living standards when they sell goods and innovate in mind you've also got to consider on the innovation side most our modern technology comes from the desire to kill each other and harm in more efficient ways, on another note living standards did improve later under Khrushchev though, ironically using the capital developed under Stalin whilst denouncing Stalin for neglecting the needs of his citizens and repressing them.
User avatar #56481 to #56479 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
Does it matter if Tesla made alternating current to kill elephants or make getting power cheaper? The result is the same.
Most of our big vast and great technology? Sometimes. But because we are under extreme pressures to do so, but ask yourself under what system does a great desire met even without extreme pressure to do so? Communism does not innovate out of a great need nor desire. It does so out of necessity but capitalism is always making things more efficient not only out of desire to stay in business but a desire to achieve and build.
And not only this but the ability to diversify so that all needs and wants are met.
#56485 to #56481 - valeriya (02/01/2014) [-]
You seemed to be trying to pull the "OH BUT WE CARE WHEN WE DO THINGS" card, I agree the intention doesn't matter as much as the outcome, ergo why I'd say Stalin was a great person especially for the USSR, pressure isn't a bad thing, industrialization could've happened without pressure, it would've taken longer, but cut the time taken seriously. I would go so far as to say capitalism and socialism as entities do not innovate, they simply provide different situations for innovation to take place, you innovate for different reasons Socialism innovates pretty much for the same reason capitalism innovates, need, stuggle, and money although unlike capitalism you also have (In my opinion use of force for the benefit of the workers is ok) force, and civic pride for motivation, to take your example with Tesla I don't think he innovated AC to make power cheaper, he just wanted to fuck with an elephant on the side, but loop back the top, the outcome was great. The diversity I'm not sure if you are referring to diverse industries or diverse production because there's really not a need for diverse production in a country anymore logistics although it can also severly damage or enhance national economies based on whoever to provide the cheapest labour / maximum surplus labour. and on industry note just look at Detroit homogeneous industry which fell apart and so did the city, look at the north of the UK and parts of Wales, reliant on one industry fell apart when that went. Stop started.
User avatar #56475 to #56472 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
but were those goods and services that people wanted, or just what the state thought they wanted?
User avatar #56411 to #56406 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
It's not either this or that. It's not libertarianism or a suppressive government who wants to dominate every living soul. The government has to build roads, keep criminals off the street, provide healthcare and prevent big companies from screwing everyone over. You really think that without social laws a country would be better?
User avatar #56429 to #56411 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
And competition is the foundation of capitalism. Monopolies are bad. Free trade really helps limit monopolies but as a last resort, government can break them up.
User avatar #56425 to #56411 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
What is classical liberalism? libertarianism =/= anarchism

Nearly all of those, except maybe healthcare, could still be provided by a libertarian government.
The market is not all powerful; market failure does exist. It's just that government failure happens way more often. If roads are better off being public and tax funded, then that's fine.
Private police who could enforce their own rules would be very scary... most people don't want to be in the middle of gang wars.
User avatar #56430 to #56425 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
So how would a libertarian government function then?
User avatar #56435 to #56430 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
TAKE IT TO THE LIMITS: Milton Friedman on Libertarianism Basically just smaller and simpler, and it respects people's privacy for the most part.
#56409 to #56406 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Daily reminder that money is ment to serve man but also is not the purpose of our life.
User avatar #56413 to #56409 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
George Carlin Talks About "Stuff" People are inherently selfish and want to better themselves; pretending this isn't the case will only screw things up.
Don't kid yourself.
User avatar #56494 to #56413 - byposted (02/01/2014) [-]
The point is to overcome such vice as selfishness, not embrace it. Hobbes was enlightened on this issue. I don't know about selfishness as virtue, as argued by Rand.
User avatar #56462 to #56413 - jewishcommunazi (02/01/2014) [-]
Isn't Carlin kind of a leftist though?
User avatar #56463 to #56462 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
I think so but he's still pretty funny
User avatar #56464 to #56463 - jewishcommunazi (02/01/2014) [-]
He's like the Marlon Brando of comedy.
User avatar #56465 to #56464 - jewishcommunazi (02/01/2014) [-]
Forget that, he's more like the Al Pacino, or Robert De Niro. Chaplin is the Marlon Brando.
User avatar #56589 to #56465 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.
User avatar #56416 to #56413 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
I'm not a materialist and I like him.
User avatar #56394 to #56390 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
So, the system does not work because they lost a military conflict?
User avatar #56397 to #56394 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Because it asserts power through fear and that never works. Also, whether a political system works isn't measured with theories, it's measured empirically. That's why marxism and libertarianism sounds great on paper.
User avatar #56461 to #56397 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Also one leader doesn't work either.
Please explain how a squad without a leader is better than a squad with a leader?
>Boom, there goes your fascism.
How and why?
User avatar #56458 to #56397 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Sumarise the big bang,
Well there was a big bang and the universe was made
User avatar #56459 to #56458 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Jokes on you, the big bang wasn't actually a bang, also let's continue this conversation through private messages.
User avatar #56460 to #56459 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
i think chat is better
and its not what i say its what i mean
User avatar #56399 to #56397 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Fear is a good weapon, it won't work in the long term trough fear but with tribalism and ethnocentrism it will.
User avatar #56404 to #56399 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
But why would you want tribalism?
User avatar #56407 to #56404 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Because people act like blood cells in a body with tribalism, they have a sence of pride, they don't focus their life just on joy but also to increase the tribe, to work for the tribe, to defend the tribe, its culture, race and land and to keep their identity. It also will increse a sence of duty and loyalty to the tribe.
User avatar #56408 to #56407 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Grow up and be realistic. You like tribalism? Go live in north korea.
User avatar #56410 to #56408 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
The purpose of a lion is to ensure his survival and the survival of other lions within his group.
The purpose of man is to ensure his survival and the survival of his kin.
User avatar #56412 to #56410 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Yeah except this isn't the stone age and survival isn't a thing to fight for anymore. Jesus christ. Fascism fails hilariously in every country it's been tried in.
User avatar #56414 to #56412 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Yes, but what are the humans doing right now, they are surviving. We have evolved and advanced a lot but the point remains the same, we must survive.
User avatar #56419 to #56415 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Plus, I'm more NatSoc
The point is, that my people have money, so that they get good a job, education, healthcare, security, national identity, culture, etc.
And I would change my side whatever it is but the point is that it serves my people.
User avatar #56417 to #56415 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
And trough fascism every race will have a homeland, their identity, their culture and the goverment will exsist in the service of the people and the people will exsist in the service of the goverment.
User avatar #56421 to #56417 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Right, and then every tribe will refuse to communicate. So when they run out of resources they can't trade and have to turn to war. But they have no resources so their people will quickly starve to death.
#56439 to #56421 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
This would be good.
Because there will always be rich people and poor people. But you got give people the basis of a good life so that all people in your motherland have a good job, that all can pay their bills and take care of their family.
The goverment will make shure that family has enough money to pay the bills and to give family the abilty to make their household richer month at a time.
User avatar #56441 to #56439 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Does that good life include freedom of will?
User avatar #56455 to #56441 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
I will encurage that beat, nothing is perfect, if you have a better plan, lets follow that plan. By all means you can speak your mind about us and how we should run the nation to better serve the people. I don't want mere obidience but love and respect, and with acts of care a leader should earn it.
User avatar #56457 to #56455 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Boom, there goes your fascism. Also one leader doesn't work either.
User avatar #56451 to #56441 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Hitler Speeches with accurate English subtitles
Watch this video.
User avatar #56453 to #56451 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
I'm not going to, if you think it's important, summarize it to me.
User avatar #56450 to #56441 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Now tell me, what do you think you will be threatened by?
User avatar #56449 to #56441 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Will to do what exactly?
If you go around raping kids and cry out hurr durr the police are hurting me they are opressing me when they get caught and locked up, is that hurting someones freedom?
User avatar #56452 to #56449 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
That's completely not what I mean. Freedom of will means being able to say and believe what you want. Being able to walk around without getting propaganda shoved in your face. Being able to criticize your govt, etc.
User avatar #56444 to #56441 - include (02/01/2014) [-]
You're goddamn right.
User avatar #56446 to #56444 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Thank you, good to know there are still sensible people here who aren't desperate to be edgy and different.
User avatar #56442 to #56441 - include (02/01/2014) [-]
it should.
User avatar #56443 to #56442 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
That's right, so fascism is a no-go.
User avatar #56440 to #56439 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
I know
>ms paint
User avatar #56427 to #56421 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
And most of all the people good.
User avatar #56424 to #56421 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Trade will not be a problem.
Trade exsisted in ancient time and it served the goverment good.
User avatar #56428 to #56424 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Trade started when tribalism stopped. Because of trade, tribes fell and cities grew.
User avatar #56437 to #56428 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
We are runing out of space to chat.
Yeah, I have a problem in that to. I am for a constant raise in money in a family so that families have more wealth.
There are always going to be rich people, but the problem is the lines.
I'll be right back.
User avatar #56434 to #56428 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
And don't center the society on wealth, because money will corupt man and cause him to me more materialistic.
User avatar #56432 to #56428 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Common tribes will unite
Celts have united in their own regions, Germans, also Slavs, the iberians, depending on their loyalty. The my people, the illyrians also united, albanians united and boshnjaks united.
User avatar #56431 to #56428 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
No, no, tribes never fell, they united. Mostly in federations, and more and more tribes united for a common cause to defend themselves against other empires or other tribes or just to feel racial unity.
User avatar #56433 to #56431 - beatmasterz (02/01/2014) [-]
Right, and then the majority was a poor peasant who had nothing to live for, while the rich became richer and richer.
User avatar #56371 to #56369 - Shiny (02/01/2014) [-]
"Your rights end where my feelings begin"

That is the entire basis of fascism.
#56492 to #56371 - byposted (02/01/2014) [-]
So what? Notwithstanding that the concept of &quot;rights&quot; means nothing to a Fascist and that what you wrote cannot be interpreted as an insult as such, (it is like saying that Commies base their ideology on hating wealth, aren't they evil?11) it can be said that &quot;muh feelings&quot; is the basis of every practical political ideology.
So what? Notwithstanding that the concept of "rights" means nothing to a Fascist and that what you wrote cannot be interpreted as an insult as such, (it is like saying that Commies base their ideology on hating wealth, aren't they evil?11) it can be said that "muh feelings" is the basis of every practical political ideology.
User avatar #56498 to #56492 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Naturally, yes, but every self-described fascist I've ever seen uses that as a sweeping argument against social libertarianism.
User avatar #56499 to #56498 - byposted (02/02/2014) [-]
They should enlighten themselves.
User avatar #56373 to #56371 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
I will take a nap real quick.
User avatar #56393 to #56373 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
i saw a store today here called "SCHNIZELand"
User avatar #56445 to #56393 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
You need to login to view this link
you mean this? schnitzel is a german food that is basically country fried steak
User avatar #56456 to #56445 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
oh my god
User avatar #56448 to #56445 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
yes its that
User avatar #56447 to #56445 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
no shti nigger
#56454 to #56447 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
I think schnizel chose his name from a cartoon anyway
User avatar #56395 to #56393 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #56374 to #56373 - Shiny (02/01/2014) [-]
Because it's based off of irrational, emotional thinking that attempts to be self evident.
User avatar #56377 to #56374 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Would you like to discuss it?
User avatar #56376 to #56374 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Supporting your own is irrational, loving your own is irrational, wanting your own to continue your legacy, is that irrational?
Please tell me more?
User avatar #56378 to #56376 - Shiny (02/01/2014) [-]
Wanting to continue your legacy is nobody's problem but yours.
User avatar #56380 to #56378 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
And are you upp for talk since this is slow.
User avatar #56379 to #56378 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #56381 to #56379 - Shiny (02/01/2014) [-]
You'll just ask "why" over and over again if I keep explaining. Instead, how about you try to convince me that the preservation of culture and ethnicity is the government's duty?
#56649 to #56381 - anonymous (02/03/2014) [-]
lol, ur a ghey furfag
#56493 to #56381 - byposted (02/01/2014) [-]
Look up the origins of the word "nation."
User avatar #56496 to #56493 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
I'm well aware. However, nation means something quite different now.

Thanks for the picture, by the way, this will come in handy in Bitcoin discussions.
User avatar #56511 to #56496 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]

[ney-shuhn] Show IPA
a large body of people, associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government peculiarly its own: The president spoke to the nation about the new tax.
the territory or country itself: the nations of Central America.
a member tribe of an American Indian confederation.
an aggregation of persons of the same ethnic family, often speaking the same language or cognate languages.
User avatar #56513 to #56511 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Nations are no longer divided by race or ethnicity. This is an ancient social norm from when being different actually did mean that someone was hostile.
#56517 to #56513 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Wanting to preserve your race and culture is not the same as destorying it.
User avatar #56521 to #56517 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Wanting to preserve your race and culture is okay. Nobody really cares. But people are not just empty sacks of genes; sure, people might subconsciously prefer sameness, but if you tried to boss a typical person around in the name of national socialism, you'd be told to fuck off and ostracized as a tyrant.

You are basically saying that people need to be forced to do something because otherwise, it would not happen. To me, living and letting live sounds like a great way to spare some bloodshed. Or a lot. A hell of a lot.
User avatar #56526 to #56521 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Look at Slovenia, a racially homogeneous society, and look at the crime rates.
And people are not an empty sack of genes, they cary the life of their kin in them. And children are forced to go to school, is it good to them. Children would rather go outside or play video games all they. Parents force them to study, parents force them to eat their vegies and to drink their milk, so in the future they would have a job and be healthy. What you are saying is to open borders and to get flooded by immigrants?
Watch this please:
User avatar #56529 to #56526 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
And what notable current events have happened in Slovenia? None. Same with every boring, ethnically homogenous society beyond the occasional cringeworthy celebrity media expose. When everything is the same, there might be predictability, but there is also complacency. Simplicity. People give in to their need for security and lack the fortitude to pursue their natural sense of ambition.

And no, I'm not watching a YouTube video by a white nationalist group. I have better things to do than sit around for hours picking apart loaded language, shameless bias and historical inaccuracy.
User avatar #56552 to #56529 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
And please watch the video, if not for me do it for yourself, and it will be quick.
Pretty please, with a sexy me on top.
User avatar #56560 to #56552 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
As much as I'd love to, I have a strong anti-YouTube principle regarding political and philosophical discourse, even if it would condone my own beliefs.
User avatar #56561 to #56560 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
If you wanted to you would find a way, it not, you would make excuses.
User avatar #56567 to #56561 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
It was implied that I was politely saying "I don't feel like it".
#56514 to #56513 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
>Nations are no longer divided by race or ethnicity. This is an ancient social norm from when being different actually did mean that someone was hostile.

I've got an entire folder with links to prove you otherwise that people feel and work better in an enviroment with people that are the same race as they are.
User avatar #56516 to #56514 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
People are instinctively drawn to people who are the same to them, race is just one of the possible similarities. It's purely subconscious and does not happen when two different people actually know each other. No matter where you are, unless it's in the middle of Death Valley without communication or some shit, you'll always have to deal with people you don't immediately relate to; your conclusion is more "cultural Marxist" than what an actual neo-Marxist would say.

We are not cavemen. Basing society off of primitive instincts is nonsense.
#56519 to #56516 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
It's not "primitive" of me to like to spend more time and to work with other Bosnians, same as COD players like going to COD forums and talk about COD, and BF players like going to BF forums and talk about BF.
In conlficts people will be drawn to those who are like them, same as in live, people like spending time with those like them.
User avatar #56522 to #56519 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
People who play the same video games have chosen to do what they do. Their race is just some piece of trivia about their ancestry; why would they care about that when they can associate with others based on conscious decisions? Things that impact them in ways that matter? Why would they automatically have compatible personalities with others by virtue of genetic heritage?

Hell, even if you completely toss race out of the equation, your personal preferences for people are still logically coherent. Surely what matters to you is your Bosnian culture and history, right?
User avatar #56559 to #56522 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
WIll they, and why does everyone deserve to be treated the same? Or even given the same?
Life is not fair.
User avatar #56563 to #56559 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Who are we to judge anyone but ourselves? The human experience is complex, something we all need to bear the weight of. If we cannot change the reality of this burden, then certainly we can change how we adapt to it, mold it into something bearable, if not wonderful.

Humanity's greatest steps forward have been driven by just a few powerful, enigmatic people, all backed by a society that nurtured and supported them, gave them a reason to push on.
User avatar #56568 to #56563 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
If I know a banker who is taking money from my homeland. I can not judge him?
I can not judge a criminal, or even a rapist?
User avatar #56525 to #56522 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
You play with the cards you are given.
And within a race people are bloodbound with eachother and they continue the legacy of their people.
User avatar #56605 to #56525 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
You're intentionally taking my points to an absurd conclusion. My entire point was that actions matter, so, yes.
User avatar #56651 to #56605 - schnizel (02/03/2014) [-]
I see christians are raging over the statements pope made. Nope, only cricket sounds.
User avatar #56628 to #56605 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
But the thing is, when they see me as an enemy and want to eliminate me as their holy book said so and have the willpower, I see a problem.
User avatar #56643 to #56628 - Shiny (02/03/2014) [-]
They have no more willpower than any other human being (or nationally speaking, any other military).
User avatar #56627 to #56605 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Holy shit people are bad in web design
but christfags are to much of pussies to hurt anyone
User avatar #56622 to #56605 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
And I have read the Talmud.
All 6200
Did you know that goyim are not supposed to do that
I'm a bad goy
User avatar #56625 to #56622 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Every holy book says "I'm right so fuck everyone else" in some way or another. Hardly shocking.
User avatar #56621 to #56605 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
As a web designer I say what the hell is that?
#56616 to #56605 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
I have a full folder of these.
User avatar #56619 to #56616 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
That asshole that runs rense.com ran an editorial taking back this statement. It's long been proven false.
#56606 to #56605 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Give me a TLDR summary of your view on life.
User avatar #56614 to #56606 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
I don't really have one. I guess i just like arguing.

That picture also bothers me a lot, since the top right article is clearly just freerepublic-type impotent rage with no clear point. At least the bitchy Jew girl is honest that she despises others and isn't making a hilariously contrived attempt to be neutral.
User avatar #56531 to #56525 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Why? It's just genes. Why should I give a shit about some self-absorbed, antisocial prick by such a flimsy relation? Why should I disregard someone brilliant, caring and accomplished because I lack this same relation?

People are blessed with the ability to pick and choose our destinies to an alarming degree. I don't give a shit if someone has half of every genetic disease known to man, I'd still consider them a greater contribution to society than someone who has done nothing with their life.
#56632 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Damn, I would love to continue this but I have to go now, bye Shiny. To each his own.
User avatar #56630 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Damn, you are a hardcore individualist.
Well, why don't you marry a negroid?
User avatar #56618 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
And I like communism.
>Why should I give a shit about some self-absorbed, antisocial prick by such a flimsy relation?
implying that your bro is "self-absorbed, antisocial prick by such a flimsy relation"
>Blood is just the red gross shit that squirts out of wounds.
Humans are just fleshy beings on a rock that goes trough space, big deal.
>A mindless sycophant is hardly someone I'd call a brother.
According to famous Milgram experiment, more than 65% of ordinary people are ready to kill someone if ordered to do so. According to the Seville Statement on Violence, 1986, our aggression is an important part of civilized culture involving idealism, language and information processing. According to psychologist H. Murray, dominance and aggression are among fundamental human psychogenic needs.
We have been killing eachother since the dawn of time, your point is?
>They did it for themselves and for their kids, not their asshole neighbor's just because they were the same race as them.
So that their kid will marry the neighbor's kid because they care about legacy and that their grandchild looks like them
#56631 to #56618 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #56623 to #56618 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
>implying that your bro is "self-absorbed, antisocial prick by such a flimsy relation"
Reread the sentence. I meant I won't associate myself with a douche just because we're more genetically similar to each other than other people.
Also, aggression may be natural, but that doesn't make it good. The entire reason we have violent media is because we know how to keep our primitive delights in check in healthy, prosocial ways. We currently live in the most peaceful period of human history because of it.
In fact, it's extremely difficult to make someone kill in most circumstances, even war. We're designed to kill other things, not each other. The Milgram experiment was specifically designed to overcome this, and not only did a large number of them still refuse, but many of the testees suffered profound psychological trauma.

>So that their kid will marry the neighbor's kid because they care about legacy and that their grandchild looks like them
I'd say that's a really dumb thing to care about, but to each his own.
#56611 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
>Why should I give a shit about some self-absorbed, antisocial prick by such a flimsy relation?
>Blood is just the red gross shit that squirts out of wounds.
>A mindless sycophant is hardly someone I'd call a brother.
>They did it for themselves and for their kids, not their asshole neighbor's just because they were the same race as them.
User avatar #56612 to #56611 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
I'm talking about racial ties to others, not people themselves.
User avatar #56609 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
It is sad, you always talk badly about those same to you, but good about those who are not you.
User avatar #56610 to #56609 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
That is how you choose to interpret it. I don't consider most people to be same to me, and feel the same about many others from their point.
User avatar #56550 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
We give it out to help others if they lose their blood, we make a sacrifice so we help the wounded.
And humans are just organic beings on a rock.
User avatar #56556 to #56550 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
We do this because one day, one of these people we save might save us in return. We give everyone an opportunity to be great because some of them will be.
User avatar #56549 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]

1. Assembled into or viewed as a whole.
2. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group: a collective decision.
1. An undertaking, such as a business operation, set up on the principles or system of collectivism.
2. Grammar A collective noun.
#56737 to #56549 - collective (02/04/2014) [-]
you called?
User avatar #56557 to #56549 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #56546 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Skin color=/=Race
User avatar #56544 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Do not think like an individualist, humans are social beings and work as a collective.
#56736 to #56544 - collective (02/04/2014) [-]
you called?
User avatar #56548 to #56544 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Sure, but individuals have needs, too. When they work together, great things can happen.
User avatar #56542 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Are you a half breed?
User avatar #56543 to #56542 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
I...guess. I dunno. Mom was adopted, but I'm still paler than a ghost.
User avatar #56540 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Its like preserving your own familys blood.
User avatar #56547 to #56540 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Blood is just the red gross shit that squirts out of wounds. If it was so sacred, we wouldn't up and give it away to medical organizations.
User avatar #56537 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Because my ancestors fught to keep their land their own and that their kids prosper.
User avatar #56541 to #56537 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Maybe yours, and that is their legacy. Mine came to 'murica for a better life because lolpotatoesdead....and I don't even know what my other half is. And I don't care, because the fact I exist means they succeeded. Or failed.
User avatar #56533 to #56531 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
It's not just genes, it's the legacy of your ancestors carried on trough generations.
User avatar #56536 to #56533 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Fucking people who are similar to you will hardly help you preserve this legacy. You don't need racial purity to hold your ancestors dear.
User avatar #56524 to #56522 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
If you take blacks and teach them about Bosnian culture and language, are they Bosnian?
You don't take any value in who you are and who your ancestors were.
User avatar #56527 to #56524 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Your ancestors are who they were, what they were remembered for because they chose to make their own path. This is why history isn't homogenous and boring. I expect people now to take the same opportunities.
User avatar #56570 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
ad hominem
#56569 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
I've got a script to write. And I don't want to waste time with you.
I hope you have fun.
User avatar #56607 to #56569 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
"I hope you have fun." That sounds strangely ominous.

Also, systemic racism IS still very common in America. New, one-time offenders are basically guaranteed to get longer sentences for being black.
User avatar #56564 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Oh shit, you are from America.
User avatar #56566 to #56564 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
No shit.
#56555 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Animals, they don't think.
Let me tell you something.
Would you rather drink like a horse or a human?
>not relevant
User avatar #56565 to #56555 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
lol @ Color of Crime, Jared Taylor is a fucking hack. Anyone who's actually lived in Chicago or Detroit will tell you that genes aren't what fucks everything up.

I also don't really understand the questiion. Horses don't have water purification technology. Or cups.
User avatar #56538 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Why do wolves stick together, in pack?
Why do sheep stick together?
And why are you implying that people the same races as you are bad and from other races are good?
User avatar #56551 to #56538 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
Because animals are stupid and don't think. We've motherfucking created them over the course of thousands of years, i.e. canis lupus familiaris. We're the world's apex predator.

"And why are you implying that people the same races as you are bad and from other races are good?"

I'm not. I'm implying they can be, because that is how probability works. It makes race seem irrelevant.
#56535 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
You shure do love me.
User avatar #56532 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
A shieldwall is stronger when brothers stand together.
User avatar #56534 to #56532 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
A mindless sycophant is hardly someone I'd call a brother.
#56528 to #56527 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Not just for their own path but for the path of their own people.
User avatar #56530 to #56528 - Shiny (02/02/2014) [-]
"Their own people"? They did it for themselves and for their kids, not their asshole neighbor's just because they were the same race as them.
User avatar #56512 to #56511 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
1250-1300; Middle English < Latin nātiōn (stem of nātiō ) birth, tribe, equivalent to nāt ( us ) (past participle of nāscī to be born)
User avatar #56382 to #56381 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
One question.
Shall we talk about it because there is a lot to say and it is easier and quicker to talk than to write about it?
User avatar #56383 to #56382 - Shiny (02/01/2014) [-]
Eh. I articulate thoughts a lot better in text, but that's just me.
User avatar #56387 to #56383 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Can we continue on skype or on tinychat because I'm playing Total War and I'm taking care of some rebels and I won't have time tomorrow.
Please, do it for an illogical man so you will not hurt my fellings so I don't gas 6 million jews again.
User avatar #56396 to #56387 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
what tinychat are you on? le link dawg
User avatar #56418 to #56405 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #56420 to #56418 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
this guy first sounded okay but now he just sounds like a retard...
User avatar #56422 to #56420 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #56423 to #56422 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
the european talking... spot_marxism, both of them anyhow
User avatar #56401 to #56396 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
1 sexs
User avatar #56384 to #56383 - articulate (02/01/2014) [-]
At someone's thinking of me.
User avatar #56346 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
Let's say it's possible

would you be willing to cut healthcare costs by 95% but give up all research and have no new technology?
User avatar #56385 to #56346 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #56355 to #56346 - skubasteve (02/01/2014) [-]
Considering most medical diseases mutate at almost the same speed we spit out new generations we would all be sent back to the black plague standards in no time.
#56356 to #56355 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]
diseases mutate BECAUSE we spit out so much technology
User avatar #56398 to #56356 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
what is evolution dumbass, viruses can evolve in months. the best example is the yearly flue
User avatar #56357 to #56356 - skubasteve (02/01/2014) [-]
No they mutate because they build up resistances to what we have treated them with. They adapt.
User avatar #56349 to #56346 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
fuck no, i'd rather have the human race become extinct then to stop all prograss in research. which reminds me i have to make a discussion about this
User avatar #56588 to #56349 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
Also wana chat?
User avatar #56590 to #56588 - lulzforhiroshima (02/02/2014) [-]
ahh yeah i guess
User avatar #56591 to #56590 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
third position?
User avatar #56592 to #56591 - lulzforhiroshima (02/02/2014) [-]
yep, im there
User avatar #56593 to #56592 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
ok im coming
User avatar #56587 to #56349 - schnizel (02/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #56348 to #56346 - noblexfenrir (02/01/2014) [-]
Seems counter-productive when the eventual discovery of new methods/research/and technology would likely result in the decrease in costs for current methods by the same amount.

Basically that old question "Would you rather have X dollars now, or X^2 dollars a month from now."
#56344 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
this was in new uploads
User avatar #56436 to #56344 - azumeow (02/01/2014) [-]
That was great.
User avatar #56358 to #56344 - feelythefeel (02/01/2014) [-]
And? Is that it, or are you trying to say something?
User avatar #56359 to #56358 - pebar (02/01/2014) [-]
that's it; I just thought it was funny
User avatar #56360 to #56359 - feelythefeel (02/01/2014) [-]
I'm closer to cringing, personally.
#56343 - byposted (02/01/2014) [-]
Thread marking the Islamic Revolution. We remember 35 years and respect the Ayatollahs. The Persian people have maintained their identity despite enduring the full weight of the Jews and the petrodollar.

National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Iranian Military Parade - The Final Cut HD (Be Blown Away)
Julia Boutros - Moukawem /  جوليا بطرس - مقاوم
#56364 to #56343 - tredbear (02/01/2014) [-]
Because Iran if forced to be independant, it has also forced them to be self-sufficient, from vehicle production, to science research, to military innovation, to medicines.   
I must say, they have done a damn fine job, I just wish that sometimes they would not pull of fakes and other shit like that.   
Iran is one of the few to stand up to the New World Order, and not take any shit from the West or the East.   
I enjoy the fact that Iran has survived this long and not become a puppet state to the West like their neighbors. I hope Iran succeeds in defending itself from the Zionists of the world.
Because Iran if forced to be independant, it has also forced them to be self-sufficient, from vehicle production, to science research, to military innovation, to medicines.

I must say, they have done a damn fine job, I just wish that sometimes they would not pull of fakes and other shit like that.

Iran is one of the few to stand up to the New World Order, and not take any shit from the West or the East.

I enjoy the fact that Iran has survived this long and not become a puppet state to the West like their neighbors. I hope Iran succeeds in defending itself from the Zionists of the world.
User avatar #56400 to #56364 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
those zionists are so bad!
User avatar #56350 to #56343 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
i didnt know i was so heavy
User avatar #56345 to #56343 - byposted (02/01/2014) [-]
Swedes are celebrating:
IRAN Pride sweden stockholm  IRAN 360p
User avatar #56365 to #56345 - tredbear (02/01/2014) [-]
that's the Persian Flag, not Iranian Flag
#56361 to #56345 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]
Most of them are probably Liberals that just like how Iran's existence infuriates the US.
#56351 to #56345 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
fuck you sweden, fuck you.

User avatar #56327 - oxymoronking (01/31/2014) [-]
what are you guys, im republican with some liberal veiws like gay marriage and stuff
User avatar #56372 to #56327 - Shiny (02/01/2014) [-]
So, Log Cabin Republican? Though at this point the only major difference between the GOP and LP is the social agenda.

#56368 to #56327 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
Nat Soc all the way
oy vey
#56341 to #56327 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
Fascism all the way baby!
Fascism all the way baby!
#56330 to #56327 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
How about political compass? This is mine.
#56333 to #56330 - pebar (01/31/2014) [-]
User avatar #56336 to #56333 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
You can't handle my class consciousness.
#56392 to #56336 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
Can't handle my capitalist swag.
User avatar #56403 to #56392 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
jesus christ, i think you're purposefully trying to get it so far right
User avatar #56476 to #56403 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
I actually took this quiz honestly.
#56637 to #56502 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/02/2014) [-]
Around that area I saved it but I can't find it and I got shit to do.
User avatar #56639 to #56637 - pebar (02/02/2014) [-]
"A government which maintained law and order, defined property rights, served as a means whereby we could modify property rights and other rules of the economic game, adjudicated disputes about the interpretation of the rules, enforced contracts, promoted competition, provided a monetary framework, engaged in activities to counter technical monopolies and to overcome neighborhood effects widely regarded as sufficiently important to justify government intervention, and which supplemented private charity and the private family in protecting the irresponsible, whether madman or child -- such a government would clearly have important functions to perform. The consistent [libertarian] is not an anarchist."
--Milton Friedman, "Capitalism and Freedom," page 34

What do you think of this?
User avatar #56661 to #56639 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/03/2014) [-]
I agree that government should protect property rights, and maintain law and order
#56638 to #56637 - pebar has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #56636 to #56502 - undeadwill ONLINE (02/02/2014) [-]
I'll take it again right now.
User avatar #56337 to #56336 - pebar (01/31/2014) [-]
filthy prole
User avatar #56338 to #56337 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
Go emancipate youself fag.
User avatar #56340 to #56338 - pebar (01/31/2014) [-]
As a greedy capitalist, I am obligated to continue leeching off my parents while I'm in college.
User avatar #56339 to #56338 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
User avatar #56329 to #56327 - pebar (01/31/2014) [-]
libertarian for the most part
User avatar #56328 to #56327 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
Commie. I believe in central planning but not in single-party.
#56282 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
Is it not true that more people have died from gommunism than from nadsism?
User avatar #56352 to #56282 - lulzforhiroshima (02/01/2014) [-]
no shit dumbass
#56473 to #56352 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]
fuck you
User avatar #56317 to #56282 - schnizel (01/31/2014) [-]
Good thing Tito kicked Staljin out, or my father would have had fun in the fun camp with the Ukranians.
User avatar #56331 to #56316 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
Do you also have the original version?
#56474 to #56331 - anonymous (02/01/2014) [-]
"i told you about the stairs bro"

search that
User avatar #56367 to #56331 - schnizel (02/01/2014) [-]
nope, sorry, only this
#56300 to #56282 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
Maybe, but it's not like nazism and fascism are able to last longer than about one leadership, so it doesn't have the chance to kill that many people.

Niggernazi: Hitler (supposedly) killed about 11 million, the 6 million is only the jews.
User avatar #56320 to #56300 - schnizel (01/31/2014) [-]
So, imagine a world we would live in if natsoc won.
User avatar #56319 to #56300 - schnizel (01/31/2014) [-]
And it the Germans had the backup they needed they would have stoped the red army at Kursk.
User avatar #56318 to #56300 - schnizel (01/31/2014) [-]
And the thing is not how much enemy blood it will spill to a degree but how will it take care of its people. And gomjunism : DDD wasn't doing a good job.
User avatar #56306 to #56300 - niggernazi (01/31/2014) [-]
oopsie, all we hear about hitler is that he killed 6 milion jews and now they are pretty butthurt about it.

i forgot the fact that hitler also killed 5 million humans
#56314 to #56306 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
Weren't a lot of the none-Jews in the camps political prisoners, Anarchist, Communists, and Feminists?
User avatar #56321 to #56314 - niggernazi (01/31/2014) [-]
yes, also fags and cripples. but for the most part it was russians
User avatar #56307 to #56306 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
That's not a nice thing to say.
User avatar #56297 to #56282 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
What's nadsism?
User avatar #56286 to #56282 - niggernazi (01/31/2014) [-]
stalin killed like 20 million people in thes sovjet fun camps

hitler only killed like 6 million people in these etnic cleansing camps

source: youtube and discover channel
#56283 to #56282 - slias (01/31/2014) [-]
Pretty sure that's correct, more people died within Russia under Stalin's rule than the combined death toll of WW2. Best to steer clear of both systems, they're shit.
#56301 to #56283 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
I didn't even mention stalin

I'm mainly talking about the gultural revoludion
#56305 to #56301 - slias (01/31/2014) [-]
Ah, your spelling through me off. It's Cultural and Communism, not Gultural and Gommunism.
#56310 to #56305 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
your grammar threw me off
User avatar #56309 to #56305 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
The misspelling is intentional.
User avatar #56274 - skubasteve (01/31/2014) [-]
Tsarnav might get the death penalty. How should he be executed FJ? I'm partial to strapping a bomb to him and have him run a marathon. If he doesn't complete it in the allloteed time, he explodes (if he does we arm the bomb anyways but give him a few seconds to realize he is going to blow up.)

User avatar #56278 to #56274 - feelythefeel (01/31/2014) [-]
I suppose a lethal injection or any other sane method is out of the question for you?
#56272 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
Iranian made Zulfiqar main battle tank   
Iranian made Zulfiqar main battle tank

#56273 to #56272 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
It sure does have a lot of ammo
#56271 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
#56270 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
Somebody probably spent hours making this, chuckling to himself and thinking he's clever.
User avatar #56276 to #56270 - teoberry (01/31/2014) [-]
I honestly can't tell if it's a bad joke by liberals or satire by consevatives. Either way, it was pretty stupid, they used 'racist' too much
#56315 to #56276 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
Probably one of the two.

If it is serious though, the guy seems to get a bit bent out of shape over being called a "racist". No doubt, the word is thrown around a lot today. If you get so upset hearing it though, you might just be a racist.
#56284 to #56269 - slias (01/31/2014) [-]
Just take the stairs.
#56257 - byposted (01/31/2014) [-]

Why do liberals hate White people so much? If this were a sports program that lacked Whites, we wouldn't see administrative action to this degree.
#56256 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
Would it be possible to have a sort of progressive minimum wage?
Like a business pays a flexible minimum wage linked to it's income?
User avatar #56281 to #56256 - jewishcommunazi (01/31/2014) [-]
I thought about that before, it sounds good.
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