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#112470 - unncommon (01/17/2014) [-]
Can someone please help me? This thing has been kicking my ass all week and I haven't accomplished anything...someone...anyone...help a nigga out.
User avatar #112487 to #112470 - ferrettamer (01/17/2014) [-]
Ok, but only if you tell hating board that I am the official math teacher of the board
(1/2x) + (1/(x+2))=5/5x
(1/2x) + (1/(x+2))=1/x
(1/2x) + (1/(x+2)) - 1/x=0
(1*(x+2)(x) + 1*(2x)(x) - 1*(2x)(x+2))/(2x*(x+2)*x)=0
(therefore) x=0 or x=2
x cannot equal 0 because if x=0, the denominator becomes zero, and you cannot divide by zero, so therefore, x=2
(therefore) x-7=2

x-7 = 2
I forget how to do series and sequences, sorry
User avatar #112574 to #112487 - revengeforfreeze (01/18/2014) [-]
What the.. fuck
User avatar #113475 to #112631 - revengeforfreeze (01/23/2014) [-]
Like.. I would neve rbe able to write something like this.
User avatar #112501 to #112487 - hawaiianhappysauce ONLINE (01/18/2014) [-]
A sequence is a set. {a0, a1, a2, ...}
A series is a sum of this set.

Arithmetic progression is based on adding a multiple of a constant, whereas the geometric is multiplying a power of a constant.
User avatar #112503 to #112501 - ferrettamer (01/18/2014) [-]
I remembered after nigga
User avatar #112536 to #112503 - hawaiianhappysauce ONLINE (01/18/2014) [-]
I don't see anything on geometric and arithmetic progressions. And you're welcome.
User avatar #112538 to #112536 - ferrettamer (01/18/2014) [-]
Cause I am shit at explaining stuff, and I knew I would fail. I also forgot the equations.
And, um thanks I guess? I don't need this information anymore.
User avatar #112492 to #112487 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
I'm better at math than you
User avatar #112493 to #112492 - ferrettamer (01/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #112488 to #112487 - ferrettamer (01/17/2014) [-]
Wait, I remember now
Sequences are an ordered list of numbers. Series are the numbers in the sequence added up to the nth term.
For example
Sequence x1, x2, x3, x4...xn
Series is x1, x1+x2, x1+x2+x3,...
Ya feel me?
User avatar #112491 to #112488 - unncommon (01/17/2014) [-]
Holy shit, thanks bro. And I hope that my announcement works for you.
User avatar #112494 to #112491 - ferrettamer (01/17/2014) [-]
Yeah nigga, it's perfect thanks.
User avatar #112472 to #112470 - iridium (01/17/2014) [-]
Nigga do your own damn homework.
User avatar #112473 to #112472 - unncommon (01/17/2014) [-]
Doesn't count as a grade but I need to do it before I can retake my final.
Idk how the fuck to do it, or else I wouldn't be looking for help on FunnyJunk.
#112466 - levelcapgamer (01/17/2014) [-]
Hey, read this, it was too long to post on FJ. Give me opinions please.
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User avatar #112516 to #112466 - advicedude (01/18/2014) [-]
You did the right thing. She wasn't ready for a relationship you wanted.
#112489 to #112466 - levelcapgamer (01/17/2014) [-]
Hey guys, OP here. Thanks for the opinions.

What do you think I should do to get over her? I was seriously in absolute love with this girl and I can't stop thinking about her.

Sometimes I'm angry with her and I literally just wish the worst for her. Other times, I miss her and want to go back to her.

So how do I get over it?
User avatar #112477 to #112466 - iridium (01/17/2014) [-]
First post in that thread got it pretty much right.

She sounds like she'll just be more trouble.
User avatar #112467 to #112466 - herecomesjohnny (01/17/2014) [-]
don't use pronouns at the beginning of a greentext
User avatar #112465 - derpityhurr (01/17/2014) [-]
Has youtube by-passed adblock or what?
User avatar #112566 to #112465 - feelythefeel (01/18/2014) [-]
Not for me.
User avatar #112518 to #112465 - advicedude (01/18/2014) [-]
Think so.
User avatar #112458 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
Ask the leader of hating board anything
User avatar #112469 to #112458 - davvi (01/17/2014) [-]
why did you not choke on dicks yet?
User avatar #112481 to #112469 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
Implying I haven't
User avatar #112460 to #112458 - derpityhurr (01/17/2014) [-]
how much a faggot is rokkarokkaali
User avatar #112464 to #112460 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
and a pretty large one for his age
User avatar #112482 to #112464 - rokkarokkaali ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
dem's fightin werds
User avatar #112483 to #112482 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
suck me dry, homo
User avatar #112484 to #112483 - rokkarokkaali ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
But your dick is all broken.
User avatar #112485 to #112484 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
i kn0w my life
User avatar #112463 to #112460 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
it's r0kkar0kkaali now
#112457 - caucasianblackbear (01/17/2014) [-]
Hello fellow Funnyjunkers, I come to you in search of assistance.

I'm part of a non-profit organization that specializes in animal adoption and rescue. As I'm sure you can all imagine, we have many items and supplies given to us in addition to monetary donations. Things like computers, animal foods, cat litter etc. we use. However, there are many things that have been donated to us that we have no use for and they have taken up large amounts of space for years. I'm leading an initiative to begin selling some of our excess items over the internet and my question is this. What is the best site to sell items over the internet that provides safety, views, and allows us as a non-profit to explain to a potential buyer that their purchase is classified as a donation? Ebay has begun to take too much of the profits to be considered the most efficient means of business, especially when finances are tight. Craigslist is another option but lacks the security and nationwide attention that other sites have. Any suggestions?
User avatar #112509 to #112457 - philliyoMLB (01/18/2014) [-]
Honestly I would go on craigslist, you honestly don't need to sell worldwide, there has to be somebody who will buy your shit.
User avatar #112495 to #112457 - letting (01/18/2014) [-]
Craigslist doesn't have any security issues if you sell locally, a large area to explain the item and it's monetary usage is available, and if you're smart about it, you won't run into any scammers.
User avatar #112451 - hatbraze (01/17/2014) [-]
So I've narrowed my college decision to 3 schools, but it's so fucking hard to decide now.

Georgia Tech
Overall best engineering school, ranked top 10 in every subsection of engineering. Downtown Atlanta, so traffic is hell but I would probably CO-OP for a year in between school because there's so many opportunities in Atlanta. I love this campus the most of the three, but it's also the farthest away from any family. The closest family is in south Florida, while my parents are moving to Austin in a few months.

Embry-Riddle Aeronauticl University
#1 in the country in Aerospace Engineering, which is my desired major. However if I decide on a different major, I'm kind of fucked because it's ok in everything else. Literally a 5 minute walk to Daytona speedway, the campus lies on the other side of the airport. I would come out of college with my full commercial pilots license and a shit-ton of opportunities. It's also pretty close to family.

Mississippi State University
I wasn't considering this school that much until I visited and they blew me away. I was really impressed and also, I currently live in Memphis so a lot of people I know will be going there. My girlfriend also currently goes there, but I'm trying to not let that affect my decision a lot. It's an up and coming school with a lot of great engineering opportunities as well. I would be able to come back home often and stay with friends.

After all my scholarships have come in, money is not an object for any of the schools and I'm grateful for that. I've been accepted to the honors program and dorms at MSU and ERAU, but I'm still waiting on GT. What is ya'lls personal take on it? I'm in love with all 3 schools, and I don't know what to do from here.
User avatar #112537 to #112520 - hatbraze (01/18/2014) [-]
Aerospace Engineering, I said that in the Embry-Riddle explanation
User avatar #112459 to #112451 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
Saint ROse
#112461 to #112459 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #112462 to #112461 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
#112496 to #112462 - anonymous (01/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #112448 - chuckstein (01/17/2014) [-]
Hey, on Youtube, I've noticed that in the sub box there's no more "load more" button for videos. As in, I can only see like 15 videos in my box at a time. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone else know how to fix it?
User avatar #112445 - waitingformydeath (01/17/2014) [-]
hi i've been sucking myself off quite a bit revently and i've been wondering, how do I stop thinking of morgan freeman when I release onto my tongue?
User avatar #112450 to #112445 - nigalthornberry (01/17/2014) [-]
But thats a normal thing
#112446 to #112445 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
you should stop waiting for your death and kill yourself already that's what you should do waitingformydeath
User avatar #112443 - nigalthornberry (01/17/2014) [-]
So should i start telling that girl that i've known for awhile that she looks good when she actually does as a way to progress things with us
User avatar #112479 to #112443 - iridium (01/17/2014) [-]
Wait, you don't do that already?
User avatar #112546 to #112490 - iridium (01/18/2014) [-]
Guess it's as good a time as any to start.

But it doesn't really progress things much at all. It shows a sense of friendliness, but if you actually want to be friends or even date, then you're gonna have to do more than that.
User avatar #112626 to #112546 - nigalthornberry (01/18/2014) [-]
Like what?
User avatar #112471 to #112443 - ihatecarltonbanks (01/17/2014) [-]
yesdo it. but dont make it forced nd dont make it creepy
User avatar #112449 to #112443 - nigalthornberry (01/17/2014) [-]
Fuck it i'll just try to slip it into our texts
User avatar #112438 - teoanon ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
There's this cat and shit that's been coming through my backyard for awhile now, it used to just pass by but now it's been going to the same spot in my backyard, a small depression in the ground about the same size as it, and laying there for long periods of time sometimes up for two hours. It doesn't have a collar on and it's tail always down, and I recall a friend telling me that if a cat's a stray it'll almost never have it's tail pointing up. Anyway this Monday while I was opening the blinds at a door that leads to my backyard it was right on the back porch looking at me. Tuesday I saw it in the backyard like usual and tried to confront it, it ran away when I got too close, Thursday I did the same but was able to get closer to it before it ran away, it wasn't hostile either, and today I approached it and was able to get really close then it sniffed my hand, and rubbed past me before turning around and leaving. The fuck do I do with this nigga? Should I just leave it be or is it a stray?
User avatar #112440 to #112438 - nigalthornberry (01/17/2014) [-]
Get some cat treats and put some in your palm and get on your knees so you don't look aggressive then just open your hand and let it eat out of it and pet it while it does

Also put some food and water out so it knows your house is safe
#112437 - lotengo (01/17/2014) [-]
Anybody has a link where i can watch breaking bad from the first season?

In b4 google it. I tried but all i get is spam
User avatar #112521 to #112437 - advicedude (01/18/2014) [-]
thepiratebay has every episode.
User avatar #112442 to #112437 - nigalthornberry (01/17/2014) [-]
1channel? not sure if they changed their name again
User avatar #112439 to #112437 - teoanon ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
I use this site for shit not on netflix. Give it a try.
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User avatar #112444 to #112439 - lotengo (01/17/2014) [-]
it works, thanks bro
#112434 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
She's not texting me back again She has her phone and i know shes going on facebook and instagram
User avatar #112522 to #112434 - advicedude (01/18/2014) [-]
Don't worry about it. Do something fun.
User avatar #112480 to #112434 - iridium (01/17/2014) [-]
Did you try calling her?

Just don't overdo it. It's pretty easy to come off as clingy.
User avatar #112441 to #112434 - nigalthornberry (01/17/2014) [-]
Don't text her for a day or two just let things settle she may think your getting clingly
User avatar #112411 - megavoir ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
So uh, how the fuck do i stop cheating? On tests and stuff in school? It used to be if I didn't know like one or two answers I'd take a quick peek at someone next to me, but at this point I'm completely dependent. I cheated on my Bio final last year and got moved up to higher classes, and now that's fucking me in the ass. And with midterms at the end of the month, I don't want to have to attempt to cheat the whole time
#112436 to #112411 - lotengo (01/17/2014) [-]
take time to study, if u dont know the answers then just accept a B instead of an A
#112428 to #112411 - tiredofannon (01/17/2014) [-]
Tell your teachers you cheat. That'll stop it pretty fast.
User avatar #112420 to #112411 - fuckya (01/17/2014) [-]
Gouge your eyes out.
User avatar #112421 to #112420 - megavoir ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
great idea
User avatar #112422 to #112421 - fuckya (01/17/2014) [-]
No problem.
Seriously though, how do you cheat.
User avatar #112423 to #112422 - megavoir ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
I just glance over and look at answers. If they notice, they normally turn it towards me so I can see better. If they're scantrons, I'll hold up a number for my friend and he'll tap out the answer 1 tap for A, 2 for B... , but we can't do that for midterms.
User avatar #112424 to #112423 - fuckya (01/17/2014) [-]
Just tell your friends not to help you out like that. They're enabling you to cheat.
Try some studying don't ask me how to study, actually there's a question farther down about that , and pay more attention in class. If you know what you need to know, you won't feel as you need to cheat.
And you don't need to get 100% on a test, if you don't know it, you'll know what to study on.
#112403 - blondieginny has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #112394 - thisistheguy ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
New semester, last one was really boring I guess. What are some things I can do as a college freshman?
User avatar #112524 to #112394 - advicedude (01/18/2014) [-]
Get a job. Hippie.
User avatar #112553 to #112524 - thisistheguy ONLINE (01/18/2014) [-]
Was thinking about that
User avatar #112397 to #112394 - sauditwo (01/17/2014) [-]
join one of them college clubs or whatever they're called
the ones with greek letters
User avatar #112552 to #112397 - thisistheguy ONLINE (01/18/2014) [-]
Never really cared for fraternities, plus they cost lots of money
User avatar #112402 to #112397 - hawaiianhappysauce ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
You mean a fraternity (M) / Sorority (F)?
User avatar #112393 - nigstonarnold (01/17/2014) [-]
Can someone talk to me please...
User avatar #112525 to #112393 - advicedude (01/18/2014) [-]
lemme at dat ass tho bbe
User avatar #112429 to #112393 - gabemczombie (01/17/2014) [-]
Ayo bbgurl u str8
User avatar #112409 to #112393 - megavoir ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
eyy babe
User avatar #112390 - phuckinthingsucks (01/17/2014) [-]
could someone direct me to the animated gifs channel it's not showing up on the channels list. Thanks
User avatar #112398 to #112391 - phuckinthingsucks (01/17/2014) [-]
Thanks again. I don't know why it wouldn't show up
User avatar #112404 to #112398 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
look at the top of the screen you stupid fuck
User avatar #112417 to #112404 - phuckinthingsucks (01/17/2014) [-]
granted you are correct, that was quiet rude of you.
User avatar #112435 to #112417 - infamoustrapper (01/17/2014) [-]
srry honey
User avatar #112567 to #112435 - phuckinthingsucks (01/18/2014) [-]
#112383 - ronjeremysweiner (01/17/2014) [-]
question for hunters
i have nothing against hunting, but was wondering if there is some law that requires you to kill the animal quickly, for sport or for food.
(not sure if right board)
User avatar #112418 to #112383 - malkovo (01/17/2014) [-]
well, there is no law for it, but you are supposed to make a clean kill, like not shooting for the head, but for the heart/lung region
User avatar #112392 to #112383 - roliga (01/17/2014) [-]
You can't legally make someone shoot it in a fatal spot... If it's windy out and the bullet get's moved and hits it in the flank would I be charged with a crime? If my scope becomes unzeroed why would I be legally punished?
#112427 to #112392 - ronjeremysweiner (01/17/2014) [-]
i guess i could've worded this better

i mean if you hit it in knee or something so it can't get away, are you required to put it dont painlessly as possible?
just something to legally threaten someone that would fuck with it well its slowly dying
User avatar #112432 to #112427 - roliga (01/17/2014) [-]
You morally should, but laws vary from state to state.
#112447 to #112432 - ronjeremysweiner (01/17/2014) [-]
would you know about alabama? or what the name of the law would be so i can research it?
User avatar #112452 to #112447 - roliga (01/17/2014) [-]
If you're interested in hunting when you get your hunting license they will tell you everything you need to know, but I Can pretty much guarantee you there most likely is no law like that seeing as there is no way to really enforce it.
#112453 to #112452 - ronjeremysweiner (01/17/2014) [-]
well im interested in hunting eventually, i was arguing with a friend about hunting being cruel or not, and tried looking up a law like this but couldnt find anything
User avatar #112454 to #112453 - roliga (01/17/2014) [-]
Hunting isn't in any way shape or form cruel, without hunters we'd be fucked by extremely over populated deer running around on the high ways getting hit by cars.
#112455 to #112454 - ronjeremysweiner (01/17/2014) [-]
i dont think it is, but believe it could be in the situation im thinking of
#112371 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
my bf just texted me this, describing it as a mathematical puzzle. Or is he just pulling my leg?! I'm wondering if it's not dirty, cos he was being a bit cheeky before that, lol! Here it is:

/ + 0 = C

Anybody have any ideas?
User avatar #112373 to #112371 - awesomerninjathing (01/17/2014) [-]
or you could fucking ask him
#112382 to #112373 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
He won't tell me. He's being really fucking snide about it, which makes me think he's pulling my leg. If he wanted to text penis+vagina he could have made it more obvious. If that's what it does mean, it's pretty lame.
User avatar #112372 to #112371 - awesomerninjathing (01/17/2014) [-]
probably / = penis
0 = pussy
C = cum
#112380 to #112372 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
you're really stupid
User avatar #112381 to #112380 - awesomerninjathing (01/17/2014) [-]
fuck off teoberry
User avatar #112370 - ferrettamer (01/17/2014) [-]
How important is a lot of sleep before a test
User avatar #112374 to #112370 - awesomerninjathing (01/17/2014) [-]
if you study right before sleeping you retain information better
User avatar #112375 to #112374 - ferrettamer (01/17/2014) [-]
I'm not really studying though
User avatar #112377 to #112376 - ferrettamer (01/17/2014) [-]
I already studied. I am now playing Minesweeper while I wait for motivation to take a shower and work on my English project
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