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#150266 - moocowsz (08/18/2014) [-]
Is there anybody out there that's good at turning videos into gifs, and editing said gifs, or know's of any good programs for doing so myself?

Some help would be greatly appreciated
#150348 to #150291 - moocowsz (08/18/2014) [-]
Which part of the prosess would the Adobe creative be, and is there a free alternative to it?
User avatar #150362 to #150348 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/18/2014) [-]
Creative Cloud is Adobe's extremely cheap monthly service.
$9.99/ month for Photoshop and Lightroom.

The only alternate that I could think of, for creating .gifs, would be GIMP.
For photo manipulation, I would suggest You need to login to view this link
#150363 to #150362 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/18/2014) [-]
Ehhh, sorry. I meant to say that Photoshop would be used in turning videos into .gifs.   
Simply drag and drop, and click Save For Web.
Ehhh, sorry. I meant to say that Photoshop would be used in turning videos into .gifs.
Simply drag and drop, and click Save For Web.
#150349 to #150348 - moocowsz (08/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #150267 to #150266 - thisisestonia (08/18/2014) [-]
you could use screentogif and resize the gif later
#150275 to #150267 - moocowsz (08/18/2014) [-]
does that let me add images to the gif?
#150263 - ipostcp (08/18/2014) [-]
I want to become an EMT, the thing is though... I get nauseous around blood and what not.   
Does anyone know how quickly you become desensitized from that shit?
I want to become an EMT, the thing is though... I get nauseous around blood and what not.

Does anyone know how quickly you become desensitized from that shit?
User avatar #150294 to #150263 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/18/2014) [-]
Just being around it more will help you out.
I used to go into shock when doctors would take a vial of my blood.

Yesterday I went and donated a pint of said blood to the American Red Cross.
I didn't go into shock. And I didn't faint.

I knew what to expect, and didn't freak out. I remained as calm as possible.
Don't over-exaggerate your thoughts. Any thoughts such as: "Holy crap that's my blood," "That used to be in someone," "This stuff is in everyone, and here it is, not in someone," etc. should be completely disregarded and ignored.
User avatar #150295 to #150294 - ipostcp (08/18/2014) [-]
Well, I can handle it. I just get nauseous and can taste it in my mouth when I see it. It is really weird.
#150264 to #150263 - moocowsz (08/18/2014) [-]
fap to gore
#150265 to #150264 - ipostcp (08/18/2014) [-]
Well, if it's the only way...
#150665 to #150265 - moocowsz (08/20/2014) [-]
did it work, friend?
User avatar #150676 to #150665 - ipostcp (08/20/2014) [-]
It didn't.
#150680 to #150676 - moocowsz (08/20/2014) [-]
:c i tell u wat friend, i'll gib u real advice

I always wanted to be a doctor (and am one now), and i used to have the same problem as you, especially when seeing it on my loved ones.

First thing i did was learn as much about blood and the human body as i could; what it's made of, what it does, what kind of blood it is, and i dont mean type, you can tell by the type of vein or artery it is coming out of as to how long it'll take to heal and how severe the cut is.

i played games that scared me untill i desensitized myself, i remember this flash game as a kid called dark cut, it stuck on me for a long time but now i dont even care anymore. i grinded myself down and exposed my fears untill they hardened like scar tissue.

Playing atlus games like Trauma Center and SMT helped aswell, i try to remember the sensation i felt whenever i had an accident, like shaving my finger off while peeling carrots or almost cutting off my thumb with a cigar cutter.

i sat there in fear untill it became a part of me, i wish i confronted it, but at the same time, i'm glad i didnt because as long as i have that fear, i know i will always care about the person i have to draw blood from or incise, i want that fear to be there so i never let my guard down or forget not to make any mistakes, all i did was learn to work while afraid.
User avatar #150681 to #150680 - ipostcp (08/20/2014) [-]
I'm not really scared of blood. I just kinda find it makes me cringe. I mean I won't really know more about it until I start doing that line of work.
#150682 to #150681 - moocowsz (08/20/2014) [-]
Still, i hope i've helped, even a little bit.

I know it's cringe-worthy, but when you think about it fundamentally, and start to get lost in thought about the reasonings and processes behind it, you kinda forget that you are cringing.
User avatar #150685 to #150682 - ipostcp (08/20/2014) [-]
Well, personally speaking, I'd rather be focused on the job than getting lost in thought.
#150686 to #150685 - moocowsz (08/20/2014) [-]
I dont mean whilst doing it, i mean just like in general whenever you're learning about it,

Also it does not take much focus to draw blood from 80% of the patients you may see, you only really need about 50% concentration, to know when to stop.

Now elderly and children on the other hand are another story.
User avatar #150687 to #150686 - ipostcp (08/20/2014) [-]
Well considering I'll be an EMT I feel like I won't be taking blood from somebody. But what the hell do I know.
#150688 to #150687 - moocowsz (08/20/2014) [-]
You're bound to see blood a lot there, mostly from the incidents you come across, and also you may need to use IVs sometimes on them, and it'll bleed a bit the first few times.

it's mostly about desensitizing yourself as you go, not so much beforehand
#150690 to #150688 - moocowsz (08/20/2014) [-]
There's a lot worse you'll have to worry about as an EMT, for instance inserting a tracheostomy tube, i have a clinician friend who almost threw up the first time she did that.
#150257 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Hi FJ,

Yesterday I saw something 3spooky8me (lets say it was a horror film), and I couldn't sleep all night. I was anxious and scared.

I've had had sleep problems when I was a kid so I went to a psychologist and got most of the problem solved, but nowadays if I watch/read something too dreadfull, I have problems sleeping.

So I have a countdown till tonight, If I can't get rid of the thoughts about the "film", I guess I'll waste another night without sleeping and terrified. Help pls.
#150269 to #150257 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Try fapping to some real good shit, but take your sweet ass time. See how long you can go, and all that shit. You'll hopefully be focused on that long enough to get that other shit out of your head, and if I remember correctly from the anatomy class I took sophomore year when you have a particularly awesome orgasm you release some shit hormone or something that'll help you fall asleep. Hence the stereotype that all men fall asleep immediately after sex
#150272 to #150269 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Ow shit that is some good sweet advice. I didn't fap yesterday but let's try it tonight, thanks.
#150242 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Every night for the past few days I've seen the same girl in my dreams I haven't seen or talked to her for about a year but I'm just wishing and hoping I'll see her again even though that's impossible
User avatar #150270 to #150242 - rabbithabbit (08/18/2014) [-]
Dreams are weird, but they mean stuff. Even if its something weird its probably your subconscious telling you something and the subconscious can pick up on stuff you haven't even thought of.

Maybe your dream is telling you there's a connection (yes that is cheesy as fuck) which you were too stupid to see. Why are you having these dreams now? Fuck knows, perhaps your brain is feeling lonely and is showing you there's hope.
So talk to her, catch up, do all that shit. Make yourself look pretty and meet up with her.
#150274 to #150270 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I guess that could be true last night she was there again but this time I was able to catch up with her I asked something then she said "who are you?" Then I woke up sweating and couldn't go back

I know the last place she worked but I haven't seen her for a while
User avatar #150277 to #150274 - rabbithabbit (08/18/2014) [-]
Go for that then, either that or continue the way your living, procrastinate to the fullest, past up even more opportunities, have more reoccurring dreams about her and likely end up on 4chan with the rest of the internet '>tfw no gf' chumps.
User avatar #150248 to #150242 - sugoi (08/18/2014) [-]
Buddy you cray cray.
User avatar #150245 to #150242 - zachariaseverlivin (08/18/2014) [-]
only if she dead
#150233 - DJstar (08/18/2014) [-]
I'm going through a life crisis at the moment. I'm 21, can't finish college due to being poor, and I'm broke as fuck. what the fuck do i do with my life. I live in NYC for christ sake. rent and expenses is so fucking high here. i don't have any type of job experience what so ever. and i can't find a full time job to save my life. I got my mother breathing down my neck to do something with my life, and my girlfriend's parents to prove my worth. what can i do to make sure i don't end up a poorfag... where do i seek employment. i refuse to ask anyone if they want fries with that. any advice would be appreciated.
User avatar #150344 to #150233 - durkadurka (08/18/2014) [-]
Move to the Dakotas. The oil boom they're having has pushed their local unemployment to something like 4% Even the lowest employees are being paid around $15/hour
Sometimes you just have to chase the money. NYC is expensive as fuck.
User avatar #150544 to #150344 - DJstar (08/19/2014) [-]
but i dont know anyone in dakota. wont have a place to stay or anything
User avatar #150243 to #150233 - nigalthornberry (08/18/2014) [-]
You're not always gonna work where you want to sometimes you gotta just do it
User avatar #150237 to #150233 - alecbaldwinning (08/18/2014) [-]
get a job in building security. get paid to do nothing. bring your school books to work with you
User avatar #150239 to #150237 - DJstar (08/18/2014) [-]
do you know how to get a job in building security?
User avatar #150240 to #150239 - alecbaldwinning (08/18/2014) [-]
Talk to the guards you see. Every city block, every building will have inside guards at the front desk area or walking the sidewalk outside. Get the name of their employer, there's bound to be quite a few different providers in a city that big. If you don't get the chance to speak to somebody, just read it off the patch on their shoulder or something. Apply online.
#150236 to #150233 - dehumanizer (08/18/2014) [-]
>having a girlfriend
User avatar #150255 to #150236 - thefunnyside (08/18/2014) [-]
Aren't you the same guy that told me to "Pick penis" when I said I wasn't sure if i was bisexual?
User avatar #150290 to #150255 - thatnigger (08/18/2014) [-]
This isn't just a rare occurrence, he's here daily.
#150259 to #150255 - dehumanizer (08/18/2014) [-]
They call me...the sad man.
User avatar #150234 to #150233 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/18/2014) [-]
I'm in a similar scenario.
I'm working instead of going to college. Not enough money.
I'll need a second job sooner or later...

Just go and apply for jobs. It doesn't have to be McDonalds...
Look online. Go and ask in-person.
Your first job won't be a full-time job. You honestly won't get a good one that quickly.
User avatar #150235 to #150234 - DJstar (08/18/2014) [-]
i was almost done. but TAP (a type of financial aid) won't fund me anymore because i failed a class. and then they changed my curriculum making some of my credits useless. it's so fucking frustrating how college is.
#150226 - thedudeintheshirt (08/18/2014) [-]
To smoke, or not to smoke? (Girlfriend vs. Weed)

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost a year now actually, our 1 year of knowing each other is coming up on the 29th . I met her on my first day of college, and we've been in love ever since. I lost my virginity to her. I went to my first college party with her. But most importantly for this story, she introduced me to weed.

Ever since the first time I tried it, I fell in love with the feeling of being high. I found out that my girlfriend was sort of a stoner in her mid-teens, but then gave it up for good when one of her friends supposedly derailed their life because of weed. I really enjoy smoking, but I would never let it get in the way of school or anything important.

During my first year of college, I only smoked a handful of times despite how much I enjoyed it. When I returned home for Summer break, I had discovered that my younger brother 17 at the time, a year younger than me had been smoking too, but much more heavily than I was. Naturally, we started to smoke a lot together.

At first, my girlfriend didn't seem to mind that I was smoking, but then she started to take a strong stance against it seemingly out of no where. I told her that I would give it up because I loved her, but I continued to smoke behind her back. In my mind, I wasn't hurting anyone, and I wasn't getting into any trouble, so why the hell not? Then one night we went to the beach and got drunk. I let it slip that I had been smoking pot with my brother almost every day.

She was furious and crying at the same time. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid that she was going to break up with me right then and there. I apologized a million times, gave her a dozen excuses, and eventually she forgave me. I again told her that I wouldn't smoke anymore. That didn't last long.

--- I'll continue the story by replying to this post ---
User avatar #150273 to #150226 - rabbithabbit (08/18/2014) [-]
That sucks dude, you should of kept your promised if you really love her. But not just that, contrary to popular belief weed isn't that harmless. You could end up with mental issues but even if you don't smoking pot makes you lazy and dopey as fuck. But I'm not going to lecture you. Just think whats more important in your life; getting high and looking cool or staying with a who girl loves you.
#150280 to #150273 - thedudeintheshirt (08/18/2014) [-]
I hear what you're saying. I haven't noticed a change in my mental health that I'm aware of. Certain strains of weed will make me tired, but there have been many times where I smoked before going to the gym just because it makes my body and muscles feel amazing.

The worst thing about my usage is the fact that I am lying to my girlfriend. If there's anything that would ever make me think twice about smoking again it would be that. I used to smoke every day of the week before I confessed to her the first time. Now I just stay away from it unless I'm offered it (usually on the weekends, which is two days out of the week). When I leave for college in a few days, I will be completely cut off from it. I don't know anyone that sells near my college, and there's nowhere for me to do it safely because i live in a dorm room. I'm interested to see if I can last 4-5 months without any contact with weed.
#150227 to #150226 - thedudeintheshirt (08/18/2014) [-]
I still smoke every now and then, despite risking my relationship if she ever finds out. I've tried to persuade her by saying that it's no more dangerous than alcohol, but she won't accept that as an argument. I only smoke maybe once or twice a week now; it's hardly a habit anymore. I've also decided that I won't smoke AT ALL during the upcoming school year, however, I do plan on smoking with my brother again next summer.

I really need some advice here. I really enjoy marijuana, and I feel it's a good way to relax and de-stress. The only problem is I have to stress myself about hiding it from my girlfriend, which sort of counteracts the benefits of it (she lives 2 hours away, but is always asking me what I'm doing via text).
User avatar #150258 to #150227 - watermelloon (08/18/2014) [-]
if you cant live without weed then you have an addiction. Your willing to let yourself loose someone you love just to continue smoking drugs. I understand you say its to ' destress' but anyone can say that about anything. ... "I only get drunk to unwind" .. " I only do the drugs when Im stressed" "I only make myself vomit when im stressed" "When Im stressed i binge eat" etc etc...

You need to realise that even though you may not feel addicted, and although weed is a non addictive substance. You can get addicted, addicted to the feeling of being high, in the habbit of smoking, and addicted to the tobacco (if u smoke that with it)

In my opinion you should just stop smoking it, it stops you lying to your gf, saves you a shit load of money, you wont have to worry about the effects of smoking, and you wont have to worry about passing any drug tests either or being caught with weed....
I have seen peoples lives completely ruined because they say there "not addicted" when they clearly are. :|
User avatar #150238 to #150227 - alecbaldwinning (08/18/2014) [-]
It's happened to me twice. Two different girls. Both times I told them it's a silly thing to let be the deciding factor in whether or not you love somebody. In a relationship, the one making the ultimatum is more often the one who's wrong.

First girl couldn't deal, we broke up and I've never spoken with her since.
Second girl listened, still together.

#150244 to #150238 - thedudeintheshirt (08/18/2014) [-]
Fuck. I really hope my girlfriend isn't like girl #1.

Thanks for the response.
User avatar #150222 - delphine (08/18/2014) [-]
I need a good way to scare the shit out of one of my coworkers. He is always sneaking up behind us and trying to scare us. Today he scared me so bad, I dropped and broke my favorite coffee mug. I need to think of something really good to get him back.
#150276 to #150222 - brownskin (08/18/2014) [-]
Alright, here's what you do. A step by step procedure to ultimately get back at your friend.

1. Propose a truce. as a bargaining chip, you will provide him with a pair of tickets to this year's Super Bowl (preferably very good fakes). Tell him you won them in a raffle or some shit, I don't care.
2 He will, naturally, accept this "truce", and will be much nicer to you.
3. Don't stop there. Make him really feel like he's got a good friend in you. I would recommend you do some team building things with him. Stuff that proves you're becoming better buds. You'll most likely want to take flying lessons together, definitely go paint balling together.
4. Continue building friendship until Christmas time or his Birthday, whichever comes first. For this gifting holiday, you will gift him a small handgun. Tell him you're getting bored with Paintball, and that you were thinking about going down to the gun range. You can just lend him the handgun, if you wish, it doesn't matter.
5. Go shooting with him a few times. He'll probably but a gun of his own if you two go shooting often enough. Maybe take up hunting if it's early enough in fall when his birthday comes along.
6. I would also like to recommend that at some point you decide to try taking classes in an exotic language. You don't need to become fluent, one class will probably do.
7. Oh dear, it seems that something has come up, you won't be able to make it to the Super Bowl, but you give him your "ticket" and tell him he can go with whoever he wants, under one condition:
8. Throw huge pre-Super Bowl party. People everywhere. Be sure that your friend gets absolutely shit faced.
9. Once he's out cold, take his debit card from his wallet. Search the internet for how to make bombs on his computer for hours, then order a large quantity of bomb making equipment, all on his computer.

User avatar #150278 to #150276 - brownskin (08/18/2014) [-]
10. When he goes to the Super-Bowl, call FBI and provide Anonymous tip that the guy has been doing very suspicious things, like taking flying lessons, learning obsure foreign languages, becoming increasingly proficient with firearms. He threw a huge party, almost like he thought he was never coming back, he's been learning how to make bombs and, if need be, reveal that you saw friend burning a Barack Obama effigy and that he was writing a 500 page manifesto.
11. His Super Bowl tickets are flagged as fake, local authorities find the weapons you stitched into his suitcase after the party
12. Friend arrested for conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States. Spends rest of his life in prison. Lives forever in fear of being butt-raped.
13. Celebrate
#150224 to #150222 - dehumanizer (08/18/2014) [-]
get a ski mask and a knife, attempt a robery, if it works out you get his $ if not you say its a joke
User avatar #150279 to #150224 - delphine (08/18/2014) [-]
Well. That escalated quickly.
User avatar #150223 to #150222 - makotoitou (08/18/2014) [-]
Ask Freddy Frazbear
#150217 - nigstonarnold has deleted their comment [-]
#150212 - mahnamesjakers has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #150210 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Alright, I dont come here often but I'm fairly flustered at this point. Due to some problems I've had very early in my life with relationships, that I wont go into for the sake of time, I have an issue with perfection, being that I wont fall for a girl or even consider going for one, unless I deem them perfect, which of course in itself causes some problems, but heres the deal- I found one, was with her for a little while, but due to those early problems I mentioned, i got really paranoid and overly attached without even noticing. Of course I fucked it up and fell apart, but I never stopped loving her, like try to understand me here, this girl is like I'm talking to myself in the mirror, If you were to ask me what we had in common, it'd be easier to say what we didn't agree on, or w/e. Regardless, We hadn't talked in a very long time since I made my grand fuck up, but recently we started talking again and this time I'm trying much harder to not screw it up, I'd say I'm doing pretty good right now, but I have absolutely no idea if she has any interest in me at all, nor if she knows I'm still interested. I'm on a different continent atm, but I'll be going back to where we met initially soon enough, since I live there. I really want this. I cant explain the need I feel for this, and the fear of fucking it up again. What do I do? atm we talk practically every day on skype and we get along great. pls halp
#150385 to #150210 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Still think you two can be friends?
User avatar #150386 to #150385 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Maybe. I doubt she'd ever see me the same way but I don't know. Hopefully it wouldnt even come to that.
#150388 to #150386 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Maybe she hasn't even seen it. The usernames on boards can bug, it said a pal of mine was on the games board still there two days after he left it
User avatar #150389 to #150388 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
She's on right now and she appeared on the list a few hours ago so I doubt it.
#150338 to #150210 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Alright, best of luck. And please, don't kill yourself over a girl. You said you were 15? Trust me when I say that there are much, much more important things in life than girls. I know she may seem like the world to you now, but you'll be laughing at yourself in a few years, maybe less
User avatar #150341 to #150338 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Dont worry I'd never kill myself. Over anything. I just said that for reasons.
#150342 to #150341 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Why? She said something?
User avatar #150345 to #150342 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Sort of. Not really. She's not responding to pm's and skype though~ Just afraid that she might have seen all this. It's a pretty noticeable thread and it says she's on the board.
#150350 to #150345 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Wouldn't she say something if she saw it?
User avatar #150351 to #150350 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Probably. She's online on both things. My theory is that she saw all this and I have thoroughly creeped the fuck out of her. Wouldn't be surprised if she just never talked to me again.

Did I ever mention I get paranoid? Theres some backstory behind that.
#150352 to #150351 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I'd like to hear it
User avatar #150353 to #150352 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
It's a very long story. To keep it short, when i was really young i fell in love for the first time ever, like 8 years old, and of course it was online cause you know, anyhow this chick had some issues so she "cheated" on me about three times and because of that I've always over thinked things, got paranoid about the stupidest things and so on. I usually keep calm but yeah. Just one of those things I cant change.
#150356 to #150353 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
You were 8? Isn't that a bit young?
User avatar #150357 to #150356 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Yup. Way too young. And thats why I'm mildly fucked up right now, why I fucked up the first time and so on. For all I know this could be nothing, or she could be repulsed by me to the point of never talking again. I'm hoping for the best, though she still hasn't replied all day. I've had a lot of close friends do stuff like that. Just drop out of my life out of the blue, or start pushing me away. I know its way too early to think that but I cant help it. At least I'm not barraging her with messages and shit like I did last time. God what an embarrassment.
#150360 to #150357 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Take it easy man. And don't let something that happened half your life ago ruin the present. Maybe she has something going on. And what do you mean by "Hoping for the best"?
User avatar #150361 to #150360 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
I don't know. That she isn't gunna block me off? This is really frustrating. Thanks to that ridiculous little cunt I met like, 7 years ago, I'm still having such unnecessary problems, worrying and such. So when I say I'm hoping for the best, I'm pretty much just telling myself to not be a tard and that it's nothing. Yet.
#150366 to #150361 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
And what if she does find out about this convo? You gonna come clean or what?
User avatar #150367 to #150366 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
It's not like I have much of a choice. Chances are she already has since shes on the board already and has been for a while.
#150377 to #150367 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
So, what are you gonna say?
User avatar #150379 to #150377 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Not sure. What does a person say to that. Hey you just found out that I've loved you for over two years in secret, wanna play some minecraft?
#150380 to #150379 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
How much do you love her, anyway?
User avatar #150382 to #150380 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
More than I can put into words.
#150383 to #150382 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
And if she says no?
User avatar #150384 to #150383 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Well.. What can you do. Life goes on. I wont just stop loving her obviously, but I'm not gunna force her or anything ridiculous like that.
#150312 to #150210 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Hair, eyes, height, etc etc

Can't reply to your latest comment
User avatar #150313 to #150312 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Uh huh. Well she has Long blondish hair, dark eyes. She's a little shorter than me, not sure how much. Regardless I'm awful at describing people, to me she's beauty incarnate. and jesus christ I hope she doesnt see any of this.
#150314 to #150313 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
If you're so worried about her seeing this, why ask this here?
User avatar #150315 to #150314 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Cause I'm stupid and desperate.
#150316 to #150315 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Fair enough. How long have you known her, anyway? And how long has it been since you've seen her?
User avatar #150317 to #150316 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
I've known her for about 3 years? It's hard to remember, those years were all a bit stressful and fuzzy cause I dont really want to remember them at all. Last I saw her was a little over a year ago. And the next time I see her, assuming she doesnt see this and likely break all contact with me, will be in january. Been stuck in canada for way too long and I finally made solid plans for when to get back.
#150318 to #150317 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
When are you coming back?
And another thing, why do you want to tell her how you feel, yet not want her to see this?
User avatar #150319 to #150318 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Well I just said january. And for very obvious reasons. One, it might be too early, this is why im asking all this in the first place, two, it would be stupid if she found out via me fucking asking advice about her, and three, I think it would probably be best to say it in real life.
#150322 to #150319 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Like I said, don't be "Hey, I like you". Show a girl you care about her through actions, not words.
User avatar #150324 to #150322 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
It's hard to do actions when you're no where near the person. Once I come back, sure, but like this?
#150325 to #150324 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
What do you mean, "Like this?"
User avatar #150326 to #150325 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Well since I cant literally express any actions. You're telling me to show her that I love her, But i'm an idiot, as seen by all of this.
#150327 to #150326 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Relax. You're gonna be fine. We've all done stupid stuff
User avatar #150328 to #150327 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Just can't wait to finally get back like holy shit. I hate this place, and I finally have an exact time when im going back. Not precisely a date but that doesnt matter. Now I just have to endure a few more months.
#150329 to #150328 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Canada can't be that bad
User avatar #150330 to #150329 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
When you live by yourself and have nothing to do but play games all day and all night, and lazy to the point you avoid food, it gets pretty bad. I'm visiting some family right now so i'm fine but until i got here the only thing keeping me sane were some dumbasses i met online that i talked to and some real friends, including the subject of this discussion. Being there feels like you put your life on pause, and I'm not eager to go back at all.
#150331 to #150330 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I understand. So, what have you decided?
User avatar #150332 to #150331 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Decided? what do you mean?
#150333 to #150332 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
As in what are you gonna do about her? And why did you say you wanted to kill yourself?
User avatar #150334 to #150333 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Oh you know, no reason.

and obviously next time we talk I'll just get down on one knee and break the question.

Just kidding. I suppose I'll just continue talking to her, do as you say and "express" that I like her..more? In any case, it's practically pointless until I actually see her in real life. Anyhow I'm gunna go eat now, I already dodged breakfast, they're not letting me lay off lunch as well. Maybe she'll be here by the time I'm back. Thanks for the help m8~
#150321 to #150319 - temporalguardian has deleted their comment [-]
#150323 to #150321 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
#150320 to #150319 - thefunnyside has deleted their comment [-]
#150256 to #150210 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
As the guy below said, if you can't tell if she likes you, she doesn't. If a girl likes a guy, she makes it very, very clear. Even the biggest fucking idiot could tell.
I'd say let it go, and just wait for her to openly tell you, if she ever does.

Also, remember this: Make sure you're in love with the PERSON, and not the idea of them. How long as it been since you've seen her face-to-face? And how old are you? I know I sound like an asshole saying this, but you could just be really horny. Horny-ness can get in the way of seeing someone's flaws. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you probably think she's perfect because your dick tells you she is.
User avatar #150282 to #150256 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
For the first part, I dont think I can just do that.

and I'm fairly sure that I love her, not just the "idea". I guess I explained a lot of things wrong.
#150284 to #150282 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Can you give me some more detail on the situation?
User avatar #150286 to #150284 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Details on what exactly? I could tell you my life story but I might as well write a book first.
#150288 to #150286 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I know you said you're as stiff as a brick, but has there been any moments that even sounded flirtatious to you? Like, moments that made you go "I think she likes me"?
User avatar #150292 to #150288 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Some times, yes. There were times I was sure, but I really dont trust myself. take note the point where I said I really dont want to fuck up this time.
#150293 to #150292 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I know you probably don't remember, but can you give an example?
User avatar #150296 to #150293 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Well. I don't really, Just talking to her sometimes, gave off that vibe, it was nice.
#150297 to #150296 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
IDK what to tell you man. Most of my friends have fucked up bad bc they thought that a girl liked them, when in reality, she was just naturally really friendly. Is she popular? For all you know, you could just be another one of her buddies.
User avatar #150298 to #150297 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
I'm not sure, but I've known popular girls from where we're from and she doesnt act like them. Also I doubt one of those stuck up popular, everyone loves me, chicks would bother talking to a guy on another continent for months, practically every day, frequently asking when I'll return.
#150299 to #150298 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I'm an insanely outgoing person. I'm friends with tons of people, but I have a circle of close friends, maybe about 5-10 of them that are important to me, and I'd stay in contact with them if they went to another planet. Can't say I'd think of dating any of them, though.
Listen, don't rush things. Let then unravel by themselves. This pretty much applies to every situation that life can throw at you. I can imagine you feel really eager to tell her, but if you do it too soon, you'll fuck 'em up.
Another thing, don't ever just tell a girl "Hey, I like you". It makes a really awkward situation, even if she likes you back.
User avatar #150300 to #150299 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Basically I just need to calm my shit and wait until I come back and figure what to do from there.
#150301 to #150300 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Read what I wrote again. There isn't a thing that was rushed and ended up being great. Take your time. How old are you anyway?
User avatar #150302 to #150301 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Eh. 15 both of us. Now you're going to laugh. Regardless, I don't throw the word love around, and I'm not ashamed to say that I've never loved a girl, like her. This is important to me, and I'll take my time. And not screw it up.
#150304 to #150302 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I won't. I'm pretty sure everyone gets their first love at this time. Again, I know I sound like an asshole saying this, but I have yet to meet a couple that fell in love when they were your age and ended up together for a long time. What do you like about her, anyway? And please don't say "everything"
User avatar #150305 to #150304 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
It honestly would be easier to say everything. We have a lot of things in common, what we can talk about, common interests, above that, she's just plain interesting, fun. It's always nice talking to her. She's beautiful. I can relate to her on a lot of things, good and bad. I've never met a girl like her before, online or irl. I cant explain it.

She's funny, interesting, caring, and the most beautiful girl I've had the pleasure of seeing.

God this sounds so cheesy..
#150307 to #150305 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
If you think she's the most beautiful girl ever, you obviously don't watch enough porn.
User avatar #150308 to #150307 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Beautiful =/= sexy
girl =/= woman
seeing in real life =/= watching on porn. Not to mention you havent seen her so your opinion is invalid.
#150310 to #150308 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, I just wanted to make a joke.
What's this girl look like, anyway?
User avatar #150311 to #150310 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
What do you mean what she looks like?
User avatar #150213 to #150210 - mahnamesjakers (08/18/2014) [-]
I dealt with a very similar situation last year around this time. Girlfriend I loved moved 8 hours away from me to go to college and it just tore us apart but I loved her so fucking much still but no matter what I couldn't do anything about it. Now, I know you still have a chance with this girl, or at least you think you do (I only say that because I don't know). But I can tell you one thing, and it's that you don't need this girl and you think you do. If you can't tell if she's interested in you or not- she's not. I realized during my experience listed above that dating a girl is amazing, being single is amazing, but clinging on to a girl that you are unsure of, especially after a breakup, causes some of the worst emotional pain there is. Don't get stuck in that awful middle ground. Whatever choice you decide to make, you have to make sure that you either end up dating her again, or never talking to her again, you have to burn your bridges. For me it ended up being the second one. And I swear when I burned all my bridges with her I had never felt a bigger sense of relief in my entire life. I felt the depression from three months after our break up that we were in the awful middle ground just drain out of me. It was a great feeling.

But just another tip. Don't try so hard not to fuck up. You shouldn't have to. If this girl is worth anything you should be able to be yourself around her without having to worry about anything. And if you say that she's so perfect, you will not be judged. Relax. I swear you will be ok no matter what happens.
User avatar #150214 to #150213 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Thanks for the reassuring, but you misunderstand me, its not that I dont think shes interested, I'm just thick as a brick. I couldnt tell flirting from boring chit chat, If i looked at it from another persons point of view it would look like she was, maybe, but thats just it ,that maybe. I'm not sure, and dont trust myself enough to act on a guess. I would go for it, but I dont know if it's too early, or if I should maybe wait until I come back, you know?
#150260 to #150214 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I'd have to disagree- going for one or the other isn't really a good thing. If she hasn't told you anything by now, you're probably in the friend-zone. For all you know you're just another friend of hers. Is she popular?
User avatar #150216 to #150214 - mahnamesjakers (08/18/2014) [-]
Well chances are if she is texting you after you were together, then separated, and you on different continent, that she probably is interested in getting back together with you. But I would DEFINITELY say that you should wait til you return home. Long distance is too rough so just be patient until then. Shit sucks and love hurts but you'll find the solution.
User avatar #150219 to #150216 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Will do. Thanks for the help m8. Now lets just hope she doesnt actually see any of this.
User avatar #150220 to #150219 - mahnamesjakers (08/18/2014) [-]
It's ok just let me know what her username is so I know not to accidentally mention it and give her a notification
User avatar #150221 to #150220 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
Sneaky little fucker aren't you. I almost started typing.. /facepalm I think that would be my que to go sleep.
User avatar #150211 to #150210 - temporalguardian ONLINE (08/18/2014) [-]
The desperation is real considering she actually goes on this site. If she see's this I might as well just kill myself that second.
#150199 - swiggityswooty (08/18/2014) [-]
ok, im at the end of my rope, my friends are threatening to give up on me if i dont stop with drugs and shit, but all i can think of is how high im not getting, and its pissing me off because everyone around me can and i cant. how do i stop on my own without rehab and shit
User avatar #150262 to #150199 - watermelloon (08/18/2014) [-]
you should write a list of reasons why you want to stop doing drugs and keep it in ur wallet or something. Write down the cost of the drugs you usually buy and what you could buy instead next to them. You can also save up that money, buy yourself something really nice and then use that as your motivation.

you can also have the negative effects of the drugs your doing written or posted somewhere that you see often.
Have some help lines listed, get assistance from a doctor and psychologist (Usually persons who have addictions have a mental disorder like depression or anxiety that they need to get help for) Maybe even attend some anonymous AA meetings.

goodluck!! The first few weeks will be the hardest. After 3 weeks you will feel a lot better im sure! And remember, you have to give up for yourself, not anyone else.
User avatar #150232 to #150199 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/18/2014) [-]
What type of drugs?
#150303 to #150232 - swiggityswooty (08/18/2014) [-]
Pills and weed, not necessarily at the same time
User avatar #150306 to #150303 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/18/2014) [-]
Then chances are you're only into weed to meet other people.
This may or may not be the case with you, but with most of the people I've encountered: This was there actual reasons for doing so.

As far as pills go, depending on what you've gotten yourself in to and for how long, you may need to slowly ween yourself off of it.
User avatar #150225 to #150199 - thegamerslife (08/18/2014) [-]
drugs are bad, and you should feel bad... unless it's just pot, and you are still an active person (not like the stereotypical stoner), then I'd have to say fuck em.
#150207 to #150199 - dehumanizer (08/18/2014) [-]
heroin + morphine, start speedballin
User avatar #150206 to #150199 - inspiteofsprite (08/18/2014) [-]
Just tell yourself "nah nigga u ain't doin that shit today"
Then your brain will be like "oh aight nigga that's all u had to say"
#150209 to #150206 - swiggityswooty (08/18/2014) [-]
swag nigga
#150195 - xnotcreative (08/18/2014) [-]
So I just scraped a BMW's bumper yesterday while trying to dodge some teen girl borrowing her dad's sports car (she was driving in the middle of the road, leaning closer to my side) and I wanted to know:

How much do you think I would have to pay for a 2014 jet black BMW to get a paint repair?
User avatar #150190 - thisistheguy (08/18/2014) [-]
Trying to move a Skyrim save from my xbox to my pc and I'm having problems anyone able to help?
#150261 to #150190 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
Ask on the games board
User avatar #150188 - tomowrath (08/18/2014) [-]
Ok so.
>A girl i met a few weeks ago that has feelings for me and then I moved to a different state.
>She is visiting my state in 1 month,
>should have my drivers license by then.
>She has a boyfriend but im pretty sure shes DTF anyway.
>She is crazy into me according to a phone call a few days ago.

But we all know women and how long they stay interested long distance.

**Main question*
how do I keep her interested for a full month and have her not become suddenly more attached to her current boyfriend?
#150208 to #150188 - dehumanizer (08/18/2014) [-]
lol have fun getting beaten up by her bf, sucker
#150201 to #150188 - swiggityswooty (08/18/2014) [-]
all you gotta do is tell her that you will fuck her right in the pussy
#150203 to #150201 - swiggityswooty (08/18/2014) [-]
but seriously she has a boyfriend, its not your job to keep her interested, let her come and if shes down, have at it, if shes not, hey who gives a fuck, she already has a guy anyway
User avatar #150411 to #150203 - tomowrath (08/18/2014) [-]
thank you
User avatar #150200 to #150188 - thatnigger (08/18/2014) [-]
Is it really worth it though?
If she only follows her heart and you have to constantly try to win it to stop her from going somewhere else, I don't think it's worth it, especially if the guy finds out.
User avatar #150181 - alecbaldwinning (08/18/2014) [-]
sometimes my balls sag lower than my dick. so my question is what is the optimal temperature to keep my home so that my balls are always lifted up neatly and remain cool. but not too cool like they when they get all crinkley and stiff. i'm looking for a nice middle zone
#150184 to #150181 - azsdcfbhnj has deleted their comment [-]
#150178 - anonymous (08/18/2014) [-]
I need help FJ, I lost my motivation to do anything
Work, workout, even texting/dating seems to be a gaint headache and feels forced. I used to jog 3ks and have a social life now it's just a hassle to do basic tasks.
I'm not depressed, I still laugh at shows and smile, but everything is just too much effort for me
How do I overcome this sluggish feeling?
#150204 to #150178 - swiggityswooty (08/18/2014) [-]
youre stuck in a rut i think, just take a break from it all and do something spontaneous that you will love, just stay the fuck away from pills, dont be spontaneous with pills, that lands you in the hospital
User avatar #150179 to #150178 - hsm (08/18/2014) [-]
you've simply gotten lazy. Take a break. Fix your sleep cycle. Wake up early. And do you thingy.
User avatar #150215 to #150179 - mahnamesjakers (08/18/2014) [-]
I know what you mean. It just feels like "why even try?". But not like a "GOD DAMMIT I SHOULDNT EVEN TRY ANYMORE IM GONNA KILL MYSELF", just more of a "why should I work, workout, try to to text people, get new friends, etc. What would that possibly accomplish?".

Idk i just feel like certain menial activities like that are just too menial sometimes.
User avatar #150177 - maxismahname (08/18/2014) [-]
What do you guys watch on Youtube when you're bored? Something with tons of related videos. Like CinemaSins or Vsauce or something like that. I need advice on what to watch, so this isn't unrelated
#150182 to #150177 - voony (08/18/2014) [-]
Vice is a very cool youtube channel check em out.
User avatar #150180 to #150177 - lionsoil (08/18/2014) [-]
whose line is it anyway
#150166 - iwasawa (08/17/2014) [-]
Hey FJ, I don't know this is the right board for this but.. I'm just looking for a good friend. Someone to talk with, have a laugh with and whatever really. Hit me up if you'd like.   
Thanks in advance for anyone who cares to take notice of my post.   
Have a great day all of you, .
Hey FJ, I don't know this is the right board for this but.. I'm just looking for a good friend. Someone to talk with, have a laugh with and whatever really. Hit me up if you'd like.

Thanks in advance for anyone who cares to take notice of my post.
Have a great day all of you, .
User avatar #151331 to #150166 - rereviven (08/24/2014) [-]
hey hahaha
User avatar #150189 to #150166 - tomowrath (08/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #150175 to #150166 - gandaalf (08/18/2014) [-]
ayy lmao

let's make sweet , sweet conversation
User avatar #150174 to #150166 - hsm (08/18/2014) [-]
talk to me baby
User avatar #150173 to #150166 - ecalycptus (08/18/2014) [-]
Yo, I'm here if you want
User avatar #150169 to #150166 - picamix (08/17/2014) [-]
well the random board is always good to speak to people, if not you can always speak with me if you need. however i am off to bed now. have a good night, or day wherever you are.
#150154 - anonymous (08/17/2014) [-]
Aight, bought a cool 2-sided dart board. Put it in my room, play with it for awhile. Sometimes I accidentally hit the wall, no biggie. Mom saw, now she's freaking out like hell. "GOD DAMNIT ANON, YOU DESTROYED MY FUCKING HOUSE!" She's been screaming for 2 hours and it's getting quite annoying. She's calling me dumb and other shit, threatening to kill me.

what do
User avatar #150196 to #150154 - axeul (08/18/2014) [-]
put like a cork board or some sort of mat around it so your misfires don't put holes into the wall.
User avatar #150167 to #150154 - Eleatperson (08/17/2014) [-]
get some wall putty from the store
User avatar #150158 to #150154 - theflamealchemist (08/17/2014) [-]
Try turning it on and off
User avatar #150151 - ipostcp (08/17/2014) [-]
So I've thought about what I want to do with myself school wise. Anyone have any idea of what I can do to land a job as an emt? School is two years but that seems okay. I'm just not really sure of what more I can do to help me.
User avatar #150152 to #150151 - bananarchy (08/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #150156 to #150152 - ipostcp (08/17/2014) [-]
That's annoying.
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