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User avatar #622806 - zerositnator (10/19/2014) [-]
Does anyone even host roll tourneys anymore? Those were fun.
User avatar #622847 to #622806 - supertanto ONLINE (10/20/2014) [-]
i didn't have enough time when school started so i passed it to lightarcanine and he ripped
User avatar #622797 - epicporter (10/19/2014) [-]
remember that time that bidoof was almost banned from online because of moody
#622798 to #622797 - societyofbidoof (10/19/2014) [-]
well of course

having our lord and saviour on a team isn't fair on the other team

praise bidoof
#622796 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
>Hoopa: 1'08" 19.8lbs   
>Hoopa Forme: 21'04" 1080.3 lbs.
>Hoopa: 1'08" 19.8lbs
>Hoopa Forme: 21'04" 1080.3 lbs.
User avatar #622878 to #622810 - feelythefeel (10/20/2014) [-]
Hoopa got buns, hun.
#622794 - makotoitou (10/19/2014) [-]
Earth Power or Earthquake for this fucker? I was planning on breeding one but not sure if I should go Bold and tutor it in ORAS or Relaxed.
User avatar #622808 to #622794 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
what do you want it to check or counter more
User avatar #622795 to #622794 - yusay ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
I typically use EQ to break CM Raikou's subs, but that's on Showdown.
User avatar #622804 to #622795 - makotoitou (10/19/2014) [-]
Yeah, I mind as well just breed Relaxed with EQ and can always just tutor later if burns/storm drain end up happening often. Not like Bold outspeeds anything Relaxed doesn't.
User avatar #622775 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
is anyone else curious as to why mega pidgeot is a special attacker
it always leaned towards being physical before it received a mega although it was only by a little
it also lacks a usable special movepool
User avatar #622779 to #622775 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
le hurricane spam bird with 100% accuracy stone edge against it
User avatar #622776 to #622775 - makotoitou (10/19/2014) [-]
The idea was to be unique from all the other birds, but it's just a shitty Tornadus.
User avatar #622820 to #622776 - aceshot (10/19/2014) [-]
>Tornadus not already being a shitty Tornadus
#622764 - shadowrated (10/19/2014) [-]
Would telly flame be UU without Gale Wings?
User avatar #622846 to #622764 - supertanto ONLINE (10/20/2014) [-]
are they considering gale wings ban?
User avatar #622865 to #622846 - kyouko (10/20/2014) [-]

Why would they ban Gale Wings when Talonflame is completely fine?
User avatar #622848 to #622846 - shadowrated (10/20/2014) [-]
nope, although gw is almost op imo
User avatar #622802 to #622764 - kyouko (10/19/2014) [-]
No, it'd be PU or something
#622828 to #622802 - shadowrated (10/19/2014) [-]
It would be PU cuz it would

User avatar #622773 to #622764 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
itd be nu
all of its stats are too low besides its speed
typing isnt great either
#622767 to #622764 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
no smegmagon doesn't do complex bans
#622747 - stringpluckerr (10/19/2014) [-]
Hey all, so I've been basically filling up my pokedex and have a shit ton of useless pokemon. If you need anything for your own pokedex, or if you want to trade my friend code is 1005-9841-4238
I don't have any legendaries or shinies, but I have a few real neat mons.
User avatar #622731 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
CONFIRMED: PRIMAL REVERSION does not prevent MEGA EVOLUTION or vice versa. Can have both. (2 primals too!)

Get ready to fight Kyogre/Groudon/M-Salamence in the Battle Spot.
User avatar #622814 to #622731 - deandrummer (10/19/2014) [-]
this makes mega camerupt viable?
#622799 to #622731 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
I am that anon, juon, totodigatr. I didn't know that rayquaza was a mega, I just assumed it was a primal. and the team is random because Salamance and blaziken are pokes on my regular team. I just would add the legendaries because. Anyway conflict resolution?
User avatar #622759 to #622731 - makotoitou (10/19/2014) [-]
so tl;dr MGengar+Kyogre is the new Ubers, got it.
User avatar #622761 to #622759 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
mega gengar primal groudon primal kyogre xerneas
User avatar #622762 to #622761 - makotoitou (10/19/2014) [-]
User avatar #622763 to #622762 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
primal can catch special walls off guard with its 150 attack
and thunder has a thirty percent paralysis chance so it can outspeed things with that
User avatar #622803 to #622763 - kyouko (10/19/2014) [-]
Scarfkyogre > Primal
#622746 to #622731 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
primal rayquaza, groudon, and mega blaziken or mega salamance
User avatar #622756 to #622746 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Rayquaza is not primal, it's actually a mega.
User avatar #622753 to #622746 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
heavy weather teams will only work in uber doubles
User avatar #622755 to #622753 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
That's not a heavy weather team.
User avatar #622757 to #622755 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
having mega rayquaza and salamence or blaziken and primal groudon on the same team sounds like an attempt to make a heavy weather team dont you think
User avatar #622758 to #622757 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Even if heavy weathers lasted the 5 turns, it would make literally no sense to have Groudon/Kyogre and then sent out M-Rayquaza to nullify it.

It's simply a powercreep team to kill stuff.
User avatar #622760 to #622758 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
if rayquaza was in fact a primal and heavy weather remained it would function independently of groudon or kyogre and the sweeper that benefits from their weather
pretty sure this was what the anon was going for
User avatar #622765 to #622760 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
No, he was going by pokemon which he thought would be the strongest team.
Why the fuck would you use Rayquaza instead of something that actually benefits from the weather change? Blaziken and Salamance hardly benefit from it, too.
User avatar #622766 to #622765 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
salamence would benefit from the half damage from rock and ice moves
maybe electric too since delta stream applies to moves that are super effective against the flying type as a whole
blaziken would benefit from the water immunity and the fire boost provided by primal groudon
if the weather effects remained that is
User avatar #622768 to #622766 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Delta Stream isn't counted as a weather condition, like Air Lock.
You're just replying for the sake of it, because I honestly don't think that anon was thinking anything besides "Lol high power" in that comment.
User avatar #622769 to #622768 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
serebii bulbapedia and www.pokemonrubysapphire.com/en-ca/pokemon/legendary-pokemon/mega-rayquaza all list it as a weather condition
User avatar #622770 to #622769 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Data wise, not lore crap wise, it isn't.
User avatar #622772 to #622770 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
none of the pastebins are saying that it isnt a weather effect
plus delta stream overrides heavy weather instead of just nullifying the effects of them
like air lock would still have rain going but itll just be an animation
delta will replace it entirely
User avatar #622774 to #622772 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Nah, it isn't.
User avatar #622777 to #622774 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
it is though
everything points towards it being a weather effect
User avatar #622778 to #622777 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
It's not though.
User avatar #622780 to #622778 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
but it is
everything about it is shouting heavy weather
User avatar #622781 to #622780 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
I don't think so mate.
User avatar #622782 to #622781 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
look i get it
youre too prideful to just say youre wrong
nobody wants to be wrong
but everything points toward delta stream being a third heavy weather
theres nothing that says otherwise besides you
User avatar #622793 to #622782 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
That doesn't have anything to do though.
User avatar #622791 to #622782 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
More like anticipating being right by 33 days.
User avatar #622792 to #622791 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
whatever makes you sleep at night honey
User avatar #622789 to #622782 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Yes I do.
User avatar #622790 to #622789 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
then youre just delaying admitting youre wrong by thirty three days
User avatar #622788 to #622787 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
you dont
User avatar #622785 to #622782 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Because I'm right.
User avatar #622786 to #622785 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
but you arent
nothing points to you being right
User avatar #622783 to #622782 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
I'm not wrong, though.
User avatar #622784 to #622783 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
then explain how you arent besides "because i say im not"
User avatar #622738 to #622731 - yusay ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
And I thought Ubers was crazy enough already.
#622736 to #622731 - alicorn ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
please be joking

please be joking

Kyogre and mega manectric
User avatar #622749 to #622736 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
they confirmed that the weather only stays in play when the primal is on the field
User avatar #622771 to #622749 - allnamesrtaken (10/19/2014) [-]
Well shit there goes my ubers vaporeon
User avatar #622750 to #622749 - alicorn ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
Thank god
User avatar #622751 to #622750 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
mold breaker also doesnt bypass heavy weather effects while cloud nine does
User avatar #622737 to #622736 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]

u could hav prevented this
le hapening faec
User avatar #622733 to #622731 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
sounds like fun
User avatar #622723 - geiner ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
Favorite pokemon of all time?
User avatar #622845 to #622723 - supertanto ONLINE (10/20/2014) [-]
User avatar #622748 to #622723 - BlueToaster ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
Legendary: Mewtwo/Lugia
Ghost: Gengar (All Time Favorite)
Psychic: Alakazam
Ground: Flygon
Electric: Ampharos
Grass: Sceptile
User avatar #622735 to #622723 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
User avatar #622728 to #622723 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
#622727 to #622723 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
Atm Slurpuff, but this has changed alot, since a year ago i didn't even know slurpuff was a thing
User avatar #622725 to #622723 - ajrin (10/18/2014) [-]
#622717 - anonexplains (10/18/2014) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySJ3hd4caB8 - Pixelmon Series episode 1 , just cause
#622698 - allnamesrtaken (10/18/2014) [-]
So, with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire just over a month away, have you guys decided which starters you'll be picking?
Gen 3 is my favorite trio of starters, so picking one will be a pain. I might even resort to rolling a random number on here to make my decision.
User avatar #622821 to #622698 - aceshot (10/19/2014) [-]
water starter is best for every game
#622811 to #622698 - megavoir (10/19/2014) [-]
Sapphire was my first pokemon game, Also, my first game that was mine, and not mine and my brothers and I didn't really understand it, so I had my big cousin pick, and name it.
I'm so happy to have a new adventure with Sam the mudkip.
#622740 to #622698 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
Hahaha All of Them!!! every game I use the starters.
User avatar #622734 to #622698 - zerositnator (10/19/2014) [-]
I know I may not be original, but I have always chosen mudkip. It isn't all that personal to me, but every time I have to choose what starter I pick, I never go with treecko because, c'mon its a piece of shit and torchic is really overdone and really isn't worth the heartache going through gyms and stuff. Personally, I like to sweep gyms, trainers, dungeons, whatever. I go with the strongest Pokemon that'll give me the best advantage, and Swampert is fucking brutal.
User avatar #622752 to #622734 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
swampert isnt the strongest one though
blaziken is
has the highest attack and special attack out of all three
User avatar #622800 to #622752 - zerositnator (10/19/2014) [-]
Yeah, but it really isn't worth the heartache knowing that Blaziken is weak to so many goddamn types where Swampert only has Grass to worry about. Plus, the torchic family doesn't really have that great of a move pool by level up, unlike the mudkip family. And Treecko is a piece of shit.
User avatar #622801 to #622800 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
torchic gets decent to good fire fighting flying and normal moves as well as bulk up through leveling and learns more coverage moves through tms
mudkip gets decent to good water ground and fighting moves with most of its learnset overall being special which is its second worst stat

plus swamperts weakness hurts it more than blazikens do as it is pretty much an unavoidable one hit or two hit ko unless its so much higher in level
User avatar #622805 to #622801 - zerositnator (10/19/2014) [-]
Blaziken is a glass-cannon. Yeah, its Special Attack and Attack are really good, but his defenses are average at best. I wouldn't even consider it a very good sweeper because its average Speed stat is a crippling setback. Swampert, on the other hand, has very good attack and HP, above average Special Attack and defenses. Again, the issue with speed draws a big concern, but the fact its defenses and HP are decent make you believe in a tanking factor, which is stupid to tank with Swampert, but whatever. A really cool indicator as to which is more superior is if you add all the base stats of the starters, Swampert's is larger by 5 points. Getting to the move pool, Blaziken's is really restrictive in regards to predictability, having only a few set-up moves that are decent and TMs that'll actually make a difference. Swampert is better covered on its level up move set alone to deal with Grass types, though don't quote me on that because it's never really smart to leave it out there against a Grass type. Blaziken is just a one trick pony; the flow of the battle is always the same. Oh, and treecko's family blows and isn't worth the concern.
User avatar #622807 to #622805 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
speed isnt an issue in hoenn
everything besides swellow sceptile and electrode are slow
plus speed is less of an issue when it has a mega with speed boost which you will get at some point in it
defense is also solved on the physical side with bulk up
swamperts special attack is too low for it to use
stab hydro pump from it is still weak
cant even ohko tate and lizas solrock or lunatone
blazikens movepool isnt as restricted as swamperts
it gets ghost fire fighting normal flying grass ground rock poison dark dragon and electric moves
swampert gets water ground rock ice poison fighting steel dragon and normal
and base stat total being higher doesnt make it good
like mega sableye is still bad
User avatar #622809 to #622807 - zerositnator (10/19/2014) [-]
Yeah, everything is slow. That's what makes it more valuable. Since everything is slow, you want the faster Pokemon to strike first, which is what you want. And yeah, Swampert's Special Attack is kind of low, but not low enough to forget it completely. Plus, Swampert isn't built as a sweeper. If anything, I'd call it more support: do as much quick damage as much as you can. And with its Defenses being decent, as previously stated, you could take hits as well. Blaziken can't fucking take a hit. And you bring up the types of moves Blaziken can learn, and you should know those types have more Special type attacks than physical, plus no STAB. You could give him those types for coverage, but that's about it. I never got why they made it Fire/Fighting. Fire is a terrible Physical type. Like, what the fuck. And Bulk Up isn't even as good as people make it out to be either. It raises defense, which any person with half a brain would use a Special type attack on it. It honestly doesn't matter anyways. Every starter is made equal in some way. But I'd still take Swampert over Blaziken in a heartbeat.
User avatar #622721 to #622698 - gongthehawkeye (10/18/2014) [-]
Gen 3 is my favorite trio, too. In fact, it's the only one where I like all 3 equally, every other gen it's either just one or two.
I'll probably pick Mudkip because Mega Swolefish. I'm not picking Blaziken because I've used him in almost every other Pokemon game (Picked him in RSE, hacked him into DPPT, Picked him in HGSS, Transferred him to Black 2, used the event mega in Y). I've used him almost as much as I've used Ampharos (I've used Ampharos in every Pokemon game I've played except Crystal and DPPT. And not Sceptile because I'm gonna use Cacturne as my grass type. For ORAS I'm gonna try and use Pokemon I've almost never to never used before. So far I've got Swampert, Cacturne, and Lopunny.
User avatar #622732 to #622721 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Wow stop copying me.
Will you be transfering Lopunny? Because I don't think it is catchable from the start.
User avatar #622739 to #622732 - gongthehawkeye (10/19/2014) [-]
Depends, if it's catchable then I'll just catch one, if not then I'll use a different mon like Audino (there's no way Audino won't be catchable) because I'll be too tempted to gen a Buneary with perfect IVs and EVs and moves and shit and that would make the game too easy. Y was already too easy for me and at first I thought it was because I had 2 megas on my team but even after I took off their stones and purposely stayed under level the game was still too damn easy.
I want ORAS to be challenging, hence why I'm using mons who I have almost no experience with. But judging by all the megas revealed I may just have an all mega team of Swampert, Metagross, Camerupt, Audino, Pidgeot, and Steelix. But that'll be a last resort team.
User avatar #622754 to #622739 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
Last time I saw the datamining, the Hoenn pokedex was changed just slightly (Adding the cross-gen evolutions like Frosslass and stuff) so I don't know if Audino will be on it from start either.
User avatar #622718 to #622698 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
fuck yo christmas tree lizards mega swampert is best mega
User avatar #622730 to #622718 - totodigatr (10/19/2014) [-]
You are saying smart things. Is this for real?
#622716 to #622698 - infernobird (10/18/2014) [-]
Sceptile was always my favorite.
User avatar #622707 to #622698 - ajrin (10/18/2014) [-]
Sceptile's mega looks dank as shit so I'll get Treecko
User avatar #622712 to #622707 - totodigatr (10/18/2014) [-]
And it's also bad as shit.
User avatar #622713 to #622712 - ajrin (10/18/2014) [-]
still dank
#622703 to #622698 - Kkrelk (10/18/2014) [-]
Gen 3 is like the only one where it's even a hard choice. I think I'll stick with Treecko
User avatar #622702 to #622698 - gothictomato (10/18/2014) [-]
I usually took treecko but now im thinking Mudkip cuz he got 'swole
User avatar #622700 to #622698 - wannabepokemonfan (10/18/2014) [-]
Same as derpity; Plus the abundance of water types, picking mudkip seems like a bad idea, but that logic could also be applied to treecko
User avatar #622699 to #622698 - derpityhurr (10/18/2014) [-]
I normally take Mudkip but the new megas kinda make me wanna take Treecko
User avatar #622696 - gongthehawkeye (10/18/2014) [-]
I'm replaying Emerald on my phone and I got a Shedinja and I need a funny nickname for it for when I get to Lilycove.
I was thinking Tupac.
User avatar #622715 to #622696 - gameless (10/18/2014) [-]
Because Shedinja can only faint when someone with actual knowledge about him attacks the stupid and annoying fans he has nowadays?
User avatar #622719 to #622715 - gongthehawkeye (10/18/2014) [-]
Nah, because it makes me giggle.
User avatar #622722 to #622720 - gongthehawkeye (10/18/2014) [-]
Naming random shit Tupac is funny to me.
#622704 to #622696 - Kkrelk (10/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #622684 - docxy (10/18/2014) [-]
here's an idea
during gen 1 rumors went that mew was under the truck
in the gen three remake they put a lava cookie in that spot in reference
during gen 3 rumors ran that you could ride a rocket to catch deoxys
do you think they'll make some reference? oh god i hope it's a full on deoxys event.
User avatar #622711 to #622684 - megavoir (10/18/2014) [-]
With them saying every legendary is catchable, I have no doubt it'll have something to do with Jirachi and Deoxys.
User avatar #622726 to #622711 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
they only said all non event legends that werent in x and y
User avatar #622714 to #622711 - totodigatr (10/18/2014) [-]
>Implying they actually meant event legendaries too
#622688 to #622666 - supertanto ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
pls go
pls go
User avatar #622687 to #622666 - docxy (10/18/2014) [-]
... i miss chem
User avatar #622668 to #622666 - totodigatr (10/18/2014) [-]
Fuck off.
#622659 - anonexplains (10/18/2014) [-]
What megas do people really want? I personally just want flygon and my team will be complete.
#622863 to #622659 - drperzik (10/20/2014) [-]
Mega farfetch'd
or just give him a evo en another gen.
User avatar #622709 to #622659 - ajrin (10/18/2014) [-]
#622741 to #622709 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
either that or shedinja
#622705 to #622659 - Kkrelk (10/18/2014) [-]
Mega Loudred would kick ass.
#622706 to #622705 - Kkrelk (10/18/2014) [-]
Fuck, I meant Exploud.
User avatar #622701 to #622659 - theawkwardbros (10/18/2014) [-]
Torkoal, Slaking, Exploud, Tropius.
User avatar #622708 to #622701 - ajrin (10/18/2014) [-]
Slaking gets Huge power
User avatar #622744 to #622708 - hektoroftroy (10/19/2014) [-]
sheer force
User avatar #622689 to #622659 - thatguyontheright ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
Mega Bidoof
User avatar #622662 to #622659 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
mega zangoose
User avatar #622667 to #622662 - alicorn ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
we might just get it, the current demo doesn't have all the data yet
User avatar #622669 to #622667 - totodigatr (10/18/2014) [-]
[Citation needed]
#622681 to #622669 - alicorn ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
look at the paste bin i posted, there's gaps where the stones are listed

either we don't have all the data yet or GF did a terrible job organizing the item list
User avatar #622690 to #622681 - totodigatr (10/18/2014) [-]
>Staying with the info of only day one

User avatar #622724 to #622690 - juon (10/18/2014) [-]
aw they took out roller skates
#622663 to #622662 - anonexplains (10/18/2014) [-]
never thought about zangoose but if they did that they would have to do seviper.
User avatar #622682 to #622663 - hektoroftroy (10/18/2014) [-]
why is that a problem
#622742 to #622682 - anonexplains (10/19/2014) [-]
Never said it was a problem just that they will probably do one if they do the other mega.
User avatar #622664 to #622663 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
boom version exclusive megas
#622661 to #622659 - anonexplains (10/18/2014) [-]
Oh the team I am taking about if anyone cares is the starters, metagross/gardevoir , salamance and flygon
User avatar #622656 - theawkwardbros (10/18/2014) [-]
Slaking @ Slakingite
Ability: Guts
EVs: 252ATK / 252DEF / 4SPE
Adamant Nature


I'm just thinking of stupid ideas that could never happen.
User avatar #622657 to #622656 - volero (10/18/2014) [-]
Regigigas @ Regigasite
Ability: Huge Power
User avatar #622665 to #622657 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
mega regigigas with no start it cant move at all
#622655 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#622647 - juon (10/17/2014) [-]
horror manga artist junji ito is collaborating with pokemon to write a short pokemon manga for halloween
it will be uploaded on the official pokemon site near the end of the month
#622649 to #622647 - anonexplains (10/17/2014) [-]
Looks like porn
User avatar #622642 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (10/17/2014) [-]
3rd encounter shiny luxio hype with its hidden ability
User avatar #622639 - dervishofwin (10/17/2014) [-]
Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?
User avatar #622683 to #622639 - hektoroftroy (10/18/2014) [-]
target employee discount is a godsend
User avatar #622670 to #622639 - totodigatr (10/18/2014) [-]
>Being so poor you have to choose
User avatar #622660 to #622639 - alicorn ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #622652 to #622639 - tepidteal ONLINE (10/17/2014) [-]
M'getting Alpha Sapphire. It's the one that I liked best when I was a youngster.
User avatar #622651 to #622639 - theawkwardbros (10/17/2014) [-]
Which are we getting, or which do we prefer?

I'm getting both because I have no friends to trade exclusives with.
User avatar #622653 to #622651 - dervishofwin (10/17/2014) [-]
Yeah, I'm with you on that one. I got both because I want latias and latios.
User avatar #622812 to #622653 - juon (10/19/2014) [-]
theres going to be an event like there was in gen 3 where you can get both
User avatar #622643 to #622639 - juon (10/17/2014) [-]
i personally prefer sapphire
also the nintendo ds is having its tenth anniversary the exact same day oras are released
User avatar #622641 to #622639 - gothictomato (10/17/2014) [-]
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