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User avatar #130382 - dustboy (04/30/2014) [-]
Lately I've been very depressed and I'm clueless as what to do.
I have no friends in real life who will know what I'm talking about or understand.
The people I do like, my e-friends understand me but I don't want to come off as some attention seeking asshole.
Everyday I wake up feeling like shit, knowing that another day will pass in which I won't achieve anything, won't meet anyone and in general every passing day I just do a little worse.
I feel like I can't talk to my family because I can't word my feelings out to them, I've tried therapy but when I go there I feel like I achieve nothing, like I never advanced.
I've been very depressed up to the point of where I don't value my life, I can die tomorrow and I'll be fine with it, I can die now and I'll be fine with it, all the time it just jumps into my head 'Go kill yourself, what's the point?' only to stop these thaughts with the same excuse I use. 'How would your parents feel, having to bury their child?'.
That is litteraly the only thing keeping me alive knowing I hurt my parents if I end my own life.
I feel like I have no-one to turn to, no one to talk to, or atleast I can't talk to them because I won't be able to explain to them how I really feel.
An example is that without me noticing I'm really down and depressed when I'm not on the computer. When I'm talking to friends on Teamspeak or playing games with them I laugh loudly, I don't notice it and during the time I play games and talk to them I zone out, not keeping track of what's going on around me, that in reality my life really sucks and I'm depressed.
I got yelled at by my father, I'm defencive by nature and when he commented on my loudness I told him in my oh soo defencive attitude 'Fine, I quit'.
This was followed by a lengthy rant of my father, how my they should be jealous of a bunch of assholes on the internet who have no real value to me.
The only thing that I think in my head knowing that I'll probably never be able to tell them how I really feel.
#130444 to #130382 - anonymous (04/30/2014) [-]
hmmm... you may have schizophrenia, inability to clarify things along with clinical depression are common issues with it, advise getting looked at carefully, it may be reversible but what it sounds like you really need is some old fashioned confidence in yourself and a little faith, have faith that things will turn in your favor and jump at opportunities when you see them to get what you want, odds are that things will change.
#130412 to #130382 - saltybanana (04/30/2014) [-]
brooochaco the doc is in the muthafuckin house with a big dick in yo mouth!!!!!   
hey man we've all felt that way im guessing your in your teens maybe around 15-17? i once had hit rock bottom when i was 18. mom lost the apt, i was homeless by myself lived in my car for two weeks. but each day i told myself, that  i wlii get thru this. look at me know im 21 girls are on the sack cause i i i work out! uww look at that body  sometimes you need to grab life from in between the legs and go deep inside that hoe!! Stay positive my man, be happy you're healthy and have a roof over your head dawg. cant be crying like a little bitch, man the fuck up. grow some bigg ass bawls homie! show the world that Dustyboy aint give no fucks!!   
look as everyday is going to be that perfect day. hey a smile brings so many people in your life. maybe you might make new friends? or maybe a special someone. hmmmhmm?
brooochaco the doc is in the muthafuckin house with a big dick in yo mouth!!!!!

hey man we've all felt that way im guessing your in your teens maybe around 15-17? i once had hit rock bottom when i was 18. mom lost the apt, i was homeless by myself lived in my car for two weeks. but each day i told myself, that i wlii get thru this. look at me know im 21 girls are on the sack cause i i i work out! uww look at that body sometimes you need to grab life from in between the legs and go deep inside that hoe!! Stay positive my man, be happy you're healthy and have a roof over your head dawg. cant be crying like a little bitch, man the fuck up. grow some bigg ass bawls homie! show the world that Dustyboy aint give no fucks!!

look as everyday is going to be that perfect day. hey a smile brings so many people in your life. maybe you might make new friends? or maybe a special someone. hmmmhmm?
User avatar #130383 to #130382 - dustboy (04/30/2014) [-]
cont-- How can I tell my parents how I feel, how can I explain to them that I'm depressed.
I have a lot of issues and I feel like I'm alone in all of it.
Since recently I begun having panic attacks, not being able to sleep despite being tired as ever, I roll around in my bed for about 10 minutes till I realize that I'm fully awake and get back on my computer, forgetting all about the reason of my panic attacks, then I look at the clock and think I should try and get some sleep.
This cycle repeats itself to the point where I'm not going to bother trying to sleep, what's the point.
Could someone out there, someone who reads this lenghty story of someone insignificant on the internet a little advice.
Just a little, is all I ask for, nothing else.
#130411 to #130383 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/30/2014) [-]
Depression is something everyone can level with. It is something everyone has been through at one point or another.
Don't feel like no one will understand, don't feel like no one will care -- Your friends and family will understand and they will care. Just be sure to be selective with who you tell; Some friends may just tell you to suck it up, others will sympathize with you. The same applies for family. At least, in my case it does. Even though anyone and everyone can level with you, there are people who are too willfully ignorant to empathize with you.

Try going back to therapy and seeing a therapist. Explain any and all of your doubts to them, explain that you feel as if the therapy might not go anywhere, vent to them as you have done here on FunnyJunk. Even if it means venting through to them through the internet, or venting through text messages. The therapist should help you with what you're going through.

Anyhow, one thing you need to do is to get out of depression. Kick depression's ass.
First, you need to change your diet. Start to focus more on your intake and alter it so you're getting all of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.
Second, you're going to need a more positive outlook on life. If you're really looking for advice, then please try to follow along with this part: Each day write down one thing you are taking for granted, or one thing that you are just generally grateful for having.
For example:
Day 1: I have all 4 limbs
Day 2: I am able to live at home with my family
Day 3: I do not have to constantly worry about riots happening outside
Do this for at least a month. It's all I'm asking you to do. Take a quick second out of each day to write down one thing.
Third, get your sleep schedule straight. Take melatonin, NyQuil, Tylenol, or whatever you have to get yourself to sleep on-time at night. Wake up and maybe go for a walk/ exercise.

Anytime you feel like it, PM me and I'll try to respond with advice/ listen.
User avatar #130377 - watthekilo (04/30/2014) [-]
i wanted to get ariana grandes attention on twitter so i killed my dog and took a picture of it and tweeted it to her saying "my dog died" so she would feel bad for me. she didnt respond but ill keep trying cuz i still have like 2 cats and a hamster
User avatar #130381 to #130377 - makotoitou (04/30/2014) [-]
this has to be b8
User avatar #130379 to #130377 - awesomerninjathing (04/30/2014) [-]
or you could repost the same picture over and over
User avatar #130372 - redwrench (04/30/2014) [-]
Guys I need that four panel comic thing with Hitler pointing at the computer and screaming "nein".
#130445 to #130372 - anonymous (04/30/2014) [-]
User avatar #130365 - ribocoon (04/30/2014) [-]
Just got a "let's be friend" breakup today
Wasn't that bad
We were only dating for like a month
Is it weird that I don't feel that upset?
Has it just not hit me yet?
User avatar #130525 to #130365 - rakuraimasuta (04/30/2014) [-]
No, it's fine
User avatar #130373 to #130365 - ScottP (04/30/2014) [-]
It was only for about a month, so you probably haven't settled into the routine yet. Honestly one of the worst parts of a breakup is letting go of the routine that the two of you have built over x amount of time (the longer it is, the harder to let go)
User avatar #130374 to #130373 - awesomerninjathing (04/30/2014) [-]
what kinda routine

like wake up -> text -> school -> meet after school

or what
User avatar #130375 to #130374 - ScottP (04/30/2014) [-]
For me it was picking her up in the morning before school, talking in the car while we wait for class to start, studying together, the all-night Skype chats, the "good morning" texts, the arguments, the fights, the apologies, the make-up, the walking around the mall, the movie marathons, the cuddling on the bed, the sleeping next to each other, the talks of what we were going to do together in the future...
User avatar #130366 to #130365 - marinepenguin (04/30/2014) [-]
Sometimes you just don't feel that bad. I dated a girl for six months, really liked her, then she broke up with me and I honestly never felt bad about it. I've been dating a girl for about a year now and I'm about to break up with her honestly, and I still haven't felt shitty about it.
User avatar #130349 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (04/29/2014) [-]
Hey, any workout gurus out there?
Anyone know a good abdominal workout plan that I can do in 20-30min each day? I'm already on a diet so I'm decreasing my body fat percentage, which I know plays a huge role in defining oneself. I'm not necessarily trying to develop washboard abs, but I want to get rid of love handles/flab and get somewhat of a good looking stomach. (btw I'm an 18yo 5'9'' 167lb male)
User avatar #130368 to #130349 - marinepenguin (04/30/2014) [-]
Exercising your abs won't make them larger, they don't work the same way as other muscles in that regard. Being able to see your abs is mainly a bodyfat thing. If your body fat percentage is under about 12% you will have very toned abs. Although doing ab exercises will make them show a bit more and make them more prominent.

I'd do floor raises.

Lay on the ground, arms spread wide and legs straight and touching each other. Lift your legs up with as little bend as possible until your body is at a 90 degree angle. Then raise your butt off the ground using your abs, and reverse the movements slowly until your feet are right above the ground.

This is a very hard exercise so it will take some getting used to. But it's better then situps, crunches, planks, or bicycle kicks.
#130364 to #130349 - rogmclaugh (04/29/2014) [-]
If you want abs don't do a whole lot of ab workouts. It could actually make your stomach seem bigger, as the abs will build under the fat. So diet is good, but run if you want to have visible abs, then focus on them more to give size.
User avatar #130350 to #130349 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (04/29/2014) [-]
I like asking you guys because I like personal commentary rather than reading word for word than what a site says
User avatar #130330 - tealeaf (04/29/2014) [-]
alright so i am in quite the conundrum. so a while back one of my absolute best freinds started dating the girl i really liked. (never was comfortable with sharing that stuff with friends so he didn't know i did). so things go pretty well for them for about a year and a half. they then end up braking up at around late December. i still liked her when they started dating but i just kinda thought, fuck it, and forgot about her. fast forward to the beging of the school year and i have 5 out of 6 classes with the girl. i sit by her in all of them. nothing is awkward because we share alot of the same interest and talk alot. so now they've broken up and its been 4 months. we have been talking more than ever to each other now and she seems to show alot of interest in me and iv started really liking her since January, i spend 6 hours a day with her and it drives me insane how much i like her and id love to start dating her but the thing is... its my best freind ex as i mentioned above. so i was wondering if 1. its even acceptable for me to try to date my bros ex and if so how would i approach doing so?
User avatar #130332 to #130330 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
Have you asked him how he feels about it?
If they ended on good terms and just mutually decided it wasn't going to work, then he'd probably be understanding.
If you get the okay from him, go ahead and make a move, though secretly it might bug him. Might not though. Probably won't know.
If your friend is okay with it, then yea, it's acceptable. If he doesn't like the idea, then you kind of have to make the call on your own - do you risk hurting your friendship to go after a girl you really like or do nothing?
User avatar #130337 to #130332 - tealeaf (04/29/2014) [-]
by the way your a really good singer
User avatar #130339 to #130337 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
User avatar #130335 to #130332 - tealeaf (04/29/2014) [-]
it didnt really end on good terms it was the girls first relationship and my freind ended cheating on her one night with another bros girl (my bro regrets it and the other girl is a succubus from hell that has another on of are bros pussy wiped to a point of now return)
i havent talked to him about it and i dont want him getting pissed (by the way this guy is fucking jacked) iv meant to ask him but iv never really gotten around to it
User avatar #130338 to #130335 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
Well, I'd tell him your intentions then. He mcfucked up and that's his fault. Even if he feels bad, like what lostminder said, he has no right to give permission out on who his ex should date. If he's truly one of your best friends, he will put your wants ahead of his possibly butthurt feelings. And if saying he's jacked is implying that he might kick your ass if you make a move, then that's not the type of friend I, personally, would want.
User avatar #130343 to #130338 - tealeaf (04/29/2014) [-]
on other notes my bro has a new gf and i dont think hed kick my ass hed just get really pissed. iv none the dude for 6 years and i was the first guy he ever met or talked to when he moved out here
User avatar #130352 to #130343 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
If he's got a girlfriend then that's even more of a reason for him to not care. Besides, how would the new gf feel if your bro kicked your ass or something?
She'd probably feel like she's not on the same level as his ex, and feel like shit.
As of right now, I can't see any possible good outcomes for him if he were to get pissed about you making a move on his ex - he's moved on to a new girlfriend, not to mention, he does not own you OR her. He'd be the asshole if he got mad at you.
User avatar #130354 to #130352 - tealeaf (04/29/2014) [-]
well thanks for the help and yea im going over to his house right now to spend the night and i might end up talking to him about it
User avatar #130355 to #130354 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
Sure thing. Godspeed. And if he gets too upset, just remind him to think about your feelings. I'm not gonna lie, I've made some pretty selfish mistakes without thinking about my friends feelings and I definitely regret it.

Let's just hope he doesn't have a problem with it.
User avatar #130345 to #130343 - lostminder (04/29/2014) [-]
you might just be giving yourself excuses i could be wrong but i don't think so
User avatar #130347 to #130345 - tealeaf (04/29/2014) [-]
exscuses about what?
User avatar #130348 to #130347 - lostminder (04/29/2014) [-]
making a move on the girl
User avatar #130351 to #130348 - tealeaf (04/29/2014) [-]
oh no if i had the chance to id do it in a god damn heart beat. you seriously dont know how much i love this girl
User avatar #130353 to #130351 - lostminder (04/29/2014) [-]
you don't wait for the chance, you make chance
User avatar #130341 to #130338 - lostminder (04/29/2014) [-]
well said.
User avatar #130334 to #130332 - lostminder (04/29/2014) [-]
well if he really is his best friend he would say yes. he has no right to give permissions out on who his ex should date. but that's like my opinion man
#130329 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
how do i get gud?
#130346 to #130329 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
I heard if you drink bleach it helps
#130344 to #130329 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
smoke w33d and fuck bitches
User avatar #130323 - ilikethisusername (04/29/2014) [-]
Alright so I'm a grade 12 high school student, I just need an advice.

I am looking forward to going to law school to study corporate law. Now to go into law school, I need to have a bachelor's degree in ANYTHING. (In Canada, it's a prerequisite to go into law school) I was thinking maybe business because to study the corporate law, you need to at least have a business background. So I just want to know, which is better to get into? BBA or B.com? Some people said it's better to have B.com for corporate lawyers and some people said it's better to have BBA.

Anyone here know anything about these two programs who either has done or is doing it?
User avatar #130356 to #130323 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/29/2014) [-]
Do two majors. Maybe do Business and Economics?
User avatar #130317 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
Hey bro's, I need some advice and input from you. So I've been singing in private for a few years now, then did short covers on facebook for some friends, and now I just made my first youtube video. I have no vocal training except for 8th grade choir and I'm not one to judge my voice considering I'm always so critical.
Do you guys think I should get training and continue to sing or am I too bad? Thanks guys.
Singing starts at :24
User avatar #130376 to #130317 - ScottP (04/30/2014) [-]
You seem to have the makings for a good start. The higher notes seem a little flat though.
User avatar #130378 to #130376 - ainsley (04/30/2014) [-]
Yea, can't hit the high notes. Don't have a big range
User avatar #130357 to #130317 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/29/2014) [-]
In all seriousness, no. You can sing well enough to get the ladies, but not well enough to make real money off it.
User avatar #130358 to #130357 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
ladies are good enough for me
User avatar #130359 to #130358 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/29/2014) [-]
The thing is, I don't think you can hit a high note. I think the best you could do is start a band and sing for that (but you will need to play guitar as well), like Nirvana.
User avatar #130360 to #130359 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
Correct. I don't have a large range. No high notes . I've found that finding ways to work around it is the best option, though I have a feeling people might be disappointed if I see a song with a high note and don't sing the high note, so I just try to avoid learning those songs.
User avatar #130362 to #130360 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/29/2014) [-]
Which is why I don't think you would be cut out for making real money off your voice. Even if you did, it's hard to get into. I know this one guy who can sing "Opera - like" songs and he doesn't do that for a living, and he went to school for it.
User avatar #130363 to #130362 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
Yea I understand that, mostly just a hobby. I never planned to be famous lol. I just enjoy singing and I like hearing feedback, even the negative stuff. Almost any feedback can help me get better.
And I would never really go to school for it, I'm going into IT. Just figured lessons wouldn't hurt. But anyways, thanks!
User avatar #130361 to #130360 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
if I sing a song*** not see lol
#130336 to #130317 - ejiit (04/29/2014) [-]
You're really good man!
User avatar #130340 to #130336 - ainsley (04/29/2014) [-]
thanks! glad I got some feedback!
I feel like sirfedora right now.
#130342 to #130340 - ejiit (04/29/2014) [-]
Go for it, you never know where singing might take you!
#130315 - ainsley has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #130311 - AnonymousPWN (04/29/2014) [-]
okay guys, long post but I don't know who else talk to...
BACKSTORY: 2 years ago had my first srs relationship (when I was 15) it was awesome, ended kinda badly, she threatened to kill herself and became depressed, I was fine (I have a natural optimism so stuff like this wont phase me) then it started getting a bit worse, she was telling me she loved me then at parties n shit kissing other guys, and it sounds dumb but obviously that made me jealous and instead of just leaving it obviously I started talking to her again and told her I still had feelings for her, we argued and treated each other like shit in this period but we finally stopped speaking. I thought that I strongly disliked her ever since then, but it was the dislike where I couldnt stop thinking about her (if you get what I mean)
FAST FORWARD TO NOW: Just broken up with my girlfriend (the only one since the girl mentioned above) and again that was chill and it still is chill we're friends and we havent been horrible to each other at all, and I dont care about the break up at all. During my relationship with her though I realised that I was still thinking of the other girl a lot, and I didnt actually care about my girlfriend, I just felt lonely. I still feel really lonely, I have a tonne of friends that I love but I feel as if they don't get me, apart from 1 or 2, and the other person that I know understands me, is my old girlfriend.
A Few days ago, I realised that I didn't dislike my old ex at all, I just felt guilty about what happened, so I cleared stuff up with her like a man, thinking i'd be able to stop thinking about her, but I can't, I don't want a relationship with her, I just have some feelings for her left over still, and I still feel incredibly lonely, I have no one to really talk to because they're all in relationships or (due to the fact i'm a private person) I dont feel like I can talk to them...

User avatar #130312 to #130311 - AnonymousPWN (04/29/2014) [-]
I want to be friends with her, but our friend groups dont really get along (she is with the kind of slutty kind of bitchy group who arent too likeable at times, and im with the kind of mixed group, my best friends and I are musical kinda people and then we have some gamers, some sporty type people, and they're all awesome)

But yeah, if anyone could please give me some advice, I just have no idea what to do
#130320 to #130312 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
Maybe in your situation, you just have to let her go.
It could be hard if both of your social settings are intertwined... But I do not think that a friendship would lead anywhere great.

Anyhow, I've been in a similar scenario.
There was one girl who I dated for a few months, and she was the only girl that ever made me genuinely smile. Every text she sent was another smile to my face.
She was a total bitch, though. Real mean to other people, always nastily sarcastic, hard-headed as ever, etc.
I ended up breaking things off with her because every time she was on her period she would go on about how she was in love with her ex.
The most awkward part was that we worked together. I simply avoided holding a conversation with her completely.

To this day, she will consistently obsess over her most recent ex anytime she is on her period. She's sent me a few texts months back saying how she is sorry and everything. I still ignored her.

Some people don't change. Some people won't change. The aforementioned girl I dated was in the state she was in because of her abusive father. She found love when there was hate. She could only love if there was hate...
Honestly, to me it sounds best if you try to drop her at all costs.
You don't want her to become baggage, eh? Hanging out with her just seems like things would only get worse from there. Especially since her personality and her friends don't match yours at all.
User avatar #130327 to #130320 - AnonymousPWN (04/29/2014) [-]
I see, thanks a lot for the reply. I do agree that I need to let go, but at the same time, I know for sure that we could be friends, we don't have the same personality, but we have suiting personalities, and I do really want to be friends with her...
User avatar #130300 - samoaspider (04/29/2014) [-]
Okay, so imagine you're having a great idea, and day later, someone steals it and claims it his and takes the glory.

This goes on days and days and people start to believe that the faggot who stole your ideas is the creator of them and if you try to explain them otherwise you get called a faggot and what now.

What do? How to explain it to them?
#130307 to #130300 - saltybanana (04/29/2014) [-]
Honestly this are somethings you have to let go, cause if you no proof on how you created the idea. you're just gonna look like a stupid bitch.   
it sucks happened to me in hs when i went around selling this home made candy that was mixed with kool-aid and gummy bears.  some black kid was selling them as well, and people taught i stole the idea, cause nigger=kool-aid
Honestly this are somethings you have to let go, cause if you no proof on how you created the idea. you're just gonna look like a stupid bitch.

it sucks happened to me in hs when i went around selling this home made candy that was mixed with kool-aid and gummy bears. some black kid was selling them as well, and people taught i stole the idea, cause nigger=kool-aid
User avatar #130309 to #130307 - samoaspider (04/29/2014) [-]
I can prove it
User avatar #130310 to #130309 - saltybanana (04/29/2014) [-]
then by all means go for it! if you know your confident enough
User avatar #130306 to #130300 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
How did said person steal it?
Did you tell it to them?

Did you tell it to them over the internet?
If it was done over the internet/ through text message you have proof enough right there. Time date stamps and everything.
User avatar #130308 to #130306 - samoaspider (04/29/2014) [-]
time stamps on youtube videos copying same ideas
User avatar #130313 to #130308 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
Great, then keep the YouTube videos as proof.

But as SaltyBanana said, let it go.
The quicker you drop it, the quicker the other person will stop giving a shit about wanting to steal it.

It's the only reason why they're trying to pass your idea off as theirs. To watch you get mad.
Drop it completely and he'll lose interest. Then you can pick it back up again so long as you don't mention it to him.
User avatar #130314 to #130313 - samoaspider (04/29/2014) [-]
yeh, I'm gonna forget about it because I really don't have anything to do with it, but the real situation here is that a TF2 gaming channel EngineersGriefingTeam has been making game exploit videos for over a year, and one other guy Delfy123123 just plain steals the ideas and makes a video about it like a day or so afterwards. They are both big channels and the problem is the stealer is making money off someone elses work.

my friend is a part of EGT and I'm just trying to help him somehow to not get so heated with it, but last few months it has been impossible
User avatar #130318 to #130314 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
Also, look at specific YouTube channels:

Markiplier has a handful of really great videos. The rest is just... eh... www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_YxT-KID8kRbqZo7MyscQ
Errant Signal's videos are all really great, and I love re-watching them over and over again. www.youtube.com/channel/UCm4JnxTxtvItQecKUc4zRhQ

Sethbling's videos are decent, but I rarely seem to care about any of his uploads. www.youtube.com/channel/UC8aG3LDTDwNR1UQhSn9uVrw
PeterJiangTW's Minecraft creations are always really crazy, complicated, and awesome. I'm always going to watch his newly uploaded vid. www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJ6vhQWJcc-0ewOrHIlRtg

With a YouTube audience, you want people that will not only come to watch one video, but you want them to go back and watch every video and not get tired of it.
User avatar #130316 to #130314 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
How long has he done this?

There's tons of ways of getting back at him.
First would be to report his videos -- Halt his monetization (Hooray for Content ID!) and maybe get his videos taken down.
Second would be to create a higher quality of video than his. I just took a look at his channel and it really suffers from the typical stupid shit.
Photoshopped video icon over-exaggerating the video, and a new video twice a week or more...

Really, it's quality versus quantity.
And Quality trumps Quantity any day.


So long as your friend takes his time on videos and ups the quality, then he'll out-do the Delfy faggot.
User avatar #130319 to #130316 - samoaspider (04/29/2014) [-]
It has been about 6 months or so, haven't really paid attention until recent uproar
(also thanks for the reply)

what should we report his videos for in the report section?
User avatar #130325 to #130319 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
Sorry for another reply, but I feel like I should mention that getting his videos flagged and taken down could stir up some shit. He could try and do the same thing to you if he finds out who is doing it, or if he links two and two together. Also if the flagging was done incorrectly, the worst case scenario would leave that account banned for false-flagging -- I doubt this is a possibility, but keep it in mind that flagging may have repercussions. So long as you do it with throw-away accounts and have friends to join in, there shouldn't be much of a problem.
User avatar #130324 to #130319 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
Your best bet would be to use multiple different accounts and have friends to join in.


• Harassment and Cyber Bullying This would work a bit well over Impersonation, although once again, I am not sure how well it would go.
• Impersonation Not sure how well that would go, but it's worth a shot.

Now, on the videos themselves, go for:

Report this video:
• Hateful or Abusive Content Great if the video is one of his trolling/ griefing series | Any of the 3 options would work
• Infringes my rights > Invades my privacy or Other legal claim

Be sure to use a YouTube account that is not linked to EGT.
Be sure to have friends to join along.
Attack specific videos. Not all.
Don't send the reports in a massive wave, have everyone do it sporadically/ randomly.
User avatar #130282 - herodan (04/29/2014) [-]
relationship faggy advice here:
my and my girlfriend been together for 3 motnhs now, first serious relationship ive had
weve stressed to each other that if theres anything wrong, wed tell eachother and we tell each other everything, but recently, her best friend's (guy), girlfriend, told me she wasnt really happy with our relationship and shes only going out with me because i show interest in her, me and her best friends gf are pretty good friends.
she also said that (since her best friend and his gf broke up) that 'its okay, id just fuck dan(me) then just fuck you and [his friend], i doubt she meant that since she says she really loves me but were both virgins and im thinking she just wants to fuck me and make it special so she can fuck them two without having the moral conscience of it being her virginity being lost, but she says she loves me and she cares more about our realationship than just sex often, but im just not sure wether to bring it up and look like a dick if it truly was a joke, but then again, it wouldnt be a nice joke anyway :/ also should i bring the shit up about her only liking me since i showed interest, since imo its as if shes trying to justify why shes going out with me rather than it just being because she loves me, but im worried if i bring this up, shes think i dont trust her (which she has before since i got paranoid that all except 2 of her friends are male, but i trust her and dont have a problem since there pretty nice guys) and her turn it on me, or should i leave it and live and let live? help me fj
sorry for the long post but i needed somewhere to just type it all out and get it off my chest, even if it is just to my brothers through the internet
#130302 to #130282 - saltybanana (04/29/2014) [-]
maaahh brotha from antha motha!!! doc in the house!!   
if i really loved this girl  talking about in you  i wouldn't bring shit up cause that cause a big problem. cause bitches love to make shit up. mah who cares if you guys are virgins. sex isn't everything in a relationship. need to trust one another thats how you guys stick together longer. plus if you do sleep with her, she'll get soooo attached to you home boi tell her you love her after you made her nut, that bitch will cry like a water fountain. idk why works all the time     
and if it doesn't work out? fuck that bitch, there plenty of women out there man
maaahh brotha from antha motha!!! doc in the house!!

if i really loved this girl talking about in you i wouldn't bring shit up cause that cause a big problem. cause bitches love to make shit up. mah who cares if you guys are virgins. sex isn't everything in a relationship. need to trust one another thats how you guys stick together longer. plus if you do sleep with her, she'll get soooo attached to you home boi tell her you love her after you made her nut, that bitch will cry like a water fountain. idk why works all the time

and if it doesn't work out? fuck that bitch, there plenty of women out there man
User avatar #130304 to #130302 - herodan (04/29/2014) [-]
i love you bro xD
User avatar #130288 to #130282 - Ottovan (04/29/2014) [-]
Mkay.... Couldn't understand most of that, but I'll just say this:


Respect the person who you are dating, no matter if your relationship sucks, or some other chick wants to play with your piddle stick.

You're in a relationship. Man the fuck up, and fuck other bitches... (No, not in a sexual way. In a "Fuck you" way)

FYI, First relationships ALWAYS end badly....
User avatar #130289 to #130288 - herodan (04/29/2014) [-]
thankyou bro, for some straight up simple advice xD
User avatar #130290 to #130289 - Ottovan (04/29/2014) [-]
No problem.

I always learned that Karma kicks your ass... If you don't want anyone screwing you over, then don't screw anyone else over yourself.

Loves <3
#130284 to #130282 - minutes (04/29/2014) [-]
Dude learn to form a text and to use commas. Not going to read every sentence twice to understand it.
User avatar #130286 to #130284 - herodan (04/29/2014) [-]
sorry i tried to use commas abit but i just needed to rant and type it all out to think about punctuation tbh :/
User avatar #130281 - dudethisisdeepshit (04/29/2014) [-]
I need some advice about how to get fit.
I am 17 years old and weights about 79 kg.
The thing is that I have a little too much fat in the stomach area, results to that I look fat :S.
I do train a lot., but I don't see any results from my body AKA get thiner etc.
I get better results on max bench, max lift etc, but my body doesn't change (well it looks like that...). So pls help me, I really need some advices.
#130303 to #130281 - saltybanana (04/29/2014) [-]
ive hads the same problem when i started working out. its something that wont go away with a specific type of excersie. need to cut down on your fats and carbs.

it will take some time but works. try HIIT work outs

TLR get carbs from veggies and wheats, less fatty foods more home cooked meals
User avatar #130298 to #130281 - planedisaster (04/29/2014) [-]
so this is what i do to be fit: i jog 2 km, do 100 squats every morning, go to the gym and i dont eat more than three times a day. so this is my advice. do this every day and i assure you, your body will change. at first itwill be annoying and painful, but after a few weeks, you'll get used to it.
#130283 to #130281 - minutes (04/29/2014) [-]
eat less, continue to work out
User avatar #130299 to #130283 - dudethisisdeepshit (04/29/2014) [-]
Thx for the replies planedisaster, minutes and xXThatxOnexGuyXx ^^
User avatar #130266 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (04/29/2014) [-]
Any engineering grads/majors out there?
#130232 - ipostcp (04/29/2014) [-]
I pissed somebody off so much that they are looking through all of my comments and criticizing me.

It's amazing.
User avatar #140447 to #130232 - fucktotheyou (06/26/2014) [-]
You've become ultimate trololol
User avatar #130380 to #130232 - bashal (04/30/2014) [-]
After reading everything below.

I love you ipostcp
#130454 to #130380 - wtfmana (04/30/2014) [-]
lol you should have seen him earlier. Alec is completely right, this guy just has a persecution complex
User avatar #130489 to #130454 - bashal (04/30/2014) [-]
Does it honestly, REALLY, matter? in the grand scheme of things?
#130605 to #130489 - wtfmana (05/01/2014) [-]
What a red herring
"Oh shit, you provided a good reason as to why he's nothing special even though it's rightbelow....
Uhh uh.. ddoes it really matter?"
User avatar #130690 to #130605 - bashal (05/01/2014) [-]
Nah I see the proof youre giving me, though im choosing to ask you if it really matters

He could have a persecution complex, good for him, why call attention to it even though it seems like it's what he wants.
#131622 to #130690 - wtfmana (05/05/2014) [-]
k. not really, no. I am in existential crisis so I don't really think anything matters.

lol idk
#130457 to #130454 - anonymous (04/30/2014) [-]
you are alec.   
what's the matter can't handle my comments?   
you're next on the menu.
you are alec.
what's the matter can't handle my comments?
you're next on the menu.
#130459 to #130457 - wtfmana (04/30/2014) [-]
How pathetic. I'm not him, though, you are a hypocrite. 'Cause you went whining because he assumed you were ipost. Which seems more and more logical but okay. Still, this vendetta of yours is just really.. pathetic. You think I give enough of a shit?
User avatar #130384 to #130380 - ipostcp (04/30/2014) [-]
But why?
User avatar #130389 to #130384 - bashal (04/30/2014) [-]
Youre just so fucking...chill. About everything that was said.
User avatar #130391 to #130389 - ipostcp (04/30/2014) [-]
Thanks mayne.
#130292 to #130232 - advicedude (04/29/2014) [-]
You sir, are going places.
You sir, are going places.
User avatar #130269 to #130232 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
Heh flattering yourself.
User avatar #130264 to #130232 - legendaryhero (04/29/2014) [-]
It happened to me too.
After a while they'll get bored. Don't worry.
User avatar #130265 to #130264 - legendaryhero (04/29/2014) [-]
These fucking smileys m8. I wanted a sarcastic symbol smiley.
User avatar #130261 to #130232 - alexanderburns (04/29/2014) [-]
Sexual frustration brought on by the tension.
User avatar #130235 to #130232 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
nobody cares faggot
#130236 to #130235 - ipostcp (04/29/2014) [-]
Hey mayne, this is advice board. Everyone cares around here.
User avatar #130238 to #130236 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
About giving/receiving advice. Not about your internet drama bullshit superiority/persecution complexes.
User avatar #130239 to #130238 - ipostcp (04/29/2014) [-]
Why are you so worked up? Somebody steal your crayons?
User avatar #130242 to #130239 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
I dislike people like you because I am better than you in every imaginable way, so I never miss an opportunity to put you down.
#130244 to #130242 - ipostcp (04/29/2014) [-]
Must be why you're on advice board. Somebody feeling insecure about themselves?
User avatar #130245 to #130244 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
I'm here to be legit with cool people. You're just trash that gets in the way.

Somebody mad about it?
User avatar #130328 to #130245 - teoberry (04/29/2014) [-]
A-am I cool, Alec-kun?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
User avatar #130331 to #130328 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
4/10, but on the up & up
User avatar #130333 to #130331 - teoberry (04/29/2014) [-]
#130246 to #130245 - ipostcp (04/29/2014) [-]
Yeah, I'm pretty furious about it. Why don't you go be the bigger man and stop replying yeah? Or are you going to stoop down to my level?
User avatar #130247 to #130246 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
Weak defense is weak.

You crave the last word in every conversation you have, I'll be forever denying you that out of spite. I feel as though it won't take too much time, people like you kill themselves on a regular basis.
#130248 to #130247 - ipostcp (04/29/2014) [-]
Oh well, I'll go gas my friends parents and kill myself now with mustard gas. QQ
User avatar #130271 to #130248 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
Really, it must be some kind of psychological connection for you or something. You gotraped by your dad nd therefore you assume everything is about parents. Something tells me that my idea of revenge somehow got to you and deep inside you want revenge on your father for what he did. Because you keep centering this around "parents" as though the word "PARENTS" were highlighted. thst had really little to nothing to do with the pparents in question, but it just so happened to be that I was thinking strategically. Even at my worst. God damn, I am good. Besides, you came back and checked the thread long after it was dead. Does that mean you were "following me around and critizing me"? If I had a persecution complex I would say so. But I dont so i took it you just wawanted to tease me. It wasn't even that bad of a comment. I was just saying how you weren't lying about having suffered bht definitely not had it worse than me. Inb4 some stupid oneliner reply about how stupid and pathetic i
#130272 to #130271 - ipostcp (04/29/2014) [-]
Yeah you're right.
User avatar #130273 to #130272 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
No way in hell you read all that. But I imagine your relationship with dad must be kinda tense. Will you be fine about that or do you need any help? No shame in asking
User avatar #130251 to #130248 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
Whattsamatter dudeski
User avatar #130260 to #130251 - alexanderburns (04/29/2014) [-]
When are you two going to fuck?
User avatar #130250 to #130248 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
Are you out of outdated internet comebacks from 2008 already?
User avatar #130249 to #130248 - alecbaldwinning (04/29/2014) [-]
I legitimately hope so.
#130222 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
So, something that made me feel better was realizing how irrational every single human being is so much of the time. I'm not one of those hyper-rational autistic persons, but I try my best to think independently of feelings. Though, thinking about how irrational people are made me feel so much better about my grimy past, and I'd just like to remind you that whatever thoughts you have about your past, overly good so that you miss it too much, or overly bad so that you loathe yourself over it, it's probably something in between. This is not really an "i need help" post, more a "cheer up, it's not that bad" post. Think of all the human beings who say their lives are a party 100% of the time and think that they ignore all the shitty shit that happens.
User avatar #130224 to #130222 - rakuraimasuta (04/29/2014) [-]
All of my older memories end up going in the vault in my brain.
#130223 to #130222 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
Then think of all the angry / sad human beings who say their lives are utter Hell and think about how they're fucked because someone bullied them and they don't realize they were just kids back then, adults now, time to grow up and realize life is mostly decent for most of the people.
There. This was mostly to cheer myself up, so ehh.. I don't know if this helps you but whatever, if it does great, if it's spam.. sue me
#130203 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
So my bro had a baby with a chick she is a solid 9, he left her and moved to another country, since i am such a nice guy i help her out with the kid n shit like that, recently she has started hinting towards fucking me, should i?

There is no hope for my bro and her to get back since he is starting another family in another country... and it has been about 3 years since they have been apart.... do i to it fj?
User avatar #130293 to #130203 - advicedude (04/29/2014) [-]
Do it. But just for sex. Don't let her rope you into a relationship. She might just be looking for someone to give the baby to or trying to take advantage of you. Just sex her and move on.
#130484 to #130293 - anonymous (04/30/2014) [-]
Nah she wouldn't "give me the baby or whatever she loves the kid to death plus he is my nephew and i will always be there for him, i think it is just the hormones of 2, 20+ year old people and the sexual tension n shit.
User avatar #130550 to #130484 - advicedude (05/01/2014) [-]
Do it then
User avatar #130225 to #130203 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/29/2014) [-]
I know you are saying "why?" a lot toward every answer... which tells me that you really want to have sexual relations with her.

My answer to you is in the form of a question:
Would sleeping with her cause more pain (look ahead too, not just in the moment) or less pain (since you haven't had sexual intercourse in awhile, you may be frustrated)?

I feel that if she offers herself to you that you would probably end up doing it. What else are you going to do? Say no? It's really easy for women to say no because they have to take serious responsibility over this, but when a guy says no it tells women that she isn't attractive. You don't want to do that now would you?

#130263 to #130225 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
I guess i kinda just want to fuck her and get it out of my system, there has always been a bit of sexual tension between us ever since i was like 17 and she was 20... i am 20 now and she is 23, even when she was with my brother she was very flirtatious with me, but because i am not the kinda guy that condones cheating and affairs i never used to flirt back.
User avatar #130280 to #130263 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/29/2014) [-]
Oh wait... I misunderstood you. I thought bro = friend, not brother. That changes EVERYTHING.
#130481 to #130280 - anonymous (04/30/2014) [-]
lol yeah, my brother's ex...
#130259 to #130225 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
I have also turned her down twice before
#130213 to #130212 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
Why not?
User avatar #130216 to #130213 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
I don't even have a sister yet I can see how it'd be a problem. You see, it's not your child for starters (duh but still, bear with me) and it'd just give an awkward feeling of you eventually feeling like you've been cheated. That's my theory anyway. Also, imagine the day you have to break it to him that he's not even adopted, he's your fucking brothers son. That'd be just.... man. I'd support helping her with it, but do it as a friend and maybe bang her if you can but don't form a commited relationship.
#130218 to #130216 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
i am not talking about a relationship i am talking about fucking her, like she is the perfect girl's next door, flexible, nice tits, she belly dances, gorgeous face.... we have always been super close but lately she has been like hinting stuff.
User avatar #130220 to #130218 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
Well, I'm not sure. I've heard that fuck buddies is a bad idea since it releases oxytocin in your brain which basically is a bonding chemical that makes you feel closer than ever and then a relationship is very possible. If she is as beautiful as you say, it wouldn't surprise me if you started feeling romantic attraction for her.
#130267 to #130220 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
Naaah no romantic attraction just more of a lust, and the curiosity ya know?
User avatar #130268 to #130267 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
The love chemical and the binding chemical is the same chemical. So it would definitely bring you closer together in that way. Not saying you will feel romantic attraction right off but after a while the line might get thinner.
#130270 to #130268 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
But dat booty doe
User avatar #130275 to #130270 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
You seem to already have settled on the matter m8
#130276 to #130275 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
I am literally looking for reasons not to, the dude below said that my bro already fucked that, and i agree, that makes it kinda weird, but you know that one older chick that you have always wanted to have sex with? well that is her the only down side is that she has a child for my brother, and i love my nephew to bits and i guess it wouldn't be too fair on him, i dunno :/, i am not worried about the falling in love part there is no problem there the chick isnt the sharpest tool in the shed but she has looks and body.
User avatar #130278 to #130276 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
It might be instinctual, who knows. You have to account for all that could happen. Maybe something clicks in your brain and you take over the taking care of your nephew. Wouldn't surprise me. Do what your heart tells you and be prepared to meet the consequences
#130279 to #130278 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
I mean it is not like i want to be the kids father or anything i know i am a major role model for him because i am the only one he can look up to, but in the end it all comes down to should i bang my bro's ex.
User avatar #130285 to #130279 - revengeforfreeze (04/29/2014) [-]
Listen for one second. Look, this might be the rationale surfacing right now but it wouldnf surprise me if you had some subconscious drive to become the father. I dunno though, don't take my word for it. Maybe ask the science board "lets have a hypothetical situation...." Or 4chans /adv/ since they are better than this board by far. Sure, takes a bit of extra effort to post but it's definitely worth it most times
#130482 to #130285 - anonymous (04/30/2014) [-]
I already know i am a father figure to the child, i am the only strong male presence he has, i dont want him for a child but i accept the fact that he looks up to me and listens to me. but it has nothing to do with him lol it is should i fuck my brother's ex girlfriend.
User avatar #130485 to #130482 - revengeforfreeze (04/30/2014) [-]
I'll take your word for it. I still think no
User avatar #130205 to #130203 - iridium (04/29/2014) [-]
I would probably pass.
#130214 to #130205 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
User avatar #130204 to #130203 - rakuraimasuta (04/29/2014) [-]
I wouldn't
#130206 to #130204 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
Also i aint gotten laid in over a year......
User avatar #130209 to #130206 - rakuraimasuta (04/29/2014) [-]
I still wouldn't
#130215 to #130209 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
User avatar #130217 to #130215 - rakuraimasuta (04/29/2014) [-]
Cause your bro got with that
I just would not get with someone a friend or family member has been with
#130219 to #130217 - anonymous (04/29/2014) [-]
She has dated like 2 guys after him though, so i think his dick scent has gone.
User avatar #130221 to #130219 - rakuraimasuta (04/29/2014) [-]
i'm just saying that I wouldn't
and it's not about his dick scent
just the fact that he has been with her
#130202 - wroughten (04/29/2014) [-]
Hey, i cant find the picture of a guy, sweaty, wiping his forehead. With a fuckton of arms. It is a common reaction pic
User avatar #130186 - dir (04/29/2014) [-]
I took a rectal laxative orally, am I going to die?
User avatar #130188 to #130186 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
After googling around:
More than likely not.
Check the ingredients.

At best, the laxative won't exactly work.
You should google the laxative; Maybe even google a number to inquire about having accidentally taken a suppository. There's a number out there, I forget what it's called/ the actual number.
User avatar #130198 to #130188 - dir (04/29/2014) [-]
Thanks for the help, they didn't work after all.
User avatar #130189 to #130188 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/29/2014) [-]
In the US, it wouldn't hurt to try and call:

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