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#73358 - youregaylol (52 minutes ago) [-]

so is there an actual video of the shooting or this just some retarded leftist pulling something out of his ass?
User avatar #73360 to #73358 - pebar ONLINE (45 minutes ago) [-]
pretty sure there is no video of the shooting
there is a video of what happened after it, though
#73361 to #73360 - youregaylol (44 minutes ago) [-]
I figured as much. Why do people lie about stuff like that, if there is no video people are going to find out.
#73351 - Womens Study Major (3 hours ago) [-]
I'm getting my leftist philosophies a bit confused. So the goal of Communism is to one day reach a statelss, moneyless, classless, society. While in Socialism, government ownership of resources is considered a form of mutual ownership. Am I on the ball at all?
User avatar #73359 to #73351 - kanadetenshi (47 minutes ago) [-]
Almost correct. Socialism can be done without government. As long as there's a system of collective ownership.
User avatar #73356 to #73351 - feelythefeel (1 hour ago) [-]
Pretty much.
User avatar #73357 to #73356 - feelythefeel (1 hour ago) [-]
Although the stated goal of Socialism is commonly to use it as a means to gradually achieve Communism.
#73348 - Womens Study Major (3 hours ago) [-]
I keep hearing people ask what if the races were reversed.

But what if black cop shot black kid?
#73352 to #73348 - youregaylol (3 hours ago) [-]
there would probably still be outrage because the types of people protesting just hates cops in general.

it wouldn't be on this scale though.
User avatar #73353 to #73352 - lulzformalaysiaair (2 hours ago) [-]
I disagree, I don't think the media would have picked up the story, there would be the smallest possible outrage.
#73325 - kanadetenshi (11 hours ago) [-]
Nothing says peacefully protesting police brutality like looting a liquor store and setting Little Ceasar's on fire.
#73332 to #73325 - Womens Study Major (5 hours ago) [-]
Communist Party, USA is there apparently.

So I imagine that they're agitating in feeble hope that this will expand and become a revolution.
#73343 to #73332 - youregaylol (4 hours ago) [-]
Inner city blacks are some of the worst candidates for a commie revolution.

I mean they are dumb so that's a positive, but you can't count on them to do anything other than burn shit and then go home and get high.
#73342 to #73332 - Womens Study Major (4 hours ago) [-]
Hopefully they get their asses taken down by all the blind negro rage. They'll try to herd the cattle into revolution but will only get themselves trampled.
#73328 to #73325 - Womens Study Major (9 hours ago) [-]
Little Caesar's NEW Extra Crispity Red Hot Riot Pizza! Inspired by local population, our pizza went black & blazing! Try it today!
User avatar #73338 to #73328 - kanadetenshi (4 hours ago) [-]
Lil Caesars din du nuthing! It was a gud store! Giting moe money foe dem Pizzas!
User avatar #73324 - Tyranitar (12 hours ago) [-]
So, the black community in Ferguson is gonna loot, kill, and riot, which will probably result in a violent police action:

And this is gonna reinforce their idea that the cops are after black people in Ferguson...
#73327 to #73324 - Womens Study Major (9 hours ago) [-]
It's all a vicious cycle, and the politicians and media will gladly step in to further agitate things.
#73316 - youregaylol (15 hours ago) [-]
anyone wonder how many white folks are gonna get killed tonight?
#73339 to #73316 - Womens Study Major (4 hours ago) [-]
What about all the black and oriental folks that aren't part of the riots? not important if they die?
#73341 to #73339 - youregaylol (4 hours ago) [-]
who has a better chance of being targeted?
#73349 to #73341 - Womens Study Major (3 hours ago) [-]
I agree that a white person is more likely to be targeted than any other race right now but that doesn't mean that someone who is not white and not part of the riots isn't going to get killed (bullets and fire don't discriminate).

Unrelated to the riots but why do you only care about "white folks' anyway?

#73350 to #73349 - youregaylol (3 hours ago) [-]
"Unrelated to the riots but why do you only care about "white folks' anyway"

implying I ever said anything close to that
#73354 to #73350 - Womens Study Major (1 hour ago) [-]
It's the only race you stated in your original comment.

If you had said "anyone wondering how many folks are gonna get killed tonight" I wouldn't have asked the question.
#73355 to #73354 - youregaylol (1 hour ago) [-]
we've already established that whites are more likely to be targeted

would you have a problem if the kkk was burning the ghetto and i said "i wonder how many black folks are gonna get killed tonight?", even though some whites might be killed too?

i think you're being overly sensitive
#73362 to #73355 - Womens Study Major (11 minutes ago) [-]
Around 2/3 of Ferguson Missouri is black so it would make sense that even if white people were being targeted that there would be a large amount of black people killed in the process.

If the KKK attacked an area with a reversed demographic then yes I'd still have the same problem as a lot of white people would be caught in the process as well.

It just doesn't make sense to not worry about a group of people just because they aren't a target in an event that's likely to cause a lot of collateral damage.
#73363 to #73362 - youregaylol (9 minutes ago) [-]
I never said I wasn't worried about any other people, I was just asking a question about how many whites do people think are going to get killed tonight in retaliation. This is obviously a huge race thing.

I don't know what you're so upset about, nothing in my comment was racist or implied that I didn't care about any other race.

Once again, you're being sensitive.
#73333 to #73316 - Womens Study Major (5 hours ago) [-]
The ones who own guns and aren't afraid to defend themselves will be fine.
#73318 to #73316 - Womens Study Major (15 hours ago) [-]
hopefully all the white liberals who are taking part in the riots
#73330 to #73318 - Womens Study Major (5 hours ago) [-]
any chance to bash a liberal right?
#73313 - Womens Study Major (16 hours ago) [-]
When a city goes black, so do the skies above it.
User avatar #73331 to #73313 - feelythefeel (5 hours ago) [-]
It's called night time.
#73337 to #73331 - Womens Study Major (4 hours ago) [-]
#73312 - Womens Study Major (16 hours ago) [-]
"lets destroy our own town that'll show em!"
seriously these people are worse than any of the cops they claim to be against
#73315 to #73312 - Womens Study Major (16 hours ago) [-]
And then everyone with a valuable skill or business will leave the place so the nigs can rot in the festering shithole they are creating.
User avatar #73310 to #73307 - hawaiianhappysauce (16 hours ago) [-]
you might have to disable adblock for it to work.
User avatar #73305 - hawaiianhappysauce (16 hours ago) [-]
Is this the biggest Riot of all time? Not sure how this compares to the Trayvon trial.
#73320 to #73305 - youregaylol (14 hours ago) [-]
Nah dude, LA was the biggest chimpout in american history.
#73314 to #73305 - Womens Study Major (16 hours ago) [-]
they're gonna keep getting bigger as the media continues to hunger for ratings and the political agitators continue to hunger for chaos
#73304 - Womens Study Major (17 hours ago) [-]
www.ustream.tv/Z ive never seen a mass of retardation of this proportion before this.
#73301 - Womens Study Major (17 hours ago) [-]
with any luck we make niggerers are slaves again
#73334 to #73301 - Womens Study Major (5 hours ago) [-]
Having them in the country was the problem to begin with, why'd you want to keep them here?
#73302 to #73301 - Womens Study Major (17 hours ago) [-]
that won't get rid of the wannabe-leftists who do all the agitating and instigating
#73289 - Womens Study Major (18 hours ago) [-]
Nothing says justice like destroying your own city.
User avatar #73297 to #73289 - majormayor (17 hours ago) [-]
Freakin' Arkham City.
User avatar #73283 - majormayor (18 hours ago) [-]
best twitter atm
User avatar #73279 - Sperit (18 hours ago) [-]
The black people are angry
i am afraid to go out side because i look white
oh wait never mind i live in a gated community
#73288 to #73279 - youregaylol (18 hours ago) [-]
>overweight unarmed security guard in his tollbooth fighting off the black death
User avatar #73291 to #73288 - Sperit (17 hours ago) [-]
The surrounding area around us is mostly Mexican
i know only 1 black family in the gate
and then like 30% Mexican and the rest white
#73319 to #73291 - cabbagemayhem (14 hours ago) [-]
It's the Alamo!
#73272 - Womens Study Major (18 hours ago) [-]
Deep behind bars in a prison Charles Manson is smiling. Ages ago, Helter Skelter did not come to fruition, but now he sees it was not necessary. The media, the police, and the negro community are doing a plenty good job leading us right into race war.

Beware America! The Total Chimp-Out is coming! No one is safe!
User avatar #73276 to #73272 - majormayor (18 hours ago) [-]
Some day men like Mr. Manson and Ted Kaczynski shall walk free once more, probably in the end times.
#73265 - Womens Study Major (18 hours ago) [-]
You can't Slim Slom the Wil Son
#73275 to #73265 - youregaylol (18 hours ago) [-]
eh, we can do better

No scarin the Darren
#73262 - byposted (18 hours ago) [-]
Streamer BassemMasri's phone got stolen live.
#73266 to #73262 - youregaylol (18 hours ago) [-]
by the police or by a neg?
#73282 to #73280 - youregaylol (18 hours ago) [-]
ya i already saw it

its kinda hard to make out their voices but the kid sounds way too young to be a cop
User avatar #73285 to #73282 - byposted (18 hours ago) [-]
They're teenapers. I can make out the robber saying "sup nigga" to an accomplice.

When I was watching this live, I had thought that the streamer was running from the police - who were then ordering those on the street to move northward. The circumstances are clear now, though.
User avatar #73268 to #73266 - byposted (18 hours ago) [-]
It was a din doo noofin. Marsi, however, is working damage control on his vintage flip-phone, claiming that an uncover agent ruined his broadcast.

User avatar #73269 to #73268 - byposted (18 hours ago) [-]
#73263 to #73262 - Womens Study Major (18 hours ago) [-]
why'd you delete your last comment faggot
#73264 to #73263 - byposted (18 hours ago) [-]
I had yet to confirm that that was what, indeed, occurred.

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